The Commuter Liam Neeson Illuminati

Symbolism of the esoteric variety, is willfully placed in high budget works of entertainment and intended to be understood by a small group of individuals capable of recognizing and interpreting the hidden meaning or occult symbolism depicted. Various films, television programs, and even science fiction films (such as The Commuter) will feature interior or hidden elements including: Numerology, Metaphors & Allegories, and Illuminati or Esoteric Symbolism.


The Commuter is a stylish thriller that hits all the right notes and develops with numerous odes to previous Liam Neeson films and touches of Hitchcock. This is not an esoteric film, yet it delves into the tropes of anti-Illuminati messages that is missing from most high budget fare. The numerous allegories and Easter eggs that are to be found in this film have already gone over the heads of the so-called ‘critics’ (as usual) who always fail to grasp the content of the films they view.

The Commuter is a 2018 action-thriller with hints of anti-Illuminati messages sprinkled throughout, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, marking the fourth collaboration between actor Neeson and director Collet-Serra. I really hope these two continue to do these genre films together as they are really well made, and The Commuter is the best film of their collaborative efforts.

Companion Piece To Paddington Bear 2

In the United States and Canada, The Commuter was released alongside the opening of  Paddington 2, and even features a prominent large poster for the second Paddington film during the opening montage. The film Paddington included the important (slightly hidden) message that Holly-weird produces evil people, called actors, who are liars for a living. This timely message appears as numerous celebrities have called out their attackers and the abusive figures in an industry where the occult and deception have walked hand in hand, and where numerous proponents of child abuse thrive.

The Commuter Opening

Michael MacCauley, (Liam Neeson) a former police officer, is a family man with a wife, and teenage son who will be entering college soon. He goes through the same routine train commute to work and back every day. A really great montage is crafter here where the audience is shown pieces of the day to day life, though moments of up and down, that family man McCauley is going through.

The Commuter

One day he is fired from his job as a life insurance salesman after ten years. Here MacCauley is linked to the idea of saving and protecting lives, both in the former as a police officer and in the latter as a life insurance salesman. In both cases Neeson is obviously trying to make the right choices. While drinking his troubles away at a bar, his friend and former colleague Murphy (Patrick Wilson) arrives. Murphy tells Michael about how the police force has changed and how it is more politics instead of doing the right thing anymore. Sam Neil is the suspicious figure of the Police Captain here. On his way to catch the train Michaels phone is stolen by a pickpocket. While on the train it becomes obvious that Michael is well liked by a number of ‘regulars’, train goers who have struck up idle chat with MacCauley over the last ten years. Another great feature is the scene of New York, returned to the late 70’s early 1980’s gritty realism that has not been depicted of New York in nearly all films featuring the city since. In other words, New York is back to being dangerous, over crowded, and on guard. Signs reading “See Something Say Something” remind the viewer of the 9/11 terror plots and subsequent terror related events that New Yorkers experienced.

Illuminati The Commuter

Enter The Illuminati

On the train Michael meets a mysterious woman named Joanna (Vera Farmiga). Joanna appears dressed in the typical Free Masonic black and white, during a moment in which Michael is reading the Oklahoma saga “Grapes of Wrath“, the inside jacket displays the esoteric number 66. Joanna speaks up about 6 members of the train. This is a manner of hidden clues, called hex-craft, which is utilized for the purpose of displaying a figure who is connected to the esoteric numeric pattern of 666 – the deceiver. Recall that Paddington Bear 2, the companion piece to this film, has already revealed the hidden theme that evil people, will lie and deceive others.


This critical hexing device allows those ‘awoke’ in the audience to immediately understand that the film is showcasing the powers of the upper elite, their position within what is known as the ‘Secret Society’, and the connection to the familiar magic numbers of 6, 66, and of course 666. For those ‘critics’ viewing the film, this staple which is common in numerous other media, will always remain unseen. The figure of Joanna, with her black and white garments and shoes, is the representation of the upper elite “Shadow” society. Joanna proposes a hypothetical situation to Michael. What if he was asked to do one little thing, the results of which would have consequences that he would know nothing about, but would affect one of the passengers on the train. In this hypothetical situation, there is an envelope hidden in one of the bathrooms on the train containing $25,000. If he successfully completes the favor, he will receive an additional $75,000 in cash.

