Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols

Esoteric And Illuminati Symbolism In Film

Symbolism of the esoteric variety, is willfully placed in works of entertainment and intended to be understood by a small group of individuals capable of recognizing and interpreting the hidden meaning or occult symbolism depicted.  Various films, television programs, and even advertisements will feature interior or hidden elements such as: Easter Eggs, Metaphors & Allegories, and even
Illuminati or Esoteric Symbolism.

Top 15 Easter Eggs In Movies

Easter eggs in film: THX 1138 for Lucasfilm, 618/816/326 for Gravity Falls, A113 for Pixar.

Easter Eggs

Intentional placed hidden messages or inside jokes often featured within mainstream works such as popular film. Some works will include characters from other films or the producer making a humorous cameo. Similar to occult numerology, or hidden symbolism of esoteric works, numerical patterns found in Easter eggs will often reference an alpha numeric pattern, or significant year.

Gravity Falls 618

In the Disney animated series Gravity Falls, created by animator Alex Hirsch, the numerical pattern of 618 features prominently as a reference to the date Hirsch was born in Piedmont, California on June 18, 1985. The pattern of 618 appears on a cash register, in magazines, and even on banners in the series town. The number is also written backwards as 816. This type of numerology is an example of Gematria and esoteric discipline. The symbolism found throughout Gravity Falls is absolutely blatant with references to Masonic and Illuminati themes or tropes. This in-your-face approach of otherwise esoteric memes is known to theorist as occult revealism and in certain situations as ‘predictive programing’.

Pixar A113

Another popularized numerical Easter egg includes the use of Pixar Animation’s A113, which is a reference to classroom A113 at the California Institute of the Arts and used by animators John Lasseter and Brad Bird.
“I put it into every single one of my films, including my Simpsons episodes…” – Brad Bird

Lucasfilm THX 1138

THX 1138 was a 1967 dystopian future film directed by George Lucas while attending the University of Southern California film school. Lucas later re-made the film in 1971 with a larger budget and starring Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasence. According to Lucas, the alpha numeric pattern was chosen for its aesthetic qualities, as well as for being the last four digits of Lucas phone number in college: 1138.
According to Walter Murch, sound editor on THX 1138, the letters THX were intended to be symbolic of the word “sex“, while two additional names in the film ‘LUH and SEN’, correspond to the words “love” and “sin” respectively. Since 1973 Lucasfilm has referenced the number 1138 in a series of Easter eggs appearing in video games and movies.

District 9 = Apartheid / Seventh Seal

District 9 = Apartheid /
Seventh Seal “reaper” = Death / Aliens = Vietnam War

Metaphors & Allegories

Used through the medium of film to signify meanings which are not literal and are shown in a visual or symbolic representation. An example would be the oft used image of the crow –  representing arcane powers of the air (dark gnosis) or sometimes Satan. Other uses of  metaphor in film have included 1987’s Predator as a commentary on the Vietnam war, while films such as District 9 and elements of the film Chappie (both directed by Neil Blomkamp) are allegorical of Apartheid-era racism.

Esoteric & Illuminati Symbolism In Film

High budget film productions often use allegory and symbolism to reveal deeper meanings of an esoteric variety which the general audience would find unable to perceive or comprehend. The tropes of Eurocentric thinking would have you believe that any numerical or allegorical connections found in these fields are the result of a coincidental nature, when in reality the types of symbolic and numerical connections that are purposefully presented by various culture is in abundance throughout history and  to the present.

Today an entire genre of esoteric works by creators such as: Matthew Barney, Kenneth Anger, Louis Lefebvre, and Alejandro Jodorowsky are available to be dissected and analyzed. These works are purposefully filled with symbols that hold occult meaning.

In 2012 Louis Lefebvre released the silent animated esoteric short ‘I Pet Goat II’, which in English Gematria equals 666. The film, while absent of dialog, is filled with occult imagery that the director himself purposely linked to prophetic ‘vision boarding’, known to theorist as predictive programing.

Eurocentric Secularist such as Neo-Zionist Rupert Murdoch and the various proponents of Eugenics employ the 'art of omission'.

