Mark Of Beast = 666 – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Mondex - Roland-Moreno

According to prophecy the ‘mark of beast’ will be a mandatory means of buying and selling in a dystopian world under the rule of “the beast”. In English Gematria the phrase ‘Mark of Beast’ = 666.

The mark of beast will likely be three things in one:

1.) Spiritual – The Mark Will Be Symbolism That Carries With It The Path For Spirits

2.) Electronic Identity – The Mark Will Be Capable Of Knowing All About You

3.) Cash Less – The Mark Will Be Digital Based Currency

Revelation 13:16 And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.…

The biblical prophecy is understood by many to be an implantable bio chip capable of carrying personal identification as well as a source for cash less commerce. There are two companies, Mondex and ADSX, which have the means and the capability to develop
such a mark. It has NOT been created yet, nor if developed does it imply that either company or their employees are evil. What these companies represent however is the means for a future mark to be developed. Those securing the throne for this future dystopian ruler to reign will in all likely hood use a bio chip style technology to implement his mark and secure his ruling power over the masses.

Mondex Chip In Forehead

Mondex Chip = 666

Mondex is the leader of cash-less electronic chips. These chips are found in almost all major credit cards. Mondex has ties to many of the worlds banks as well as links to many e-commerce sites. Back in 2000 Mondex introduced an Employee ID Card to the Hitachi company that acted as both a staff ID and a payment card. Currently Mondex has no bio chips, however the company remains on the cutting edge of development in their pursuit to create a cash-less and secure means of commerce for the world. The company says it will “continue to develop and seek a revolutionary payment system designed to meet todays marketplace.” The Mondex website front page shows a man with a Mondex chip in his forehead. (See photos above for picture) It is also interesting that an advertisement a year ago by Mastercard depicted a man opening his fist to reveal a Mondex chip in the palm of his right hand, although it was not implanted, it was implied that this is the direction the company will take in the future. The company also posts numerous ads depicting implanted mondex chips in the heads of their consumers. In reality the company currently has no Mondex bio chips, however it is not entirely outside the realm of possibility that the company will pursue such a technology in the future.


The Future of Electronic-IDentity

Several companies are meeting around the world to discuss the combination of measures and technology to create an Electronic ID capable of handling a greater series of SMART tasks, such as Bio metric security checks, previously by giving the possibility of authentication and authorization without the need of a physical eID, just using a mobile app smartphone with a virtual token, specifically developed for this. The companies above are attempting to combine these processes together to create a suite of digital tools for the future of secure electronic verification of identity.

Mondex - Bio Metrics

The above list is a checklist of features that the Mondex company and the global partners of Electronic ID are investing time and money toward creation. The combination of all the above in one device will become a reality.

R. Seelig Chip = 666

In the 1990’s and well into 2000, a number of critics/skeptics claimed that no one would ever willingly accept “bio-chips” because of too many privacy concerns. I read numerous false claims in print and online. Then R. Seelig became the first human to receive the digital angel chip after the events of September 11. Currently the technology is in its infancy and can not transmit wireless signals nor act as a means of currency. The chipping of Seelig was a gesture to showcase the possibility of a world where people are chipped in order to prevent ‘terror’.

Chip for pets


Applied Digital Solutions or ADSX, was the premier marketer of bio chips, such as the human ‘Verichip’, but mostly used to track beasts such as household pets and livestock.
The company formally traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol ADSX. Before changing their name and stock designation to DIGA or Digital Angel Corp.
Currently the technology is being used through Allflex USA, a company that specializes in the numbering and chipping of beasts, such as cattle.


Cashless Bio-Chip = Big Hit 

Nowadays nearly everyone you encounter is marked up with tattoos and rings from their noses to their face, they have been conditioned to accept anything seemingly hip or trendy, why not a chip meant for animals? Notice the chipped cattle above with the numbers of 88 and 66 shown near their heads. This is symbolic. The idea that people (the masses) will resist being chipped out of concern/fear of privacy is old school ludicrous. This was the common argument for a number of years whenever critics/skeptics would debate the possibility of electronic chips and human consumerism. The critics as always are wrong. The masses will be more than ready and willing to be chipped, out of convenience for purchasing goods, out of appearing trendy, out of sheer ignorance. They will be chipped.

Now lets take a look at some of the arguments regarding ‘Mark

The Mark of Beast Is ONLY Spiritual Not Physical

Here is something from OUR community, those of you who are amongst the Christian crowd or spiritual minded. For years many have held the position that the ‘Mark’ is a spiritual matter alone. How then could one buy or sell if the mark is ONLY spiritual? ‘REV 13:17 so that no one would be able to buy or to sell, unless they have the
mark, which is, the name of the beast or the number of his name.’ Is it logical/reasonable that people will buy and sell goods with a spiritual mark? The spiritual symbolism of the mark is all too evident to many, including myself, however, the world around us is a combination of spiritual and physical and we don’t simply go to the store and purchase goods on faith alone.