Michael, whose name means “Who Is like God?”, represents the classic arch angel class of hero and faithful servant of justice. The word EL, which derived from the Canaanite god EL, is utilized throughout a number of names to identify the persona/individual to the pathos of the righteous GOD, certainly within the Judeo/Christian faith this is demonstrated numerous times. Here the character of Neeson is depicted as a warrior Angel.

Michael is informed that one of the passengers on the train named “Prynne” does not belong and is carrying an unknown bag with stolen property inside. Joanna’s one little thing that she wants Michael to do is locate “Prynne” and plant a GPS tracker on him or her. “Prynne” will be getting off at the Cold Springs stop. He is not allowed to inform anyone else of what he is doing be they passengers or not. Out of curiosity, Michael searches the bathroom and finds the envelope. He realizes that the situation is not a hypothetical scenario. The money is real.


The money here represents not the pathway for righteousness, but for failure and sinful desire. The upper elite utilize the temptation of money to subdue the good nature of our hero/warrior angel in the hidden narrative of Michael. This is where the film introduces several Blacks characters working for the upper elite. They are the side-villains pictured in the film, including a pick pocket and others who have been subverted by the promise of the so-called Illuminati to obtain wealth or other worldly desires. Such as shown via one Black male holding a guitar. A hidden allegory here being that musicians give into their self serving nature and allow occult ideals and esoteric showmanship to develop in sake of their spirit/soul. Rather than do what is right they have served the self and chose the desire of the flesh, willing now to do what is wrong unto others based on the promise of fame and fortune. This path leads to death as shown in the film.


The film also shows this allegory of money and Wall Street bankers, with a hidden narrative to the destructive 2009 “No Banker Left Behind” program which was pushed via George Bush cousin Barry Soetoro (Barak Obama). In that plan over a trillion US dollars went into the back pockets of the greedy elite to the delite of the then Democratic President. Films such as Wolf of Wall-Street and The Other Guys featured the story of this historic bailout for the wealthy, without of course mention of untouchable Barry Soetoro. The broker is the jerk on the train and is given a rude gesture via Neeson on behalf of America.

UFC Illuminati Hand Signs

Sahasrara Hand Mudra & Pyramid Energy

Another Joana. A number of celebs, such as UFC fighters are flashing the Pyramid signal such as Joanna shown above. In the film Commuter we are shown a Joanna who represents the cabal of Shadow Government. While UFC fighters are using these same type signs such as above for the sake of Sahasrara, which is a hidden divine energy field that is released through the spirit world into the material domain through the crown or tip of the human skull while in a Varjayana trance. The ether world, or upside down realm, carries hidden gnosis and familiar spirits which allow the crown (head of the body) to act as a pyramid, visually an esoteric 32 hex-craft flowers/petals behave as channels for energy pointing downwards. Also known as the downward pyramid sign. Although the position of the hands during a ritual mudra may reflect either a downward or upper pyramid to showcase the powers of the chakra field of blue, red, or white energy. Through the use of 32 powered mediation, a Yogi may be able to access the spirit realms and connect to the body of another or even astral project himself onto the consciousness of others. Upon death the spirit of the Yogi is thus thought to transfer into the body of the living or that of a corpse.

Joana has called herself The Boogey Woman. While She might not be utilizing these familiar occult gestures for the purpose of energy, as in the tandem of either spirit mysticism or occult, the signs do have that type of significance between other occultist. Celebs have caught onto the signs and sigils of upper elite.

Hakini means “ power or control”. Hakini is a Hindu goddess who controls the subtle mind – presiding over Ajna Chakra our centre of wisdom and clarity.

The vast majority of films released each year will not feature any esoteric or hidden occult elements, a few however will. Following is a comprehensive list of films with occult or esoteric properties. They feature a number of elements including Illuminati tropes, numerical Gematria, occult allegory, and hidden references.

Some plot points mentioned here are possible spoilers. So if you don’t want to ruin the plot of a film that you have yet to see then you may want to avoid that films description.  Once I get around to it I will attempt to decode and breakdown the symbols individually for each of these films in additional posts. I have already tackled a few of the films listed below in other Gematria study posts.

