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Blood Relative Presidents Gerald Ford – Ronald Reagan – Jimmy Carter – Richard Nixon – George H.W. Bush


Norton And Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald & Cousin Actor Edward Norton

Oswald And Norton

Lee H. Oswald Agent of CIA = 1110

Accused JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is the cousin of actors Edward Norton and William H Macy. With the recent hash of docs released on the JFK assassination it was revealed that Oswald had a CIA handler at the time of the JFK murder. British-born Albert Osborne, a man with secret British clearance had befriended the US President’s killer Lee Harvey Oswald two months earlier. Osborne worked as double agent for the KGB, he also warned a British newspaper a full 25 minutes before the murder took place. It is highly probable that Oswald, whose name in Gematria equals 444 (true prince) was working for CIA operations. Theorist and former CIA agents have stated that the JFK murder was orchestrated via 6 powerful figures. Of these oft mentioned figures Oswald is related to 5.

The 6 Alleged Conspirators In JFK Murder

David Rockefeller (Oswald Cousin)
Lyndon B Johnson
Prescott Sheldon Bush (Oswald Cousin)
Richard Nixon (Oswald Cousin)
Allen Dulles (Oswald Cousin)
Nelson Rockefeller (Oswald Cousin)

In a 1966 letter to a presidential assistant, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote that KGB officials claimed to have information “purporting to indicate” President Lyndon B. Johnson had a role in the assassination. Jack Rubenstein, who killed Oswald, also stated that Johnson was ultimately behind the conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

cumber batch and kerry

Former Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (D), member of Skull & Bones is cousin to actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Eurocentric Secularist Bill Nye.


General Robert E. Lee who was an American and Confederate soldier, is best known as the commander of the Confederate States of America, but for those ‘awake’ he is also the relative of nearly every US president up to Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro). When the false narrative of the fake news began in 2017, the message that Eurocentric Secularist sold gullible Americans was that images of Lee represent racism and society evils which should be done away with – the so-called PC move. In reality each year the secretive Alfalfa Club in Washington DC gathers to celebrate along with numerous wealthy living General Lee relatives the Confederates birthday, even Obama attended the once segregated ritual. Blacks and women were once forbidden to attend the Alfalfa Club, where often racist and sexist jokes were told. Whites only was once the motto of the Alfalfa Club, whose members are on record as threating others to attend the event or risk political ruin. With the ugly history of General Lees birthday in mind, President Bill Clinton and Donald Trump refused to attend. Trump did however send in his family to the elite gathering, prompting the unknowing and always uniformed public to lash out at Trump for not attending. Bill Clinton, however refused to attend only because his wife was not allowed inside. In cities across the US statues and schools bearing Lee images or namesake are being removed by the gullible and easily deceived American public.  Here are General Lees relatives:

George Washington 1st President
Thomas Jefferson  3rd President
James Madison 4th President
John Quincy Adams 6th
William Henry Harrison  9th U.S. President
John Tyler 10th
Zachary Taylor 12th
Rutherford B. Hayes 19th
Grover Cleveland 22nd
Benjamin Harrison 23rd
Teddy Roosevelt 26th
William Howard Taft 27
Warren G. Harding 29
Calvin Coolidge 30th
Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd
Herbert Hoover 31st
Richard Nixon 37th
Gerald Ford 38th
Jimmy Carter 39th
George H.W. Bush 41st
George W. Bush 43rd
Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) 44th 

Hillary Earpiece

Hillary Clinton Debates Suspected Of Using Ear Piece



Clinton was suspected of wearing an ear piece to be fed answers, as well as having the answers to the debates beforehand. In above picture a Clinton aide fetches ‘supposed questions and answers’ to the debate. Clinton is a cousin of President Donald J Trump, also shown in the above picture. Her famous relatives are predominantly female singers and her bloodline is known within occult circles as the Witch Coven.

Celine Dion
Meghan Trainor
Julianne Hough

Donald J. Trump
Justin Trudeau – Canada PM
Justin Bieber

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