You Wish 2003 – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

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You Wish! is a 2003 Disney fantasy/esoteric movie, based on the 1991 book If I Had One Wish by Jackie French Koller. The film was directed by Disney Channel veteran Paul Hoen, whose number of hits for Disney bought a large audience for their premiere original channel films. The movie stars actors A.J. Trauth (Even Stevens) as Alex Lansing, and Spencer Breslin (Santa Clause 2) as Stevie, a pair of argue prone brothers. The movie was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand and released on 01/10/2003, on the Disney Channel.

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In the book, an older bag lady grants Alex one wish for his kindness to her after she fell. Alex uses it to wish that his little brother Stevie had never been born; to his horror, the wish comes true. Although no one else remembers Stevie, and Alex’s life is in some ways better now, he is still guilt-stricken, and desperately tries to find a way to reverse his wish. The film version differs slightly from the book, but adds some unique twists to the story.

Surprisingly this little known gem is full of the esoteric and subliminal. This study will attempt to decode and breakdown the numerous hidden elements/Illuminati tropes of the film.

In the modern vernacular the use of the term ‘Illuminati tropes’ encompasses the entire spectrum of esoteric and occult ideals which are displayed as a commonly recurring device (hidden narrative), or motif. Symbolism of the esoteric variety is commonly placed in contemporary works of popular culture, most notably films/programs with the highest amount of visibility, and intended to be understood by a small group of individuals who are capable of interpreting the hidden narrative.

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In the films opening sequence a wooden area is shown where our brotherly protagonist are running from their friends Abby “Abs” (Lalaine) and James Cooper (Ari Boyland) in a role playing game of war, where water guns have been filled with blue goo. Stevie is age 10, and always associated with his color trope of red. In any scenes in which Stevie appears he is linked with the esoteric numbers 4, and 42 and will don his red color trope. His brother Alex is linked with the esoteric numbering of 6, and 19 and will often surround himself with the color blue. In the esoteric realm this particular distinction between two color groups to identify the character/persona of an individual is known as the ‘Red Vs Blue trope’. Stevie is thus assigned the color red for his emotions and passion, while Alex is assigned the color blue for his wish for balance. Without Stevie the house becomes the color blue.

Red Vs Blue Maat 42


The Red Vs Blue Trope Originated Within The Egyptian Religion And Is Used Today For Esoteric or Occult Purposes.

In the Egyptian hall of judgment , a departed soul meets with the gods to plead his case of 42 negative confessions. During this confession the deceased would have his red heart weighed against the blue ostrich feather of the goddess Ma’at on a scale of justice. If his heart were too heavy (filled with inequity and sin) then his soul would be fed to a demon and his spirit would cease to exist. If his red heart equals exactly the weight of the blue feather, the gods would allow him safe passage into the afterlife. Thus the Red Vs. Blue occult trope was conceived and is of course used often, without the knowledge of the general public.

sith vs jedi

In the realm of the Star Wars saga, the villainous Sith wield a red colored lightsaber while the Jedi wield a blue or green colored lightsaber (with some modern exceptions to this rule). In this manner the color tropes are thus applied toward the personality of the user, and given a color of choice that suits their disposition, today the mythos has come to involve the use of crystals to meet these ends.

Disney You Wish 04

Alex Lansing feels tormented by his younger brother Stevie, although he cares very much for his brother, he feels his life is out of balance. Alex is not able to do well on his football team and is assigned the esoteric number 6. According to esoteric tradition, the numbers 6, 66, and 666 are what constitute a pathway for spiritual hex-craft, or magic to be performed as a “charming” tool for both hexing and enchanting.

Stevie Lansing is ruled by his passion for life and his curiosity. He is assigned the esoteric numbers 4, and 42. In each of the scenes Stevie is shown wearing these numbers to represent the power of truth. For Egyptian magic, a deceased would pour out his heart by reciting 42 negative confessions, or sinful acts which the deceased states he did not commit while alive. Here the number 42 represents the afterlife and the balance of a circular eternity (or everlasting justice). In the film Stevie is seen as pure, but rambunctious.

Disney You Wish 09

When Stevie buys a turkey from a pet adoption show, the football team jocks (Gary & his friends) make fun of Alex and slam a pizza on Alex’s head. At school Alex friend ‘Abs’ suggests that he turn in a report about Einstein while she will do a report on Tesla, stating that he is the reincarnation of an engineer on the mythical land of Atlantis.

Modern day New Age groups, such as the Unarian cult, teach that Alien guides, whom Christians view as demonic entities, have channeled messages to them regarding lost continents such as Mu and Atlantis. The so-called Aliens tell members of the cult that hidden wisdom and teachings can fill in perceived gaps in the historical record, and that Tesla was the reincarnated soul of an Atlantean engineer and so-called ascended master called Michiel. This being supposedly came to Earth around 500,000 years ago and helped man establish civilization. Figures such as Leonardo da Vinci and Edgar Cayce, are said to be linked cosmic soul groups to Tesla.

Disney You Wish 06

The mall features a Masonic checkered floor and stores that close at 6. While the theater in the mall shows only 6 films.

Alex wants to hang out with his best friends Abs and James, but is forced into taking his little brother to the mall. Alex is an avid collector of ancient and rare coins and dreams of having a complete collection of his favorites, unfortunately he is unable to afford any of the pricier coins. When Stevie arrives at the coin shop he notices the owner struggling with a number of parcels and nearly slips, however Stevie jumps to the shop keepers aid and prevents his fall. In a gesture of thanks the shop keeper, Larry Pendragon, offers a magic coin, capable of granting one wish, to Stevie.

