Hurricane Geostorm – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Hurricanes And Geostorm Illuminati


On September 4, 2017 ABC News reported that the death toll from Hurricane Harvey had reached the Kabbalistic number 60.  On September 9, 2017 the BBC reports that a 8.1 magnitude quake left 60 people dead. The first reports stated that in each of these cases the death toll had been counted at the esoteric number 32 before later deaths were revised to total 60. News organizations will often offer numeric clues to a pattern known as Hex-craft in cases where people are injured or killed on a grand scale. The Gematria of the number 6 is always front and center in these stories. According to theorist this is a deliberate effort to utilize a form of hidden esoteric to complete a narrative.

The number 60 appears in the Biblical account of the animal sacrifices which took place on Mt. Moriah at the Temple of Solomon (Beit Hamikdash).

Beit Hamikdash symbolism


The ‘Beit Hamikdash’ is the holy temple on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem. According to tradition the first Holy Temple was built on the location which Abraham offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice to G-d.

Genesis 22:2 Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, whom you love–Isaac–and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.”

“Instead of “Moriah” in this passage Peshitta reads “Amorites.” This suggests a possible emendation of the text, which, if it be accepted, furnishes a more definite ides of the land within which that memorable scene was enacted. Both Jerusalem and Gerizim, however, lay within the boundaries of the land of the Amorites.” – Standard Bible Encyclopedia, W. Ewing

Mt. Moriah belonged to the Amorites, a wandering tribe of powerful giant chiefs (such as the Biblical King Og) and numerous tribes people, their name in Egyptian was Amor and they were despised by all ancient cultures.

“Why would you marry him?! Their faces look like monkeys! They do not even burry their own dead. They think backwards and live in tents instead of cities!” – Sumerian Text, Unknown Girlfriend of Martu/Ammuru Goddess   

The First Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) was constructed by King Solomon in the year 827 BCE. Solomon became known as the great magician of the sun and moon, a title that various esoteric groups would later apply to the king of many sins. In time numerous amulets and medallion seals (Solis Seal = 666) which included magic squares in the number pattern of 666 were introduced invoking his name.

“The Solomon Seals symbolize a harmony of opposites. It reflects the cosmic order, the skies, the movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual flow between heaven and earth, between the elements of air and fire.

Combining various geometric, astrologic and combinations of Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Arabic phrases, these symbols emphasize the harmony of both heavenly and earthly domains, and are used to assist people in their personal lives.” – Power Talismans

I found this interesting interpretation below, via a member of a Masonic online discussion in regards to King Solomon.

“Word SOL means “Sun” in Latin, OM or AUM means “Sun” in Hindu Sanskrit and ON means “Sun” in Egyptian. The word for Sun in three ancient languages.

This firmly show to us the real correspondence of King with the invisible Sun.

The word AUM pronounced “OM” is Yogic mantra for invocation of divine solar energies which are considered everywhere creative principle. Everywhere in this world, the light is equated with Sun and Sun is equated with supreme Goodness or God, devoid of human morals.

– solar aspect of the newly risen Sun – on the East

OM or AUM – the Sun shining on zenith, the highest point on horizon (the South)
ON – the diminishing Sun, sunset on the West

These three aspects also relate to threefold division in life of humans: birth, youth/maturity and death.

There were three grand master Masons in command when SOLOMON’s temple was built. This coded message structure really says to us that three aspects of the androgynous SOLOMON, the Sun were present in the building of the Temple (human soul). These three pillars once supported and still support the REAL Solomon’s Temple which is microcosmic Soul. On kabbalistic Tree of Life, we have three pillars supporting the Universe an Man (primal being Adam Kadmon).

In alchemy we have active trinity of Philosopher’s Stone: sulphur (solar aspect – yang), salt (lunar aspect – yin) and mercury (neutral aspect – the Son of the Sun). Compared to religions we have Father God, Mother God and Son God (some say Sun god).” – Free Masonic Forum of Light, Tehuti 

The Sol found in the name of Biblical King Solomon is for Cabbalists indicative of his magic use or gnosis within the cosmos, including the so-called intelligence of the Sun and Moon – hence the name Solomon is oft likened to a magician utilizing both the sun and moon to shape nature (the great work – Alchemy). From ancient China to Babylon, the power of the numbers and divine nature of the stars (fates) were represented by magic squares. These were often found in patterns of 36. There is a so-called magik duality used by occultist to the number 36, substitution of which is sometimes shown as three sixes.