NO Company Now Nor EVER Is Connected To Any Cashless Chip, BIO or Otherwise

Here is the old school argument from the skeptic crowd. No one is making it today, so that means ever. As in EVER. Yes, currently no company has integrated its technology in such a way as to incorporate both a cash-less system and a GPS SMART bio chip into a single workingmark‘ that they have thus injected into someone. Now, several companies, even this year, have demonstrated new bio chip tech for their employees. But does this rule out the possibility of it ever happening globally? Both companies I’ve mentioned (Mondex, PositiveID) have implied several times their wish to integrate new technologies or discover other means to provide their product to the marketplace. Mondex is a leader of cash-less advanced chips and could in all probability design such a means in the form of a bio-chip or out source with another company to create one. Just because they have no plans to do so today does not rule out it happening ever. In fact that does not even make much sense. Any number of companies are on the verge of creating new SMART ware with tracking and E-Identity/Commerce capabilities.

The Hand And Head Are Not Possible To Hold Bio Chips Due To Tissue Issues

How logical would it be to lift your leg up over the counter at your local service station to pay for gas? How logical would it be to swipe your back across a scanner at the check out counter of your grocery store? Those areas are far too inconvenient for a cash less
bio chip to be implanted. This is why technology is ALWAYS changing things up. The bio-chip that companies are looking into does not have to be some RFID style device, it could be as thin as a digital TATOO applied on a persons hand or forehead. Tech changes. When it comes to fast service to pay for goods people tend to use their credit or debit card. They pull it out their wallet and swipe it across a scanner and their money is deducted by a cash less means. Taking it one step further would be to place ‘conveniently’ a mark in your hand. Some people however are disabled and or rely on wheel chairs or have artificial limbs. For them the convenience of having a mark in the head would make sense. It could even be digital ink or a wearable device, also our forehead is where we store numbers like our credit card number etc.

Making Their Case For Chipping The Masses

If you are reading this blog you are likely a person who adores the truth and seeks out wisdom, rather than accept falsehoods and deceit. For the moral, spiritual, and ethically concerned this is called ‘preaching to the choir’. In other words you are not likely to run out and get chipped if such a program was initiated overnight. However, the sad reality is you are in the minority. . . SO How will they promote such a device?

1.) Band Wagon Effect – Everyone Is Doing It Why Not You?

Celebs, singers, athletes. All chipped up. That would start quite the trend in accepting something that will eventually do more harm than good.

2.) Fights Kidnapping / Missing Persons / Trafficking

Imagine a device that can track everyone at once. It knows where you are. That way you don’t get lost.

3.) Its Super Convenient – CASH & ID In One – ZERO IDENTITY THEFT

Imagine a device that you only had to recall one password for? 666. Plus you didn’t have to fiddle with loose change, write checks, hand over cards, pull out purse/wallet. Hop on an airline? Check. No more passports required. Drivers license? Food allergy? Health history? Triple Check.

4.) What Do You Have To Hide

Imagine a device that keeps track of all your purchases, even anticipating your next purchase. It knows on Wednesday night you order pizza, it will be ready. If you tried to purchase something illegal it could keep track of that too. Inform the proper authorities. Did you not pay that fine? The device will pay it for you. Or turn you in. The device could keep track of every parole violator. Every suspect or ex convict. Every Muslim. Every Christian. So what do you have to hide?

5.) It Is Mandatory 

Not at first. Let them get used to the idea, reel them in. The critics/skeptics will be there chanting “But it is not mandatory!” Imagine for a moment their smirking faces. Point 4 above will be used as a dagger against anyone who hadn’t hopped on board this vessel to hell. What are you hiding? You must be hiding something to not have taken this new technology. Laws pass. Judges agree. Make it mandatory. Critics/skeptics will be there chanting “What do you have to hide – get chipped or die!”

Thinking of all the good such a device could be used for, also leads you to consider all the cruelty, havoc, and evil such a thing could unleash.


