Zachary K. Hubbard, Omarosa, #Walkaway Movement, and Trump Gematria Study


Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 6.16.03 PM“There is nothing more important you can learn in the world of truth than this code of Gematria” – Zachary K. Hubbard, Secular Numerologist 

Hey everyone Jay Pilon here. Zach included a link to this site on his RSS feed for Gematria News. I encourage you to check out his book Letters And Numbers

Zach is a proponent of Gematria and over the years built up a following on YouTube, as well as his online blogs. Recently his YouTube channel detailed the Omarosa Manigault and Donald Trump incident. I want to breakdown that story and more, as well as some of the numbers.


Omarsoa Manigault accuses Trump of using N-word

“For most Americans, it is the ballot box, not the bestseller list, where such determinations are made, and where moralism and self-interest can and should mix. And it’s not hard to picture voters in 2018, 2020 or both looking around, taking a breath and deciding they’ve had enough of the wackadoos.” – The Washington Post

In reality the voting public relies heavily on the concept of groupthink and pack mentality in their determination of electing officials to any given office. The belief that the American public (or any Republic or Democracy) as a collective will rightfully choose leadership that demonstrates sound reasoning and either a rational or morally sound discernment is FALSE. Washington Post gets it wrong again, and what is a wackadoo? It has been demonstrated through the 2016 election narrative, and through the false agenda driven lens of the MSM, that persons are instinctively driven by their fears (whether real or imagined) rather than their intellect or morals. This is why in America the concept of choosing a Presidential candidate is usually regarded as the so-called choice between “two evils“. Deciding which blood-line related Presidential contender is the lesser of the ‘two evils‘ is where a number of voters “choice” falls. Individuals in a political theater are rare. Collectives of people who rely on the echo chamber of ideals and concepts that mirror their own is what largely comprises the American political landscape in our two-party system. This system is in place in order to prevent ‘Justice’ and in order to profit from the falsehood of divisions. Figures who are promoted to the highest level of attention and acclaim in the field of politics, or mainstream media (left or right), earn millions of dollars for their respective positions and so-called ‘opinions‘. These actors are persons who speak not as “the individual“, but rather as the collective. They are in the position of highest afforded power for their own profit, and the promotion of their masters agenda. Not the needs, nor the concerns of the individual. In English Gematria “Opinions” = 666.


Omarosa Manigault profited from her stint on “Team Trump”, now she is afforded the publicity and millions in potential profits for “Dumping Trump”. Various figures in the public spotlight are paid endorsements and speaking fees for selling any particular political position. The job of the mainstream media is not to remain neutral, but rather to help sell the “profit for division model” that keeps the two-party system alive and bringing in the big dollars. Dollars and profits are what Omarosa cares most deeply about. Divisions and hatred of the truth are what the mainstream media care deeply about. They hate the truth, there is no truth in them. A typical CNN anchor, for example, lives comfortably in a multi room mansion, while owning a number of luxury vehicles on a million dollar salary. Can you imagine CNN actors Don Lemon or Jim Acosta offering rooms for illegal families in their respective mansions? What a beautiful gesture that would be! No, these are persons selling false agendas and stoking the bigoted irrational fears of a naïve and always gullible public in order to pay their extravagant bills. So why would they stop? They make too much cash doing it.


Can you really trust the media? Can you really trust any of the news? In August of 2018, 70 news organizations are supposedly planning to band together in groupthink solidarity to complain about and ridicule President Donald J. Trump. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! Irrational fear mongering? You BET! They would be better to spend that time, and energy, towards helping communities forward toward civility and understanding. They could produce job placement shows for the unemployed or disabled. Be the bridge to peace. But, would they? President Trump is covered so much already, we can expect 24/7 coverage saturation of Trump in fact. Turn on CNN right now! What are they talking about? Likely Trump. Turn on FOX, who are they talking about!? Again, Trump.


The Trump name makes the two-party system money. CASH! $$$$ The “Dump Trump” machine is a full-fledged 24 hours a day campaign designed to make the left money. You like Trump? Ok. You might read to see why Huffington Post claims there are a Gematria laced “88 New Reasons To Hate Trump!“. Trump equals 88 in Gematria, by the way. Using his name to sell hatred and bigotry is a passion of the Left. You voted Trump? That makes you a bigoted, White supremacist Nazi! Even if you are none of those things, that is the narrative. Thus the MSM will double down on name calling anyone who dares disagree with their fake narratives and false divisions. Take for example the focus on so-called White nationalist and Neo-Nazis. Why give them a voice!? Did these groups just magically appear when Trump was elected, or did they always exist in small numbers? Ummm. Ask yourself how many of those so-called White nationalist have you ever met? Outside of “hearing” a few bigoted PS4 internet gangsters, I have never met any neo-Nazi nor any White supremacist. Think people. This is a diversion by the media to keep people in line through their fears. White people might be out to get you! Stay fearful. Black people are all gang members! Stay fearful. WAKE UP. The media are lying to sell fear based agendas of hate and division in an effort to keep people ignorant and easily fooled. Research how many of those so-called White nationalist are in reality Obama voters, and Bernie Sanders supporters. Did you bother to look it up?  If you do you will start to smell the set-up. Why does the media not mention the ties of certain so-called White neo-Nazis to the Democrats? Yea, it does not fit their narrative.

You didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi? YOU RACIST!!!!  That means you are a toxic, White male and Pro-Trump supporter, according to nearly every left-leaning article and blog. Sick! What a disgusting and miserable agenda! Even if you are none of those things in the eyes of the certain left wingers you are! The media are obsessed with doubling down on rhetoric laced, childish name calling, and gender politics all which will lead people to re-elect Trump in 2020.  FACTS.


Where was the group ridicule for the Obama administrations use of drones that killed an estimated 12,000 civilians across numerous countries? WHERE!? Those civilian deaths left thousands of families without children, forever separated because of our US war mongering, and the news media was delighted! ‘Not the enemy of the people’? Prior to Vietnam the US news media, including Time Magazine, were selling us on the Gematria induced lie that 6 ships attacked an American vessel. It didn’t. They knew it was all lies of course. You can always tell their lying by their use of the numbers 6, 66, and 666.

SO how would ANY American feel if some other country were using drones on our people, leading to the murder of nearly 7,000 children? Would they simply brush it off like the media did for ‘Baby Killer Obama’? NO OF COURSE NOT! We as Americans would demand “Justice”! Feelings of outrage, shock, and horror would penetrate the fabric of the US. Yet President Obama while in office, like any other number of globalist Presidents before him, authorized the murder of thousands leading to the deaths of innocent babies, also by the thousands. SICK

In English Gematria “Trump An Omarosa” = 1110

“A fear-driven life is a life in which thoughts, decisions and actions are predominantly motivated by fear. Most people live a fear-driven life. Our present culture promotes a fear-driven life.” – Dr. Tim Ong

Does The Mainstream Media Speak For All Blacks?

For fear of being labeled a sellout, and other very disturbing racial slurs, by a collective of so-called tolerant White liberal-leaning bigots, many Black conservatives choose to remain hidden. Their voices silent. The narrative of the mainstream media is that the Associated Press, a majority of whom are White, speak for ALL BLACKS. Blacks are thus marginalized by the media who remind Americans in narrative after narrative to stay in your place. If you are a Black American you are not allowed to wander from the echo chamber of the biased hate filled agenda that all White people are evil bigots (except of course the ones the media promotes) who are “keeping you down” and not allowing you to have success. In reality there are levels to every realm or domain of culture and business. Under a two-party system that is controlled via a bloodline of aristocrats who are bonded to one another through a shared ancestry, YOU may not become President of the United States. Unless of course you are apart of their family. You must have inside you blood of kings, the so-called ‘rights to rule‘, the special genes for kingship. Barack Obama, cousin of Robert E. Lee and George Bush was allowed/granted to the level of the presidency. He was given the keys to the kingdom through his shared family bloodline, just as today the king in office is Donald J. Trump. Those are the levels of success which without a divine miracle are unobtainable for; Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, and Native Indian Americans. That point of fact aside. You are not limited to any successes you achieve in life because of your race. You live your life. You make your choices, for better or worse. You decide how you will pursue a livelihood, and any obstacle you face can be overcome through persistence and time. You also choose what messages to accept and which to render as null and void. No persons hatred or bigotry will ever hinder you from setting goals, nor achieving success. If you allow messages of defeat and self-pity to rule your life, then you are living in fear.


Black Americans aren’t buying Omarosa’s turn against Trump

“For years, Omarosa Manigault Newman stood at Donald Trump’s side, making her deeply unpopular with African-Americans who see her as a SELLOUT for aligning herself with a president who has hurled one insult after another at black people.” – Associated Press

Notice the mindless and irrational fear mongering the Associated Press utilized in the above quote. They paint themselves, White left leaning liberals, as the VOICE of ALL Black persons. Reminding us that if you voted Trump then you are less than a Black person. You are a sellout and Trump is a racist. What right, if any, does the Associated Press have to paint Black Americans as “one collective”. Not as individuals with their own bodies, souls, and minds. Rather the media in this case describes Blacks as though they are drones, all thinking and feeling the exact same way. What a sick and disgusting group the media have become! What an agenda!


The #Walkaway Movement

The coverage of the #Walkaway movement is lacking from the MSM, due ONLY to the fact that it does not fit with their false narratives and the scripted divide and conquer model. Division is the key. They LOVE to divide Americans by race, specifically Black vs White, the claims of the standard news drones is one that if you are: White, Christian, and straight then you are a racist Republican. If you are White or Jewish and left-leaning then you are tolerant and open-minded – you are ok. If you are Black, well you only have one option you are Democrat, held down in poverty by the White devil. What a load of garbage! The concept that races should be marginalized to fit some specific mold, is ludicrous and idiotic, whether that bigoted idea is from a Democrat, Republican, or Independent does not matter – it is wrong! Take a look at this dishonest drone:

“If the walkaway movement is to be believed then blacks are moving away from the Democratic party. No, people aren’t leaving the Democratic Party in droves.” – David Covucci, a typical Eurocentric drone at the Daily Dot

YES, David Covucci, There Are Black Conservatives!