ANYTHING MISSING? What Should I Add To This List:

2:22 (2017)
A Scanner Darkly (2006)
All Hallows Eve (2016)
American Psycho (2000)
Atlas Shrugged (2011 – 2014)
Clock Work Orange (1971)
Da Vinci Code (2006-2016)
Devils Advocate (1997)
Dreamscape (1984)
Eagle Eye (2008)
El Topo (1971)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Fountain,The (2006)
Goat (2006)
Harlequin (1980)
Haxan (1922)
Holy Mountain (1973)
I Pet Goat II (2012)
Juptier Ascending
Knight Of Cups
Lucifer Rising (1972)
Lucy (2014)
Magic Christian (1969)
Manchurian Candidate
Marathon Man (1976)
Metroplois (1927)
Mulholland Drive
National Treasure Book Of Secrets
Neon Demon (2016)
Ninth Gate
Noah (2014)
Now You See It (2005)
Now You See Me (2013)
Prestige (2006)
Prince Of Darkness (1987)
Prisoners (2013)

Second Sight (1989)

Shutter Island (2011)
Star Chamber (1983)
Starry Eyes (2014)
The Box (2009)
The Boys From Brazil (1978)
The Conspiracy (2012)
The Shining
The Swap (2016)
The Tall Target (1951)
The Visitor (1979)
The Wicker Man (1973)
They Live
V For Vendetta
Vampyr (1932)
Vibes (1988)
Waking Life (2001)
You Wish (2003)


2:22 (2017)

An air traffic controller who possess a unique ability to visualize patterns. The film is the backdrop for the hidden pattern of numerical ‘true persona’ identification found in the system of Gematria. In the opening scenes of the film, the air controller is suspended from his job after a brief flash (outside of space and time) that nearly causes a mid-air collision in the skies above JFK, occurring at precisely 2:22pm. The inclusion of numerical patterns to indicate a specific connection between events and outcome is a form of Gematria use. For reference below are 45 words that equal 222 in English Gematria.

Words Which Equal 222 In English Gematria

Aloha / Begin / Being / Brake
Break /Called / Cayce
Dead-End /Djin /Dome /Drama
Dubai / Edible /Edom /Elena
Failed / Flame /Fold /Gaelic
Hades /Haman /Hell /Hex
Hit/ India /Kate/ Keep
LAX /Legal /Let /Like
Needed /Nick /Place /RFID
Rebecca /Rod /Scan /Seal
Shade / Side /Take /Teach
Up /Weed

A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly (2006)

The film tells the story of identity and deception in a near-future dystopia constantly under intrusive high-tech police surveillance in the midst of a drug addiction epidemic. Little blue flowers are being used by a Monsanto type evil corporation to cause the public to come under mind control due to the effects of the drug. In English Gematria ‘Monsanto” equals 666. Dubbed the most evil company in existence, Monsanto is an active proponent of harming the environment, manipulating the eco-system through harmful chemicals and gene splicing, and invention of nuclear weaponry and fake sugar. Symbolism of red vs blue and references to tyrant ruled world order are also on display in this film based on a book by Gnostic author Philip K. Dick.

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve (2016)

As Eve celebrates her birthday, she learns the truth of who she really is. For generations, her mother’s family has passed down an old amulet and the power of a witch to one girl on her 18th birthday. This time, it is her turn. While exploring her new powers, Eve attempts to summon her deceased mother, against the warnings of her best friend and Barnaby, her faithful protector. Instead she accidentally summons an old ancestor who bears her no good will and the three friends are forced to flee for their lives. Time is ticking for her loved ones in danger, as Eve rushes to fix the mess around her. Only by realizing the power inside of herself will she be able to help them in time. A Number of esoteric or occult tropes are displayed in this film.

American Psycho

American Psycho (2000)

Set in the 1980’s, American Psycho is an allegory for the depraved minds of upper elite ‘freethinkers’. They freely think about debauchery and harming others while in the pursuit of selfish desires and conquests. The final scenes would have showcased a waltz number atop the World Trade Center for the esoteric purpose of predictive programming, however those plans were scrapped. Maybe a little too on the nose. The hidden message at play here being that the rich upper elite can murder, harm, steal, and get away with it.