Eurocentric Secularist such as Neo-Zionist Rupert Murdoch and the various proponents of Eugenics employ the ‘art of omission’.

Eurocentric Secularist & ‘The Art Of Omission’

The “Art Of Omission” is a cleverly used ploy often utilized by proponents of Eurocentric secularism when addressing subject matter or themes that do not conform to their notions of superiority or understanding in regards to any particular discussion and are employed in order to sway others to believe a particular falsehood.

“A lie of omission is a method of deception and duplicity that uses the technique of simply remaining silent when speaking the truth would significantly alter the other person’s capacity to make an informed decision.” – Choice 101

In regard to the subject of hidden symbolism or secretive allegory in film the fact remains that these works are purposefully done, and willfully created by individuals who understand elements of the occult, or the nature of the Masonic/Illuminati tropes depicted, that the general public may not be aware of in either intent or agenda. However due to a myriad of falsehoods and learned perceptions repeated in the Eurocentric culture of the United States, and unfortunately around the world, the Eurocentric Secularist continue to propagate ‘lies of omission’.

What Is Eurocentric Secularism?

Eurocentric secularism, which is a predominant form of Western thinking, began to grow in prominence after the so-called Renaissance era and places a great deal of emphasis on the notions of modern European and Western superiority while advocating the spread of predominantly Eurocentric culture and thinking (Greek Mythology, Renaissance Idealism).

Eurocentric secularism is currently the dominant form of academic curriculum taught throughout the United States and much of Europe. The subject of ancient history, when dealing with the importance, contributions, or advances of non-White culture, are routinely dismissed or conveniently “omitted” from academic discussion and literature, while the ideals and themes of later Roman and Greek history are advanced. In this way proponents of this discipline are able to relegate the ideas of religions and cultures of a non-Western world as being superstitious, mythological, and inferior.

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols

This Gematria study will attempt to decode and analyze the top 15 Illuminati signs and symbols shown in film and popular culture.

The Nazi Swastika is a variation on the theme of the

The Nazi Swastika is a variation on the theme of the “Labyrinth/Masonic Swastika”

 Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number One – “As Above So Below”

The true origin of the abbreviated phrase “As Above So Below”, is unknown but is believed to have derived from the ‘Emerald Tablets’, possibly written as philosophical advice for Arab kings between the years 600-800.

The full maxim of the saying, as translated by Sir Isaac Newton,  appears at line 2 of the tablet and reads as follows:

“That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the work of ONE only thing.”

The I Ch’ing and the Emerald Tablet both share philosophical similarities which have led some to believe that the origin of the tablet, or at the very least the text, came from China.

Apollonius of Tyna, usually identified as the author Balinas, claims to have ventured into a cave where he discovered the text in a vault below a statue of the Greek god Hermes. Balinas wrote that within the vault he found the corpse of an old man sitting upon a golden throne holding the Emerald Tablet – ‘The Secret of Hermes’.

“Balinas is usually identified with Apollonius of Tyna, but there is little evidence to connect him with the Kitab Balabiyus, and even if there was, the story implies that Balinas found the tablet rather than wrote it, and the recent discoveries of the dead sea scrolls and the nag hamamdi texts suggest that hiding texts in caves is not impossible, even if we did not have the pyramids before us.” – Summarized from Needham & Holmyard

During the Middle Ages authorship of the tablet was commonly attributed to a mythical figure known as Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes The Great Three Times), who was a Hellenistic combination of the Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek god Hermes. Legend states that Trismegistus was an ancient academic and scholar, sometimes known as ‘The Magikan’, a powerful mystic and pagan prophet said to have foretold the coming of Christianity and its teachings.

The concept for As Above, So Below is manifested in The Magikan or Magician card of the tarot. The first card represents the One/Monad, which is also associated with the planet Mercury/god Hermes.

“The Magician has absolute power over all circumstances. He is in control of his own thoughts, and therefore the ruler of reality. The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity.

