2016 Live Action Fantasy Film Pete’s Dragon – Esoteric Elements Include Typical Color Tropes (4 Elements – Red Vs Blue) – Element Magic – Hex Craft – Repeating 6

Symbolism of the esoteric variety, is willfully placed in high budget works of entertainment and intended to be understood by a small group of individuals capable of recognizing and interpreting the hidden meaning or occult symbolism depicted. Various films, television programs, and even fantasy films (such as Pete’s Dragon) will feature interior or hidden elements including: Easter Eggs, Metaphors & Allegories, and Illuminati or Esoteric Symbolism.

Esoteric symbolism of a numeric variety is displayed in a wide form of popular media. The general public may find it rather confusing or too obscure to notice off-hand. However, after familiarizing yourself with the numerical or esoteric scheme you may find it easier to decipher and spot the hidden symbols so meaningful to the Elite/Secret Societies.

Pete’s Dragon Gematria Study

Pete’s Dragon is a 2016 live action and CGI feature film from Walt Disney Pictures. The film is a remake of the November (notice the 11 here) 1977 musical fantasy film of the same name, written by Malcolm Marmorsteain. The film takes place during the year 1983, just as in the setting of the esoteric Netflix hit Stranger Things, directed by the Duffer Brothers. That particular series is also set around the November of 1983, while the original Pete’s Dragon was released 6 years prior in November of 1977. The 2016 film version was written and directed by film buff David Lowery, a recent indie director who is quite familiar with several occult/esoteric works including “River of Fundament”.

Pete’s Dragon revolves around an orphaned boy who can see an “invisible” mythical green dragon whom he has named Elliot. The fantasy is set around the Pacific Northwest and includes various numerical schemes, as well as nature based elements/color tropes to distinguish a hidden “man vs. nature” allegory and the familiar four element scenario.

What Is The Importance Of The Green Dragon?

Green Dragon Society – Secret Society Of Japan Held Influence On Nazi Occult & Secret Societies In Europe – Free Masons Green Dragon Tavern Birth Place of American Revolution

The Green Dragon Society

Through centuries the symbol of the Green Dragon has come to represent the powers held by the elite, those reclusive members of a secret society, as well as the art of utilizing hidden magic (invisible magic).

Prior to World War 1, members of a secret society within Japan crafted the order of the Green Dragon – The Green Dragon Society. The Japanese developed a program by which the powers of prophecy and control of magic elements, including those basic 4 elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) where being utilized during secret rituals. Legends state that
members of the Green Dragon were capable of holding or crafting magic powers that enabled them to either manipulate or see into the future. The only Westerner to become a member of this Secret Society was Nazi influence Professor Karl Haushofer.

Influenced by the mystical nature and secretive abilities of the Green Dragon, Haushofer would go on to help influence numerous Nazi’s in matters of the occult, and as legend would have it, to learn of the Japanese magic.

“Later Haushofer was a Nazi and was influential in forming Nazi racial policy. Haushofer was also a member of the Vril Society or Luminous Lodge. The Vril Society is supposedly one of the sources of the Nazi party with early party members overlapping with the Vril, Thule and other secret societies.

The Vril Society, and later the Nazis, organized expeditions to Tibet starting in 1926, ending in 1942 trying to contact the Cave Oracles of Tibet. These expeditions contacted the Adepts of Agarthi. In 1929 some of the adepts returned to Germany with the Germans and formed lodges in Berlin, Munich and Nuremberg, though some sources say that only a lodge in Berlin was formed.” – Bibliotecapleyades

It was the influence of Haushofer on Nazi ideology which lead to a short documentary film to be produced in 1943 titled ‘Plan For Destruction’, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Symbols of the Nazis would later include the power of the upright triangle, representing a portion of the “As Above So Below” doctrine. The upright pyramid sign was flashed by Hitler as a hex-craft symbol for the upward movement of the Nazi’s and their growing occult powers. In the modern era numerous celebrities, now under the influence of occultist, have adopted the pyramid hand gesture once utilized by Adolf Hitler and the members of the Nazi occult.

Here Adolf Hitler And Others Flash The Esoteric Gesture Of Upward Power – The Symbol Of The Upright Pyramid – Apart Of The “As Above So Below” – Dominance Of Occult Power

The Green Dragon Tavern

The Green Dragon Tavern was a public house and tavern used by the American Revolution and Freemasons as a meeting place located on Union Street Boston. The tavern served as a secret grounds for numerous revolutionary groups to plan and co-ordinate amongst fellow Masons, such as Paul Revere. The tavern is known as the birthplace of the American Revolution, even ‘The Boston Tea Party’ was planned at the Green Dragon.

