MAGA Will Trump Build Wall – Gematria Of Donald J Trump 888 And Tlaib Storm Decoded


Donald J. Trump is also an allegory of MONEY + Time. Time and money are paired in numerology with the numbers 8 and 42.  Four x Two = 8. The power of the number 88 is ALWAYS utilized via Trump. Specific dinners of Trump will cost $888.

If it was New Year’s Eve, they could have spent $888 per head on a tasting menu. But instead, President-elect Donald Trump met potential secretary of state nominee Mitt Romney. – CNN

The word ‘Forth’ appears 888 times in the King James Bible, while Psalm 88:8 ends with the word ‘forth’. In English Gematria “A Eight, Eight, Eight” = 888 In English Gematria “Triple Eights” = 888. In English Gematria ‘Donald J. Trump’ = 888. President Trump is heavily associated with the number 8 and 88.

President Trump had 88 generals support him. The FAKE News media attacks Trump via the number 8. In 2019 Trumps approval ratings amongst Republicans and Christians is at 88%.

Numbers: Congress is 88 percent Christian – Approval of Trump Stands at 88% – Washington Times

Numbers: 88% of American Voters Approve of POTUS – Pew

The voting public will return to vote for Trump in 2020. The NON-Voting public and Fake News appear to be Anti-Trump. Trump apartment buildings are usually priced in the $888 range to rent, and the $88k range to purchase. NOT a coincidence. Trump Casinos feature numerous 88 and 888 gambling slot machines.

The Wall Is Coming

Trump = 88
Donald J. Trump = 888
A Donald Trump = 444, 1110
Trump Build A Wall = 1110
Donald J. Trump Builds Wall = 88
Donald Trump American Wall = 88
Donald Trump Wall Is Coming = 88
Trump Finished Wall = 88
US Wall = 88, 444

The US Wall of Trump will likely be built in SOME compacity. Whether this will be fulfilled through Pence or Trump, or someone else is yet to be seen. The Wall will come.

Red Vs Blue

Trump Pence = THINK Trumpets of Revelation. 

Trump adorns his attire in the RED tie, while Pence wears the BLUE tie. This is color codded symbolism of Red Vs Blue. Occult or hidden allegory of the power of the duality or nature of the duality of color based psychology. Gangs such as Crips and Bloods = Red Vs Blue. The USA is divided based on this color codding symbolism which ties to ancient mysticism. The Four Trumpets in the 66th book of Revelation detail an event in which an asteroid collides with Earth, a multi-tiered (as in four layered) event. Divide and Conquer, separate the SHEEP into colors of Blue and Red – Republican and Democrat. Both bases are WRONG about a number of things. Yet neither will ever yield or cease their false beliefs. There is an order to this orchestrated chaos. Control.

ordo ab chao

Ordo Ab Chao = Order out/from Chaos

Ordo Ad Chaum = Order out of/from the Chaos (accusative)

Order Ad Choas = 666
Order Ad Chaum = 666

The Club of Rome is an order from chaos, the initiative of the Atheist and Occultist THINK TANKS is to bring about the New Dawning. This dawning, or NEW AGE, is also known as the 5th. According to their prophetic visions – ‘The ROCK’ that collides with Earth is the setting point for the Ordo Ad Chao – Order out of Chaos or THE FITH AGE. The V symbolism shown in TV, Media, and through Politicians is indicative of the Victory of Satan, and the destruction of a 3rd (33) of Earth. Think V for Vendetta. George H.W. Bush was Mr. 41 – 4+1 = 5. Look at the Texas Monthly cover below: 4 In BLUE and 1 in RED – Red Vs Blue symbolism from Mr. 41. The Fifth Age was supported via occultist such as Allister Crowley, who claims to have invented the V hand sign, and was a supporter of Saturn/Satan.