A.I. System                 = 666
A ADSX Bio Chip             = 666
A Allied Bank Bio-ID        = 666
A Bio-Chip Device           = 666
Accept Hand Chip            = 666
A Chip Scanner              = 666
A Cyber-Human               = 666
A Demonic AADHAAR ID        = 666
A Dynamic Tag ID            = 666
A Evil Forehead             = 666
Allied Bank E.I. Data       = 666
A Mark For Man              = 666
A Mark Of The CIA           = 666
A Math Of Beast             = 666
Antimony                    = 666
A Numeric Code              = 666
A Obama E-ID Order          = 666
A RFID Marking              = 666
A RFID Number               = 666
A RFID Seal                 = 666
A SINIGAN RFID              = 666
A Smart ID Card             = 666
B.Obama + US RFID             = 666
Bad Implants                = 666
Bio-Implant                 = 666
Calculation                 = 666
Causes Mark                 = 666
Chipped In Hand             = 666
CIA And ID Traces           = 666
Computer                    = 666
Created By Man              = 666
Crystal ID                  = 666
Data Storage                = 666
DEMOS IN U.K.               = 666
Decide Obama ID Chip        = 666
Diga e-Implant              = 666
Digital ID Chip             = 666
Dollar Crash                = 666
Dollar Sign                 = 666
e-Chips Traced              = 666
e-Identity                  = 666
E-Network                   = 666
E.U. Implant                = 666
E.U And Kantara             = 666
EEMA ID And Satan           = 666
E Trade Mark                = 666
Forehead Sign               = 666
For Money                   = 666
His Evil Hand               = 666
Lucent Tech                 = 666
Man + Beast Chip            = 666
Mandatory                   = 666
Mark Of Beast               = 666
Mark Of Caesar              = 666
Max Levchin                 = 666
Microchip Fib               = 666
Mondex Chip                 = 666
Monetary                    = 666
Money + Greed               = 666
National ID AIB             = 666 
No More Cash                = 666
Now Be Marked               = 666
Obama + A U.N Mark          = 666
Obama And No Cash           = 666
One e-World                 = 666
Or Place In Head            = 666
Programmer                   = 666
R. Seelig Chip              = 666
Receive A Mark              = 666
RFID + Beheadings           = 666
RFID + Mice = Cancer        = 666
RFID Body Tag               = 666
RFID Scanner                = 666
Satanic Mark                = 666
Satan’s Seal                = 666
Smart Idol                  = 666
SS Number                   = 666
Take Lucifer                = 666
Terminals                   = 666
The Data Beast              = 666
The Hand Or Head            = 666
Three Chips                 = 666
Trace I-Chips               = 666
Track ID Cards              = 666
Tracking Man                = 666
USA Hand Mark               = 666
Verichip Hid                = 666
Verishield                  = 666
World-Net                   = 666
World Bio-ID                = 666
World ID Card               = 666

US Election 2016 – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism


Cousins Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Squared Off For The “Rigged” 2016 Election – The American Public Believe The False Perception The Two Are Enemies – In Reality The Clinton’s & Trumps Are On Good Terms And Relatives

Symbolism of the esoteric variety, is willfully placed in works of entertainment and even the 2016 US election. The hidden symbols, allegories, and message are only intended to be understood by a small group of individuals capable of recognizing and interpreting the meanings or occult symbolism depicted. The general public may find it rather confusing or too obscure to notice off-hand. However, after familiarizing yourself with the numerical or esoteric scheme you may find it easier to decipher and spot the hidden symbols so meaningful to the Elite/Secret Societies. This Gematria study will attempt to ‘deconstruct’ the US election of 2016.

The General Public & Eurocentric Thought

The general public may find it rather confusing, or choose to outright ignore, the importance of the rituals/rites of the Upper Tier Elite. In the Eurocentric world of political theater the controlling powers that be are capable of mocking and manipulation of the public at will through the use of esoteric symbols, magic, politics, and of course entertainment.

“Our media culture often mocks and demeans people of faith. All the time, I hear from concerned parents how much harder it is for Christian families to raise their children in today’s media environment. Your values of love, charity and faith built this nation. So how can it be that our media treats people of faith so poorly?” – US President, Donald J Trump

That the thought and notion of wider placed symbolism/esoteric properties is routinely dismissed by the unknowing is so glaring a facet within the culture of today, due in part to a steady curriculum of Eurocentric Secularism (and the art of omission), thus making the efforts of deconstruction all the more painful for those unfortunate enough to have “bought into” Eurocentric conditioning.

Eurocentric secularism, which is a predominant form of Western thinking, began to grow in prominence after the so-called Renaissance era and places a great deal of emphasis on the notions of modern European and Western superiority while advocating the spread of predominantly Eurocentric culture and thinking (Greek Mythology, Renaissance Idealism). One of the tenants of this discipline is the connection between race and so-called superiority/inferiority models (Eugenics/Darwinism).

Whenever possible Eurocentric secularist will use verbiage and image to promote racial bias and exclusion, such as tying or connecting the subject of ‘slavery’ (a plight which all races have endured throughout history) specifically to the Black race. In this manner Eurocentric secularist have chosen to purposely omit from the historical record the contribution to the growth, rise, and creation of civilization itself – such as built upon in Babylon by ancient King Nimrod (Gilgamesh).

Eurocentric secularism is currently the dominant form of academic curriculum taught throughout the United States and much of Europe. The subject of ancient history, when dealing with the importance, contributions, or advances of non-White culture, are routinely dismissed or conveniently “omitted” from academic discussion and literature, while the ideals and themes of later Roman and Greek history are advanced. In this way proponents of this discipline are able to relegate the ideas of religions and cultures of a non-Western world as being superstitious, mythological, and inferior.

