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Mandela Effect Illuminati

The “Mandela Effect” is a term coined by Fiona Broome, first used to describe the phenomenon of recalling the death of Nelson Mandela while he was in prison during the 1980’s. This memory is shared by several hundred people from various regions around the globe.

“See, I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.  I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow. Then, I found out he was still alive.” – Fiona Broome

Mandela Died In Prison


Fiona was attending a Dragon*Con convention in 2010 when the topic of recalling the death of Mandela in prison came up. Broome has speculated about alternate realities shaping peoples memories of the past, such as parallel realities slipping into our own timeline, thus altering our perception of reality – or past events. The Mandela Effect has been criticized by a number of Eurocentric secularist, whose goal has always been to omit facts from historical record. While the Mandela Effect may not be the result of ‘slip stream’, or alternating time streams, the event seems to be an authenticate shared experience. For instance a false claim against the authenticity of Mandela Effect experiences (known also as M.E.) is that NO non English speaking countries can be counted amongst those who recall the death of Mandela in prison. In reality if one were to take into account the numerous testimonies of persons claiming to recall such an event, they would discover claims originating from; India, China, Turkey, and Spain.


Rolihlahla “Nelson” Mandela was a bloodline member of the royal South African Thembu family. Mandela was a co-founder of militant terrorist groups in South Africa and a secretive Communist member of the ANC, African National Congress. In private Mandela advocated for a violent transition between the National whites-only led government, which was established in an apartheid system of racial segregation, and the Black predominate nation and coalition ANC. Car bombs were detonated outside buildings, and landmine operations were conducted over a span of several years beginning in the early 1980’s. The campaign of violence led to the deaths of numerous civilians including women and children.

“If we were to accept that nobody would be killed at any stage, then we wouldn’t have executed the armed struggle. You often found that the security forces themselves had based themselves in civilian areas and the choice then is always ‘do you attack them or not’? ” – Aboobaker Ismail


May We Never Forget.. by Tia Mysoa

Alternate History Timeline? Mandela Dies In Prison

The following description of events is based on utilizing the testimony of those stating they have M.E. (Mandela Effect) in regards to a history where Nelson Mandela died in prison, and the facts concerning those years in question. The time table for his death varies from witness to witness (chosen is the year 1986 to best match their testimony), this may be due to what is known as ‘selective recall’. Overall the mind recalls events in terms of ‘the basic gist’ of the event, rather than recalling specific details, or exceeding observation, such as what you were wearing at the time, the color of your socks, the brand of shoes, or the temperature outdoors. In this manner the mind is selective, just as it is influenced by a number of factors, it still picks out the basic gist of any event in the recollection process. Numerous “Mandela Died In Prison” M.E. participants share a recollection of events that no one else recalls. In the following outline you will find the narrative of the imprisonment and subsequent death of Mandela with a date of 1986 as provided through their M.E. testimony. In blue are the alternate details obtained from Mandela Effect recollections, while in black are the known facts.

August 15 1985 –

Mandela was transported to a hospital for an operation on his prostate. After the operation Mandela was moved to a section of jail with three big cells. This is where Mandela began to experience complications from his surgery and complained to staff of ‘insufferable pains’. This date also marked the first time in 24 years that Mandela was alone in jail. When news reaches Mandela supporters that Nelson has fallen ill, rumors began to circulate that Mandela had been poisoned while in surgery. From this point on Mandela will remain bed ridden.

“All I know is that he was VERY sick, then pressure over getting him out of jail, then when he died everyone got so upset.” – Terril

March 16 1986 –

Seven Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group members were accompanied by Minister Coetsee to visit Mandela at Pollsmoor prison. Mandela remains in bed but assures the members that he will help control the violence. Reports will state that Mandela is in “good spirits”. Although forbidden, a picture of a smiling Mandela in bed with a thumbs up is taken.

“I even remember reading the article with my class; there was a picture of him in the cell…” – Leah

June 12 1986 –

A state of emergency is declared. President P W Botha meets with Mandela. Over 4,000 people are arrested.