This is the hidden mystery school thought of the Upper Tier Elite. They believe in the Powers of the Air (Demonic Forces called Archons – Dream Deity) and Light-Bearing entities such as Lucifer/Satan – G.A.O.T.U (The Demiurge). The ‘gifts’ of which are thought to be provided via the Bloodlines of the Elite under the star sigil of Saturn. The pairing of genes through the royal Blood of KINGS is also related to the numbers 33. In the USA, ALL Presidents are related family members. Donald Trump is a cousin of Hillary Clinton. While Obama is a cousin of: George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and of course Robert E. Lee.

Bush And Obama Family

A G. Bush And B. Obama = 666

The DRACO Royal Bloodline has NO rival and no MAN can be their equal. Above these three Globalists activities resulted in the deaths of some million people. Barry bombed 8 countries, which resulted in the deaths of 13,000 children. Think sacrifice. Endless wars are one way these globalist can sacrifice children for Moloch, aka ‘Baal an Baphomet’. In English Gematria ‘Children + Fire’ = 666. Below is depicted the ritual of Pan Baphomet, a Baal, or Lord figure that embodies the powers of Lightning/ Lucifer (spark of intelligence) and the depths of Abyss (G.A.O.T.U – Grand Architect of The Universe) – the Dream Deity Satan. The dream demon is a motif of movies such as: The Matrix (Morpheus), Gravity Falls (Bill), Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy). They often offer the choice of Red or Blue.

Pan Baphomet

Baal An Baphomet = 666 / PAN BAPHOMET = 666

Pan Baphomet from Medieval Latin (Baphometh/ Baffometi /Bafometz) is a Dream deity, or Archon Demon, that the Knights Templar were believed to have worshipped in secret ritual. This being was later conflated with the Fairy God of Pan and Sexualized Magik practices of the Luciferians and Satanist that in later years subsequently incorporated into disparate occult and mystical traditions. The name Baphomet appeared in trial transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in the year 1307. Dream demons provide hidden gnosis or DREAMSCAPE wisdom. The image of Baphomet (Pan) that is used in the modern Occultist era was created by French Occultist and Satanic Magician, Eliphas Levi who had written in “The mysteries of magic;” that “The Baphomet of the Templars, whose names should be spelt kabbalistically backward, is composed of three abbreviations—TEM OHP AB, Temple omnium hominum pads abbas, the father of the temple, universal peace of men.” Now modern psychologist claim that the mind can enter a period of visions and predictive programming during deep sleep called DREAMSCAPE. In this area of rest the figures known as Archons may provide the human mind with details from the spirit realm or Hell.

Red Vs Blue PillDream Archon/ Demon – Morpheus and the CHOICE of Red VS Blue. Both Republicans and Democrats choose to be color codded people.

2019 Phoenix World CurrencyThe Upper Tier Elite began to discuss the coming of the Phoenix bird, Ordo Ad Choa, in the destruction of the US Dollar. This thought process began in 1988. 88 Think Trump. World Currency is a goal of the Elite and their desire for ONE WORLD ORDER. Through the fire of the Bird of destruction, chaos will bring order. 2019 is the date they chose for this EVENT.

1984 O'Brien

Doublespeak = 666

1984 The Dystopian Future of George Orwell, the World we currently live in. Doublespeak is a language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak disguises and hides the truth when it is spoken. This method of falsehood was predicted in the novel 1984. The thought police currently monitor the internet and call for sites, or people, to be shunned or shamed. Any person caught speaking the truth is forbidden from thinking for themselves in our modern era of evil. Notice the V for Ingsoc in the above picture. O’Brien is an evil agent of the Thought Police and the Global Tyrants behind Big Brother. Today Big Brother is able to monitor each of us through Google and Facebook. Various social media constructs were in reality created via the Government in an effort to control the behavior the dumb and naïve masses.

O’Brien A Agent = 666, 42, 57
Doublespeak = 666, 42, 57
O’Brien of Ingsoc = 906

Rashida TlaibCalm Down. Rashida Tlaib = 1984’s O’Brien, THINK controlled disinfo agent. She is an actress. Marketed as the Heel of the Current US admin. In reality Tlaib is BIG BROTHER. She is playing a role assigned to her. She was put in place to mock Trump and to cause a disturbance – controlled chaos. She is a fake. She is acting. She is NOT real.

