The Visitor 1979 – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

The Visitor 1979 Posters

An enthralling adventure of good versus evil, the alien is within….!

The Visitor is a 1979 science fiction and esoteric film directed by Michael J. Paradise (Giulio Paradisi) and based on a story by the Egypt-born Italian writer and producer Ovidio G. Assonitis. The movie was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia and also in Rome.

The following items are the most commonly placed elements of an esoteric nature. Those that have been highlighted are featured in this film.

1.) The All Seeing Eye (Eye of Udjt) – On Poster
2.) Checkered Pattern / Checkered Floor
3.) The OK Hand Sign
4.) The Peace Hand Sign / Roman Numeral V – On Poster
5.) As Above So Below (The Maze)
6.) The Numbers 6 / 66 / 666 (Hex-Craft)
7.) The Goat
8.) The Owl
9.) The Numbers 23 / 32 / 322 – On Shirts
10.) The Butterfly
11.) The Crow
12.) The Pyramid
13.) The Purple Flower / Heliotrope
14.) The Hexagram – In Gift Shop Scene
15.) The Skull
16.) The Red Vs Blue Trope
17.) The Numbers 40 & 42
18.) The Number 18, 88

In the modern vernacular the use of the term ‘Illuminati tropes’ encompasses the entire spectrum of esoteric and occult ideals which are displayed as a commonly recurring device (hidden narrative), or motif. Symbolism of the esoteric variety is commonly placed in contemporary works of popular culture, most notably films/programs with the highest amount of visibility, and intended to be understood by a small group of individuals who are capable of interpreting the hidden narrative.

The Visitor 01

Dreamscape – The Prophet travels to the realm of dreams to seek the symbolism of the ‘child’

In the films opening sequence an enigmatic, alien landscape is shown with the wandering Prophet, Jerzy Colsowicz (played by John Huston) experiencing the Dreamscape vision of a powerful and destructive storm brought about by an 8 year old girl. The symbolism of the world seen by the Prophet is indicative that the spirit of the Anti-Christ is alive in the bloodline of the child. The occult concept of Dreamscape, or a period of rest in which lucid visions or apparitions are produced in a subject, and esoteric themes thus materialize was explored in the film Dreamscape, and in the esoteric Disney series Gravity Falls.

Nicholas E. Heyneman, a former professor of psychology at Idaho State University, is the author of DreamScape – a book for dream analysis.
The work draws on sources from ancient Greece and the era of dream temples to the methods of modern psychology to find connections between dream symbolism and real-life events; past, present, and future. Using the numerical hex-craft pattern of six, Heyneman explores the world of magic and clairvoyance in his sixth chapter “The Three Symbols Of Prophecy”, aptly found on page 166.

“Dreams sense our future and our place in the universe” – Nicholas E. Heyneman author of DreamScape: The Personal Interactive Dream Analysis System

This concept is also visited in the 1984 sci-fi film ‘Dreamscape’, which was developed from an outline based on the novel ‘The Dream Master’, by author Roger Zelazny. Canadian Author Astra Crompton developed a 12 part short story series based on her own real dreaming experiences titled ‘Dreamscapes’, which sometimes feature post-apocalyptic visions of her hometown – such as in her short story ‘The Swan’.

During the rise of Gnosticism the term Archons was used to refer to the malevolent spiritual servants of Iurbo Baoth, whom it was thought could reach mankind through the use of lucid dreaming.
Ideally dream gnosis was a form of revelation which came from vivid dreaming and was believed to be direct guidance from the Archons – or spirits of the air.

“With the arising of the Archons, another Dreaming comes into play outside our threefold world order. I propose to call this the Alien Dreaming.” –

The spiritual king and lord over the Archons was thought to reside in an ethereal dimension between the waking mind and the spiritual body of those asleep.  Archons could be summoned upon to enter into the dream space of an individual and provide hidden gnosis from the past or future. These entities were called demonic entities by certain sects and were also labeled ‘the principalities and powers of the air’ by early Christians. Today modern Gnostics and various occultist refer to these spiritual beings as Aliens.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

Visitor storm 2

The storm seen via the Prophet foreshadows a coming nuclear winter brought about via the seed of Satan – the girl. The Prophet returns to a heavenly abode led by his colleague, Jesus Christ (played by Franco Nero). Christ tells his bald pupils about the centuries-long cosmic conflict between Satan (Zatteen), an evil Alien with mutant abilities, such as powerful psychic powers, and his benevolent arch-rival God, known as Yahwih.