July 18 1986 –

Nelson Mandela celebrates birthday with well wishes from around the world. His condition is now worse and his family and international community intensify organized pressure for his release. In the US President Reagan is questioned about Mandela condition, according to M.E. Reagan states something like “He is in poor health, but stable condition and very good spirits“.

July 23 1986 – Nelson Mandela dies in prison.

“I very clearly recall Mandela dying of something like dysentery, in prison, from the “horrible living conditions” present in the South African prison system”Rebekah

In the days following the death of Mandela the entire world seems to mourn for and pay respect to Mandela. According to M.E numerous celebrities react to the death of Mandela, and a number of commemorative items are sold, including Mandela shirts with his prison number “46664“. Schools in America hold vigils, while students wear black ribbons.

“I live in Turkey and I was in high school in those days. I definitely remember his death and the funeral, actually my father had given me information about him when we were watching the news together.” – Nihan

From Mourning To Violence

In the aftermath of Mandela’s death in prison, the nation of South Africa that had once come together in respect, were now killing one another. In just a few days civil unrest grows out of control and the nation sees numerous riots and horrific deaths.
People are shown on TV burning houses, fighting in the streets. In one incident a South African grandfather and his young grand daughter are brutally killed. Cars are set ablaze and panic spreads across Africa. To the shock of the US, as the violence worsens Winnie Mandela is outspoken in favor of the bloodshed. Anger over apartheid erupts, as the violence is responsible for the deaths of numerous civilians, including children. According to M.E. witnesses, a state funeral is eventually shown on TV, this event may have occurred three years after the death of Mandela in prison, around 1989. Winnie Mandela leads the coalition forces of the ANC, provides her government a victory and eventually ends the violence.

“I distinctly remember a huge controversy over Mandela’s wife and her “football team” after his death in the 80s. She made a claim on his leadership, and also demanded to lead the funeral service, but was challenged on both accounts as the couple were estranged. Apartheid ended due to economic sanctions not long afterwards, and Mandela received a state funeral as one of the first acts of the new interim government, both lead by… Winnie Mandela.” – Lianne

“Both my wife and I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. Included in this memory are the funeral snippets on TV and a legal flap over book rights involving his Widow.” – Ken Dolan

“I recall how disappointed we were after Winnie gave such a stirring speech at the funeral, only to tarnish the image of Mandela with her constent calls for violence.” – Tim8967 

“I remember watching Winnie on TV coming up to the podium to speak at his funeral, and half-collapsing, grabbing ahold of the podium for balance.” – NowIamFreakedOut

“I clearly remember seeing the funeral on TV and not even knowing who the guy was until watched some of the news.” – Scott


In reality the image of Winnie Mandela becoming the leader of South Africa and advocating for violence would have been a very probable scenario, given a Mandela absence. In fact Winnie Mandela is accused of killing a child in 1989, and to-date numerous charges of violence and crimes against humanity have been lobbed against Winnie. In the late 80’s she reportedly stole a large sum of cash from a South African trust fund and engineered a number of murders.

“Mr. Cebekhulu said he had seen Mrs. Madikizela-Mandela plunging a ”shiny” object into what looked like ”the body of a child” when he got up late one night to go the bathroom. He said he later figured out the body was the 14-year-old activist, Stompie Seipei, because the boy, who had been badly beaten by Mrs. Madikizela-Mandela and her bodyguards beforehand, was missing in the morning.” – New York Times

Black On Black Hate

If Mandela Died In Prison Then Who Became President Of South Africa?

According to all those suffering from this particular M.E., the first President of South Africa was either Desmond Tutu or Winnie Mandela. The consensus is that South African Anglican clergyman and theologian Desmond Tutu became the first South African President, followed years later by Winnie Mandela. This recollection is not shared by everyone who recalls Mandela dying while in prison, some are unable to recall who became President.