Tlaib + Fools = 666 (You are foolish if you believe her ACT is real. Its not)

R. Tlaib disinfo agent = 1110
A Rashida H. Tlaib An Actor = 1110

Rashida Tlaib came to US as a ‘refugee’.
Refugee Tlaib = 666

President Pence

President Pence? Likely

D.J Trump’s Impeached = 1110 (Sumer)
President Pence = 666 (EE)
A M.R.Pence President = 1110
a Mike Pence assumes a president office = 666

If they force Trump to be removed from Office in 2022, then expect Mike Pence to assume the role as President. Gematria indicated that a STRONG possibility for his Presidency exists. The concept of Trump being impeached is also shown via the numbers. Democrats are pursuing means to rig the 2020 election, including dissolving rules or regulations and initiate vote stealing tactics as used during 2018. Expect the 2020 election to be CHOAS. Dems will stop at NOTHING through lies, deceptions, and cheating to steal. Think bigoted Liberal LBJ – vote rigging/ ballet stuffing.

Trump Elected 2020 Expected? – A Trump’s Re-Elected = 1110

D. Trump twenty twenty election loss = 906 (FB)

a USA twenty twenty + a rigged election = 777

Trump Number 88 Gematria Study

$_57In English Gematria ‘Donald J. Trump’ = 888.

According to the mainstream news, the crowd in Washington D.C. numbered 800,000 at the time of Donald Trumps inauguration. President Trump is heavily associated with the number 8. While the general public will never become aware of the significance of any esoteric symbolism utilized by president Trump, or by the false media, the number 8 has been used in numerous ways to showcase an esoteric trope of the so-called ‘right to rule’. Trump himself even spent $88 million during his campaign, and maintained 88 political ‘headquarters’ on his way to the White House. Even the election of 2016 was held on November 8. 11 x 8 = 88. Trump knows his number and touts it ALOT. Trump was positioned to run for President in 1987 for the 88 election, but decided against it. The popular vote results listed 88% of the votes in on 2016 election night, in which Donald J Trump beat his cousin Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

88 Donald J Trump Illuminati Number 888 Gematria

What Is The Significance Of 888 Gematria?

The ancient tradition of Gematria use, which assigns a numerological value to letters in an alphabet extends to all languages and has never been relegated to only one language. EVER! While Hebrew Gematria is the most known of this discipline, scholars consider Greek and Babylonian Gematria to predate it by many centuries. Babylonian Gematria is considered to date back to the 8th century B.C, where sages of the time employed a method of calculation seemingly based on increments of six and ten units, or measures, represented by the Sumerian cuneiform script. Below is an example of the magic square of Babylon, in which the ancients would have showcased the power of the numbers repeating a pattern to induce the cosmos, or hidden powers of the air, to submit to the will of the magician – hex-craft.

888 magic square

The Assyrian form of Babylonian Gematria, seemingly based on larger increments of 210 each (the Gematria of the palace of Sargon = 16,280), likely correspond to the numerical pattern of smaller units of 6 and 10, by which is meant the formation of 10 Babylonian soldiers to 1 commander. If you were to utilize the number pattern of 210 for each letter in the English alphabet, you would find the correspondence to the ancient Gematria of Babylon, the name ‘Sargon’, for example, would thus equal 16,280. In English Gematria ‘Sargon’ equals 444. English Gematria system uses the patterns of 666, 888, 906, and 1110.

The Babylonians were thought to have employed a magic square of 111 x 6 to induce the powers of the cosmos to hex (Greek six, as in to create) or curse the forces of nature to submit to the will of a spiritual/symbolic Dragon/Saturn, preventing a spiritual attack of the air – demonic attack. By this magical incantation was developed the so-called Davidic Star, Sigilla Solis, and later the Philosopher’s Stone, all forms of ‘a magic hexagram’. Today users of the esoteric arts employ Magic Squares and Talismans called “Solomon’s Seals”, for Kabbalistic means and sometimes material gains with the numbers 60, and 66. For the powerful nature of ‘true persona’ Gematria, the numbers of 44 and 888 indicate the connection to ruling authority and also to time.