“But it is perhaps to the political associations which cluster around its name, that the Green Dragon Tavern is more particularly indebted for its historic celebrity.  It was here that many of the most important and eventful of the political transactions preceding the Revolution were, if not positively inaugurated, discussed, matured and put into execution.  That this was so, is undoubtedly in some measure to be accounted for by the fact, that the Hall in the building was the only room in the Northern section of the town, excepting Deblois’s Hall, on the corner of Queen and Hanover streets, which at that time was adapted to popular assemblies; and by the additional and perhaps more significant fact, that the principal leaders of the Revolution in Boston, were members of the Masonic Fraternity, and many of them of the Lodge which held its communications there, – a circumstance which would very naturally influence them in the selection of the place for their private consultations” –

Pete’s Dragon & The Four Elements – Color Tropes

Through Out The Film The Familiar Patterns of The 4 Elements Are Color Coded

In 1977, Pete is a five-year old boy who is on a road trip with his parents when their car crashes while avoiding a dear. The parents are killed and the boy wanders off into the forest carrying with him a red backpack and a book titled “Eliott Gets Lost”.

The color trope representing: “Earth, Wind, Fire, Water”, emerges quickly as seen in the book that Pete reads prior to the crash. The book displays a red back pack, the same color as the one used by Pete, indicating the power of passions or fire in esoteric terms. While the green blanket shown in the book illustrates the comforting nature of Earth forces, which is predictive of the appearance of the Green Dragon. Here the blanket represents something akin to a soothing or ‘safe’ elemental force – later shown through the peaceful nature of the Dragon. The yellow element of the Air, which in ancient times represented the spirit, is shown with shirt on the boy in the book, as well as with the hair color of Pete and his own jacket.

“Green – The Earth is nurturing and stable, solid and firm, full of endurance and strength. In color correspondences, both green and brown connect to the Earth, for fairly obvious reasons! In Tarot readings, the Earth is related to the suit of Pentacles or Coins.” – Patti Wigington,

For Neo-Pagans and modern-day Witchcraft practice, the symbols illustrated by the color tropes in the book, as well as on the clothing of the films characters, tells an intimate story of a nature vs man ideology and pathway for spiritual magic or hidden magic to occur.  Usually this ideology is followed by the appearance of a guiding compass, which of course is presented in the film as well.

Petes Car Crash



Upon crashing in the woods, Pete emerges from the car and heads into the forest where he is followed by 5 wolves. At this point the boy is aged 5, soon the Green Dragon appears to whisk Pete away to safety. The film utilises several key colors to distinguish or represent the classic four element trope, the patterns of Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green are used throughout Pete’s Dragon in order to illustrate the nature vs man theme or a hidden allegory at work in the film. The Green Dragon is an invisible force in the picture and perfectly illustrates the nature of unseen magic, as well the “Green Equals Earth” trope the film makers are implying. This method also allows for hints of the Pagan Green Man, a figure of ancient nature that was based upon the Haddad and Nimrod mythos.

Robert Redford is the narrator of the story and is shown carving the esoteric compass into the wood engraving. The compass here is also allegory for the power of the 4 points, known as the elemental forces, which in the film are being brought together by magical dragons.

“Each of the elements is associated with traits and meanings, as well as with directions on the compass.” – Patti Wigington,

Continues The Theme Of Guiding Compass – An Allegory For The 4 Points & 4 Elements Theme, As Well As Red Color To Indicate Fire Or Destructive Force Of Car Crash

Now rescued by the Dragon, Pete names this being Elliott, after the puppy in the book Pete carries with him.  Elliot was the name of the fictional young boy who befriends an extra-terrestrial in the Steven Spielberg film E.T. : The Extra-Terrestrial.  The name Elliot is synonymous with the Canaanite Baal structure crafted under the deity El – the supreme god of Canaan. The pattern of using El in place for God within the ancient Hebrew mindset became common practice, illustrated through the naming scheme of El as applied to Angels and important figures who would later walk with God, such as the Biblical prophet Elijah.  The origin of all names that include ‘EL’ (as in Elohim) are of a very Biblical structure,  indicative of supernatural or unseen forces at work (scholars assume the word El was meant to indicate ‘power’).  Here the Green Dragon is perfectly illustrated as the ‘power’ and hidden strength of the boy. The meaning of the name Elliot is “I Walk With The Lord My God”.

