Year Of The Pig – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Year of Pig 2019 China

In the esoteric system of the Zodiac, the ‘pig’ represents the twelfth and last sign of the cycle. Every 12 years the pig returns, whose name corresponds to the word ‘Hai’. The cycle of the Zodiac is also based on the pattern of sixes, or hex-craft – The Sexagenary Cycle. The next “Year of the Pig” (豬年) occurs in 2019, followed by 2031, and 2043. In the flag of China there are 5 stars, there are also five types of symbolic pigs, named after the Chinese elements. In order, they are: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

The Metal Pig – Xinhai
The Water Pig – Guihai
The Wood  Pig – Yihai
The Fire Pig  – Dinghai
The Earth Pig – Jihai

The five stars of the Chinese flag represent the four social classes of China, while the large star represents the Communist Party. China is represented on various maps of the world as the ‘pig’. The ‘guihai’ water pig is also a winter symbol associated to the cold.

Metal Pig Xinhai = 888
A Winters of Guihai = 1110
A Fire Pig Is Dinghai = 906
Dinghai of Fire = 666
A Jihai Is A Earth Pig = 906

Pigs In Space When Pigs Fly


‘When Pigs Fly’ – a figure of speech, the implication of such a phrase is that the circumstances in question (the adynaton) will never occur. The Muppets featured a parody of science fiction shows, such as Star Trek, with the ‘Pigs In Space’ skit. In a Star Wars themed episode, the Muppets encounter some of the characters of the Empire Strikes Back. At the closing of the skit, the crew comes together around a Disney style castle to sing “When You Wish Upon A Star“. This instance is referred to by theorist as an example of Predictive Programming in television. The Muppets property as well as that of Lucasfilm & Star Wars would later become owned by the Disney company, at the time this idea was thought of as an impossibility.

Pigs In Space Predictive Programming Disney Star Wars“Disney purchased the rights to The Muppets in 2004 and Star Wars in 2012. This episode that aired in 1980 foreshadowed that with its final number that has the characters sing one of Disney’s trademark songs “When You wish Upon A Star” with a castle behind them which are often combined to promote the company’s theme parks and media products.” – A Geek

Star Wars Pig = 906

Peg Cat Save The World Obelisk

PEG + CAT Save The World

In the PBS animated series, Peg + Cat, the main characters Peg and her talking Cat, use mathematics to solve issues. In an esoteric episode of the series titled Peg + Cat Save the World, the duo are called upon by a ‘female’ President of the United States (voiced by Sandra Oh), to prevent a global disaster. In the special the Earth is in danger of being struck by a large Pig in Space – acting as a meteor. The President has been having ‘visions’ of Washington D.C. being flattened by the “Pig”. The duo witness the President calm the nation in an inspiring speech of hope, however the President later admits her visions and fears to Peg. Peg assures the President that Washington D.C. will never be flattened and that if they work together with a global initiative they can prevent the ‘pig’ from hitting the US.  Peg contacts Egypt and utilizes pyramids and other objects, such as “Pizza”, and the Obelisk of Washington D.C., to catch the falling pig. The pig is a recurring theme of the series and is always shown with his favorite shape the triangle. The pig is usually silent, other than making singing sounds, voiced by Tommy Wazelle. In the episode the time of the impending crash is given at 12:18.

A Peg + A Cat = Esoteric = 888
A Peg + Cat Math An A PBS = 888
A Peg + A Cat Predict Comet = 1110

A Pig Of Pink Floyds = 1110

pink floyd animals

Pink Floyd Album “Animals” Features The Flying Pig Between Two Towers

Minecraft Pig Meteors

In the video game Minecraft, a mod allows for the creation of Pig Meteors, so that players of the game can erect cities and view the Pigs crashing.

I was able to find a few instances in Gematria which connect the theme of a ‘Pig-like’ or Pig looking comet to the Earth.

A Pig Rock And Earth = 906
Pig Comet And USA = 888
A Crashed Comet + A Pig = 888

A Pig + A Mountain + A Asteroid = 888 (Jewish)

A Pig Comet Hits Earth = 666 (Jewish)
Comet Comes = 666
December Comet = 666
A Pig Comet Hits USA = 1110
A Pig An Washington D.C = 1110

Pig An Strikes = 888
Comet Tail Of Pig = 906
Pig Space Comets = 906
Pig Comets In December = 1110
Space An A Pig Comet = 888
A Bitter Space Rocks = 1110
Space Rocket Pig = 888
A Space Comet Pig + Earth = 1110

Guihai Comet = 666
A Guihai Comes = 666
Star of Pig = 666
A Stone And Guihai = 888

In popular culture we have a recurring theme going: Pigs In Space, Pigs Flying, Pigs As Falling Objects. We know of certain comets that have tails, we know of certain asteroids that have resembled animals. In terms of symbolism, are we looking at another example of foreshadowing?

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  2. Im the poster from (I think) a couple of months ago whom complained that you weren’t updating enough- well you’ve been updating a lot lately and it’s all good stuff. Thanks for taking the time to do these articles.

    I was especially interested in the one that touched on Little House on the Prairie because I’ve always noticed mkultra and NWO flavoured tidbits in books- especially popular kids and teens books (I’ve been in the know since I was 16) but even really obscure novels that no one knows about. I’ve always wondered how they got there because a lot of the time the authors don’t seem like people that would even know about this stuff; and of course most authors aren’t filthy rich members of the illuminati. I guess I know now.

    I remember seeing that Peg Plus Cat episode (with my niece). Flippin creepy.

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