The Assyrian form of Babylonian Gematria, seemingly based on larger increments of 210 each (the Gematria of the palace of Sargon = 16,280), likely correspond to the numerical pattern of smaller units of 6 and 10, by which is meant the formation of 10 Babylonian soldiers to 1 commander. If you were to utilize the number pattern of 210 for each letter in the English alphabet, you would find the correspondence to the ancient Gematria of Babylon, the name ‘Sargon’, for example, would thus equal 16,280. In English Gematria ‘Sargon’ equals 444.

The Babylonians were thought to have employed a magic square of 111 x 6 to induce the powers of the cosmos to hex (Greek six, as in to create) or curse the forces of nature to submit to the will of the Dragon/Saturn, preventing a spiritual attack of the air – demonic attack. By this magical incantation was developed the so-called Davidic Star, Sigilla Solis, and later the Philosopher’s Stone, all forms of ‘a magic hexagram’. Today users of the esoteric arts employ Magic Squares and Talismans called “Solomon’s Seals”, for Kabbalistic means and sometimes material gains.


1 Kings 10:14  The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents,

On the Solis Seal one finds the pattern of 111 and in the Biblical account of King Solomon this pattern of 111 is presented in the manner of sins which the king committed. Each numerical 1 representing a nature of sin or failure under the sun. While by the sun and the identification with the numerical six/hex the ancients meant to show the power of creation and the balance of man versus nature/cosmos. Thus Biblical King Solomon faces a failure in 1 Kings 11 (again 111) when Solomon follows after the conflated mother of King Nimrod – Ashtoreth. In the numerical scheme, 6 is meant to represent the failure of man or his inherent nature to seek inequity and return to his sinful nature (nothing new under the sun Ecclesiastes 1:9) , by which the ancients thought the fates to be guided by manifestations of nature, yet interfered with by the forces of Satan/ The Zodiacal Dragon. The numerical 6 is thus seen as a form of bondage to the sinful nature and tapping’s of mankind locked in the hexagram of creation and at battle under the sun. King Solomon sinned in three areas involving money, wives, and property – 111. His financial sin of collecting 666 talents of gold per year is indicative of the greed of men and the bondage of man to a spiritual master – Satan/Money. Thousands of tablets, magic squares, and amulets which correspond to a numerical 111 & 666 (bear in mind the role of the magic square and Davidic star hex here) have shown to predate the 666 ‘mark of beast’ detailed in the Book Of Revelation, and thus nullify any false claims regarding a substitute Gematria calculation of 616. This calculation is an example of the power of 6 being multiplied by one to equal 6 again, the occult pattern of 66 on display. Eurocentric Biblical scholars must always utilize the ‘art of omission’ in dealing with the number 666 to make false claims in order to fit a narrative that disputes the Bible.


According to scholars, King Solomon built the first Holy Temple on the same location as the Biblical sacrifice offering of Isaac. This location belonged to the Amorites. The god of the Amorites was known as Martu. The people of ancient Israel offered unto G-d sacrifices for their sins, and to have a stronger communion with their God.

A Peace Offering = 666

Slaughter = 666

The peace offering of the Bible is also known as the slaughter (or slaughter offering in Hebrew). The offering was a type of Jewish ritual which involved the slaughter of animals for sacrifice to G’d. The Hebrew word ‘zevakh’ means ‘sacrifice’ and comes from the root meaning ‘slaughter’, or kill, for an offering meal. A peace offering specifically refers to this act of slaughter, followed by a feast to/with God.

Zavakh – to offer, to slaughter, to kill, sacrifice, slaughter for sacrifice.

The peace offering was one of the sacrifices and offerings in the Hebrew Bible. The term “peace offering” is generally constructed from “slaughter offering” zevakh and the plural of shelem, but is sometimes found without zevah as shelamim plural alone. The people held a sacrifice and a feast to/with God.

60 Rams – 60 Goats – 60 Lambs (Gematria In Action)

Numbers 7:88 The total number of animals for the sacrifice of the fellowship offering came to twenty-four oxen, sixty rams, sixty male goats and sixty male lambs a year old. These were the offerings for the dedication of the altar after it was anointed.