“I think that the raw materials for belief in the supernatural are created by the electrochemical functioning of the brain. – Lewis-Williams, Eurocentric secularist and researcher

Eurocentric Secularist often teach that the belief of any spiritual subject matter is as the result of a damaged mind or malfunction of the brain. These same Eurocentric figures are very often advocates for political parties or figures who purport to holding spiritual beliefs. In order to confuse the populace the upper tier elite will utilize this form of propaganda known as ‘the art of omission’, specifically in mocking or insulting the so-called Abrahamic faiths, all while failing to connect their chosen political figure with those same belief systems. In this manner the public holds onto several false perceptions, including that the ruling class have no spiritual direction or belief in God/gods at all, in reality this perception is false.


Secret Societies & Mystery School Groups Utilize Various Rites/Rituals Of An Occult Or Esoteric Nature – Membership Of These Groups Include The Upper Tier Elite

Secret Society & The General Public

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told Fox News that the powers that be (the establishment) were fearful of a Donald Trump presidency because he didn’t belong to a secret society, and had not carried out the necessary rituals and rites of such mystery school groups.

“Well because he’s an outsider, he’s not them, he’s not part of the club, he’s uncontrollable, he hasn’t been through the initiation rites, he didn’t belong to the secret society.” – Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is a member of the Bohemian Grove secret society, the annual encampment that is held in Monte Rio, California and attended by the most powerful male figures in the world.

The Mundane (Public) Vs. The Initiated (Upper Tier Elite) 

The general public, those ordinary individuals who choose to ignore esoteric or occultism, who are as well unknowing of the rites and magic being used and manipulated by the elite, are given such mocking and disparaging titles as ‘goyim’ and ‘sheep’, by those few in positions of power. The term ‘goyim’, oft used by Eurocentric Zionists, is a derogatory term which compares those unacquainted/outside of Jewish gnosis to ‘cattle’ – animals to be used up and slaughtered.

“Goyim were born to serve us, without that they have no place in the world…” – Ovadia Yosef

In the world of fantasy, such as found in the Harry Potter series, those individuals who have no powers of magic themselves are called ‘muggles’. They are depicted as a mundane people existing without the knowledge of the spiritual world, being unable to ever see or hear the supernatural. They are also unwilling or incapable of acknowledging the Witch Species bloodline, the special powered beings who are capable of using witchcraft and spells to their advantage. The topic of ‘muggles’ in the world of fantasy literature/film is a blatant allegory for the views the ruling elite hold of the ordinary people – the voters.

“Sell them a key that keeps shrinking to nothing so they can never find it when they need it… Of course, it’s very hard to convict anyone because no Muggle would admit their key keeps shrinking—they’ll insist they just keep losing it. Bless them, they’ll go to any lengths to ignore magic, even if it’s staring them in the face…” – Arthur Weasley, Harry Potter

Emails (reveled by Wikileaks) from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and former counselor to President Obama, John Podesta, seemed to indicate that Clinton holds contempt for everyday Americans.

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans…but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion.”  – John Podesta

According to Adam Edelman of the New York Daily News, the comment “everyday Americans, was a term that her aides wanted placed in a speech, but that Clinton had come to detest using that specific term.

Super Bowl 50 Ads Gematria Study 11

The Woman Figure Is Celebrated During Super Bowl 50 – The US 2016 Election Goal Of The Elite To Elect Hillary Clinton To The Presidency


Prior to the US election of 2016,  the Super Bowl 50 ads featured three prominent esoteric themes which are allegory /hidden meanings for: Trans-humanism, Economic Collapse, & The Celebration Of The Goddess (Agenda To Elect Hillary Clinton As President).

Super Bowl 50, the American football game championship, was broadcast on CBS network becoming the third most-watched program in American television history with a record 111 million viewers. CBS network and the advertising agencies involved carefully chose celebrities who were actively endorsing Hillary Clinton for the presidency to market their products. The network featured numerous 30-second commercials during the game, of which several featured esoteric symbolism of the occult variety.  Special guest performers during Super Bowl 50 included Beyoncé, who was openly campaigning on behalf of Hillary Clinton, while Cold Play lead singer Chris Martin had routinely performed at Democratic functions/gatherings.  During the commercial spots, the appearance of female figures campaigning/ endorsing Clinton such as: Abby Wambach, Helen Mirren, and Janelle Monae, was indicative of the elites overt agenda to elect Hillary Clinton to the presidency. All three celebrity female figures had endorsed Clinton in the 2016 presidential election with Helen Mirren appearing on CNN to urge voters to elect Hillary. These women were specifically chosen to motivate female voters to quote ‘become empowered’ and vote. Hillary Clinton and her cousin Donald Trump were leading election polls through early 2016.


