John Belushi Gematria Study

robin_stry_7John Belushi Gematria Study

In 1982 Catherine Evelyn Smith, a backup singer and rock groupie, became the scapegoat for the death of John Belushi. Belushi had kept Smith around to fetch drugs from a well known Jewish drug handler, Lou Dolgoff, who was likely being supplied by the CIA.

“Shes a good girl, she does alot of errands” – John Belushi

Smith was running “errands” for Belushi, who requested a large order of drugs to supply himself and his so-called friends, Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro. Belushi was nervous over a movie deal with secular Zionist Michael Eisner, who requested that Belushi star in a dumbed down sex comedy, “The Joy of Sex”. According to Playboy mansion valet, Stefan Tetenbaum, Belushi would attend Hugh Hefner’s parties to pick up transvestite prostitues for sex. While Eisner was pushing for sex comedies, Belushi was writing “Noble Rot, a film about wineries in California, dominated by the mob. Belushi begged to star in another film, “Blue Moon Over Miami”, about how the FBI/CIA at the time was helping to supply the U.S. with drugs from from Colombia to Miami. This picture would likely stir up trouble for the actor, who had recently purchased a mansion form former Defense Secretary Robert McNamarma. Belushi was on the radar.

“There’s several thousand dollars of cocaine built into the movie contract.” – John Belushi

Belushi chose to associate himself with the underbelly of Hollyweird. On the night of his death, he cowardly hid from a group of Christians that had tried to minister to him before. Belushi was on “Team Satan”, he wanted nothing to do with Christ. With his drug stash growing lower, Smith went on an errand to a Jewish drug handler for the stars – Dolgoff. She was able to secure the order, and met with Belushi at the Chateau Marmont. Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro showed up to his room shouting “Wheres the blow!”, they began to snort up coke, while stashing numerous bags of drugs in their filthy pockets. His so-called friends left as soon as they arrived, Williams bolted out the door laughing at Belushi, “If you ever get up again, call!” Belushi was a joke to DeNiro and Williams. Feeling more let down than ever, Belushi requested that Smith shoot him up with another dose of ‘speedball’, even though he was afraid of needles. Belushi was then undressed and showered by Smith who helped him into his bed naked. Belushi curled up into a ball, and Smith left to run more errands. On March 5th, 1982, John Belushi was found dead at the esoteric age of 33. Smith was the scapegoat. Dolgoff never charged. According to reports, there were numerous other celebs, and persons of interest, who showed up to the room Belushi died in, to this day none have come forward. According to theorist, Belushi was on the radar of the ‘Deep State’, as a handler of information and a hidden informant.

Belushi Death of drug = 1110
Belushi + CIA Handler = 906
Belushi A CIA’s Victim = 1110

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