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FAQ:  What Is The Meaning Of I Pet Goat II?

I Pet Goat II

On June 25, 2012 Louis Lefebvre released the silent animated esoteric short ‘I Pet Goat II’, which in English Gematria equals 666. The film, while absent of dialog, is filled with occult imagery that the director himself purposely linked to prophetic ‘vision boarding’, sometimes known to theorist as predictive programing.

“I would like to start off by saying that the film came to me in its visual form, much like a painter who sees colors and forms in his mind’s eye.” – Louis Lefebvre

Lefebvre’s vision for I Pet Goat II shares similarities with the occult concept of Dreamscape, or a period of rest in which lucid visions or apparitions are produced in a subject and esoteric themes thus materialize.

I Pet Goat II 06

Nicholas E. Heyneman, a former professor of psychology at Idaho State University, is the author of DreamScape – a book for dream analysis.
The work draws on sources from ancient Greece and the era of dream temples to the methods of modern psychology to find connections between dream symbolism and real-life events; past, present, and future. Using the numerical hexcraft pattern of six, Heyneman explores the world of magic and clairvoyance in his sixth chapter “The Three Symbols Of Prophecy”, aptly found on page 166.

“Dreams sense our future and our place in the universe” – Nicholas E. Heyneman author of DreamScape: The Personal Interactive Dream Analysis System

This concept is also visited in the 1984 sci-fi film ‘Dreamscape’, which was developed from an outline based on the novel ‘The Dream Master’, by author Roger Zelazny. Canadian Author Astra Crompton developed a 12 part short story series based on her own real dreaming experiences titled ‘Dreamscapes’, which sometimes feature post-apocalyptic visions of her hometown – such as in her short story ‘The Swan’.

During the rise of Gnosticism the term Archons was used to refer to the malevolent spiritual servants of Iurbo Baoth, whom it was thought could reach mankind through the use of lucid dreaming.
Ideally dream gnosis was a form of revelation which came from vivid dreaming and was believed to be direct guidance from the Archons – or spirits of the air.

The spiritual king and lord over the Archons was thought to reside in an ethereal dimension between the waking mind and the spiritual body of those asleep.  Archons could be summoned upon to enter into the dream space of an individual and provide hidden gnosis from the past or future. These entities were called demonic entities by certain sects and were also labeled ‘the principalities and powers of the air’ by early Christians.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

Shown Gravity Falls Demonic Dream Being Bill Cipher - An Allegory For The Masonic Demiurge GAOTU - Also Shown Philippines TV Dreamscape 66 Eye And Top Hat

Shown Gravity Falls Demonic Dream Being ‘Bill Cipher’ – An Allegory For The Masonic Demiurge GAOTU – Also Shown Philippines TV Dreamscape 66 Eye And Top Hat

In English Gematria ‘Iurbo Baoth= 666

In the Disney animated series Gravity Falls, a demonic dream being called ‘Bill Cipher’ is summoned upon to enter into the minds of those at rest in the episode titled ‘Dreamscaperers’.  Cipher is depicted as a gold colored triangular Archon with a singular eye, wearing a top hat and bow tie. In esoteric terms, Cipher is an allegory for the Masonic deity known as GAOTU, which is the five letter abbreviation for Grand Architect Of The Universe, or in Gnostic terms the Demiurge and chief archon Iurbo Baoth.

In English Gematria ‘GAOTU Of God’ = 666

For Freemasons the GAOTU represents the belief in a Supreme Being, however that being or deity is left up to the interpretation of the individual and is never specified beyond being called ‘The Architect’. Members of Freemasonry that view the GAOTU in the same terms as the Gnostic or Platonic view of the Demiurge (Iurbo Baoth), are certainly valid in doing so from their own perspective. According to some modern day Christians, the GAOTU can hypothetically be viewed as Lucifer or Satan based on the current Masonic definition that states the individual sets their perception to the identity of the GAOTU.  The concept for GAOTU was first explained by Plato in 360BC and later expanded upon in the philosophies of Neoplatonism and Gnosticism. The architect was given the names Demiurge and Iurbo Baoth, (depending upon the sect) however, during the Hellenistic era some sects referred to GAOTU as Satan.

Also shown above, Philippines broadcasting company Dreamscape Entertainment depicts a top hat and gold colored background along with an all seeing eye in reference to the occult concept of archons and dream gnosis – Dreamscape.

