Zootopia – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

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Animated Feature Zootopia Features Many Esoteric Tropes Such As Blue VS Red Symbolism As Shown In The Above Poster. Sheep/Goats In The Film Represent The Villain.

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Symbolism of the esoteric variety, is willfully placed in works of entertainment and intended to be understood by a small group of individuals capable of recognizing and interpreting the hidden meaning or occult symbolism depicted.  Various films, television programs, and even animated films (such as Zootopia) will feature interior or hidden elements including: Easter Eggs, Metaphors & Allegories, and Illuminati or Esoteric Symbolism.

Esoteric symbolism of a numeric variety is displayed in a wide form of popular media. The general public may find it rather confusing or too obscure to notice off hand. However, after familiarizing yourself with the numerical or esoteric scheme you may find it easier to decipher and spot the hidden symbols so meaningful to the Elite/Secret Societies.


Zootopia is a 2016 computer animated feature film from Walt Disney studios. The film is the 55th animated feature from the studio and features several esoteric or occult themes which have become common place in most high budget fare. On the surface Zootopia is a combination of the neo-noir and the comedic buddy cop picture, featuring an anthropomorphic Sly Fox and a charismatic Rabbit as the protagonists.

Zootopia City As A Figurative New Babylon

The metropolis of Zootopia is divided into 5 city districts, while ecologically under the support of the farming community Bunnyburrow. This gives the film an occult pattern of 6 distinct areas, which is equivalent to the popular hex craft pattern of the numbers 6, 66, and 666. The districts which appear in the film are; Sahara Square, Tundratown, Little Rodentia, Rainforest District, and the City – the heart of Zootopia.

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Train Number 6 Brings The Animals In And Out Of A Stylized New Babylon – Zootopia

The towers of Zootopia are stylized in a manner reminiscent to the images of the ‘Old World Order’, the center of the ancient world which began with the rising of Babylon and the creation of civilization. In the film the animals have gathered together in a New Babylon to further advance civilization and live in a seemingly peaceful harmony between predators and prey. A monorail train system which transports the mammals between districts in the film is shown with the number 6, indicative of the nature of the beasts to fall under a false sense of peace.

According to the Christian perspective the number six represents the fall or inward selfish nature of man – the so-called sinful nature. In this perspective the number six train is an allegory for the false hope of mankind (Ezekiel 7:25), or faith in humanity. The animals of Zootopia have created a New World Order, built out of chaos, and are delivered into separated districts by the forces of HEX 6. This may be symbolic of the return of Nimrod and the powers of the Old World Order rising. The OWO was a totalitarian order ruled by the Biblical Nephilim and located in Babylon.

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The Blue Bunny And The Red Fox Join Forces – Symbolic Of The BLUE Remnant Of Christ And The Rise Of The RED Purifier. Common Blue VS Red Symbolism   

The Blue Bunny & The Red Fox


The plot of Zootopia revolves around the partnership of Judy Hopps, a rabbit police officer, and Nick Wilde, a red fox and street hustler. The pair join forces and eventually uncover a conspiracy involving missing predator civilians and psychotropic drugs. The esoteric trope hiding in plain sight is that of ‘Blue VS Red’, which in occult terms is called the rising of the Red purifier, represented here by the red fox, and the defense of the solider in Christ, represented here by the blue bunny. The film uses several scenes to implore the hidden religious nature of the rabbit character Judy.

As a youth Judy Hopps is attacked by a red fox named Gideon Grey, the fox later repents of his sins and asks Judy to forgive him. Here the producers use the biblical name Gideon from the Torah’s ‘Book Of Judges’, to showcase the power of forgiveness and repentance. In the film Gideon hears Judy verbalize her thoughts about a psychotropic drug called ‘Night-howlers’, which is affecting the animal population of Zootopia. Upon hearing Judy verbalize her thoughts the character Gideon exclaims “I thought she was speaking in tongues”. Later religious symbolism is produced when the red fox mentions a ‘miracle’ while Judy attempts to power on a dilapidated train. The figure of Judy Hopps in the picture is that of a selfless individual and dressed in her blue uniform is the figurative symbol of a solider in Christ. This type of character, clad in blue, is also shown in the film Captain America.