Necromancy & Hillary Clinton – The Art And Practice of Spirit Divination – Above Hillary Signals With OK Hex Sign During Speech

 In English Gematria Necromancy = 666

Members of the occult often utilize methods and means to hex or create so-called “pathways” for spiritual forces to control/enter the reality around them. Groups comprising the New Age Cult, for instance, call upon unseen beings such as the so-called Ascended Masters, to guide or counsel them in matters of real life. These occultist hold a belief that hidden forces of the air are capable of controlling or manipulating the physical realm from the shadows of an unseen spiritual one – ‘The Other Side’. This dimension of ethereal beings is sometimes referred to as the Ether realm, or the Abyss. In order to open a portal to this spiritual realm, an adept magician will enter into a contract of Hex-craft or casting magic spells, often utilizing the familiar patterns of 6. Necromancy is the art of practicing spirit divination, sometimes referred to as corpse channeling, met through the means of cursing, hex-craft, or metal projection. The magician/seer who initiates a connection to the spiritual realm may fall under a short trance induced state while attempting to establish communication with a spirit being or with the deceased.

In English Gematria New Age Cult = 666

During the Clinton administration, Hillary Clinton sought spiritual advice and guidance from the New Age Cult. In the 90’s Clinton consulted with mystical seer Jean Houston who recommended a connection between the physical realm and the spirit world be reached in order to connect with deceased first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Clinton then proceeded to practice necromancy with Houston, the two were said to have established a connection to Roosevelt whom they spoke with and whom spoke back to Clinton.

“Voices were on Hillary’s mind.  Whether the voices of Eleanor Roosevelt or Gandhi in the sessions with Houston and Bateson, or voices from her immediate family or her own past, the first lady seemed straining to hear them.”  – Bob Woodward

“Whenever any person is going through a deep struggle in life that involves both the personal spiritual and the occupational sides of their lives, they are likely to call in spiritual advice.  However, the kind of spiritual advice that is sought reveals much truth about who they truly are.  If a person is a Roman Catholic, he or she will ask a priest for spiritual advice; if a person is a Baptist, they will ask a Baptist pastor for advice; if a person is a witch, he or she will ask a “believer in spirits, mythic and other connections to history and to other worlds” for advice. Remember, this latter description is taken directly from Woodward’s article here describing Jean Houston.  When a witch needs advice he or she will turn to another witch for that spiritual advice, just as Bill and Hillary did in this instance.

The very fact that Bill and Hillary turned to these type of people at a most trying time in their lives further proves our point that Bill and Hillary are practicing witches.  Witches regularly practice this type of spiritual activity, all of which God severely and consistently condemns. ” –


The Clinton Emails & Moloch Sacrifice – Above Pictured Are Hillary Clinton And John Podesta – At Right Clinton Ambassador Lewis Amselem

Abduction And Torture Of Sister Dianna Ortiz

Dianna Ortiz, an American nun, served as a missionary in Guatemala in 1989. Ortiz was placed in Guatemala to educate children and the poor to read, all while under constant surveillance by the CIA and the US backed government of Guatemala.
On November 2, 1989 she was abducted by two members of the Guatemalan army and sent to a secret police facility (Antugua Escuela Politecnica) where she was tortured and raped over a 24 hour period before an unidentified American agent halted her abuse.

“You idiots! Leave her alone. She’s a North American, and it’s all over the news.” ” You have to forgive those guys…they made a mistake.” – Unidentified American : Possibly CIA Agent

U.S. Denial Of Involvement

Through declassified documents it was later revealed that the US government was the major source of funding for the Guatemalan army and had known of the torture and rapes being committed there.
In order to hide this ugly truth, United States officials, including US Ambassador Lewis Amselem, made an active effort to cover up the abduction and torture of Sister Dianna Ortiz. During Amselem’s tenure in Guatemala nearly 200 adults where also abducted, however their bodies were never located. On average over 800 children go missing yearly in Guatemala and are never found again. In November of 1978, Amselem had served in the field for the Jonestown massacre, an event that left over 900 people dead, including some 300 children.

“We have heard that girls aged 8 to 10 years are in demand for child pornography and organ trafficking” – Leonel Dubon, Childhood Refuge NGO of Guatemala

In 1990, Lewis Amselem, then assigned to the office of Political-Military Affairs in Guatemala, attempted to discredit Ortiz by stating she was a lesbian who made up the entire episode and simply had problems with her nerves. This corrupted ideology of victim blaming, while supporting abuse towards women, would be continued by so-called journalist Cokie Roberts.

Biased “Fake News” U.S. Media & Cokie Roberts

In 1996 Ortiz appeared on the TV news program Nightline with Cokie Roberts in order to discuss the real issue of human torture and abuse. Roberts, however, wished to discredit Ortiz claims of abuse and throughout the interview implied that Ortiz was a liar. It was later revealed that Roberts had been coached by her lobbyist brother Tommy “King of the Hill” Boggs to falsely attack Ortiz on behalf of the Guatemala government who had paid Boggs $220,000.