His right hand holds a staff raised toward the sky and his left hand points to the earth. He takes the power of the Universe and channels it through his own body and directs it to the physical plane. His magical table holds all four suits of the Tarot, each of which represents one of the four primordial elements of the alchemists – earth, air, fire and water. These symbolize the appropriate use of mind, heart, body and soul in the process of manifestation. The Magician’s robe is white, symbolizing the purity and innocence found in the Fool but his cloak is red, representing worldly experience and knowledge. In the bed of flowers at his feet this duality is repeated in the mix of pure white lilies and thorny red roses.” – All About As Above So Below

The philosophical contents of the Emerald Tablet refer to both duality and three-part cosmology or trilogy based wisdom. These three parts are expressed in the magika of the name of Trismegistus (thrice-great, or AO-Ao-Ao meaning Alpha-Omega times three = “Greatest”).

In English Gematria the phrase “Magika Of Ao Ao Ao” = 666.

The layers of meaning in the Emerald Tablet, also known as the Smaragdine Table, have been associated with creation of the ‘Magika of Solomon’s” – the so-called philosopher’s stone, and to the alchemical Magnum opus – The Great Work.

The doctrine of the occult supposes that the universe is a macrocosm and that the oneness of the principle god, who in Masonic terms is the Demiurge G.A.O.T.U, can create order out of chaos from containers of material and un-material called Monad.
In practice this concept suggests that what happens in the plane of reality above us, in example the heavens and skies, equally affects the world around us in the material world or Earth. It is the notion of duality and the idea of planetary orbits and configurations of the planets in the solar system thought to have their own intelligence, or Mundi (soul), and seen as playing a role in the outcomes of life on Earth – an aspect of Astrology.

Three states of existence (Trilogy Of Wisdom)  are concepts of reality represented as:
The physical (material plane)
The emotional (unconscious plane)
The mental (conscious plane)

In Alchemy the process to create the ‘Great Work’ is based on the transmutation of Mercury and Lead becoming one as Gold. This method is also known as a metaphysical construct in which man replicates or modifies what is on Earth (in example his soul) into what is seen amongst the stars.

For the Illuminati the power of signs and symbols of an esoteric variety hold significant importance to the attempt to replicate the unseen or manipulate it to behave in a manner of ones own will. This concept has often been labeled “playing God”.

The As ABOVE plane is often marked, or symbolized by the cross X sign of the Chi Rho and represents the astral abodes/Milky Way – a celestial home to the ascended masters of the New Age and UFO meme. In popular culture and film a commonly used metaphor for the ‘As Above’ comes in the form of the maze or labyrinth.  This maze allegory is shown in the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film “The Shining”.

A Chi Rho Sign = 666

The visible ‘god of Plato’, as described in the dialogue of Timaeus (360 BC), is speculated to be a celestial apparition of the demiurge GAOTU, also known as Iurbo Boath, which in rare instances appeared at the intersection of the Milky Way and the Zodiac, forming a celestial X.

The demiurge was a philosophical construct of Greek author and mathematician Plato (428-347 BC), who envisioned a creator artisan in charge of crafting the material world out of chaos and disorder.
According to Gnostics the demiurge GAOTU was the same deity as their child god born of an egg whom some sects called Iurbo Boath, but was later referred to as the devil by a sect in Alexandria. The name GAOTU is a five letter Masonic abbreviation for the Grand Architect of the Universe.

“In the Gnostic system the Demiurge (also called Archon, and Jaldabaoth, or son of Chaos) was represented as the chief of the lowest order of spirits or eons of the Pleroma. Mingling with Chaos, he evolved from it a corporeal, animated world.” – Century Dictionary And Cyclopedia

When the zodiacal light, a formation of glowing stars, rises above the horizon and intersects with the Milky Way it forms a celestial X, a feature shown in the Roman triad of Sun, Moon, and star cosmology which derived from ancient Babylonian tradition.
According to some Satanic groups the ‘Zodiacal Light’ is a form of ‘a Lucim Ferre’, meaning a light bore (as in the light of Lucifer), a so-called spark of esoteric light (false intelligence) capable of blinding the public to various forms of truth.

