66 – Gematria Study & Occult Symbolism


Symbolism of the esoteric variety, is willfully placed in works of entertainment and intended to be understood by a small group of individuals capable of recognizing and interpreting the hidden meaning or occult symbolism depicted.

Esoteric symbolism of a numeric variety is displayed in a wide form of popular media. The general public may find it rather confusing or too obscure to notice off hand. However, after familiarizing yourself with the numerical or esoteric scheme you may find it easier to decipher and spot the hidden symbols so meaningful to the Elite/Secret Societies. This Gematria study will take a look at occult meanings attached to the number 66.

66 – Gematria Study & Occult Illuminati Symbolism

According to esoteric tradition, the numbers 6, 66, and 666 are what constitute a pathway for hex-craft or spiritual magick to be performed as a “charming” tool for both hexing and enchanting.
Various adherents to the practices of magika (type of divining magic), such as found in mystery religions or cult-based witchcraft, utilize the number 66 during ritual number divining (channeling). Other groups such as the neo-Pagans or modern Freemasons use the number as a means for material gain. Now the use of so-called spiritual magic, particularly in the occult, is oft applied to a magick system of numbers – found most often represented/interpreted in the hexagram and magic square.


Depicted Are The Magic Squares / Solis Seals – Which Feature The 666 Numerology And Are Conflated With Six Pointed Magick Hex Star, So-Called Philosophers Stone / Star of David

History Of The Magic Square

According to pre-history/legend, an ancient black tribe of Chaldea (Bawru) claimed to have witnessed 7 primordial fish-men called Apkallu rise up from the Abyss in Mesopotamia.
The seven Apkallu are said to have been a form of ancient magistrate also known as Seven Sages, beings which taught the knowledge of stars and magic squares to King Lugalbanda, father of King Nimrod (Gilgamesh) builder of the seven step tower of Babel.
From these black people developed all sciences and knowledge of the ancient world including a numerical pattern based on the 36 constellations in the sky and divided into patterns of three, as well as the applying of numbers to letters in the alphabet – Gematria. The Assyrian form of Babylonian Gematria, was seemingly based on larger increments of 210 each (the word Sargon = 16,280), which likely correspond to the numerical pattern of the army of Summer.

Solis Seal = 666

The ancient Babylonians employed a magic square of 111 x 6 to induce the powers of the cosmos, under the sun, to hex (Greek six, as in to create) or curse the forces of nature to submit to the will of the spiritual Red Dragon (also called planet Saturn), thus preventing/controlling a spiritual attack of the air. The Babylonian talisman was thus called the “Solis Seal”, or seal of the sun.

“6 is the magic number of the sun.
See the magic squares which total 666 on the back of ancient coins marked with the ‘Sigillia Solis’. ‘666 is the occult number of the Hexagram, the symbol of the Sun, for a single line of the Hexagram contains three equal parts, each of which may be represented by the number 1, so that every line can be symbolized by the number 111.
There are six lines in all, so that 111×6=666, the ‘most Holy’ Number of the Sun. Each angle of the Hexagram is 60 degrees.” – 6 Star Sex Beast 666

More On Magic Squares

From ancient China to Babylon, the power of the numbers and divine nature of the stars (fates) were represented by magic squares.
This story is repeated, to a degree, with the legend of the Lo Shu, a Chinese myth which states that after the great flood occurred in ancient China, a turtle emerged from the sea with a magic square on its shell. The king of China, Yu, was attempting to use magic to channel the water from the land to return to the sea. When the turtle appeared before the great king he witnessed that the pattern on its shell: a 3×3 grid in which circular dots of numbers were arranged, such that the sum of the numbers in each row, column and diagonal was the same – 15.
According to the legend, thereafter people were able to use this pattern in a certain way to control the river and protect themselves from floods. The magic square of Lo Shu is also called the Magic Square of Saturn. Paired with the numerical 15, the planet Saturn became an occult archetype for spiritual wickedness, later personified as Satan, whom the ancient Persians called Los Ha Ariman – a name equal to 666 in English Gematria.

“Unlike the Mesopotamians, and Egyptians, who believed that all was done with either the favor or lack thereof of the Gods, the Chaldean star religion taught that luck and disaster were no chance events, but were controlled from the heavenly bodies (planets/stars) which send good and bad according to mathematical laws. It was their belief that man was incapable of fighting the will of the planet divinities.” – History Of Witchcraft, Anon

Los Ha Ariman = 666 / A Indra Ahriman = 666

The numerical pattern of 66 when applied to an esoteric discipline, is thought to provide the user (magician) with “good luck”, while their target is charmed, enchanted, or cursed.
The practitioners of number divination believe they are controlling the will of unseen spiritual forces which are guided by the realm of nature – forces sometimes called daevas.