Hillary Clinton would later admit to Sister Ortiz, that it was likely that the American present at her torture was working on behalf, or had worked on behalf, of the US Government.

Clinton Emails & Moloch Sacrifice

While working for Organization of American States, Lewis Amselem wrote an email that reached the then Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton. That email would later go viral after appearing in Wikileaks. The email in question states that Amselem would be sacrificing a “chicken” to the Canaanite/Amorite deity Moloch – a god of child sacrifice. According to theorist, the coded terms of “chicken”, and “chicken lover” are sometimes used by child molesters to indicate their support for the abuse of children.

“With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . .” – W.Lewis Amselem, Leaked Email Found On Hillary Clinton Server

Upon this revelation supporters of Donald Trump addressed the Moloch comments on the website reddit, of which Lewis Amselem also read. In response to the comments placed on reddit, Amselem stated the following :

“The note was written after a very long day (18-20 hours)…..” It seems some people, to judge from their comments, take that line literally, and as proof that I was somehow involved in a Satanic cult at State. First, let me reassure one and all that no chicken or rabbit was actually harmed in the writing of the memo. I, in fact, do not have a rabbit’s foot, and, furthermore, did not sacrifice a chicken in my backyard to Moloch…..Second, I was not involved in any Satanic cult at State–they wouldn’t have me because I did not belong to AFSA (American Foreign Service Association), AKA, the “union.”

Third, I did not then nor do I now worship at the altar of Moloch, Ba’al, Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, Satan, or at that of his representatives on earth, the Democratic Party.” – Lewis Amselem, The DiploMad 2.0



Cousins Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Display Hexcraft Hand Sign – 666 OK Sign – Red VS Blue Trope (Trump Red Tie To Represent Red States – Clinton Blue Suit To Represent Blue States)




President Alma Coin – The Tyrant Of Hunger Games Is An Allegory For The Elites Choice Hillary Clinton. Red Vs Blue Trope As Catching Fire (Red) Leads To Mockingjay (Blue).



Actress Helen Mirren And Singer Beyoncé Were Featured Heavily During The 2016 Election Year Urging Voters To Support Hillary Clinton – The Name ISIS Is Almost Always Shown Or Uttered Thereafter – “Goddess Worship”



Helen Mirren Obtained Her Magik Tattoo While With A Group Of 6 – Clinton Flags Feature Pentagram Star



Red Vs Blue Trope – NAACP Scale Shown With Occult Meaning – Clinton In Blue

In English Gematria Donald J Trump = 888


Gematria Study – Alternative History

Alternative History

Alternative History, which also includes ancient alien theory or ‘paleo-contact’, is a hypothetical study of the past which concludes that human beings made contact with advanced extraterrestrial beings or ancient astronauts some thousands of years ago.
Alternative history or AH as a chronology of history differs from the subgenre of speculative fiction known as alternate history which offers speculative “what if” counter-facts to accepted history. The proponents of AH propose that the accepted interpretation of history is neither infallible nor conclusive.

As with any version/interpretation of historical account, alternative theorists debate the various concepts and ideas which comprise the foundation of this discipline, elements of which are sometimes known by the names “Forbidden History”, and “Secret History”. The various aspects of the AH culture are broadcast through internet forums and published works, subjects of which may include speculative accounts regarding objects and events or may include so-called pseudo science. While fringe concepts such as conspiracy theories and fringe sciences are oft explored, the major tenant of this subject remains the proposition that human beings contacted advanced extraterrestrial beings or ancient astronauts some thousands of years ago.

 Alternative history includes theoretical, speculative, and often fanciful takes on events said to have occurred prior to the written record or prehistory.
Authors and historians of this study often apply interpretative modernistic literalism, or IML, to religious text and archaeological artifacts in order to fill various gaps in the ‘accepted’ historical record.

As a discipline, alternative history is a collective hypothesis which grew to prominence in the latter half of the 20th century. Its proposals often bear similarities to plots found in the genre of science fiction. Works by authors such as H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and H.P. Lovecraft have all been cited as early examples of influence on figures close to the ‘paleo-contact’ debate.

In addition to the theories of ancient alien contact, alternative studies have their basis in the exploration of theoretical lost continents, among these Atlantis and Mu.
French author and Mesoamerican historian Chalres Brasseur de Bourbourg (1814-1874) expressed parallels between Maya and Egyptian cosmologies, implying a shared common source with the fabled Atlantis in his book Quatre lettres sur le Mexique, published in 1868. In 1882, inspired by the works of de Bourbour, American author Ignatius Loyola Donnelly published Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, establishing the connection that the mythical homeland of the Aztecs, Aztlan, is the legendary lost continent of Atlantis. Donnelly’s work would later contribute to the emergence of Mayanism, a blend of New Age beliefs, which places emphasis on the possibility of contact between the Aztecs and ancient astronauts.
Advocates such as Italian writer Peter Kolosimo and Swiss author Erich von Daniken are regarded as the modern fathers of ‘paleo-contact’, or ancient alien theory, a topic which was central in von Daniken’s book Chariots of the Gods?, published in 1968.
Notions popularized by authors such as von Daninken spawned a slew of theories as well as sub theories – or subsets – which as a whole became the study known today as Alternative History AH.