The cosmic X of Plato was a symbol for both Iurbo Boath and the pagan belief of an afterlife at the celestial crossroads for the star gods within the Milky Way. This X later became known as ‘a Chi-Rho sign’, which pagan scribes used to denote important passages within a margin of text, wherein ‘x’ marked the spot. In English Gematria ‘A Chi-Rho Sign’ = 666.

“The Tav was the final letter of the Semitic alphabet. It appears as a t lying on its side and as such looks similar to the X. It means a sign, a signature and a mark as in the current idiom X marks the spot on the map for the treasure’s location.” – Steve Santini

The concepts for the Chi-Rho and much of the As ABOVE symbols/metaphors are tied to Dreamscape, or a period of rest in which lucid visions (vision boarding) are produced in a subject.

According to legend Emperor Constantine I claimed to have had a vision of the sun which was marked with the letters ‘X’ and ‘P’, the first two letters of the Greek word for Christos. Upon seeing this vision the Roman army of Constantine was commanded to mark their shields with this symbolic apparition prior to the Battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312 AD.

“That symbol is called the chi-rho symbol. It is a combination of the Greek letters X and P with X pronounced as a guttural khi and the P as the English r. The Greek spelling of the word Christ begins with these two Greek letters X and P.” – Steve Santini

“The fact that Constantine’s vision has a Orion addition to it does not surprise me considering his ‘dreams’ were a huge part of this inception. Please understand that this is not taken out of context but instead used parallel to the subject. Demons are known for interrupting your dreams, and inserting their false religious aspects of the dark side. This is what I believe happened. Constantine is misdirected by demonic forces and this turns out to be a twisting of the Crucifixion Cross…the Chi Rho.” – Mystery Of The Inequity

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Two – Six Crow

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - Six Crow

Six Crow symbolism shown in the movie poster for The Lone Ranger. Also shown Six crow surround the president, indicative of demons/controversies or failings.

Six crow is an illuminati (secret society/mystery school) coded term. For occult groups and mystics alike, fowl (birds of prey) are often depicted in film and art to represent hidden knowledge or secret murder. The image of the crow serves as the symbol of arcane spirits of the air. These spirits are thought to guide those who dabble in occult matters by presenting themselves in the forms of fowl. Modern-day Christians tend to view the spirits of the air as demons (Matthew 13:24-30).

In the painting ‘Magic Circle’ by John W Waterhouse six crow surround a witch cauldron, indicative of the power of arcane spirits/gnosis. In the 2013 action film Olympus Has Fallen six birds (helicopters) appear over the White House in an attempt to rescue the President but are thwarted by a secret defense system known as ‘Hydra Six’. The significance of the six choppers over Washington in that film is identical to the Roman and Gnostic belief in arcane powers behind the scenes, often conflated with the depiction of the owl/crow – symbolic demonic forces of Satan. The occult six crow symbolism can be seen in numerous films such as: “Eyes Wide Shut” (Six bullies surround the lead character), and “Air Force One” (Six aircraft, six reporters, six villains).

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Three – The All Seeing Eye

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The All Seeing Eye

The all-seeing eye is a popular symbol which is shown numerous times in popular culture and is one of the more recognized symbols of the Masonic/Illuminati esoteric meme. Having several meanings, the origins of this symbol are believed to have begun with the Assyrian-Babylon pantheon of the Anunnaki/Igigi – ‘The Watchers’.

According to modern theologians, the Anunnaki were a race of giant beings whom alternative historians have since dubbed ancient astronauts (The Paleo Contact Theory). The Anunnaki were known as Da-Nuana, which means princely offspring, and from a modern theological perspective are considered to be a form of Earthly Elohim, or magistrates.

“The word Annunaki means “princely seed” or “princely blood”. The idea is that the Anunnaki were direct creations of Anu, who was regarded as the father and king of the gods” -Michael S. Heiser

According to Semitic literature these magistrates were witnessed by the Black tribes of Sumer (Sa-Gig-ga) and Bawru (Babylon) during pre-history and later deified by the Akkadian and the Babylonian as ‘other gods’. A lesser race of ethereal beings known as the Igigi (Lgigu) also accompanied these giants as recorded in Mesopotamian literature.