Visitor Jesus

Christ In The Film The Visitor – Played By Franco Nero

Christ informs his followers that Satan was imprisoned, later escaping in a star ship to the Earth centuries ago, though he was eventually tracked down and killed by Yahwih, his evil spirit lives on in the genetic seed of his children – the Illuminati Bloodlines (Draco Seed). The spirit of Satan is awaiting an opportunity to reemerge and wreck havoc on God and his pupils on Earth. Before being killed by Yahwih, Satan (Zatteen) produced dozens of children with human women, and these descendants continue to populate the Earth and obey his evil desire to create a New World Order.

“Zatten (Satan) was a mutant, his genes transformed, a mutant with a primal wish to kill, but evolved to new psychic and occult powers. He used these powers to spread destruction.” – Christ in The Visitor

Modern Gnostics and various New Age occultist state that the Archons of the ancient world were Alien beings who bred with human women, creating a seed of Iurbo Baoth (the archetype of Satan).

“Most theories of the ET breeding program assume that whatever the aliens (usually, the embryonic Grey types are suspect) might choose to do, they can do. But Gnostic seers who applied non-ordinary reasoning to their observations of the Archons reached a different conclusion. In the Gnostic view, it would be a huge error to assume the Archons are doing things they cannot do, for that would give them power over us.” –


The Visitor Sept 11 b

The Omni In Atlanta Georgia – Home To Future Fake News Source CNN

During a professional basketball game at The Omni in Atlanta, home team new owner Raymond Armstead (played by Lance Henriksen), sits courtside in his powerful red collared shirt, promising an interviewer that the team will win at all costs. Since Raymond is a new owner and the source of his wealth is unknown, the interviewer presses him on the source of his wealth. He eventually answers that the money comes “from God“. Raymond is alluding to the ‘God of this world, Satan, whom through the Illuminati have endowed him with a large amount of wealth to bring about the New World Order.

The Visitor game 1 a

Raymond Armstead The Powerbroker For The Illuminati


The basketball game is a miniature version of the unseen spiritual warfare between Heaven and Earth, the forces of Satan are represented by the Hawks in red, while the forces of God are represented via Abdul and his Blue team the San Francisco Miners. Abdul begins to sense the power of Satan in the Omni and scans the coliseum for the evil presence he can feel.

The Visitor Abdul Senses A Prescene

Abdul Senses The Evil In The Omni

Wealthy Atlanta Hawks basketball team owner Raymond Armstead (Lance Henrikson), is dating divorcée Barbara Collins (Joanne Nail) and seemingly in love with her, but he is really on assignment for the Illuminati, a syndicate of rich males, descendants of Satan, who wish to gain access to the genetic alien force that is carried in Barbara’s womb.

Illuminati 911 Raymond

Powerbroker Of The Illuminati – Interviewed Via A Number 11

The Visitor Scoreboard

The Scoreboard Is A Mixture Of Esoteric Numbering 11,66,88,4

Abdul Chased By Satan

Abdul Is Chased By Hawks Players – Rebels


8-year old daughter Katy has already developed her psychokinetic abilities, while in the Omni, she causes the basketball of Abdul to explode at the rim. The Omni is sided with 8 sides in the symbol of the building and even on the scoreboard is the number 88 found. Here an occult reference to the power of the numbers 8, and 88 for occult purpose are on display. In numerous news headlines the number 88 is always mentioned along with the identification of President Trump.

The Visitor 88 Symbol

The Visitor The Peacock

The Colorful Peacock – Melek Taus The Demiurge

In the film the presence of birds is indicative of the spiritual world, where the large hawk that follows Katy is the embodiment of spiritual Satan, the smaller birds are indicative of Angels and the powers of Heaven. On a trip with her friend, Barbara discovers a trinket colorful peacock, the small idol is symbolic of the Melek Taus, demiurge/Satan to critics of the Yazidi religion. The peacock is going to be gifted to Katy at a party. In Yazidi religion Melek Taus is known as the Peacock Angel, a being that Christians, some Gnostics, and Muslims view as the spiritual archetype of Satan.

The Yazidi consider Melek a fallen angel that was redeemed of his sins and became the figure known as the Demiurge, creator of the cosmos from a great Cosmic egg. After the angel repented, he began to weep for 7,000 years, his tears filled seven jars that then quenched the fires of hell. Melek is the leader of archangels and an emanation of God. Melek is also the embodiment of the concept of Free Will, as Melek can choose to do right or wrong, as good and evil both exist in the mind and spirit of human beings. It depends on the humans, themselves, as to which they choose – Free Will.