8 People 8 Trump Perspectives

In Simple Gematria ‘Trump’ Equals 88

The mainstream media often include this numerical designation of 8 for Trump, whether in bashing the Republican president, or in their attempts to provide narrative labels. Either way you look at it the media are playing a role in this usage of Gematria, because it turns up EVERYWHERE a Trump article appears. 8 Reasons You Dislike Trump, 8 Times Trump Lied, 8 Trump Photos He Doesn’t Want You To See. This list of 888 symbolism goes on and on.  In fact you cannot watch a news piece or read any article by these multi- millionaire mainstream psychopaths without hearing them rattle off the number 8 for Trump.

88 News US Ranks 41s In Press Freedom

The US has a horrible history of bias in the false mainstream media, and is one of the worst offenders of propaganda on a global scale. Continued efforts of fake news which were handled under Bush and cousin Obama, continued to erode the freedom of information in the USA, and the reputation of the US plummeted as a result of the effort of CNN, ABC, Fox and others as worldwide providers of fake media and propaganda. Truth sites such as this, are giving people the opportunity to learn information that is already  known, yet not widely distributed.

“[Obama’s] Justice Department has cracked down on reporters in an effort to prevent leaks; it also set a new record for withholding access to government files under the Freedom of Information Act (despite calling for a “new era of openness” on his first day in office); and photojournalists in 2013 from several major news organizations chastised the Obama administration for denying their ‘right to photograph or videotape the President while he is performing his official duties,’ instead relying on official photos shot by White House photographers.” – NPR, Sam Sanders

Neutral news coverage is designed by the authors to inform the general public and provide an informative, yet informal description of any given subject or event. Neutral news coverage is usually produced independently and is unbiased in the coverage of any given topic and is very, very rare. Negative and Positive news coverage, however, are both forms of propaganda, designed to withhold certain information (known as the art of omission) which may change the general narrative of the story.

Trump Gets Endorsements From 88 Retired Generals

88 Generals Endorse Trump Robert E Lee Obama

The ‘art of omission’ is the primary tool utilized by the fake news MSM in their attempt to misguide the public, thus these manipulators provide a specific framework of corruption and dishonesty to present all pieces of information for the purpose of propaganda. Thus omitted are the details that do not conform to their bigoted or hate inspired ideals. The Alfalfa Club birthday of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is celebrated each and every year for the upper tier elite and their fellow blood relatives, behind closed doors of course. The event that once banned women and Blacks for decades, would later admit Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) cousin of Robert E. Lee to attend. The Club according to numerous documents would threaten those in positions of power if they did not attend the white only, male only gathering of the rich to mock Americans.

“Donald Trump earned the endorsement of 88 retired generals and admirals in an open letter released Tuesday, as the Republican nominee looks to solidify support in the military community against Hillary Clinton in November.

The Republican nominee’s campaign unveiled the letter, organized by Major Gen. Sidney Shachnow, a 40-year Army veteran and Holocaust survivor, and Rear Admiral Charles Williams, ahead of a speech on veterans affairs in Virginia Beach, Virginia.” – Polictio

The above meme features the 88 generals concept, including Obama cousin Robert E. Lee. Because these facts are not allowed in the general narrative of history, they are thus omitted from the knowledge of the general, always unknowing public.

Negative news coverage of Donald Trump is widespread and appears particularly popular amongst left-leaning or so-called liberal news outlets. These venues of Eurocentric bias, extreme negativity, and disparaging insults include sources such as: “The Huffington Post”, “The Washington Post”, and “The Daily Beast”. These information sites are amongst a slew of divisive or hate-filled news columns which attack right-leaning political figures, or their positions, while very often choosing to support (or sometimes ignore) the same positions if held by a left-leaning figure. These are the same groups who will often FAKE news articles using the numbers 6 to indicate the story is false, fabricated, and a total hoax.

Below is an example of the negative news coverage of President Trump utilizing the number 8, as well as the neutral and positive coverage of the president and his numerical designation of eight.