Meaning Of The Blue VS Red Symbolism

In occult terms the red symbolizes the rise of the biblical figure of Esau and his descendants struggle against his brother Jacob and their heirs. Overtime the so-called blue remnant became known as the Church, which is why in the Halo animated series Red VS Blue, the leader of the Blue team is called Church. The modern day church and the followers of Christ, who are referred to by some as soldiers in Christ, are meant to lead Godly lives devoid of sin and behave in a selfless manner. In the legend of the Hopi prophecy, a twin star will appear prior to the fifth age, or end of time on Earth, and guide the world toward the righteous path. The red is symbolic of the so-called period known as ‘Jacobs Trouble’, a time when the Church will be persecuted and the faithful largely fall away. This is called the day of the purifier within the legend of the Hopi prophecy. The Hopi legend states that the appearance of a large Red star above Earth will begin the end time and usher the world into the fifth age. For the occult adherents the signs of red, as seen in the rising of China, and the blues colors in the flag of Israel, are indicative of a natural progression toward an end time event culminating in the birth of the New World Order and the establishment of the fifth age.

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Judy Hopps Uncovers A Conspiracy Involving Psychotropic Drugs In The Movie Zootopia. The Number 6 Features Prominently For Kabbalah Purposes

Esoteric Sixes Everywhere In Zootopia

After joining the ZPD, Judy Hopps, a blue rabbit from rural Bunnyburrow, becomes the first rabbit police officer, however she is assigned parking duty as a meter maid by police Chief Bogo. During one of her shifts, she is manipulated by Nick Wilde, a red fox con artist. The two eventually become friends and unite in an effort to solve the disappearance of 14 predator animal civilians. In the process we learn that the fox turned to a life of street hustling at age 12, here the hidden meaning of Kabbalah at work once again as the numerology is shown as the Fox is now aged 32. This is the typical process of showing a pattern of sixes as 6 plus 6 is equal to 12, the age of crime for the fox. The age of self awareness then occurs at age 32 for the fox when he partners with the bunny.

The two later discover a license plate number which leads them to the missing predators. The number of the plate is shown as 29THD03, or in occult terms as 29 + 3 = 32, and the letters THD are as well equal to 32 in simple Gematria. The news media always displays a report at 6:01, while a tunnel is prominently shown as the number six.

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Hamsters Behaving As Lemmings Are Symbolic Representations Of Wall Street Banking Elite. Clock Strikes 5 Its Closing Time For The Bank And The Banking World

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The character of Gazelle, played by singer Shakira, is meant to represent the beckoning female aspect of the Zootopia stylized New Babylon. She welcomes each of the animals to Zootopia in a billboard at the entrance to the city. She always appears with classic ‘one eye’ symbolism, indicative of her power of Ra (eye of udjt) aspects or hidden sinful nature. She is always equated with the goat in the film, although represented as an anthropomorphic gazelle and heroin. In the film she is referred to as “The Angel With Horns”. The angel with horns allegory here meant to hide the esoteric nature of the figures true Lucifer-like persona. Woman in red symbolism is typical of the occult as is the equation with the goat.

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Here Singer Ciara Worships Crowned King Lucifer/ Pan Baphomet On Her Shirt – In Disney Zootopia A Variation Of This Shirt Is Also Shown

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In Hidden Masonry The Goat Represents GAOTU – The Demiurge Called Satan By Most Gnostics / ‘Getting The Goat’ Is Symbolic Of Accepting Satan / Hail Hydra The Allegory Of Heil Hitler, Came From The Free Masons As Shown In Picture

While hunting for clues to the disappearance of the cities predators, the fox realizes that the city’s 12 camera traffic system (again 6 + 6 symbolism) may have captured how one of the vehicles carrying a missing animal disappeared. Judy and Wilde then consult Assistant Mayor Bellwether, a sheep. They identify the captors as wolves who used tunnel number 6 to make their getaway, believing these wolves to be the nefarious “Night Howlers”.

