At the head of the Divine Council sits the Supreme God. Under the host of heaven there serves a pantheon of divine or mighty beings, also  known as Elohim, of which several act as vice regent to God. The Supreme God dwells in a heavenly abode and is a spirit unseen by men. It is the Supreme God that is all good and all-powerful and sits as judge over the Elohim and all of heaven.

Apparently the Elohim and the Divine Council served as the administrators or ruling authorities during ancient history. The administrators (magistrates) were required to obey the structure and laws imposed by the Divine Council and were subject to its rules under an apparently four tier hierarchy. The upper tier members of the council were granted ruling authority to govern the tribes and people of various regions on Earth while the lower tier, mostly including messengers (angels), carried out various divine tasks. These mighty beings literally existed and interacted with ancient man and were thus documented by all Mediterranean cultures. The administrators or princely servants of the Divine Council were observed dwelling at the top of mountains (El Shaddai) or encamped near the seas (Apkallus,Anunnaki).

Thus their close proximity as well as relationship to man is what led the ancient world to eventually associate or identify the administrators as deities or gods. However these administrators (Elohim) were not literally gods. Subsequently through the process of political and religious syncreticism the names and identities of administrators in one region became identified as the gods of another distinct region over the span of time. Since the administrators held various titles such as Baal or Lord, they were addressed on Earth in a like a manner. Ultimately it is the presence of these administrators (Elohim) on Earth that led the ancient world to develop various religious beliefs, based of course on various literal mighty beings, through which legends and syncretism occurred over several thousand years.

Psalm 82:1 –Literal English–

A Psalm of Asaph, Elohim takes congregation EL the midst of the Elohim judges.

Psalm 82:1 –Hebrew–

Mzimowr, leasap Elohim nissab baadat El beqereb Elohim yispot.

Psalm 82:1 –Webster’s–

A Psalm of Asaph. God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.

Parallel Commentaries:

“[The divine council is] the heavenly host, the pantheon of divine beings who administer the affairs of the cosmos. All ancient Mediterranean cultures had some conception of a divine council.” – Michael S Heiser

God standeth in the congregation of the mighty – In the assembly of the rulers and judges; among those of most exalted rank and station. He is there to observe them; to give them law; to direct their decisions; to judge them.He is supreme over them; and he holds them responsible to himself. – Barnes’ Notes On The Bible

The proof of the Divine Council is there in Psalm 82:1. The congregation is an assembly of mighty beings that have authority over the Earth. Undoubtedly these magistrates have free will, but in the eyes of ancient man they are regarded as the representatives of the Supreme God. Thus the Supreme God also holds them accountable for their actions. They are members of a divine organized body that was established in a heavenly realm and are responsible to behave in a just and righteous manner. The heavenly beings (Elohim) which are found in scripture do not always refer to angels, as a few have suggested, but to beings that hold the same might or titles as the One True Supreme God. While some Christians have argued that the Elohim in the Bible (Torah) only refers to Angels this is highly unlikely. In fact grammatically speaking this can not be the case as ‘Elohim’ appears most often to denote God or ‘gods’.

Now these heavenly beings differ from the Supreme God in that God is highest and the principal figure of the Heavenly realms or the cosmos. All other beings are subservient to God The Father and as such serve him or must answer to his authority despite holding a position of authority themselves.

Psalm 82:6 –World English–

I said, “You are gods, all of you are sons of the Most High,

Psalm 82:7 –World English–

Nevertheless you shall die like men, and fall like one of the rulers.”

Parallel Commentaries:

“In this Psalm, we see God take His place as the leader of the divine council.  The psalmist records that, during this meeting of the council, God criticizes the “gods” (‘elohim) for their unfairness and wickedness in carrying out the responsibilities He has assigned to them. Asaph tells us that the sin and rebellion of the ‘elohim have shaken the foundations of the earth.  He records God’s warning to these divine spirit entities, that their fate for corruption and disobedience will be to “die like men” (Heb. ‘adam).  Since clearly all men will “die like men,” attempting to apply this Scripture to human rulers, as some scholars do, is illogical.  Asaph ends the psalm by exhorting God to judge the earth and its divine rulers, because all nations truly belong to Him and not to them.” – Bryan T. Huie

“Though they had names – El, and Elohiym – that suggested the idea of divinity, yet such appellations did not make any real change in their condition as people, and as subject to the ordinary laws under which people live. Whatever name they bore. it did not afford any security against death.” – Barnes’ Notes On The Bible

While Barnes holds the view that the magistrates were people, I find this to be highly unlikely since the Divine Council is a major theme of the ancient Canaanite and Ugaritic worldview. In turn this view seems to be shared by the ancient Hebrew worldview of the Council of Divine (Ukkin) and the position of divine beings amongst the Host Of Heaven.

–Gematria Of Divine Council–

A Council O Heaven       = 888

A Elohim And Ukkin       = 888

A Gd And A Ukkin Chamber = 888

An Igigi ET + A Ukkin    = 888

A Ukkin An Abyss        = 888

A Ukkin An A Ukkin    = 888

A Ukkin Syrod              = 888

Divine And Ukkin         = 888

The Council Of El        = 888

Ur An El Council         = 888

A Elohim Council + Gd = 906

Gd Divine Council     = 906

Heaven Assembly       = 906

A Assemble + Supreme Gd       = 1110

A Assembly Council + Gd       = 1110

A El, A God, A Elohim Council = 1110

A Elohim Assembly + God       = 1110

A Gods Elohim Council         = 1110

A Heaven Elohim + A Ukkin     = 1110

A Heaven Host + A Ukkin       = 1110

A Heavenly Ukkin + God        = 1110

A Ukkin Council O God         = 1110

God And Divine Council        = 1110

Surpeme Gd Council            = 1110



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  3. Why all this talk???? You will never ever see the all mighty GOD…no-one ever has!!!! So.. it’s all words…life is a short period, in which you either learn or fall pray to flesh desires, if you learn to reject evil thoughts you will excel and become a selected sentient of Devine choosing…we are all invited..but,,, not all will chosen….

    • This blog features a number of interesting viewpoints and understandings based or in context to both the Christian perspective (albeit modernist and within Gematria study) of the secular as well as the ancient world. In keeping up with the blog I tend to apply the standard of “according to” in order to help the reader identify which set or group is in agreement – in this manner to showcase as well which source is sited. This particular topic of “The Elohim” is based on the findings of Biblical scholars and is in agreement with many Christian Gematrist.
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  4. There is a divine council the highest council in all of existence there are at least 3 divine leaders or even 7 divine leaders GOD the mother and GOD the father and GOD the fathers divine grandmother are 3 of the divine leaders of the highest council in all of existence. GOD the fathers divine aunts are divine members of the highest council in all of existence i believe GOD the father have like 41 divine aunts and there maybe over 100 other divine members of the hihghest divine council. In the highest divine council divine members gets right to vote if there are 2 ideas andif some vote for which idea to go along with and maybe could vote if couldi induct someone as a new divine member of the highest divine council. GODs divine council dosent neccessarily means the divine council belongs to GOD but that GOD has huge influence on the divine council.

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