The Visitor The Hawk

The Hawk – Pet of Katy – Embodiment of Satan

The Prophet Colsowicz, who possess powers similar to Katy, is sent to Earth by Jesus with several of his disciples, where at first they survey her from a distance.

The Visitor Angels

The Prophet & An Angel Visit Earth To Survey Katy & The Illuminati

The Visitor Arrival a

The Mansion Of The Illuminati – The Checkered Floor Path

The Visitor Arrival d

The Visitor Arrival e

The Satanic Illuminati Meeting

Raymond enters the threshold of the Illuminati mansion which of course requires stepping on the occult checkered floor. Unknown to Barbara, Raymond is secretly in league with a cabal of rich Satanists who are plotting to bring about the resurgence of Zatteen (Satan). Raymond’s associate Dr. Walker (played by Mel Ferrer) reminds him that his girlfriend Barbara Collins can be used as a conduit to unleash Satan into a corporeal, human form. Collins 8-year old daughter Katy has already displayed her powers at the NBA game, it is the Illuminati goal to now have Raymond father a male child with Barbara, who in turn will mate with his half-sister and produce the physical embodiment of Satan in the future. In this way the Illuminati can control the bloodline of their selected elite.The Visitor KatyKaty opens the gift box of the Peacock and discovers a gun, which she inadvertently discharges shooting her mother in the back. When Katy begins using her powers to facilitate the Satanists goals, it causes a series of fatal accidents to happen to their enemies. Barbara is inadvertently paralyzed by the gunshot wound to her back, and becomes relegated to a wheelchair. A police detective, Jake Durham (played by Glenn Ford) investigating the mysterious deaths is killed in a car accident facilitated by the Illuminati.


Katy Battles It Out Under The 7-UP Sign


Barbara’s new maid, Jane Phillips (played by Shelley Winters), instantly sees the potential evil inherent in Katy, as she had once had a child with the same abilities. The pair have it out under the 7-up sign, an obscure occult reference to the 7 Sages of Mesopotamia and the number 7 Melek Taus ‘Angel Peacock’.

911 Predicative Programming

The Bird Represents Satan Crashing Down – Flying Through WTC


When Raymond fails to seduce Barbara, the Illuminati go about harming others in violent ways. Barbara eventually gets pregnant, but is still afraid of having another child and has her ex, Katy’s biological father, Dr. Sam Collins (played by Sam Peckinpah) abort the baby. When she returns home, she is attacked for her actions by Raymond and Katy, who attempt to execute her by tying a wire around her neck and sending her down the stairs in her chair lift. Before they can succeed, The Prophet Colsowicz intervenes and summons an army of birds, spiritual Angels, that thwart Katy. The large statue bird in the hallway comes alive and kills Raymond. The next day a Black butler for the Illuminati mansion discovers all the other Satanists dead at their round table, presumably by Gods intervention.

The Visitor Posters Aliens Are Demons

The Prophet returns to Jesus and his apostles. He reveals that he has brought Katy with him. She is now bald and cleansed of her malice, the film ends with her smiling and embracing Colsowicz who insists that children are not to be harmed.

The Visitor film is an esoteric genre piece from start to finish, thus any reviewer of the movie is going to be confused, baffled, and even dismayed if they are of total unfamiliarity with the occult. The poster displays a large all seeing eye, which is symbolic of the watcher ‘aliens’ known as Igigi from the tales of ancient Mesopotamia. While the film delves into the subject matter of Satanism and the powers of the air, these physical forms are always shown in the guise of birds. The smaller birds are the spiritual Angels, while the larger birds are the spiritual demonic entities, ultimately Aliens. The cabal of wealthy elite are the modern Illuminati and their bloodlines descend from the seed Satan. These evil doers have been put in places of wealth and power through the ‘god of this world’, known as Satan, in the film pronounced as Zatteen. The figure of Katy, who turned the esoteric age of 8, meaning that her time is near, is now on the verge of the Awakening within herself.  Her bloodline is the blood of Kings, just as in the title song of the Highlander series. Through her bloodline it is possible to reawaken the Satanic DNA buried inside her. In ancient Mesopotamia human knowledge was awakened via the 7 sages. This is also why the 7th Star Wars film is titled Star Wars The Force Awakens. The awakening within these bloodline members allows for new powers and occult capabilities to materialize in the film, this theme is repeated in numerous other films and series.

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