“The founders of the first Mesopotamian civilization were Black Sumerians.  Mesopotamia was the Biblical land of Shinar (Sumer).  The Sumerians left no doubt to how they viewed themselves racially.  The Sumerians called themselves sag-gig-ga, the Black headed people.” – Runoko Rashidi, Study Of African Classical Civilizations

“Anu and Bel called me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, the worshiper of the gods, to cause justice to prevail in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil, to prevent the strong from oppressing the weak, to go forth like Shamash over the Black Head Race, to enlighten the land and further the welfare of the people” – from the epilogue of Hammurabi in Scientific American

In English Gematria the terms : Annunaki God = 666 / Other Gods = 666 

According to legend, ancient humans were being watched over by Earthly Elohim (Sumerian Da-Nuana) and their counterparts the Igigi. In those days of pre-history, mankind began to multiply in vast numbers and the daughters of man became increasingly beautiful. In time the watchers became voyeurs once they began to lust after the beautiful offspring of men. Thus the Earthly Elohim had gone from being a legion of observers and princely magistrates to essentially becoming peeping toms. This is why according to modernist theories on the occult and its symbolism, the all-seeing eye (‘Eye of Udjt’) is in some regards symbolic of their wicked act of voyeurism.

In this context it is believed that the Igigi became known as the ‘Watcher’ (or literally voyeur) for they had watched (spied upon) humans in pleasure. The ancient magistrates, of their own free will, disobeyed what is known as ‘The Divine Council’ (Ukkin), and took for themselves human wives according to the Book Of Genesis and Book of Enoch.

“Book Of Enoch Chapter 6:1 :
1 And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters.
2 And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: ‘Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men
3 and beget us children.”

The offspring of the Anunnaki became beastly giants known as the Nephilim. These beings are spoken of in : The Book Of Enoch, The Book Of Giants, The Epic Of Gilgamesh, Genesis, The Book Of Jasher, and Codexia Mayan texts.
At the death of the Sumerian beings their spirits would become associated with the underworld where they became judges of the evil dead. Late in antiquity these beings became known as the Djinn of the primordial line, and later as Genies, Daeva, and Pan. Gnostics called them The Archons. Upon the establishment of their worship these beings were also associated with the heavenly bodies and the cosmology of the stars.

“Thus the Annunaki and the Igigi, who are bodies of deified spirits, were identified with the stars of the northern and southern heaven, respectively.” – E. A. Wallis Budge

Eventually a group of tribal magicians from Old Ur (IYR), known as the Chaldeans, began to disseminate their esoteric knowledge to their neighbors. These Chaldeans were said to have catalogued a vast amount of prehistory (later lost or destroyed) which they brought with them into the lands of Egypt and Asia, leading to conflated tropes of various religions in antiquity and providing for the Egyptians the blended myth of the ‘All Seeing Eye of Ra’ with the tales of king Nimrod/Gilgames. King Nimrod of the Babylonia OWO (Old World Order) was said was to have been torn to pieces, even having his eye removed, but was later reborn, thus legends of his heroics are speculated to have become one with the Osiris/Ra mythology blend.

Theologians and scholars are at debate in regards to the emergence of the Chaldean, and the timeline of the Semitic patriarchal figure Abraham – (AB, the father – RA, the sun – HAM, the dark (Black).

“Abraham excelled all in nobility and wisdom; he sought and obtained the knowledge of astrology and the Chaldean craft… he traveled to Phoenicia and dwelt there. He pleased the Phoenician king by teaching the Phoenicians the cycles of the Sun and Moon, and everything else as well… [in Egypt] – Pseudo Eupolemus

“…before the coming of Abraham, the Egyptians were ignorant of these sciences, which thus traveled from the Chaldeans into Egypt, [and then] passed to the Greeks.” – Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews.

In time even the Hindo (Hindu) would develop their own mythology blended with or conflated with events which took place some thousands of years ago. Thus the deities and literal kings of the ancient world became the ‘other gods’ of the Greeks and later Romans which called them The Titans. Modern theologians believe that Nimrod (described as the first united ruler of the world in the book of Genesis) was also Gilgamesh, that his life was mythologized, and upon his death was given the god status of Osiris (ruler of the undead) in Egypt.