While animals were used at Solomon’s temple for the practice of sacrifice, children and babies are said to have been burned for ‘other gods’, the deities of the many wives of King Solomon. These gods/idols would have included Molek, and Baal Hammon. In English Gematria ‘other gods’ equals 666.

1 Kings 18:21 Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” But the people said nothing.


Eclipse Predictive Programming


“First we had the eclipse, now we get hurricanes! The government is doing all this to kill off the population.” – Jaque O

The upcoming film Geostorm, features the topic of weather manipulation (Geo Engineering) and weather satellites controlling the devastation created by hurricanes and earthquakes experienced in the year 2017. Searches for “US Government behind Hurricanes” were popular the first week of September 2017. Fake News outlet CNN blamed the Hurricanes on “Climate Change”.  If one were to believe the false narrative that humans are creating hurricanes ‘indirectly’, then could one jump to the conclusion that humans can control them directly?? Food for thought.

“I’m not saying that the solar eclipse was not a divine warning sign. I’m simply saying that we need a lot more evidence, accompanied with a clear prophetic warning, before we make a solemn pronouncement.

When it comes to hurricanes, we need to be even more careful before making divine pronouncements, as tempting as it can be to do so.” – Ask Dr. Brown

“But this time, many skywatchers are wondering whether there will be an additional participant (or participants) in the cosmic dance. Will the shadow of the eclipse fall on tropical activity in the Atlantic Ocean?

It may sound like the plot of a direct-to-airplane movie in which Z-list celebrities wield chainsaws, but there is a good chance that at least one tropical storm or hurricane will be within the region of 50% or more solar obscuration on Monday afternoon. Should this occur, it would be the first time an Atlantic tropical system has coincided with a total eclipse since the beginning of regular weather satellite imagery in 1966.” – Dr. Ryan Truchelut, Weather Tiger


Blue Lights

The 8.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico on September 8, 2017 also produced mysterious green and blue flashes in the sky. The flashes of light are said to be rocks pressing together deep underground and releasing atoms as bursts of lights in the night sky. According to theorists these flashes of light were actually caused by Geo Storm engineering, or weather satellites, being manipulated through the HAARP project. This event marks the second major “natural” disaster to happen in a week after Hurricane Irma. The death toll was presented at number 32 until it was revised to 60.

Here are some Gematria findings:

HAARP Hurricanes = 666 (Jewish)
NWO An HAARP = 666

HAARP Storms = 888

HAARP Create Quake = 906
CIA + HAARP An Harvey = 906
HAARP + Geo-Weather = 906

HAARP Geo Storm An A CIA = 1110
HAARP Created A Harvey = 1110
HAARP An Storm Irma = 1110
HAARP Make Mega Storm = 1110
A HAARP Made A Hurricanes = 1110


Hurricane Irma Damage Depicted Via ABC News – Shell Sign Down – Number 36 Shown

On September 11, 2017 ABC News reported that Hurricane Irma could produce 60 mph gusts of wind in Atlanta, Georgia. This followed reports that 6 people in Florida died during the storms.

“Two others, a sheriff’s deputy and a corrections officer, died from a two-car crash in the rain in Hardee County, which is about 60 miles inland from Sarasota, officials said” – ABC NEWS

Also reported were the 6 million people without power in the state of Florida, which accounts for over 60 percent of Florida’s customers.

“About 6.5 million Floridians were ordered to evacuate as Irma neared, and some residents of Georgia and South Carolina were under evacuation orders as well.” – ABC News

Immediately following these reports on the storms, ABC News turned its focus to a travel ban, mentioning several times that there are 6 countries covered in this ban.

“The administration is not challenging the part of the ruling that applies to a temporary ban on visitors from six mostly Muslim countries.” – ABC News


Pope Francis Shown With His BLACK Eye – Blames “Act of God” Hurricanes On Man

In English Gematria “Opinions” equals 666. On September 11, 2017 Pope Francis claimed that natural disasters are the faults of man.

“All of us have a responsibility. All of us. Some small, some big. A moral responsibility, to accept opinions, or make decisions. I think it is not something to joke about.” – Pope Francis

Proverbs 18:2  Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions.

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