Red Vs Blue Tropes & The Numbers 11 and 6 Are Repeated Through The Film

Pete’s Dragon & Hex-Craft


At 6 minutes into the film a title is shown indicating six years have passed and the boy is now aged 11. Here again indicative of the structure of 6 and 11 utilized by the producers to show a connect between the deified EL – the magic dragon, or his numerology to the numbers 11 and 6. This method of number placing in film is known as hex-craft.

According to esoteric tradition, the numbers 6, 66, and 666 are what constitute a pathway for hex-craft or spiritual magic to be performed as a “charming” tool for both hexing and enchanting. Various adherents to the practices of magika (type of divining magic), such as found in mystery religions or cult-based witchcraft, utilize the number 66 during ritual number divining (channeling). Other groups such as the neo-Pagans or modern Freemasons use the number as a means for material gain – as seen in the occult use of Route 66.

The Mundane Public VS. The Initiated Upper Elite

One minute after the title screen shows that 6 years have passed, we are shown a group of six children who are informed that magic is not always seen, and never seen by those too ordinary to know how to look for the signs of its existence.

The general public, those ordinary individuals who choose to ignore esoteric or occultism, who are as well unknowing of the rites and magic being used and manipulated by the elite, are given such mocking and disparaging titles as ‘goyim’ and ‘sheep’, by those few in positions of power. The term ‘goyim’, oft used by Eurocentric Zionists, is a derogatory term which compares those unacquainted/outside of Jewish gnosis to ‘cattle’ – animals to be used up and slaughtered.

“Goyim were born to serve us, without that they have no place in the world…” – Ovadia Yosef

In the world of fantasy, such as found in the Harry Potter series, those individuals who have no powers of magic themselves are called ‘muggles.’ They are depicted as a mundane people existing without the knowledge of the spiritual world, being unable to ever see or hear the supernatural. The topic of ‘muggles’ in the world of fantasy literature/film is a blatant allegory for the views the ruling elite hold of the ordinary people.

Here the producers of Pete’s Dragon have illustrated for the viewer the distinction between the ability to see magic, as shown through the Robert Redford character, and the inability to see magic, as shown through the park ranger Grace Meacham, played by Bryce Dallas Howard.


Pete Vs The Bear

From here we are shown Pete roaring at a bear, while seemingly hunting a rabbit, that is until it is revealed that Pete is an ally to the animal. Pete represents the notions of animal/human balances, an idea of vegetarian transcendence, and is shown surviving all these years on a diet of wild mushrooms. Here the setting of the film is placed in the time frame of 1983. At this period in history the USA was witnessing increasing frictions with China and the Soviet Union. Many U.S. officials, including then president Ronald Reagan, viewed the world through an ideological stance of “us”, namely the US and allies, versus ‘them’, the so-called “red baddies”.
The image of the bear in political cartoons has always come to represent the country of Russia. Here the producers are creating a timely allegory that the USA – the boy, is a protector of the environment and the animal world, while the true strength or power belongs to the dragon. The dragon also symbolic of power, may as well represent secret society.


The Blue Ranger Vs The Red Lumber Jacks

In order to complete the pattern of Red Vs Blue, a trope so familiar to the occult, park ranger Grace enters the forest holding a blue spray can while in search of a hidden owl. Here the producers have indicated the common trope of owl symbolism to reflect the coming of a hidden murder, in which this case of “murder” would involve the tree being cut down as indicated by the presence of a red mark (likely placed by the villain in the picture Gavin – the RED baddie). Grace uses her blue spray can to wipe away the red mark of death, indicative of the occult use of water elements versus fire elements.  It is later revealed that Grace has a boyfriend named Jack who drives a blue truck and often wears blue.  His license plate reads W2R 8R4, which in esoteric terms is meant to be read as W2R = Water While 8R4 = 8 Gematria Pattern Of 444 & 888. Grace is meant to symbolise the water element or “HOLY Water” just as was the girl Grace in the film “Signs”, by M. Night Shyalaman. While Gavin is shown with a license plate number of M6N 6X1, meaning M6N = Man / 6×1 = 6, or in Gematria terms as 6 is the number of man and his fallen nature. This is a prime example of 66 hex-craft done through Disney films , which also included the animated film “Zootopia”.




Zoo 12
Animated Feature Zootopia Features Many Esoteric Tropes Such As Blue VS Red Symbolism As Shown In The Above Poster. Sheep/Goats In The Film Represent The Villain.

Zoo 01


Symbolism of the esoteric variety, is willfully placed in works of entertainment and intended to be understood by a small group of individuals capable of recognizing and interpreting the hidden meaning or occult symbolism depicted.  Various films, television programs, and even animated films (such as Zootopia) will feature interior or hidden elements including: Easter Eggs, Metaphors & Allegories, and Illuminati or Esoteric Symbolism.

