Mark Of Beast = 666 – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Mondex - Roland-Moreno

According to prophecy the ‘mark of beast’ will be a mandatory means of buying and selling in a dystopian world under the rule of “the beast”. In English Gematria the phrase ‘Mark of Beast’ = 666.

The mark of beast will likely be three things in one:

1.) Spiritual – The Mark Will Be Symbolism That Carries With It The Path For Spirits

2.) Electronic Identity – The Mark Will Be Capable Of Knowing All About You

3.) Cash Less – The Mark Will Be Digital Based Currency

Revelation 13:16 And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.…

The biblical prophecy is understood by many to be an implantable bio chip capable of carrying personal identification as well as a source for cash less commerce. There are two companies, Mondex and ADSX, which have the means and the capability to develop
such a mark. It has NOT been created yet, nor if developed does it imply that either company or their employees are evil. What these companies represent however is the means for a future mark to be developed. Those securing the throne for this future dystopian ruler to reign will in all likely hood use a bio chip style technology to implement his mark and secure his ruling power over the masses.

Mondex Chip In Forehead

Mondex Chip = 666

Mondex is the leader of cash-less electronic chips. These chips are found in almost all major credit cards. Mondex has ties to many of the worlds banks as well as links to many e-commerce sites. Back in 2000 Mondex introduced an Employee ID Card to the Hitachi company that acted as both a staff ID and a payment card. Currently Mondex has no bio chips, however the company remains on the cutting edge of development in their pursuit to create a cash-less and secure means of commerce for the world. The company says it will “continue to develop and seek a revolutionary payment system designed to meet todays marketplace.” The Mondex website front page shows a man with a Mondex chip in his forehead. (See photos above for picture) It is also interesting that an advertisement a year ago by Mastercard depicted a man opening his fist to reveal a Mondex chip in the palm of his right hand, although it was not implanted, it was implied that this is the direction the company will take in the future. The company also posts numerous ads depicting implanted mondex chips in the heads of their consumers. In reality the company currently has no Mondex bio chips, however it is not entirely outside the realm of possibility that the company will pursue such a technology in the future.


The Future of Electronic-IDentity

Several companies are meeting around the world to discuss the combination of measures and technology to create an Electronic ID capable of handling a greater series of SMART tasks, such as Bio metric security checks, previously by giving the possibility of authentication and authorization without the need of a physical eID, just using a mobile app smartphone with a virtual token, specifically developed for this. The companies above are attempting to combine these processes together to create a suite of digital tools for the future of secure electronic verification of identity.

Mondex - Bio Metrics

The above list is a checklist of features that the Mondex company and the global partners of Electronic ID are investing time and money toward creation. The combination of all the above in one device will become a reality.

R. Seelig Chip = 666

In the 1990’s and well into 2000, a number of critics/skeptics claimed that no one would ever willingly accept “bio-chips” because of too many privacy concerns. I read numerous false claims in print and online. Then R. Seelig became the first human to receive the digital angel chip after the events of September 11. Currently the technology is in its infancy and can not transmit wireless signals nor act as a means of currency. The chipping of Seelig was a gesture to showcase the possibility of a world where people are chipped in order to prevent ‘terror’.

Chip for pets


Applied Digital Solutions or ADSX, was the premier marketer of bio chips, such as the human ‘Verichip’, but mostly used to track beasts such as household pets and livestock.
The company formally traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol ADSX. Before changing their name and stock designation to DIGA or Digital Angel Corp.
Currently the technology is being used through Allflex USA, a company that specializes in the numbering and chipping of beasts, such as cattle.


Cashless Bio-Chip = Big Hit 

Nowadays nearly everyone you encounter is marked up with tattoos and rings from their noses to their face, they have been conditioned to accept anything seemingly hip or trendy, why not a chip meant for animals? Notice the chipped cattle above with the numbers of 88 and 66 shown near their heads. This is symbolic. The idea that people (the masses) will resist being chipped out of concern/fear of privacy is old school ludicrous. This was the common argument for a number of years whenever critics/skeptics would debate the possibility of electronic chips and human consumerism. The critics as always are wrong. The masses will be more than ready and willing to be chipped, out of convenience for purchasing goods, out of appearing trendy, out of sheer ignorance. They will be chipped.