Arrival (2016)

Arrival is not only about Aliens, but about numbers and time. The film is filled with allegory for the numerical pattern of Gematria and features a lengthy display of symbolism which relates to time existing as a cyclical pattern of events which happen and then re-happen.

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Saga (2011-2014)

Based on the series of dystopian future novels by Ayn Rand, the saga takes place in an America on the verge of financial collapse due to over regulated business and a tightly controlled tyrant USA. The saga displays a number of esoteric allegories for the collapse of the US and the take over of tyrant giants.

The Believers (1987)

Believers, The (1987)

The film is about upper elite occultist killing children for ritual purpose in New York.

clockwork orange

Clockwork Orange (1971)

A dystopian future in which mind control is utilized to cure the masses of aggression. Stanley Kubrick includes a number of esoteric symbols in the film including the all seeing eye and the black and white checker board symbol.

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas (2012)

A dystopian future and a multi layered pattern of symbolism and allegory are the nature of Cloud Atlas.

Da Vinci Code (2006)

Da Vinci Code Series (2006 – 2016)

Based around the European secular notion of “Holy Blood”, a concocted hoax during the late 1950’s, the Da Vinci Code film series was inspired by author Daniel Gerhard Brown.

Devils Advocate (1997)

Devil’s Advocate (1997)

An unusually successful young Floridian lawyer (Reeves) knowingly protects child abusers and murders to the delight of Satan (Al Pacino) who invites the young lawyer to New York to work for a major firm. As his wife (Theron) becomes haunted by frightening visual phenomena, the lawyer slowly begins to realize the owner of the firm is the devil. The film uses a number of occult symbolism including the above checkered floor.

Dreamscape (1984)

Dreamscape (1984)

The film features the use of mind control manipulation (think Mk Ultra programming) during the occult resting period psychologist refer to as Dreamscape. Visions of snakes and nuclear war for the occult reference to a future cataclysm on display here.

Eagle Eye (2008)

Eagle Eye (2008)

During filming it was claimed that the conversations of the cast were being monitored by the US government and that those files were eventually played back for some of the actors, including Shia. The claims that the USA (Big Brother) is always listening to all the citizens all the time was long regarded by Eurocentric secularist as paranoia, although today it is a known fact. Government created tools for spying such as social media and devices that listen for your voice to activate them have made the job of the US intel system that much easier.

El Topo A

El Topo (1971)

Directed and starring Jodorowsky, El Topo is an esoteric film that features a wide variety of occult and Free Masonic symbolism throughout. The film is a blend of gore and violence contrasted with sexual themes and Satanic like elements. A gunfighter representing God, wanders the desert with his naked son until he discovers a town that has been slaughtered. After killing the leader of the massacre, El Topo steals a slave woman whom he rapes. She instructs him to kill “four masters” in order to become the greatest gun slinger. He does so and is betrayed by the woman. After entering in a cave he is reborn and wanders the desert seeing visions. Bizarre, exploitative, and depraved this film is an esoteric genre piece.


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

A film about a couple whose relationship ends and begins through the use of mind manipulation and erasure. Allegorical for the conditions of MK Ultra victims and the attempts by the upper elite to break the conscious mind, shattering reality.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

A film about the ritual of the Illuminati and how they can subvert the will of their victims. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, the movie blends a number of allegories with hidden scenes of occult ritual and significance. The film even features an allegory of the Skull & Bones ‘Six Crow”, the George Bush connected evil doers who decapitated Geronimo and pour out acid over his face. Symbolism such as red vs blue and mind control are on full display here.

The Fountain (2006)

Fountain, The (2006)

Plenty of occult symbolism and mystic religious allegory in this film about life, rebirth, and eternity.

Goat (2016)

Goat (2016)

A film about the Skull & Bones secret society of depraved upper elite rituals and hazing. The film is alike in several ways to Eyes Wide Shut and The Skulls, however the focus of the ritual of hazing and control over victims is the primary theme of this film.