Hopps and Wilde later locate an asylum detaining the missing, now savaged mammals, and eventually are hailed as heroes for locating the missing.

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Pan Baphomet = 666 In English Gematria

The animals they recover are savage beasts whose minds have been altered back to a predatory state. The pair later discover that a virus is being manufactured through use of little blue flowers called ‘night howlers’, which are being used to target predatory mammals by the greedy sheep/rams – led by assistant mayor Bellwether. The animals who are hate filled and on the side of evil all wear the symbol of Pan Baphomet on their shirts, an allegory for the secretive nature of Mystery School thought and Illuminati groupings.

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The Villains In Zootopia Proudly Wear The Symbol Of Pan Baphomet On Their Shirts – An Allegory For Their Wicked Persona

The “Night Howlers” of Zootopia are little blue flowers that have a severe psychotropic effects on mammals and cause them to turn into mindless beasts. These flowers are shown in the story “A Scanner Darkly”, as well.

Zoo 04

The Night Howlers Of Zootopia Are The Little Blue Flowers In A Scanner Darkly – A Manufactured Virus Of The Government

Movies such as; A Scanner Darkly, Zoolander, World War Z, and more all illustrate the use of a government manufactured Zika style virus to instill fear in the populace. Zootopia is basically an animated version of a Philip K Dick story, filled with numerology, esoteric tropes and such adult themes that the general audience will never be aware.

13 thoughts on “Zootopia – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

  1. Hi, I was very interested in what you had to say about Zootopia!! I thank God that He has opened my eyes to see all the symbolism in movies and all. It’s so sad how BLIND the world is. (“The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” -2 Corinthians 4:4) They can’t see God’s Truth, nor can they see all of satan’s lies.
    I can’t watch movies or television period without seeing all the SO VERY OBVIOUS! Lol. As well as every other form of media out there. I went to see Zootopia the first night it came out.. I was just blown away. I was, however, not aware of everything you pointed out (red vs. blue). Could you possibly explain this more to me?
    One thing that I did research on a while back and God reminded me of recently was how evil yoga is and when I saw it (and crystals) in Zootopia, I was just reminded of how they push all their evil on children. It drives me insane, both as a follower of Christ and as a teacher!!!
    Are you a Christian?

    Thank so much for posting the truth. Praying you continue to inform others. And praying people would wake up!

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your comments. I will likely go more in depth on the topic of Red VS Blue symbolism when the Marvel Civil War film comes out. In the Marvel storyline the character of Captain America is a Christian (in his comic book back story we learn that he attended Church every Sunday) and as a follower of Christ he is shown wearing his blue suit which is supposed to represent his belonging to the Church. The character of Iron Man is meant to showcase the rising Military Industrial Complex and the he is clad in his Red suit. This type of symbolism is shown in the Star Wars series also where the evil Sith hold Red light sabers while certain good Jedi hold the Blue light saber. Hope to share more on the topic soon!

      Hosea 4:6 & 2 Corinthians 6:16-17

  2. I am not surprised Disney would do something like this. Pixar (which is now owned by Disney) did the samething in the Good Dinosaur movie with the mountain in the background representing the all seeing eye triangle illuminati freemasons, its actually satanists, because illuminati believe in a higher being right? Then they have 666 so thats satan, not the real God.

    It is a shame they are on the losing side, the people have and will be in my prayers.

    • Thanks for your comment!
      Disney producers ( and many other studios) have been playing off the entire symbolism of the Bible and that of the occult. We know several recent Disney films which have had strong esoteric meanings or hidden allegory of an occult nature. Certain films have also shown figures that represent the Christian conception of redemption in Christ, such as in the Zootopia character of Gideon (a Biblical name given for a Fox that changes his ways and repents) and of course that of the Christian “soldier in Christ” character Captain America. All of the numerical and symbolic occult tropes are not going to picked up by the general public viewing these films – and that’s the greater intention of the film makers – allowing images and symbols to wash over the “unconscious mind” of the viewer.