Disney You Wish 05


Kos is ancient Hebrew for ‘little owl’ and while the term is used in Leviticus 11:17 it would later refer to the pagan god of Athena – Kos, which also means chaos. In the film, Alex feels his life is in state of chaos, for whom he blames his troubles on his brother Stevie. According to Arabic legends the Kos, or little owl god, is the mother bird of ruin and a harbinger of hidden death. This is why you will see in films, and real life situations, an owl displayed for esoteric purpose. The Hebrew name for the owl of chaos is ‘A Kos Glaux’, which in English Gematria equals 666.


The ancient Hebrews regarded the fowl of the air as symbolic omens or representations of demonic spirits. In the 1979 film The Visitor this occult application was presented via the hawk, and the peacock to symbolize Satan. The word Kos subsequently became apart of Jewish demonology and is closely related to the words lil (which in modern English means diminutive) and Lilith (queen of demons). The ruins of the ancient world were often inhabited by small owls (Arabic Bumah) which built their nests within wood and stone idols. The screeching and clawing sounds created by owls within idols later became symbolic of demonic possession as well as hidden forces which brought forth ruin.

“The owl haunts ruins and flies only at night; preferring to live in darkness it hides from the light.” –

The demonic figure of Lilith is equated with the little screeching owls of Edomite ruins and is even mentioned in Isaiah 34:13-16. Thus ‘A Kos Glaux’ is a name/title for the little owl god of chaos as well as harbinger of hidden wisdom/gnosis for the elites. In Greek mythology, Glaucus (Glaux) is the owl god of Athena (Pallas Athene) which today is recognized as the symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati as well as the 40 foot owl god of the Bohemian grove.

“The kos (Lev. 11:17; Deut. 14:16; JPS, AV, “little owl”), that occurs together with ka’at, of which it is a cenospecies, in Psalms (102:7), is probably the little owl (Athene noctua glaux), its Hebrew name being onomatopoeic. It has no “ears,” that is, no crest of feathers. Symbolizing, as it did, wisdom to the ancient Greeks because of its large wide-open eyes, it appeared on the coins of Athens.” – Biblical Commentary

Disney You Wish 08

Alex and James visit the coin store owned by Larry Pendragon (played by Tim Reid), in an attempt to keep his younger brother occupied, Stevie is given a large number of French Fries and quarters for the Video Arcade. Alex looses track of time and fails to notice that his little brother has wandered off.

Disney You Wish 07

Alex is grounded for a month because of carelessness with Stevie and they are sent to bed. After Stevie gives Alex the coin, Alex wishes that he’d never had a little brother.

Disney You Wish 10

All Seeing Eye Toy Next To Alex – Alex Wishes He Never Had A Brother

You Wish All Blue RoomsThe next day, Alex wakes up alone in a room that is now colored blue, his brother is gone and his wish has come true. Alex now has the collection of coins that he always dreamed of. His crush in school, a popular cheerleader Fiona, is now his girlfriend. His parents have become career focused and leave Alex to his own devices. Alex learns that Stevie is now a rich and famous child actor, “Terrence Russell McCormack” on a TV show named “Where’s Stevie?”. At first Alex is overjoyed at his seemingly good fortune.

Disney You Wish 11

Alex discovers that his jersey number has changed to 19, and his athletic skills have improved from attending a football camp that his parents could now afford. In a football game Alex passes several touchdowns to a player wearing the esoteric number 88, while the school scoreboard reads 42-6, thus equating the number 6 to loses and magic, as this was Alex number until his wish. Although a cheerleader is his girlfriend and he is mostly popular in school, Alex soon regrets his new life. Alex jock friends (Gary & his Friends) are now tormenting his former best friends (Abby and James) and Fiona the cheerleader is revealed to be crude, mean and have a bossy attitude.

Disney You Wish 12

The following day Alex is awarded with an honor for student athlete achievement. At the awards presentation the principal announces that “our next recipient has demons.” At the same point that this bizarre out of place statement is made, Alex friend Abby is shown reading about Aliens. This strange moment is one of hundreds of subliminal messages snuck into programs which have equated demons and aliens. The Walt Disney Company had addressed Aliens in a program on the subject in the late 90’s, and at the time officially endorsed their existence.

Disney You Wish 14

Alex begins to miss Stevie because Alex’s parents are career-obsessed, which makes Alex feel lonely at his home and after meeting with his universe ‘other Stevie’, a child actor, the pair eventually team up with the help of Abby to locate the magic coin of Pendragon. Abby comments that Larry Pendragon might be a wizard. Larry Pendragon resides at room 6a, indicative of his occult powers and connection to the esoteric world of magic. This same room number, is featured in the film Now You See Me.

Now You See Me 03

In the film Now You See Me, the four magicians meet at a mysterious apartment numbered 6a-6b (66 symbolism), a numerical clue to the symbolic identity of their unknown benefactor as well as the numerical identity of the group. In Gematria this symbolism can be interpreted as 666. This 6a pattern can be identified in numeric terms as: A is equal to 1 / Simple Gematria – A is equal to 6 / English Gematria.

Disney You Wish 15

Alex discovers that his father purchased the Owl of Athena coin and uses it to wish his brother back. In the final scenes of the film Stevie uses the ‘one eye’ symbolism to make another wish.

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