“His victory gives Republicans control of the White House for the first time in eight years.” – ABC News

“Donald Trump issued five executive orders and eight presidential memorandums in his first full week as president that signal dramatic change in U.S. policy on health care, border security and immigration.” – Eric Wuestewald, The News Tribune

Media Coverage 88 Bad Hate CNN Fake News


Eight Documents Donald Trump Has Yet To Fully Release” – The Washington Post

Eight Questions About Donald Trump’s Decision Making In A Foreign Policy Crisis” – The Washington Post


“Donald Trump’s Eight Best Pro-Gun Moments On Campaign Trail” –

“If it was New Year’s Eve, they could have spent $888 per head on a tasting menu. But instead, President-elect Donald Trump met potential secretary of state nominee Mitt Romney Tuesday at Jean Georges, a three-Michelin star New York City restaurant inside his Trump International Hotel.” – CNN

88 Generals Endorse Trump Illuminati CNN Fake News

88 former military leaders write letter backing Donald Trump for president

Donald Trump’s campaign released a letter Tuesday signed by 88 retired military leaders endorsing his presidential candidacy, including four four-star generals and 14 three-star flag officers, according to the campaign.

The group, which was organized by Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow and Rear Admiral Charles Williams, praised Trump and declared that “the 2016 election affords the American people an urgently needed opportunity to make a long-overdue course correction in our national security posture and policy.” – CNN

8 Times Trump Did Damage

The media uses this esoteric clue again and again. 8 years is the total number of years a US President may serve if elected twice. Numerous buildings that Trump rents or has sold are attached to the price of $88,888.


Nazi Code Number 88

‘Heil Hilter’, a Gematria coded numbering pattern that gives Nazi loyalist the sacred 88, or eighth letter of the alphabet repeated twice – 8 + 8 symbolism. Adolf Hitler was a European spy and Jewish occultist who rose to power through the upper elite and their Free Masonic “illuminati’ interests. Many commanders and soldiers in the Hitler army were Jews. World War II was launched with the hidden goal of establishing Israel. In English Gematria ‘Hitler And Jews” = 888. Because these facts are not permitted knowledge for Eurocentric secularist, they are thus omitted from the history books and in some countries banned altogether. Was Hitler really a Jew? The answer is a resounding yes, as were a number of his officials. Was he a former spy? Yes. He was also an occultist familiar with a number of secret society disciplines. In English Gematria Adolf Hitler = 660. The news media is utilizing the advance of numbering patterns such as 88 to connect or tie President Trump to his esoteric number. They are willfully committing this propaganda for the sake of hidden numerology, they understand fully that the American public will NEVER get it.


Trump To Allow Release of JFK Docs – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Democrat KKK Byrd Mason Clinton Johnson

Trump Cousin Clinton Hugs Senator Robert Byrd – LBJ Masonic Shake – KKK Symbol / Vodafone – Byrd Asleep – Ted Kennedy & Byrd

The Number 88 In 64

In the 88th Congress of 1964, The Civil Rights Act was enacted on July 2. The landmark act brought about civil rights and US labor law changes in the US that would outlaw discrimination based on race, religion, and sex. The Act was signed into law by Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Free Mason and racial bigot from the state of Texas. Johnson had always referred to the Civil Rights Act as the “nig*** bill“.

“I’ll have those nig*** voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

The Eighty-eighth United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, composed of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Eighty percent of the Republicans in the House, and 82 percent in the Senate voted in favor of the bill while only 61% of Democrats in the House and 66% in the Senate approved of the bill. Notice the occult actions here, numbers 80 and 60 in patterns are ALWAYS present for esoteric purpose. While 88 has ties to the symbolism of ‘time travel’, ‘race’, and ‘Hitler’. In the Back to The Future films, if you race to 88 miles an hour you travel through time. The flux capacitor serves as the films fictitious time tool.

Free Mason Democrat Robert Byrd was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and helped establish the hate group’s chapter in Sophia, West Virginia. In 1964 he stood up against Civil Rights with a filibuster lasting 14 hours and 13 minutes. Byrd was 47 years old then, Eurocentric Secularist would later claim the hate antics of Byrd were merely due to his youth and the naïve ideals of ‘his‘ time.

“Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” – Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, Free Mason – KKK

Byrd was honored by at least eight highways and/or bridges throughout West Virginia.

Johnson Laughs At JFK Death

LBJ Is All Smiles, Laughs, & Winks Following Death Of JFK


President Lyndon B. Johnson was an advocate for going into the Vietnam War. For years JFK had bungled operations that the CIA had carefully invested time and money in preparing. At the murder of JFK, LBJ seemingly celebrated, and would quickly move forward with launching the Vietnam War. Only in 1964 he needed an excuse to get what he described as “hordes of barbaric yellow dwarves“, and Americans killed. On August 4, 1964 the US conducted a false flag operation, later known as the ‘Gulf of Tonkin incident’. US warships were supposedly attacked by North Vietnamese PT Boats, an event that would lead to the US involvement in Vietnam, only the incident never occurred and documents later released to the public would show that numerous US senators knew this was the case as well.


Democratic Senator Wayne Morse was contacted via an informant who urged Morse to investigate the “Gulf of Tonkin incident“. Morse attempted to stop the US from going to war on false grounds, however his pleas went unanswered and in 1964, only Morse and Ernest Gruening (D-AK) in the U.S. Senate, opposed the controversial Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. The war was coming.

“You just came in a few weeks ago and said they’re launching an attack on us – they’re firing at us, and we got through with the firing and concluded maybe they hadn’t fired at all.” – President Lyndon B. Johnson, Free Mason

US Secretary of Defense, Robert S, McNamara would later admit that the August 4, Gulf of Tonkin attack never happened. When McNamara met with Vietnam Army General Vo Nguyen Giap to ask about the Gulf of Tonkin, he was informed that the incident was imaginary. The truth, however, is of no concern for Eurocentric Secularist who depicted the Gulf of Tonkin in numerous Fake News articles, building the US up for an unnecessary war, all while invoking Hex-craft patterns of the occult 6.

“Through the darkness, from the West and south…intruders boldly sped…at least six of them… they opened fire on the destroyers with automatic weapons, this time from as close as 2,000 yards.” – Time

This pattern of exclaiming that 6 intruders attacked the USA would see use in 3 Fake News outlets: Time, Life, and Newsweek. For the grand esoteric tradition of lying through the Gematria number of 666.

“…President Lyndon Johnson, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy all knew full well that the evidence of any armed attack on the evening of Aug. 4, 1964, the so-called “second” Tonkin Gulf incident, was highly dubious….” – Raymond McGovern, CIA

Trump Tweet JFK

In 2017 Trump will allow documents from the JFK era to be released, prompting Eurocentric Secularist to shrug their collective shoulders. “Old news“, “History is ancient. The Past is the past.” were just a few of the ignorant quotes thrown online in MSNBC and CNN Fake News online discussions.


Trump Release JFK Colson Nixon Black Op

Republican President Richard M. Nixon had long feared his political rivals, thus utilizing his own slush funds he bribed a number of agents and conspirators to carry out dirty tricks and launch black ops to smear, blackmail, or discredit his opponents. Chuck Colson was the ‘hatchet man’ for Nixon, organizing secret Black Ops in Boston to commit False Flag operations in the USA.

“I did things out of Boston. We did some blackmail and … my God, uh, uh, uh, I’ll go to my grave before I ever disclose it. But, uh, we did a hell of a lot of things and never got caught Hunt ran 15 or 20 black projects in Boston, and that’ll never be traced. No way.” – Chuck Colson

Nixon may have believed that LBJ had JFK killed. Nixon was no fan of the Kennedy clan and in the secret Nixon tapes gives several detailed descriptions of his dislike for his rival Ted Kennedy. On September 7, 1972 Nixon contemplates using secret service agents planted on the Senator to assassinate Ted Kennedy, only if seen as necessary to the success of the Nixon campaign. Below is the transcript of the Nixon spying plot, bear in mind this conversation is always omitted from history via the Eurocentric Secularist.