Esoteric symbolism of a numeric variety is displayed in a wide form of popular media. The general public may find it rather confusing or too obscure to notice off hand. However, after familiarizing yourself with the numerical or esoteric scheme you may find it easier to decipher and spot the hidden symbols so meaningful to the Elite/Secret Societies.


Zootopia is a 2016 computer animated feature film from Walt Disney studios. The film is the 55th animated feature from the studio and features several esoteric or occult themes which have become common place in most high budget fare. On the surface Zootopia is a combination of the neo-noir and the comedic buddy cop picture, featuring an anthropomorphic Sly Fox and a charismatic Rabbit as the protagonists.

Zootopia City As A Figurative New Babylon

The metropolis of Zootopia is divided into 5 city districts, while ecologically under the support of the farming community Bunnyburrow. This gives the film an occult pattern of 6 distinct areas, which is equivalent to the popular hex craft pattern of the numbers 6, 66, and 666. The districts which appear in the film are; Sahara Square, Tundratown, Little Rodentia, Rainforest District, and the City – the heart of Zootopia.

Zoo 03
Train Number 6 Brings The Animals In And Out Of A Stylized New Babylon – Zootopia

The towers of Zootopia are stylized in a manner reminiscent to the images of the ‘Old World Order’, the center of the ancient world which began with the rising of Babylon and the creation of civilization. In the film the animals have gathered together in a New Babylon to further advance civilization and live in a seemingly peaceful harmony between predators and prey. A monorail train system which transports the mammals between districts in the film is shown with the number 6, indicative of the nature of the beasts to fall under a false sense of peace.

According to the Christian perspective the number six represents the fall or inward selfish nature of man – the so-called sinful nature. In this perspective the number six train is an allegory for the false hope of mankind (Ezekiel 7:25), or faith in humanity. The animals of Zootopia have created a New World Order, built out of chaos, and are delivered into separated districts by the forces of HEX 6. This may be symbolic of the return of Nimrod and the powers of the Old World Order rising. The OWO was a totalitarian order ruled by the Biblical Nephilim and located in Babylon.

Zootopia 15
The Blue Bunny And The Red Fox Join Forces – Symbolic Of The BLUE Remnant Of Christ And The Rise Of The RED Purifier. Common Blue VS Red Symbolism   

The Blue Bunny & The Red Fox


The plot of Zootopia revolves around the partnership of Judy Hopps, a rabbit police officer, and Nick Wilde, a red fox and street hustler. The pair join forces and eventually uncover a conspiracy involving missing predator civilians and psychotropic drugs. The esoteric trope hiding in plain sight is that of ‘Blue VS Red’, which in occult terms is called the rising of the Red purifier, represented here by the red fox, and the defense of the solider in Christ, represented here by the blue bunny. The film uses several scenes to implore the hidden religious nature of the rabbit character Judy.

As a youth Judy Hopps is attacked by a red fox named Gideon Grey, the fox later repents of his sins and asks Judy to forgive him. Here the producers use the biblical name Gideon from the Torah’s ‘Book Of Judges’, to showcase the power of forgiveness and repentance. In the film Gideon hears Judy verbalize her thoughts about a psychotropic drug called ‘Night-howlers’, which is affecting the animal population of Zootopia. Upon hearing Judy verbalize her thoughts the character Gideon exclaims “I thought she was speaking in tongues”. Later religious symbolism is produced when the red fox mentions a ‘miracle’ while Judy attempts to power on a dilapidated train. The figure of Judy Hopps in the picture is that of a selfless individual and dressed in her blue uniform is the figurative symbol of a solider in Christ. This type of character, clad in blue, is also shown in the film Captain America.

Meaning Of The Blue VS Red Symbolism

In occult terms the red symbolizes the rise of the biblical figure of Esau and his descendants struggle against his brother Jacob and their heirs. Overtime the so-called blue remnant became known as the Church, which is why in the Halo animated series Red VS Blue, the leader of the Blue team is called Church. The modern day church and the followers of Christ, who are referred to by some as soldiers in Christ, are meant to lead Godly lives devoid of sin and behave in a selfless manner. In the legend of the Hopi prophecy, a twin star will appear prior to the fifth age, or end of time on Earth, and guide the world toward the righteous path. The red is symbolic of the so-called period known as ‘Jacobs Trouble’, a time when the Church will be persecuted and the faithful largely fall away. This is called the day of the purifier within the legend of the Hopi prophecy. The Hopi legend states that the appearance of a large Red star above Earth will begin the end time and usher the world into the fifth age. For the occult adherents the signs of red, as seen in the rising of China, and the blues colors in the flag of Israel, are indicative of a natural progression toward an end time event culminating in the birth of the New World Order and the establishment of the fifth age.