I am sure this drone, David Covucci, knows exactly what he is doing. Burning the coals of dissension and oppression that his masters adore. Black vs White. The false narrative that you must be either one way or another in a close minded, supposedly tolerant world of the left leaning MSM echo-chamber idiocy. I do not speak for any race, nor all Blacks, nor all Whites. Neither should the Associated Press and their minions! Lets take a look at a few YouTubers who chose to #Walkaway, despite what David Covucci would want you to believe.


Uberguy – Black Conservative

“I do not stand with Black Lives Matter, lets not get this twisted. They don’t know whose funding them. They don’t know propaganda, they don’t know nothing about that. All they know is that when they go into someplace like the metro mall, they literally could be going there just to buy a CD, because they are black a dude would go up to them and say “What you doing in here!” – Uberguy, The Honest Truth about Police Brutality in America


In 2018 a number of Black Conservatives were targeted with racial slurs by members of the so-called tolerant Left, including being labeled as “sellouts, Nazis, and White supremacist N*words“. Sick and vile comments such as these, and even more have found there way onto social media by the left-leaning liberals, and Antifa. Really? This needs to stop! The media are causing this divisive issue to build up through constant race baiting and stereotypes. They are giving a voice to the White neo-Nazi groups. Educate yourself to their true nature. Learn and teach others to forgive and rebuke ANY message of hate. We need to return to civility, love, and respect.  Period. Below are just a few of the modern era Black Conservatives that challenge the stereotypes of the false media.


“WOW! Black support for @realDonaldTrump has DOUBLED since last year. Do you all remember when people laughed at me? When people said the idea of us blacks waking up to the reality of our mental enslavement was a delusion? They aren’t laughing right now!” – Candace Owens

photo (1)

“From early childhood, we’re told who we should be, what tribal group we belong to, and how we are expected to interact in a socially engineered society. Some go through life completely unaware of their indoctrinated world view. Myself, and others like me never fully subscribe to anything not of our own design without questioning it first.

In today’s world, there is an oppressive status quo of values and beliefs, and those who don’t subscribe are whipped with displeasure. Minds are awakening and shifting towards truth. No longer will we be controlled by this establishment of false narratives and propaganda. Because freedom comes before truth only in the dictionary.” – Mike Nificent


photo (3)

Brandon Tatum

photo (2)

The Amazing Lucas

photo (4)

David Harris Jr

photo (5)

Tony Montaga

I have a large and diverse circle of people in my life, and the subject of Omarosa is of hardly any concern for them. NONE. Yet the attention of the media is to illustrate supposed divisions between the races. The message being that you have no say in the matter of your livelihood, due to the race your were born with. Sick. You can be whomever you want to be. Never stop being you. Live your life and embrace love! Except people for their differences. We are not one. We are each unique.

Truth Seeking & Free Speech

When certain people close to me chose to remain active in the street life, I had to remove those persons from my circle. That type of behavior and ignorance is not conductive for my well-being, nor is it for theirs. I removed them from my environment, and have no contact with those persons. That said. IF in reality Omarosa had a legitimate falling out with Donald Trump, then she could very well keep those thoughts and views to herself and move on. There is absolutely NO NEED to bring attention to her so-called plight and beef with Trump. Yet there is a reason for her much publicized falling out. $$$$$$$$ MONEY!!! 

I am a huge, huge, huge fan of free speech. If Omarosa wanted to express her dislike of Trump then wonderful for her. But for me the truth is to be told, NOT SOLD. She is selling: an agenda, a book, a movie of the week, and speaking engagements. THINK PEOPLE! I pay yearly $200 for this site to remain up and for those of YOU who are truth seeking, truth loving persons (thank you, God Bless you) who come here to read my articles for information, Gematria, and facts that you may have never heard before and – I do It ALL FOR FREE. Which brings us to the sad reality of the scripted Omarosa drama. In 2020 (Trump will likely win re-election) she could very well re-join “Team Trump”, and declare her next book “Why I Came Back“. It’s all false agendas and nonsense. Money. Greed. Scripted silly TV drama of no real concern for anyone I know. Does Omarosa actually have hidden tapes of Trump calling her the N word!? If she did then she would be selling those, instead of her books.

If you are here for the first time and need to learn about Gematria, please visit my post called “What Is Gematria”, it gives a very clear breakdown on what it is.

Recent Trump Gematria Findings:

Trump Built Wall = 88
A Trump Build Wall = 1110
Trump An Art of Deal = 1110
Trump An Omarosa = 1110
A D. Trump Tweets = 1110

Trump Dog = 42
Female = 42
Lady = 42
B*** = 42
N Word = 42

Judge Sarah Backus = 906
Sarah Backus = 88 (ALW) / 332 Primes
A Democrat A Sarah Backus = 1110

A Social Medias = 666
Social Media of FBI’s = 888
Social Media + NSA Spy = 1110

In Closing 

No matter who you are, no matter what political affiliation you belong, Jesus loves you. Thank you all so much for coming by! Forgive others, reject hate and division, accept one another in civility. Rebuke falsehoods and seek the truth and wisdom. Study, research, learn. God Bless You.