“He built the Tower of Babel with intentions of killing God and taking over – a plan that was not at all unlike that of Zeus, the Olympian who sought to destroy the Titan gods who ruled before him. But Nimrod’s plans were thwarted by God and the people of the earth who supported him were divided into 70 languages/nations. Each people group went away talking about the same guy, only now, he had other names. The dominant name he became known by was Osiris, the god of the Egyptians.” – Babylon Rising

“The ‘all-seeing eye’ symbol originated here, which stems from the idea that King Nimrod could keep a watchful eye on everyone from his temple in heaven, to make them fear him. But Nimrod was just a Prince of Tyre, and Satan is the King, so when you see the ‘all-seeing eye’, you see the symbol of Satan.” – Mystery Religon Origins

For the Egyptians the eye of Ra/Udjt was the symbol of the sun and the interconnected powers of life and light. The solar powers were thought to be in one harmony with the creation of man and the kingdom of animals, thus the iconography of these concepts are equally expressed in their artwork and literature. Numerous cults from the upper and lower portions of Egypt developed religious tropes around the powers of the solar deity of Ra, and the path of the setting sun united with the underworld where it took on personification of Osiris. As with most Egyptian deities, Ra’s identity was often conflated, forming an interconnection between deities and thus creating a complex tapestry of myth and religion.

In English Gematria Eye of Udjt = 666.

During the rise of Gnosticism the term Archons was used to refer to the servants (inter-dimensional mundi) or ethereal souls that were thought to help aid the masonic deity G-AO-TU (Grand Architect of The Universe), also known as Irubo Boath – The Demiurge.

According to the Gnostics these Archons stood between the human race and their transcendent deity, whom it was thought could reach mankind through the use of Dreamscape (lucid dreaming).
Ideally hidden gnosis (meaning knowledge) was a form of inspiration/revelation which came from vivid dreaming and was believed to be direct guidance from the Archons – spirits of the air. The spirits of the air were believed to be watching over man, still performing their role as “The Watchers” of Babylon, yet now in the guise of wandering spirits.
During the Hellenistic era various historical figures sought to experience the spirits (which were later represented in the forms of arcane fowl such as the owl and the crow) within temples called Asclepieions.

A Archontics = 666

During the 2nd century CE a sect of Gnostics from Armenia rose to prominence who were called Archontics. This particular group called the Archons (which is a Greek word meaning principalities) ‘the malevolent ones’. In this context the Archons were thought of as demonic entities which the Zoroastrians of Middle Persia refered to as Daeva – evil supernatural entities or Djinn. Today a myriad of modern Satanic groups, specifically those with an investment in Enochian magic, call upon the Archons/Igigi for the purpose of hex craft and guidance. These disembodied spirit guides are said to be seen in the physical realm taking on the form or shape of men and sometimes as beings which resemble the ‘Alien Grays’. While Christians and Satanist are in agreement that these beings are demonic, alternative historians refer to them as Extraterrestrials, and New Age groups call them their Ascended Masters. For many Africans the underworld home of these entities is known as ‘magombe’, where Osiris is thought to partly rule. In English Gematria ‘Magombe Iris’ = 666.

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Four – The Butterfly

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The Butterfly

For the ancient Greeks the deified aspect of the human soul was depicted in art as the butterfly, which the Greeks called psyche. In a later period, ancient mosaics depicted the winged goddess Psyche as a representation of the human soul and air. In artwork Psyche was sometimes shown with a butterfly above her head. The Greeks believed that the psyche, or the immortal soul, left the body at the moment of death as a last breath or puff of air.

“Occultist symbolism may give additional insight into the true meaning ‘Psyche’ is the word for both “soul” and “butterfly” coming from the belief that human souls become butterflies while searching for a new reincarnation”. – Ron Patton

Since ancient times, numerous cultures believed the sight of a butterfly was a prophetic sign, sometimes negative, but always symbolic of the spirit of the dead. Butterflies have been symbolic as spirits of the air, as stars, and as the souls of humans. These beliefs are shared by the: Egyptians, Greeks, Minoan, Chinese, Romans, Indian Americans, Mexicans, Aztecs, and Europeans.