Now lets take a look at some of the arguments regarding ‘Mark

The Mark of Beast Is ONLY Spiritual Not Physical

Here is something from OUR community, those of you who are amongst the Christian crowd or spiritual minded. For years many have held the position that the ‘Mark’ is a spiritual matter alone. How then could one buy or sell if the mark is ONLY spiritual? ‘REV 13:17 so that no one would be able to buy or to sell, unless they have the
mark, which is, the name of the beast or the number of his name.’ Is it logical/reasonable that people will buy and sell goods with a spiritual mark? The spiritual symbolism of the mark is all too evident to many, including myself, however, the world around us is a combination of spiritual and physical and we don’t simply go to the store and purchase goods on faith alone.

NO Company Now Nor EVER Is Connected To Any Cashless Chip, BIO or Otherwise

Here is the old school argument from the skeptic crowd. No one is making it today, so that means ever. As in EVER. Yes, currently no company has integrated its technology in such a way as to incorporate both a cash-less system and a GPS SMART bio chip into a single workingmark‘ that they have thus injected into someone. Now, several companies, even this year, have demonstrated new bio chip tech for their employees. But does this rule out the possibility of it ever happening globally? Both companies I’ve mentioned (Mondex, PositiveID) have implied several times their wish to integrate new technologies or discover other means to provide their product to the marketplace. Mondex is a leader of cash-less advanced chips and could in all probability design such a means in the form of a bio-chip or out source with another company to create one. Just because they have no plans to do so today does not rule out it happening ever. In fact that does not even make much sense. Any number of companies are on the verge of creating new SMART ware with tracking and E-Identity/Commerce capabilities.

The Hand And Head Are Not Possible To Hold Bio Chips Due To Tissue Issues

How logical would it be to lift your leg up over the counter at your local service station to pay for gas? How logical would it be to swipe your back across a scanner at the check out counter of your grocery store? Those areas are far too inconvenient for a cash less
bio chip to be implanted. This is why technology is ALWAYS changing things up. The bio-chip that companies are looking into does not have to be some RFID style device, it could be as thin as a digital TATOO applied on a persons hand or forehead. Tech changes. When it comes to fast service to pay for goods people tend to use their credit or debit card. They pull it out their wallet and swipe it across a scanner and their money is deducted by a cash less means. Taking it one step further would be to place ‘conveniently’ a mark in your hand. Some people however are disabled and or rely on wheel chairs or have artificial limbs. For them the convenience of having a mark in the head would make sense. It could even be digital ink or a wearable device, also our forehead is where we store numbers like our credit card number etc.

Making Their Case For Chipping The Masses

If you are reading this blog you are likely a person who adores the truth and seeks out wisdom, rather than accept falsehoods and deceit. For the moral, spiritual, and ethically concerned this is called ‘preaching to the choir’. In other words you are not likely to run out and get chipped if such a program was initiated overnight. However, the sad reality is you are in the minority. . . SO How will they promote such a device?

1.) Band Wagon Effect – Everyone Is Doing It Why Not You?

Celebs, singers, athletes. All chipped up. That would start quite the trend in accepting something that will eventually do more harm than good.

2.) Fights Kidnapping / Missing Persons / Trafficking

Imagine a device that can track everyone at once. It knows where you are. That way you don’t get lost.

3.) Its Super Convenient – CASH & ID In One – ZERO IDENTITY THEFT

Imagine a device that you only had to recall one password for? 666. Plus you didn’t have to fiddle with loose change, write checks, hand over cards, pull out purse/wallet. Hop on an airline? Check. No more passports required. Drivers license? Food allergy? Health history? Triple Check.