“The so-called ancient astronaut thesis and alternative study of history that is counter to mainstream thinking has become an exciting field. As we learn more about the advanced civilizations that existed before the “official history” taught in our schools, we are also broadening our horizons and learning about a larger universe that we all belong to as galactic citizens.” – Bill Stanley, author and Alternative History proponent.

While several hypotheses comprise alternative history, the basic tenets of this discipline consist of four alternative history interpretations or AHI, known here as the four concepts.



1.) Ancient Astronaut Theory

Ancient Astronaut Theory – Paleo Contact (Includes Subsets Limited Contact & Mother Culture)

2.) IML – Interpretative Modernistic Literalism

(Includes Subsets Out Of Place Artifacts & Pseudo Archeology, Also Fringe Theory)

3.) Panspermia

Panspermia – Exogenesis (Includes Subsets Directed Genesis & Accidental Panspermia – Also Known As “Garbage Theory”)

4.) The UFO Meme

The UFO Meme – Mental Link (Includes Subsets UFO Religion, New Age Cult, & Mental Link, Also Known As “Teachings Of The Ascended Masters”

Ancient Astronaut Theory

Ancient Astronaut Theory, or “Paleo-Contact”, also includes the subset or sub theories of “Mother Culture”, and “Limited Contact”. Chief among the four concepts, ancient astronaut theory provides the notion that extraterrestrials visited the earth long ago and had an impact on mankind.
In 1959, prior to the popularization of the paleo-contact hypothesis presented by von Daniken and his emulators, a Russian mathematician and ethnologist, Dr. M Matest Agrest, proposed that past cultures were greatly influenced by contact with extraterrestrials. At the time proponents of this theory, including French archaeologist Henri Lhote, shocked the accepted establishment with their controversial hypothesis. Dr. Agrest made a number of startling claims including such as that the destruction of Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, or S’dom and Gemora, were carried out by extraterrestrials armed with nuclear weapons and that the megalithic terrace of Baalbek in Lebanon was utilized as a Launchpad for ancient spacecraft.

In English Gematria “Evil Xemu” = 666

Notable authors such as astrophysicist Carl Sagan and Church of Scientology founder L.Ron Hubard viewed the topic of Paleo-Contact as a subject worthy of serious debate and study, while Sagan is regarded to have viewed the idea with cautious skepticism, Hubard expanded on the ideas of alien contact in his fanciful take on prehistory (Scientology) stating that 75 million years ago a galactic dictator, “Evil Xemu”, massacred over 1 billion individuals through thermonuclear weaponry – thus creating “thetans”, or tormented spirit/souls that today surround humans on Earth.

“We must contemplate our origins. Even if they are not of this Earth.” – Carl Sagan

Other notables including astrophysicist, mathematicians, and scientist have considered the possibilities of ancient extraterrestrial contact. Among these include Russian astronomer Iosif Shklovsky co-author of Intelligent Life in the Universe and German physicist Herman Oberth, one of the fathers of modern rocketry.

“We cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone. We have been helped…(by) the peoples of other worlds.” – Herman Oberith

Mother Culture

From the hypothesis of “Paleo-Contact”, two distinct sub theories have emerged, the first subset is known as “mother culture”. Mother culture is a term used to describe any early culture which influence carries over to later civilizations far beyond the life span of the previous culture. Adherents of this AHI believe that the rapid progress of early human civilization can be attributed to an ancient extraterrestrial source acting as a mother culture. According to this concept much of human religion, culture, and knowledge developed as a result of alien guidance. Elements of this idea have been widely popularized by authors such as Sasha Lessin, Erich von Daniken, and Zecharia Sitchin.
In this scenario aliens willfully directed human beings to achieve accomplishments such as early advances in the realm of medicine and astronomy, eventually aiding man in the building of ancient structures such as the pyramids of Egypt and the Ziggurat of Mesopotamia.


Charles Hoy Fort – One of many “fathers” of Alternative History, and the Ancient Alien Theory

Under this concept the rise and development of agriculture, for example, is often attributed directly to alien guidance. Author Charles Hoy Fort (1867-1923) was an early advocate of the mother culture concept. Charles Fort was a contemporary of professor L.F. Soddy, an Oxford scholar and Nobel Laureate whose life work included the search for apparent gaps in accepted historical record or prehistory. While Professor Soddy believed historical gaps were the result of a missing civilization, such as Atlantis or Lemuria, Fort speculated that an extraterrestrial mother culture was to blame. Charles Fort theorized that ancient astronauts of various races visited the Earth periodically for thousands of years, some out of curiosity, others out of necessity, such as the need for a mining colony or an interstellar matchmaking service. Charles Fort explored these and other rather revolutionary concepts in his book “The Book of the Damned”, published in 1919. Charles Forts work served as the foundation for many modern subset theories to develop such as aspects of the UFO Meme, namely abductions and telepathy.