  3. Whats the most obviously wrong is that all these ‘animals’ act against their nature, and transposes this with racial connotations, social Darwinism and cultural Marxism… No wonder we are currently living in this intolerant PC culture… Disney continually ups the bar in brainwashing our kids minds and parents willingly submit and pay their children to be indoctrinated.

  4. Keep doing what your doing. I’m not going to get too deep with my comment. Just a simple thank you & thrive on.

  5. Just because the symbolism is there doesn’t mean that they did it on purpose. Keep in mind these movies are made by people, who can have this symbolism floating around in their subconscious as much as anyone else.

    If anything we should applaud the movie for not only suggesting but outright saying that conspiracies do in fact exist, are often hidden in plain sight, and are often perpetrated by those who act innocent and uncorruptible and generally for the purposes of power and domination.

    And the movie confronts that head on. I think to be honest that’s why the movie has done so well, it’s relatable, and more then just a “racism” message movie.

    I’ve seen it several times and I come away from it with a new understanding every time.

    Also, there are 12 districts to Zootopia, we only saw 5, and there is ALOT of stuff that didn’t make it into the movie. The 3 head guys who worked on this did ALOT of world building for this like more then you normally would for one movie, I would like to see more of it explored actually.

    But what is very interesting is there was a character they invented from the original story, that DID indeed investigate conspiracies, symbolism, the occult, etc, and was a conspiracy hunter/survivalist kind of character.

    Unfortunately she along with the original story got dumped like half way through the development. Well you can watch the making of if you really want to know why.

    I think all in all it actually is a good movie, and if you actually listen to the journey of the main character, it actually espouses the christian ideals of tolerance and understanding without being preachy, and I actually like that.

    In a world where the media is attacking christian values left and right, we have a talking animals movie that is trying to teach us how we can better treat our fellow human and be better people.

    I mean I have to call it a win. Take your victories where you can.

    • Great post thanks for viewing the page.

      1.) Parents And Family View On Zootopia Film
      Reading through reviews of Zootopia, both the general public and the Christian viewpoints, whether to allow a child to be exposed to this type of film can always fall under parental discretion. Some reviews have stated that the elements of New Age agenda coupled with the few scenes of ‘scary’ animal behavior goes against what they believe best for their family. Depending on the age and maturity of the viewer they may not get the same enjoyment from this movie as so many others have.

  6. you could have even mentioned the new age philosophy of self determinism and creating a new world order. The eutopian delusion is gripping our society and with new age philosophy coming to think that the “narrow minded” belief in
    Jesus Christ is outdated and holding society back. the last song ends in a giant orgy, with gazzelle or the :angel with horns: singing, “try everything” if that isn’t the wide gate i dont know what is. The movie also plays into a sexual theme that is cross species and may encourage furries and bestiality but that is a nother issue entirely.

    This blog did point out the isssue of the fear theme in the movie entirely. They want a man fear scheme to control the populace. We need a social justice order that works one that is full of “good people” to help us. In the next 60 years we will see a shift towards a global world order that the millenials will bring on and the helm of the “golden civilization” will be the antichrist, eventually… so pray and read your Bibles we need to be ready and the church needs to be ready.

    • Excellent points. I kept the New Age topic / discussion off as I plan to elaborate in detail several films (including Zootopia) which are at present using the New Age tropes as an agenda in films such as: Secret Life Of Pets, Kung Fu Panda 3, Angry Birds, and of course Ice Age. Each of these animated film showcased certain aspects of the TM movement ( which I have brought up in other areas of this blog) or Yogi and Mundi spiritualism. Now as for the sexual themes I have tended to stray from in keeping with this blogs family friendly/readily visible theme. At present 5,000 visitors a month and many younger viewers as well, but the adult orientated material that is oft present in animated features that are aimed at children is dually noted and discussed in better depth on other sites. Thanks for viewing the page I will keep updating it regularly!

      • Very interested in reading your new age symbolism article when complete thanks for the reply!

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