Zoo 11

Zoo 06
Judy Hopps Uncovers A Conspiracy Involving Psychotropic Drugs In The Movie Zootopia. The Number 6 Features Prominently For Kabbalah Purposes

Esoteric Sixes Everywhere In Zootopia

After joining the ZPD, Judy Hopps, a blue rabbit from rural Bunnyburrow, becomes the first rabbit police officer, however she is assigned parking duty as a meter maid by police Chief Bogo. During one of her shifts, she is manipulated by Nick Wilde, a red fox con artist. The two eventually become friends and unite in an effort to solve the disappearance of 14 predator animal civilians. In the process we learn that the fox turned to a life of street hustling at age 12, here the hidden meaning of Kabbalah at work once again as the numerology is shown as the Fox is now aged 32. This is the typical process of showing a pattern of sixes as 6 plus 6 is equal to 12, the age of crime for the fox. The age of self awareness then occurs at age 32 for the fox when he partners with the bunny.

The two later discover a license plate number which leads them to the missing predators. The number of the plate is shown as 29THD03, or in occult terms as 29 + 3 = 32, and the letters THD are as well equal to 32 in simple Gematria. The news media always displays a report at 6:01, while a tunnel is prominently shown as the number six.

Zoo 07
Hamsters Behaving As Lemmings Are Symbolic Representations Of Wall Street Banking Elite. Clock Strikes 5 Its Closing Time For The Bank And The Banking World

Zoo 09

The character of Gazelle, played by singer Shakira, is meant to represent the beckoning female aspect of the Zootopia stylized New Babylon. She welcomes each of the animals to Zootopia in a billboard at the entrance to the city. She always appears with classic ‘one eye’ symbolism, indicative of her power of Ra (eye of udjt) aspects or hidden sinful nature. She is always equated with the goat in the film, although represented as an anthropomorphic gazelle and heroin. In the film she is referred to as “The Angel With Horns”. The angel with horns allegory here meant to hide the esoteric nature of the figures true Lucifer-like persona. Woman in red symbolism is typical of the occult as is the equation with the goat.

Zoo 08
Here Singer Ciara Worships Crowned King Lucifer/ Pan Baphomet On Her Shirt – In Disney Zootopia A Variation Of This Shirt Is Also Shown
Zoo 10
In Hidden Masonry The Goat Represents GAOTU – The Demiurge Called Satan By Most Gnostics / ‘Getting The Goat’ Is Symbolic Of Accepting Satan / Hail Hydra The Allegory Of Heil Hitler, Came From The Free Masons As Shown In Picture

While hunting for clues to the disappearance of the cities predators, the fox realizes that the city’s 12 camera traffic system (again 6 + 6 symbolism) may have captured how one of the vehicles carrying a missing animal disappeared. Judy and Wilde then consult Assistant Mayor Bellwether, a sheep. They identify the captors as wolves who used tunnel number 6 to make their getaway, believing these wolves to be the nefarious “Night Howlers”.

Hopps and Wilde later locate an asylum detaining the missing, now savaged mammals, and eventually are hailed as heroes for locating the missing.

Zoo 05

Pan Baphomet = 666 In English Gematria

The animals they recover are savage beasts whose minds have been altered back to a predatory state. The pair later discover that a virus is being manufactured through use of little blue flowers called ‘night howlers’, which are being used to target predatory mammals by the greedy sheep/rams – led by assistant mayor Bellwether. The animals who are hate filled and on the side of evil all wear the symbol of Pan Baphomet on their shirts, an allegory for the secretive nature of Mystery School thought and Illuminati groupings.

Zoo 02
The Villains In Zootopia Proudly Wear The Symbol Of Pan Baphomet On Their Shirts – An Allegory For Their Wicked Persona

The “Night Howlers” of Zootopia are little blue flowers that have a severe psychotropic effects on mammals and cause them to turn into mindless beasts. These flowers are shown in the story “A Scanner Darkly”, as well.

Zoo 04
The Night Howlers Of Zootopia Are The Little Blue Flowers In A Scanner Darkly – A Manufactured Virus Of The Government

Movies such as; A Scanner Darkly, Zoolander, World War Z, and more all illustrate the use of a government manufactured Zika style virus to instill fear in the populace. Zootopia is basically an animated version of a Philip K Dick story, filled with numerology, esoteric tropes and such adult themes that the general audience will never be aware.