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Edgar Allan Poe Hidden Hand Evil

Edgar Allan Poe (01/19/1809-10/07/1849) was an American author, poet, and proponent of fake news and disinformation. Although no record of Masonic membership is known, Poe is believed to have been a secret member of the upper tier occult. In English Gematria, ‘Edgar Allan Poe’ equals 666.

Poe liked to display his ability to hide the truth from his readers, to force them to play detective. He published six hoaxes during his brief life. He once referred approvingly to the age in which he lived as the “epoch of the hoax.” – hoaxes.org

Poe was highly intelligent, and delighted in displaying his knowledge of both the esoteric and the rational in a manner that would not be easily discovered via the gullible masses. Long celebrated for his dark, gothic tales of horror and suspense, Poe also cast himself as a master detective capable of seeing the truth through deceptions. His last work known as ‘Eureka‘, released in 1848, was an intuitive conception of the nature of the universe, however void of drawing any scientific conclusions. The work was well received by scientist Albert Einstein.

Edgar Allan Poe fake news


In 1835, Poe, then 26, married his 13-year-old cousin Virgina Clemm. In that same year Poe wrote a fake news piece regarding a mans trip in a hot air balloon that reaches the moon. Poe authored “The Unparalled Adventures of One Hans Pfall” as a factual news piece for the Southern Literary Messenger. The fake news article Poe concocted contains all the hallmarks of esoteric hex-craft, showcasing numerous sixes, which has always revealed the falsehood of any disinformation piece. Poe would go about launching exactly six fake news articles in his lifetime. It is typical that when these false stories are created via the occult elite, they will go to great lengths in showing the numbers 6, 66, and of course 666, all to indicate the story is both fictitious and enchanting. In the case of Hans Pfall, our main character drifts away in his hot air balloon at precisely 6 o’clock, while he has brought with him “six tinned ware tubes“. Below is an excerpt of the false news story, take note how often Poe returns to the numbers 6 and 60, to those familiar with this occultist trick, it is obvious the story is fake, beyond just the moon aspect.

Looking at my watch, I found it six o’clock.” “At twenty minutes past six o’clock, the barometer showed an elevation of 26,400 feet, or five miles to a fraction.” “At six o’clock, I perceived a great portion of the earth’s visible area to the eastward involved in thick shadow, which continued to advance with great rapidity, until, at five minutes before seven, the whole surface in view was enveloped in the darkness of night.” “Punctually every sixty minutes was I aroused by my trusty chronometer, when, having emptied the pitcher into the bung-hole of the keg, and performed the duties of the condenser, I retired again to bed.”

How often does it have to be 6 o’clock in this absurd account!? In this manner Edgar Allan Poe is winking at his readers who are knowing of the occult, or Gematria practice.

In 1837 Poe creates “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym” claiming the work was a factual novel. The story presented the adventure of explorer, Arthur Gordon Pym, who traveled to the polar latitudes in search of discovering Hollow Earth. Along the way Pym  meets Allen, the watch; whose gigantic stature is six feet six inches high. Below are two excerpts, first from the beginning of the fake story, and second from the fourth chapter.

“He sent me, at six years of age, to the school of old Mr. Ricketts, a gentleman with only one arm and of eccentric manners—he is well known to almost every person who has visited New Bedford. I stayed at his school until I was sixteen, when I left him for Mr. E. Ronald’s academy on the hill.”

“The mutineers, however, succeeded at last in closing the forecastle effectually before more than six of their opponents could get up. These six, finding themselves so greatly outnumbered and without arms, submitted after a brief struggle. All in the forecastle presently signified their intention of submitting, and, ascending one by one, were pinioned and then thrown on their backs, together with the first six—there being in all, of the crew who were not concerned in the mutiny, twenty-seven.”

Poe demonstrates with this false fable the pattern of sixes in abundance, thus to allow those knowledgeable that the story is fabricated. Take note of the fourth chapter which offers up the use of the number 6 three times in a row – for an esoteric 666.