Haldeman: You’ve got one United States Senator [Kennedy] who is a secondary factor in the campaign. You give him [Secret Service] coverage through the campaign.

Ehrlichman: Understand, I don’t like to give him something, but at the same time–

Haldeman: And then if he gets shot, it’s our fault.

Ehrlichman: Sure.

Nixon: You understand what the problem is. If the son of a bitch gets shot they’ll say we didn’t furnish it. So you just buy his insurance. Then after the election, he doesn’t get a Goddamn thing. If he gets shot, it’s too damn bad. Do it under the basis, though, that we pick the Secret Service men. Not that son of a bitch Rowley. Understand what I’m talking about? Do you have anybody in the Secret Service that you can get to? Do you have anybody that we can rely on?

Ehrlichman: Yeah. Yeah. We’ve got several.

Nixon: Plant one. Plant two guys on him. This could be very useful.

Haldeman: [Robert “Bob” Newbrand] will do anything that I tell him to — He really will. And he has come to me twice and absolutely, sincerely said, “With what you’ve done for me and what the President’s done for me, I just want you to know, if you want someone killed, if you want anything else done, any way, any direction …”

Nixon: The thing that I like is this: We just might get lucky and catch this son-of-a-bitch and ruin him for ’76.

Haldeman: That’s right.

Nixon: He doesn’t know what he’s really getting into. We’re going to cover him, and we are not going to take “no” for an answer. He can’t say “no.” The Kennedys are arrogant as hell with these Secret Service. He says, “Fine,” and [“Bob” Newbrand] should pick the detail, too.

“I would walk over my own grandmother if necessary” – Chuck Colson

Nixon was every bit prepared to have Ted Kennedy assassinated, through use of planted Secret Service agents, loyal of course to Nixon. Nixon was willing to forgo any murder attempt, however, if they could spy on him long enough to uncover some political dirt that could essentially bury Ted in the campaign. JFK was murdered, as was his brother another Nixon political rival, Bobby Kennedy. A terrorist of the Weather Underground, William ‘Lefty” Gilday, made the claim that Chuck Colson approached him in Boston to murder Nixon political rival George Wallace. Colson had bragged that no one would ever trace the Black Ops that he pulled in Boston back to him and CIA agent Hunt. Fake News source Newsweek would later dismiss the treacherous acts of Colson and Nixon as ‘misadventures‘, as if the two were engaged in light hearted wacky adventures. Sick.

“It was in that atmosphere that Colson and others at the top of the White House staff engaged in a series of misadventures and illegal acts…” -Newsweek

kenedy and nixon

“There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans – George Wallace

The fact that Nixon spied on others and had their phones bugged comes from the same playbook as his Democratic predecessor Lyndon B Johnson, who insisted on listening in on others through illegal NSA wiretaps and FBI black-bagging. The Nixon tapes are an invaluable look inside the sick minds of the Elite and their agenda toward creating chaos and wrecking havoc, a standard for either political party to engage in to this day.

The fact that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are blood relatives is also of no concern for Eurocentric Secularist, who must at all costs omit such facts in order to sell the world on a never ending series of false narratives, false hopes, and the false paradigm of a two-party US system where the so-called choice is often between two very similar cousins. Below is a brief bloodline look at our upper tier Elite.

red ties

Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) – Related: Vlad The Impaler (Dracula) – Winston Churchill – Edward I of England (1239 –1307) – William the Lion (1143–1214) – George Bush Sr. – George Bush Jr. – Dick Cheney – Harry Truman – James Madison – Gerald Ford – Lyndon B Johnson – General Robert E. Lee


Ron & Rand Paul – Related: William H. Taft – James A Garfield – Ronald Reagan – George Bush Sr. – George Bush Jr. – Barack Obama

2016 Choice

Hillary Rodham Clinton – Related: Madonna – Celine Dion – Donald J. Trump

Sarah L Palin = 666 obama

Sarah Palin – Related: John Howland (Palin Attending Obama Cousin General Robert E. Lee Birthday Party At The Secret Society Alfalfa Club – For Years Club Did Not Allow Blacks Or Women)