Gematria Study : Peoples Names That Equal 666

Left - Netanyahu Ok Sign / 666 Hand Hex - Right Netanyahu Paramilitary Uniform

Left – Netanyahu Ok Sign / 666 Hand Hex / Right – Netanyahu Paramilitary Uniform

B. Netanyahu = 666 

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu was a combatant for the Israeli Defense Force, a group formally apart of the Irgun Zionist terror group known for carrying out a false flag attack in Jerusalem on the King David Hotel in 1946. Netanyahu was born on 10/21/1949 in Tel Aviv to a family of Eurocentric-Zionist, sometimes referred to as secular Jews. He grew up in the United States in Ithaca New York, while his father was a Cornell professor. Netanyahu went on to become Prime minister of Israel in 1996. In English Gematria “B. Netanyahu” equals 666.

Trends Forecaster / Economic Doom & Gloom

Trends Forecaster / Economic Doom & Gloom

Gerald Celente = 666

From New York, Celente ran a mayoral campaign and became an executive assistant to the secretary of the New York State Senate. Celente later worked for Washington D.C. as a government affairs specialist before he founded the Trends forecast group in 1980. The Trends mostly predict coming economic doom and the crash of the economy and the US dollar. He regularly appears in magazines and mainstream television programs regarding the economy. In English Gematria “Gerald Celente” is equal to 666.

Left  Sign / 666 Hex Signal - Right  Erdogan Meets With Putin & Obama

Left – Ok Sign / 666 Hex Signal – Right Recep Erdogan Meets With Putin & Obama

Recep Erdogan = 666

Recep Erdogan was the mayor of Istanbul from 2003 to 2014. He became the 12th president of Turkey in 2014. Ideologically claiming to be a moderate Muslim, his critics claim that he is in fact a follower of Sabbati Sevi, the false messiah of Turkey. In the 16th century, during the height of Gematria understanding, a Turkish rabbi known as Sabbati Sevi calculated his name in Hebrew and found it correspond to the numerical 888. Sevi told his followers that the number of his name was symbolic of his identity as the Christ. In English Gematria “A Sabbati Sevi” is equal to 666. After the death of Sevi, his Messianic movement lived on in the hidden followers of his apostasy. These groups worked in secret, publicly claiming to be of the Christian or Islamic faith, while secretly living as Eurocentric-Zionist, or secular Jews. The leaders of these groups formed various secret society circles within every nation. Subverting religions from within, in an effort to destroy that religion, while building a path toward a new world order became one of the main tropes of the Bavarian Illuminati. Erdogan’s wife Emine (Gulbaran) Erdogan is believed to be of Sabbatean origin, hailing from Syria’s Aleppo region in which the family settled in the ethnic-Kurdish town of Siirt in Southeastern Turkey.

Erdogan is a strong proponent of limiting free speech, calling for Turkey to block Youtube and Twitter after an incriminating audio clip emerged of the president. In English Gematria “Recep Erdogan” is equal to 666.

Left - Obama & Kissinger Right - Putin & Kissinger

Left – Obama & Kissinger Right – Putin & Kissinger

Left - Slide Design Features The 6 Pointed Snowflake / Hex Sign Of Solis - Center - 666 Hex Sign Over Left Eye Of Horus/Udjt With Coin - Right Glow Shirt With Large 6 Symbolic Of Gematria 666 Symbolism

Left – Slide Design Features The 6 Pointed Snowflake / Hex Sign Of Solis – Center – 666 Hex Sign Over Left Eye Of Horus/Udjt With Coin – Right Glow Shirt With Large 6 Symbolic Of Gematria 666 Symbolism

Michele Bachmann 666

Michele Bachmann = 666

Michele Bachmann represented the 6th district of Minneosta’s congress from 2007 to 2014. She became a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2012 presidential election of the US. She finished 6th place in the Iowa caucus and dropped out of the race. She was raised as a Democrat but became a Republican in 1973 after reading ‘Burr’, a novel by Eurocentric secularist Gore Vidal. Vidal worked in Hollywood as a screen writer and was a propenent of pedophilia, a common trait amongst the Eurocentric secularist of Hollywood.

“It would make sense if that material was about him having underage sex. Gore spent a lot of time in Bangkok, after all. Gore also had a very weird take on the abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests. He would say that the young guys involved were hustlers who were sending signals.” – Vidal’s Nephew Burr Steers

Bachmann entered politics after campaining for Demorcratic president Jimmy Carter and Republican president Ronald Reagan. Bachmann is considered an agent of controlled oposition by modern politco-theorists. They believe her use of misinformation and material that purpotedly comes from her ‘own’ side, yet is actually beneficial to the groups she ‘opposes’ is indicative of Black Propaganda or Controlled Ops.

In English Gematria “Michele Bachmann” is equal to 666.

08 Rahm Emanuel 666

Rahm Emanuel = 666

Born in Chicago, Illinois to a Zionist paramilitary terror leader Benjamin Emanuel, Rahm Israel Emanuel is a former volunteer for the Israli Defense Force and an investment banker who served on the board of Freddie Mac. Rahm was named after Rahamim, a fascist combatant who belonged to the Nazi sympahthizing organization of Israel,’The Stern Gang’.

In the 1940’s his father, who belonged to the Zionist underground organization Irgun, plotted the assassination of a Swedish diplomat for atteptmenting to broker a peace deal with Arabs. On 7/22/1946, members of Irgun carried out a false flag attack on the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. Disguised as Arabs, members of the terror cell planted explossives in the basement of the hotel subsequently resulting in the deaths of 91 people and causing 46 injuries.

Rahm Emanuel began working on campaign elections in the 1980s and went on to become Bill Clintons finance committee director in 1991. With Emanuels ties to the state of Israel, Clinton was able to amass $72 million dollars in campaign contrabutions from ‘heavily Jewish’ donors. While working for Bill Clinton, Emanuel was a paid retainer for Wal-Streets Goldman Sachs. Following the campaign, several Goldman Sachs bankers went on to hold government positions for presidents Bill Clinton and his cousin George W. Bush. Rahm Emanuel became senior advisor at the White House, while Wal-Street elites Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson were promoted to the Treasury.

After Clinton was first elected President, Emanuel repeatedly stabbed a steak knife into a table while shouting out explecitives and screaming the names of Clintons enemies.

“Nat Landow! Dead!! Cliff Jackson! Dead!! Bill Schaefer! Dead!!” – Rahm Emanuel

He would later state that Republican opposition should receive “a two-by-four upside their heads”, and referred to non-Jews as ‘goyim‘, a Yiddish slur meaning cattle.

“You should have messed around with a goyishe girl, and gotten a Jewish lawyer.” – Rahm Emanuel, On Monica Lewinsky Scandal To Bill Clinton

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. In Israel, death has no dominion over them…With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but HE will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant…that’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.” – Ovadia Yosef, On Explaining How Non-Jews Are Like Animals

From the tens of millions Emanuel made on Wal-Street he was able to win a congressional seat in 2002. By 2004 Emanuel was courting donnors to push Barack Obama, a relative of presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, into the limelight. After Obama was elected President in 2008, Emanuel became the White House Chief of Staff. He later left this position to become mayor of Chicago. His proponents believe he may one day run for the Presidency.

“Let me tell you right now, no exaggeration. Rahm Emanuel is the devil.” – Pat Dollard, U.S. War Journalist

In English Gematria “Rahm Emanuel” is equal to 666.

Right - Kissinger And Palin - Left Palin Dines With Cousins Barack Obama & Barbara Bush

Left – Kissinger And Palin – Right Palin Dines With Cousins Barack Obama & Barbara Bush

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