           In English Gematria ‘A Archon Demon’ = 666

During the Hellenistic era numerous pilgrims sought to experience the spirits within healing temples called Asclepieions. The Asclepieions allowed for visitors to sleep in overnight hibernation chambers while non-venomous snakes roamed nearby. On the following day pilgrims reported their ‘visions’ to a cult priest who then prescribed cures for sickness  (or any various woe) according to an interpretation of their dreams.

I Pet Goat II 02

On Left The Asclepieions / At Center Variation Of The Demiurge / On Right Top The Archons Invade During Sleep / On Bottom Three Archons Shown From Left Aleister Crowley’s ‘Angel Aiwass’ , Ancient Astronaut Theorists ‘Alien Grays’, and New Agers Ascended Master ‘Sanat Cumar’. In English Gematria Angel Aiwass, Alien Grays, and Sanat Cumar = 666

Certain scenes which appear in the film I Pet Goat (referenced as ‘clues’ on the Heliofant webpage) have been linked by the director to events which happened after the film was created, theorist refer to this method of esoteric revealism as predictive programing.

Predictive programing is a term popularized by researcher Alan Watt, and currently characterized as subtle changes or planned societal events  shown in an arcane or esoteric manner through various forms of popular media. In this context the symbolism of ‘I Pet Goat II’ is meant to acquaint the viewer to changes both spiritual and mundane.

I Pet Goat II 03

Heliofant Website Lists So-Called ‘Clues’ To The Esoteric Puzzle Of I Pet Goat II. Also Pictured Episode Of Star Trek Showing Both Archons And Clock Hands

Lefebvre also links the image of a clock with its hands at 12/12 to December, 2012 – the year of the Sandy Hook attack.

“Only after the events of Sandy Hook (12/14/12) did I realized that what I had seen was Obama’s classroom, a ritual sacrifice of children on the part of the shadow government designed to strike terror into the nation.” – Louis Lefebvre

I Pet Goat II 05

The title I Pet Goat II is a three-part reference to a series of literary works. The first reference is owed to Isaac Asimov’s 9 sci-fi short stories entitled I, Robot. The second ode to the children’s story “The Pet Goat”, which US President George W. Bush read along with a group of schoolchildren on the morning of September 11, 2001. The final nod is to the fictional autobiography ‘I, Claudius’, written by Robert Graves. In the novel the title figure is considered an idiot and dolt, yet survives the dangerous reigns of Augustus, Tiberius, and Caligula to become emperor of Rome in 41 A.D.

During the presidency of George W. Bush the western-influenced media played a significant role in shaping the perception that Bush was an incomptant dolt. Prior to September 11, various media outets were quoting the Lovenstein Institute hoax, a fictious IQ report that labeled past Republican presidents, and then President Bush, as having low IQ’s. Various Eurocentric secularists and Liberals, including political comedian Bill Maher, erroneously refered to “The Pet Goat” as My Pet Goat.

“You thought reading “My Pet Goat” was difficult.  My friends, reading is hard work.” – Daily KOS Reader

I Pet Goat II 07

 FAQ: What Are Illuminati Symbols / Hidden Numbers In Film?

Esoteric symbolism of a numeric variety is displayed in a wide form of popular media. The general public may find it rather confusing or too obscure to notice off hand. However, after familiarizing yourself with the numerical or esoteric scheme you may find it easier to decipher and spot the hidden symbols so meaningful to the Elite/Secret Societies.

The following list of items are the most commonly placed elements of an esoteric nature.

1.) The All Seeing Eye 
2.) The Checkered Floor
3.) The Checkered Floor With Red
4.) The OK Hand Sign
5.) The Peace Hand Sign / Roman Numeral V
6.) The Numbers 6 / 66 / 666
7.) The Owl 
8.) The Number 8
9.) The Numbers 23/ 322
10.) The Butterfly
11.) The Crow
12.) The Owl + The Crow
13.) The Pyramid
14.) The Purple Flower/Heliotrope
15.) The Hexagram
16.) The Skull
17.) The Checkered Shirt
18.) The Number 18
19.) The Numbers 40 & 42
20.) Red Vs Blue
The Fifth Age 01

Fifth Age Symbols – Bush Sr. (41st President) Signals The Fifth Age 4+1 = 5





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