The ancient Egyptian deity of air/life is Shu, he is represented as a human figure wearing a crown of four feathers and said to have been the breath/fluid of the god Atum. Shu became the god Eros to the ancient Greeks. For the Greeks, Eros was the god of love/desire and the fourth primordial being to come into existence. Eros became known as Cupid to the Romans and his consort became the butterfly winged goddess Psyche. The ancient Greek conception of death and the afterlife mirror many of the ceremonies associated with the burial of Egyptian dignitaries. The Egyptians believed that the human soul was immortal (would be judged in the afterlife) and that for a righteous person butterflies would be one of the many pleasurable sights after death.

“Some ancient mystical groups, such as the Gnostics, saw the butterfly as a symbol of corrupt flesh. The “Angel of Death” in Gnostic art was portrayed crushing the butterfly.” – Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton

The two primary symbolic forms of the Butterfly are:

The Mind/Psyche

The Spirit/Psyche

According to modern theorist the image of the butterfly, as found within film/music, is meant to indicate mind induced trauma or puppet-slave victimization – mind control.

During World War II, Nazi scientists conducted a range of psychological and chemical tortures on concentration camp inmates in an effort to achieve mind control and create a so-called ‘truth serum’. The Nazi’s extensive research on inmates in Dachau were detailed in files, which after the war were captured by the allied forces.

The 2010 film Shutter Island depicts the liberation of Dachau and subsequent capture of Nazi mind control/human experimentation documents. Martin Scorsese, director of Shutter Island, is a secularist Catholic and proponent of Hindo mantra meditation, or Transcendental Meditation. Yogi instructed mediation or TM, is believed to allow one to detach from the physical self and take control of the psyche – momentarily conscience in a so-called ‘waking life’. The theory of Yogi Vedic science is called SCI and is taught in a 33-lesson video course. The number 33 is the oft used numeric symbol of Masonic/Illuminati tropes. During the 1970’s a course on Maharishi mind indoctrination was carried out at Yale University, home to the Skull and Bones secret society.

Shutter Island (2010) Nazi Documents Scene & CIA MK-Ultra Files (1953)

Shutter Island (2010) Nazi Documents Scene & CIA MK-Ultra Files (1953)

In the aftermath of World War II, thousands of scientists and Nazi elites were brought to the United States and employed in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and later by the CIA. Many of these individuals remained sympathetic or loyal to the Nazi party and are believed to have even participated in human torture and trauma induced mind control programs of the SS. The US created false employment and political biographies for the scientists in order to circumvent President Truman’s anti-Nazi order (as well as the Allied Yalta & Potsdam agreements). Operation Paperclip was the clandestine title for this operation and it is shown in the film Captain America – The Winter Soldier. As part of Operation Paperclip, former Nazi’s also held high-ranking positions at NASA and the US Air Force.

Operation Paperclip Which Brought And Employed Nazis In The US - Black Ops MK Ultra Files & Nazi Eugenics

Operation Paperclip Which Brought And Employed Nazis In The US – Black Ops MK Ultra Files & Nazi Eugenics

The Nazi’s had developed a racially based plan of sterilization and elimination of undesirable persons known as ‘Lebensunwertes Leben’ – lives unworthy of life. These persons included those with physical or mental problems which the Nazi’s viewed as unworthy of living – such as homosexuals and the schizophrenic. Allegedly more than 400,000 individuals were sterilized while another 300,000 were institutionalized and eventually killed under the Nazi Eugenics & euthanasia program. The Nazis believed in racial superiority thanks in large part to the Eurocentric Eugenics agenda that originated from Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and developed/exploited further upon by Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton.
Through the 1900’s Eugenics was an academic discipline at many colleges in the US and led many a Eurocentric to develop racist pursuits of cleansing the genetic pool of people deemed ‘less fit’ racially. In the 20th century many governments enacted policies such as birth control, water fluoridation, and abortion based upon the Nazi/Eurocentric secularist agenda for world population control.