Daevas are conflated supernatural entities seemingly based on the mythology of the fallen giants of Sumer (Anakim) and the gods of the Phoenician Baal-El divinity. The Indo-Iranian word daivas, meaning gods, can be identified as similar in context to the Afro-Asiatic term Elohim – as in earthly Elohim. The Zoroastrian concept of daevas regards these beings as gods which are false and that should be rejected. In Persian mythology, these beings were once seven helpful spirits (angelic-like beings), but after their fall were degraded to a lesser form  – demons. By 650 BC (some text point to a later period) the Persian name for the head of their demonic force was Ahriman or Los Ha Ariman, while his strong demonic counterpart was known as Indra Ahriman. In western esotericism there are 66 legions of demons/spirits that El-Baal controls.

Tolbas Magika = 666

According to a Sahararan desert myth, a group of magicians from Nothern Africa, known as Tolbas, perfom the manifestation of numbers and spiritual manipulation called “magika”, for their talisman which consitsed of a magic square having a value of 66. This 66 talisman offered a means of growing rich quickly, preserving the Tolbas from evil, and attracting material favor or good luck.

Curse = 66

The occult meaning behind the number 66 represents the loss of faith in the Divine, and the emergence of the self-serving or inward nature of man as both a curse and a path to material fullfilment. The word “curse” is found in use 66 times in the Biblical OT and in Simple Gematria the word “Curse” equals 66.

“Fallen angels taught men the use of magical incantations that would force demons to obey man. After the flood Ham the son of Noah unhappily discovered this and taught it to his sons. This became ingrained into the Egyptians, Persians, and Babylonians. Ham died shortly after the fall of the Tower of Babel. Nimrod, called Ninus by the Greeks, was handed this knowledge and by it caused men to go away from the worship of God and go into diverse and erratic superstitions and began to be governed by the signs in the stars and motions of the planets.” – Clement

Clement mentions Ninus, the Greek form of the giant, however, the Hindo (Hindu) version of King Nimrod (Gilgamesh) is known as Chandravarman, born of the gods to an unwed mother, and having the power in his bare hands to kill lions and tigers.

New Age 66 Symbolism

The majority of New Age groups charge fees for a vague interpretation of numbers, while labeling the number 66 a sun sign and applying a rather convoluted meaning to the number. Some of the New Age meanings for the number 66 revolve around unseen energies and a so-called changing balance of man, woman, and child (all while mixed with unspecific angels and so-called flexibilities or vibrations). These groups also claim the number 66 to be symbolic of a cosmic parent or the pregnant woman, completing the form of the body of a woman while birthing a child.

In the Pythagorean Gematria system the word “Woman” equals 66. In the Biblical OT, the purification of a woman giving birth to a girl lasted 66 days (Leviticus 12:1-5)

6 Pairings of 66 In Simple Gematria:

Mankind / Curse
Beasts / Abyss
Dead Now / Eye Damage
Cain And Abel / Twin
Moloch / Sodom
Pharoh / Anubis


Route 66 History &  Numerology

In the early 1920’s the US roadway system was in great need of repair and consolidation of routes and highways. Warning signs were placed along various roads which read “Dangerous As The Devil”, while concrete obelisks marked key intersections. The practice at the time was to name highways or trails after members of an established blue-bloodline or in esoteric terms after the so-called Draco Seed. The Freemasons of the era developed an agenda to do away with the naming scheme of routes and replace them with a numerical designation that would be decided upon by the Committee Of Five.

The creation of a consolidated highway route was supported by Oklahoma’s governor Henry S. Johnston, who served as the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Oklahoma and was placed in his position of power by a group of wealthy Democrats, Freemasons, and the Klu Klux Klan. The Oklahoma Highway Department was comprised of members loyal to the KKK who had earned the backing of oil tycoon Pat Henry, the wealthiest Klansman in Oklahoma. Johnston practiced various forms of magick and called upon the spirit realm to help him achieve personal success and wield greater political authority. His counsel of political advisors based decisions on matters of state by invoking astrology and the occult. Johnston even hired a mystical private secretary, Mrs. Oliver O. Hammonds, to help him engage in self hypnosis and contact spirit beings . Mrs. Hammonds, an organizer for Women of the Klu Klux Klan, was appointed by Johnston to the position of Oklahoma Commissioners of Health.