In 1840, six extracts from the journal of a “Julius Rodman” appeared in Burton’s Gentlemen’s Magazine. The journal purported to detail a 1792 expedition led by Rodman up the Missouri River. Poe created the fake news story to trick readers into believing Rodman was the first European to cross the Rocky Mountains. The fake news piece attracted the attention of US statesmen Robert Greenhow.

“It is proper to notice here an account of an expedition across the American continent, made between 1791 and 1794, by a party of citizens of the United States, under the direction of Julius Rodman, whose journal has been recently discovered in Virginia, and is now in course of publication in a periodical magazine at Philadelphia.” – Robert Greenhow, (26th Congress, 1st session, 1839-1840, vol 4. no. 174, pp. 140-141)

Edgar Allen Poe Predictive Programming

 New York Sun in 1844, Poe faked a news story stating a Mr. Mason (wink wink Free Masons) had crafted a balloon that travelled across the Atlantic and reached an altitude of 25,000 feet, with of course 8 people aboard. The first non-powered, human-carrying balloon to actually cross the Atlantic Ocean was “Double Eagle II”, in 1978. The balloon attained an altitude of nearly 25,000 feet, just as Poe predicted. However, the trip took 6 days, not 75 hours. Monck Mason, however, was a real person who had ballooned from London to Weilburg, Germany in 1836. The esoteric sixes are found all over the fake story, Poe deliberately mentions “Saturday, the 6th instant” three times – for an esoteric 666.

Did Illuminati Kill Edgar Allan Poe?

By the 1840’s Poe had angered members of the upper elite by showcasing Masonic gnosis in his tale “The Cask of Amontillado“. Poe was likely kidnapped by means of “cooping“, resulting in his early death in 1849. Below an excerpt from ‘Six Days in April: Lincoln and the Union in Peril’

poe death

Why Was Edgar Allan Poe Targeted?

Following from Cranston Erby:

The possibility that Poe’s death somehow resulted from Hamilton’s connection to freemasonry is very real.

The historical facts show that:

1.) During the American Revolutionary War, Hamilton served as aide-de-camp and confidant to commanding General and freemason, George Washington.

2.) During Washington’s presidency, Hamilton served in Washington’s Cabinet as First Secretary of the US Treasury.

3.) In 1791, Hamilton began a three (3) years long illicit affair with then 23 years old Maria Reynolds. The affair ended Hamilton’s presidential aspirations (Initially, the affair was covered up by freemason and future US President James Monroe).

4.) In 1804 Vice President Aaron Burr killed Hamilton in a duel in Weehawken, New Jersey (Burr had previously represented Maria Reynolds in divorce proceedings against her husband).

5.) Poe’s famous short story, “The Cask of Amontillado” bares such striking similarities with the infamous Burr/Hamilton affair that we proposed Poe based his revenge tale thereupon (the subject of freemasonry holds a position of prominence in Poe’s Cask; www.erbyonpoe.com).

6.) Within two years of publication of what would be his last short story, Poe dies screaming “Reynolds” the name of Hamilton’s illicit lover (FINALLY!!! The True Reason For The Death Of Edgar Allan Poe. The Mystery Of “Reynolds” Revealed).

But something struck me on this reading that I had not caught before, and that is the symbolism of the number 11 and the association with Freemasonry.

MasonicTrowelThe first clue appears about halfway through the story, when they are in the catacombs: Once in the wine cellar, their exchange oddly turns to Freemasonry, and the following dialogue comes just before the entombment as the two men drink a glass of wine, and Fortunato makes an odd gesture with a wine bottle.

“You do not comprehend [the gesture]?” he said.
“Not I,” I replied.
“Then you are not of the brotherhood.”
“You are not of the masons.”
“Yes, yes,” I said; “yes, yes.”
“You? Impossible! A mason?”
“A mason,” I replied.
“A sign,” he said, “a sign.”
“It is this,” I answered producing from beneath the folds of my roquelaire a trowel….

Edgar Allan Poe = 666
Edgar A. Poe + A Masonic = 888
Cooping + Edgar A. Poe = 906


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