In the 1930’s, with significant financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation, Nazi organizations were able to create Eugenic and human experimentation programs led by Josef Mengele. Mengele became known as the Angel of Death (Todesengel), an allegory for his stomping on the human psyche. At age 32, Josef Mengele, a Nazi SS officer assigned to the concentration camp of Auschwitz, allegedly conducted torture and heredity experiments on human subjects. Mengele focused primarily on finding twin children to experiment on. The Nazi’s believed that through experimentation on twins the debate of Eugenics and racial supremacy of heredity over environment could be proven. Mengele is said to have injected needles into the eyes of children and forced many to have their limbs removed or bodies intentionally mutilated. Some children were opened up or sewn together, while others were forced to take drugs and given diseases. Mengele is believed to have killed several thousand persons while at Auschwitz.

“Because of those matching burgundy dresses, because we were identical twins so easily spotted in the crowd of grimy, exhausted Jewish prisoners, Miriam and I had been chosen. Soon we would come face to face with Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor known as the Angel of Death. It was he who selected those on the platform who were to live and those who would die. But we did not know that yet. All we knew was that we were abruptly alone. We were only ten years old. And we never saw Papa, Mama, Edit, or Aliz again.” – Eva Mozes Kor

After the war, Mengele fled to the Nazi safe-haven of Buenos Aires, Argentina where he later became an abortion doctor, eventually killing a young woman. Mengele was never tried for his war crimes and died after drowning in 1979. His story is fictionalized in the movie The Boys From Brazil (1978) and is partially the inspiration for the character of Dr. Jeremiah Naehring in Shutter Island (2010).

"Did you know that the word 'trauma' comes from the Greek for 'wound'? Hm? And what is the German word for 'dream'?" - Dr. Jeremiah Naehring 'Shutter Island'

“Did you know that the word ‘trauma’ comes from the Greek for ‘wound’? Hm? And what is the German word for ‘dream’?” – Dr. Jeremiah Naehring ‘Shutter Island’

Eurocentric Zionist Sidney Gottlieb (born Joseph Scheider) joined the CIA at age 33 where he became known as the “Black Sorcerer” and “Dirty Trickster”. Gottlieb studied the works of Josef Mengele as well as the human experimentation files recovered from Nazi concentration camps. In the 1950’s Gottlieb developed a sophisticated mind control program for the CIA titled MK-Ultra.

“The US department of Defense’s original plans to research the Mind control phenomena was to determine psychological and chemical formulas providing the US with the “perfect” espionage agent. This quickly evolved into planning the “production” of the perfect soldier… government worker…slave. It was determined that “absolute” mind control could be realized through specific tortures of the intended transgenerational Victim …from the moment of birth! Armed with this deadly research, a collection of “dedicated psychiatrists” from Germany, Italy, and the US, a new but ancient form of mind-control was reborn through Project Monarch.” – Outpost Of Freedom

Project Monarch is allegedly a U.S. Defense codename assigned to a subsection of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Operation Artichoke which later become Project MK Ultra. This according to researchers of MK ultra and the testimony of Cathy O’Brien, who claimed to have been a victim of mind control experiments.

“The name MONARCH is not necessarily defined within the context of royal nobility, but rather refers to the monarch butterfly. When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.” – Butterfly Symbolism,

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Five – The Checkered Floor & Blood

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The Checkered Floor & Blood Sacrifice

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Six – The Checkered Floor

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The Checkered Floor

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Seven – The Crow

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The Crow

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Eight – The Goat / Sheep

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The Goat

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Nine – The Hexagram

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The Hexagram

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Ten – The OK Sign

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The OK Sign

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Eleven – The Owl

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The Owl

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Twelve – The Roman Numeral V

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - The Roman Numeral V

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Thirteen – 322 Skull & Bones

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - TheNumber 322 Skull & Bones

Top 15 Illuminati Signs And Symbols : Number Fourteen – The Number 666

Top 15 Illuminati Signs - TheNumber 666


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