“That Rosicrucianism, with its elves, pixies and goblins, should emerge from encyclopedic obscurity to become the foe of the representatives of Oklahoma goes to show how changed are the public evils which the politician of to-day must be prepared to fight. If the state secures the removal of Mrs. Hammonds, it is not certain that the victory will be so sweet. If her power is that of a “superior mental force, as a certain group of citizens say, the situation is rather more humiliating than crucial. And if the power behind the throne is really that of Rosicrucianism, who can consistently deny a place in politics to a cult of belief in alchemy?” – The Harvard Crimson, 11/7/1927

Oklahoma businessman Cyrus Avery, a 32 degree Freemason, was a member of the Committee Of Five. Avery was the original organizer of the Albert Pike Association, named in horror of the 33 degree Freemason and KKK leader. Avery was also a pioneer of the ‘good roads’ initiative, a project that Theorist believe was part of a plan to connect ‘a master system of highways’ to America’s Masonic lodges and establish routes that would generate money for fellow Freemasons.

Because Cyrus Avery did not support Henry Johnston in the general election, he was ousted from a position with the Oklahoma Department of Roads, largely due to the influence of the KKK in Oklahoma.

“The Kluxers pitched me out on my head although they had to change the law and create a Commission of five instead of three…..” – Cyrus Avery, 32 Degree Freemason Father of Route 66

Avery believed that the American Association of State Highway Officials would adopt the use of the Kabbalistic number 60 for the future roads program, thus he allowed 60,000 brochures printed showing this number crossing the state of Oklahoma. However, it was later argued upon by the delegates of the committee and a new number was sought and the brochures were ‘junked’. On 4/30/1926 the number 66 was agreed upon by Cyrus Avery and highway engineer John M. Page for occult reasoning. Oklahoman’s Page and Avery, shared Henry S. Johnston’s belief of numerology and the power of 66, and thus settled on designating the highway system Route 66 – all in the belief that the master number of 6 would grant them material pleasure or good fortune. On the occult pattern day of 11/11, in that same year, the Committee Of Five met again and established the historic Route 66 highway system. The highway was ultimately approved with the numerical designation of 66 by 32 degree Freemasons Cyrus Avery (Father of Route 66) and Frank Sheets, former president of the AASHO.

Star Wars Order 66 Illuminati Symbolism

Star Wars Order 66

 In the Star Wars saga, the use of the number 66 is applied to a hidden mandate, Order 66, which caused the clone soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic to turn against and murder their Jedi Knight commanders.  This is a common example of 66 numerology that is used in the mainstream that the general public will NEVER be made aware. The word “curse” is the Simple Gematria equivalent to the number 66. The Clone Army of the Star Wars saga were implanted with a bio-chip that altered their mind (thus cursing or enchanting them) to view the “good Jedi” as threats, while secretly the “evil Sith Lord” Palpatine was behind the conspiracy.
Order 66 marked the end of the Jedi Knights, forcing the few survivors into exile, while they awaited a New Hope. This fall of the Jedi would also witness the great Anakin Skywalker turn from good to evil, in the form of Darth Vader. The name Anakin is an allegory for the term Anakim, which were a race of giants that existed in pre-history, this according to all ancient Mesopotamian sources.

In the Star Wars saga Darth Vader hunted down and murdered the Jedi. According to mythology & legend, King Nimrod (himself a giant known as Gilgamesh) hunted down and killed the remaining giants in the Summer mythologies. In these legends the giants were said to be a destructive force, ever lusting to taste of human flesh. Humanity was forced to feed these giants on the flesh and blood of their tribe, however, after discovering that pig was a viable substitute for man they tricked the giants into eating swine. The giants, unable to tell the difference between pork and men, so began the conception that pig was “unclean”, as this animal was too close in comparison to human flesh and blood.

To conclude, mystery school religions and groups of upper elite magicians are often found using the number scheme of 6 or 66 in order to invoke the so-called powers of the air, whether to bring them material wealth: Route 66, Philips 66, Motel 6, Wal-Mart (the logo of which is a six-pointed star), or to curse: Order 66, Sinister 6. The hex-craft pattern of applying the number 6 and 66 in popular culture is almost always in place.