4.) What Do You Have To Hide

Imagine a device that keeps track of all your purchases, even anticipating your next purchase. It knows on Wednesday night you order pizza, it will be ready. If you tried to purchase something illegal it could keep track of that too. Inform the proper authorities. Did you not pay that fine? The device will pay it for you. Or turn you in. The device could keep track of every parole violator. Every suspect or ex convict. Every Muslim. Every Christian. So what do you have to hide?

5.) It Is Mandatory 

Not at first. Let them get used to the idea, reel them in. The critics/skeptics will be there chanting “But it is not mandatory!” Imagine for a moment their smirking faces. Point 4 above will be used as a dagger against anyone who hadn’t hopped on board this vessel to hell. What are you hiding? You must be hiding something to not have taken this new technology. Laws pass. Judges agree. Make it mandatory. Critics/skeptics will be there chanting “What do you have to hide – get chipped or die!”

Thinking of all the good such a device could be used for, also leads you to consider all the cruelty, havoc, and evil such a thing could unleash.


A.I. System                 = 666
A ADSX Bio Chip             = 666
A Allied Bank Bio-ID        = 666
A Bio-Chip Device           = 666
Accept Hand Chip            = 666
A Chip Scanner              = 666
A Cyber-Human               = 666
A Demonic AADHAAR ID        = 666
A Dynamic Tag ID            = 666
A Evil Forehead             = 666
Allied Bank E.I. Data       = 666
A Mark For Man              = 666
A Mark Of The CIA           = 666
A Math Of Beast             = 666
Antimony                    = 666
A Numeric Code              = 666
A Obama E-ID Order          = 666
A RFID Marking              = 666
A RFID Number               = 666
A RFID Seal                 = 666
A SINIGAN RFID              = 666
A Smart ID Card             = 666
B.Obama + US RFID             = 666
Bad Implants                = 666
Bio-Implant                 = 666
Calculation                 = 666
Causes Mark                 = 666
Chipped In Hand             = 666
CIA And ID Traces           = 666
Computer                    = 666
Created By Man              = 666
Crystal ID                  = 666
Data Storage                = 666
DEMOS IN U.K.               = 666
Decide Obama ID Chip        = 666
Diga e-Implant              = 666
Digital ID Chip             = 666
Dollar Crash                = 666
Dollar Sign                 = 666
e-Chips Traced              = 666
e-Identity                  = 666
E-Network                   = 666
E.U. Implant                = 666
E.U And Kantara             = 666
EEMA ID And Satan           = 666
E Trade Mark                = 666
Forehead Sign               = 666
For Money                   = 666
His Evil Hand               = 666
Lucent Tech                 = 666
Man + Beast Chip            = 666
Mandatory                   = 666
Mark Of Beast               = 666
Mark Of Caesar              = 666
Max Levchin                 = 666
Microchip Fib               = 666
Mondex Chip                 = 666
Monetary                    = 666
Money + Greed               = 666
National ID AIB             = 666 
No More Cash                = 666
Now Be Marked               = 666
Obama + A U.N Mark          = 666
Obama And No Cash           = 666
One e-World                 = 666
Or Place In Head            = 666
Programmer                   = 666
R. Seelig Chip              = 666
Receive A Mark              = 666
RFID + Beheadings           = 666
RFID + Mice = Cancer        = 666
RFID Body Tag               = 666
RFID Scanner                = 666
Satanic Mark                = 666
Satan’s Seal                = 666
Smart Idol                  = 666
SS Number                   = 666
Take Lucifer                = 666
Terminals                   = 666
The Data Beast              = 666
The Hand Or Head            = 666
Three Chips                 = 666
Trace I-Chips               = 666
Track ID Cards              = 666
Tracking Man                = 666
USA Hand Mark               = 666
Verichip Hid                = 666
Verishield                  = 666
World-Net                   = 666
World Bio-ID                = 666
World ID Card               = 666