“I accept that, though we’re usually avoided, probably for moral reasons, sometimes this earth has been visited by explorers. I think that the notion that there have been extra-mundane visitors to China, within what we call the historic period, will be only ordinarily absurd, when we come to that datum.” – Charles Hoy Fort

By 1960 the esoteric work of writers Louis Pauwels and physicist Jacques Bergier, ‘Le Matin des Magiciens’, appeared in Paris France. By 1964 the book made its way to the US under the title ‘Morning of the Magicians‘. Pauwels and Bergier were greatly inspired by the works of Charles Fort, whom is subject of the entire first chapter. The book popularized the theory that the Nazca Lines of Peru may have been utilized as a landing strip for alien astronauts, a theory first proposed by American ufologist James W. Moseley in an 1955 issue of Fate magazine.

Limited Contact

Apart from the hypothesis of “Paleo-Contact”, the second distinct sub theory to emerge is known as “limited contact”, one of the least discussed theories amongst proponents of AHI. Limited contact is the idea that ancient alien visitors influence on man was as a result of unintentional or limited contact with early humans. The speculation being that ancient spacemen either wandered off course or were monitoring our planet when they or their spacecraft were inadvertently witnessed by ancient man.
American physicist and science fiction author Ron L. Forward also explored elements of this concept in his sci-fi novel Dragon’s Egg, published in 1980. Forwards work later became the inspiration for a Star Trek Voyager episode titled “Blink of an Eye”, in which the presence of a starship (Voyager) is observed by the primitive inhabitants of an alien world who assume that the orbiting vessel and its crew are godlike beings.
Similar ideas were also featured in the television series Star Trek : The Next Generation in an episode titled “Who Watchers the Watchers”, written by Richard Manning and Hans Beimler.
The idea that extraterrestrials visited our planet, but avoided contact with man, yet if any contact did occur it was done so inadvertently is a concept not widely solicited by alternative history voices. Author Charles Fort (1867-1923), however, believed in the hypothesis of limited contact as well as mother culture, speculating that both likely occurred over millennia. American author and researcher Charles Hoy Fort is widely considered the first ancient astronaut theorist. Charles Fort devoted over 30 years to meticulous research of scientific journals and papers he gleaned from the libraries of London and New York.
During this period Fort amassed a collective of over 60,000 notes which he kept to
evaluate anomalous phenomena, or the study of anomalies too bizarre to fit the rationality of accepted science. Forts work is regarded as the inspiration for authors H.P Lovecraft and Erich von Daniken. Fort became skeptical of the scientific community, believing many scholars had simply ignored or dismissed “anomalies”out of hand, often creating convoluted or fanciful reasoning to explain away (or sometimes outright ignore) bizarre events said to have been witnessed by a number of people.

Alternative History Proponents

* 1882: Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901) Atlantis: The Antediluvian World
* 1919: Charles Hoy Fort (1874-1932) Book Of The Damned
* 1926: James Churchward (1851-1936) The Lost Continent of Mu: Motherland of Man
* 1950: William Dudley Pelley (1890-1965) Star Guests
* 1953: Desmond Leslie (1921-2001) & George Admski (1891-1965)
* 1954: Harold T. Wilkins (1891-1960) Flying Saucers on the Moon
* 1955: James W. Moseley Fate Magazine
* 1955: Morris K. Jessup (1900-1959) The Case for the UFO
* 1957: Peter Kolosimo (1922-1984) The Unknown Planet
* 1957: George H. Williamson (1926-1986) Other Tongues— Other Flesh
* 1958: Henri Lhote (1903-1991) The Search for the Tassili Frescoes
* 1959: Matest M. Agrest (1915-2005)
* 1960: Brinsley Le Poer Trench (1911-1995) The Sky People
* 1960: Jacques Bergier (1912-1978) & Louis Pauwels (1920-1997)
* 1963: Robert Charroux (1909-1978)
* 1964 W. Raymond Drake (1913-1989)

IML – Interpretative Modernistic Literalism

Amongst proponents of AHI, the concepts addressed through Interpretative Modernistic Literalism allow for both exceptions, as well interpretations, of history or artifacts seen through the eyes of a modernistic approach. In this manner all works of art, history, and literature are reevaluated, seen as well as interpreted from a new contemporary stand point – thus conclusions (when allowed) are based upon the mindset (views and ‘opinions’) of the proponents so-called Alternative History Interpretation – AHI.

In English Gematria “Opinions” = 666