“In 1989 my family and I were pretty busy at the time after the move, we turned on the national news and saw the funeral. I can recall that the hoopla over his death led to his wife elected President.” Anon, Youtube Comment

“I’m 50. I live in Canada and I remember hearing of Mandela’s death on the news at my mother’s apartment. It would have been between 1984 and 1989 because that’s when she lived there. I remember the news reporting mostly on the nation’s political unrest and not Mandela’s cause of death but I believe he’d been ill. When I heard several years later that he’d become president, I thought it was a joke. I thought someone was implying that people would prefer a dead Mandela in office over the living candidates.” – Sam Grace, Reddit

“I don’t know if it was Tutu or Winnie, but we wore the black ribbons in school and on tv all the celebs wore his prison number.”  – Sarah

How Did Apartheid End Without Nelson Mandela?

According to M.E., the death of Mandela led to a succession of violence and then through the ‘cult of celebrity’ the figure of Mandela was raised to martyr and near saint. With the ANC seen gaining momentum, and increasing international pressure to end apartheid, South Africa was eventually united under Desmond Tutu, Winnie Mandela, and the ANC.

“When I first discovered the ME in June 2016, the only thing I KNEW about Nelson Mandela was that he died as a martyr in prison in the 80s. I wasn’t born yet but that’s literally all I knew about him, and that activists carried out his legacy to end apartheid. When I heard the ME was named after him because people remember him dying in the 80’s I said “but he did die in the 80s” – DrAtlus113, Reddit

“When I was in freshman year of highschool we learned about mandela and in our reading hw in the book it says he dies in prison and his wife goes on to rule. I remember thinking , “sad, but cool a woman, some good came from it.” – Bella218, Reddit

“I just wanted to watch my cartoons I taped on the VCR but my mom and dad scolded me to stay away from the TV because they were watching Winnie make her speech at the funeral. My mom made some comment like “I think she will be their President”. I could care less but the adults made this whole BIG deal over it.” – Readynot, Youtube


1.) Mandela Effect Testimonies Are Fabricated Theory

This theory charges Fiona Broome, the first person to share online the coined term ‘Mandela Effect’, as the mastermind behind numerous testimonies found on Youtube, Reddit, or her own page, all in order to sell a book about the phenomena.

2.) Mandela Effect Is Actually About South African Steve Biko

South African journalist Donald Woods is forced to flee the country, after attempting to investigate the death in custody of his friend, black activist Steve Biko in the 1987 film “Cry Freedom“. Biko was killed in 1977. According to M.E. victims, Biko looked nothing like Mandela, and his death took place years prior to the Mandela prison death of either 1983, 1986, or 1989. Also the film “Cry Freedom” was released in 1987 and very few people watched this little known movie.


Mandela Effect Alters Time = 666 (Jewish, 666 Indicates Statement Is Lie)
A Mandela An Effect = 666
Mandela Terror = 666 (English)
N.R. Mandela An A CIA = 666

Mandela Effect An A CIA MK = 888
A Mandela Effect Is A Fake = 888
Mandela Effect of CIAs = 888
CIA Mandela Effect Mind = 888
A Six Mandela Effect = 888
Mandela Effect And EMP = 888
A Mandela Effect A Recall = 888
Mandela Effect CERN + CIA = 888
Mandela Effect of CIA + EMF = 888
Mandela Effect An A CIA EMF = 888

CIA False Mandela Effect = 906
Mandela Effect + CIA’s MK = 906
Mandela Effect + A D-Wave = 906
Mandela Effect Created = 906
Mandela Effect Alter = 906
A Mandela Effect Cloud = 906
Mandela, Spy of KGB = 906

A Mandela Effect Memory = 1110
Mandela Effects Is False = 1110
Mandela Effect Reality = 1110
A Mandela Effect A Program = 1110
Soviet Mandela Effect = 1110
Mandela Effect + A Chemtrail = 1110
A CIA Mandela Effect Victim = 1110


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    Do you know about “42” and “59”, in relation to black people being portrayed with these numbers associated with them by the media throughout history?

    • 42 And Jackie Robinson, the completion of a long journey – the Israelites out of Egypt, the total accumulation of a combined history. It holds several such allegories leading to the number 8 again for “Eternity”. The restful period is also a code word used to denote the number 42 as it is supposed to showcase the ability to have closure. I have not studied the number 59 no.

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