Harlequin 1980

Harlequin (1980)

Based on the story of the magical occultist Rasputin, the major characters have the same first names as Rasputin in the film. A member of the US senate meets the character of Wolf, shown above, who through his occult powers seemingly heals a child. The film is an allegory for the control of the elite ‘handlers’ and subversion of the USA behind closed doors.


Haxan (1922)

European ideals of witchcraft and ritual are displayed as a visual encyclopedia of the world of occult imagery and symbols.

I Pet Goat II

I Pet Goat II (2012)

I Pet Goat II is the esoteric equivalent of Citizen Kane. This is the only animated esoteric film that openly proclaims that it displays predicative programming on purpose, as well as veiled symbolism of events both past, present, and future. The scene above displays the events of the Colorado Theater shooting and Sandy Hook Hoax prior to the events themselves. Figures such as blood relatives George Bush and cousin Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) are featured players in this epic animated work.

Knight Of Cups (2015)

Knight Of Cups (2015)

A film based on the deck of the tarot cards. This film is a romance/drama of esoteric portions mixed with occult poetry and symbol. The film follows depressed Los Angeles screenwriter Rick (Bale) on an odyssey through the playgrounds of Los Angeles and Las Vegas as he undertakes a search for love and self via adventures with colorful figures, identified by eight tarot cards.

Lucifer Rising (1972)

Lucifer Rising (1972)

An experimental short film by Kenneth Anger that honors the Church of Satan and the rising of rituals that Lucifer worshipers will recognize. Elements of the films content are copied in music videos by artist such as Madonna and Katy Perry in honor of the occult.

Lucy (2014)

Lucy (2014)

Lucy is a 24-year-old American woman living and studying in Taiwan who is tricked into taking an experimental yet powerful drug that enhances her mind to new psychic powers. The hidden message of the film is that Lucy is an allegory for Lucifer, and through her powers traveled through time to light the spark of intelligence for all mankind as a creator and god. In the time travel scene she is seen by early Native Americans, thus becoming the ‘white elder’, in another scene she touches the finger of Lucy the ape in order to spark the light of intelligence in man.

The Magic Christian (1969)

The Magic Christian (1969)

An esoteric satire featuring occultist Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr. Allusions to the military industrial complex, Illuminati, powers of the bloodline of Dracula and more symbolism are to be found in this bizarre trip through the occult.

River Of Fundament (2016)

River Of Fundament (2016)

An esoteric opera about the leaders of the old world order coming to terms with their god status on Earth and longevity. The film features occult ideals revolving around the theme of Osiris death and reincarnation. The fundament is human waste.

Gematria Symbolism

Blue Moon VS Red Light

In the early days of paganism the Sun and the moon were prominent deities for several cultures. The sun representing a male deity and the moon a female.
In ancient mythology the serpent was widely regarded as a universal symbol of the sun. Sun worship was common long ago, hailed as the source of all physical life, and the serpent regarded as the source of all spiritual life. Both sun worship and serpent worship began nearly side by side. Aesculapius, the ancient god of medicine, is represented by a serpent wrapping itself around a dead tree trunk, at the side of which springs up a young tree–the palm tree, a symbol of victory and of the restoration of life. For ancient Egyptians the deity of creation was known as Atum, a self-created sun-god whom is often depicted as a serpent deity.

blue moon

A blue moon is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year: either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month of the common calendar.

The phrase has nothing to do with the actual color of the moon, although a literal “blue moon” (the moon appearing with a tinge of blue) may occur in certain atmospheric conditions: e.g., if volcanic eruptions or fires leave particles in the atmosphere of just the right size to preferentially scatter red light

Sun Seal Of Solomon

The priests and scientist of ancient times claimed that God works by mathematics.
Ancient religions and mythologies where often a conglomeration of; religion, mysticism, science, and math. The god of the Egyptians was depicted as a red solar disc, known as Re/Ra. The light of red which emanated from the solar god was depicted in hieroglyphics.

If we examine history we see that the religious beliefs of the very first civilisation, the Sumerians, weren’t totally focused on sun worship but they did have a Sun god. While the Sumerian’s Sun god wasn’t the most powerful deity in their culture it initiated the development of future Sun worship. Over the centuries the Sumerian Sun god’s influence grew while other god’s influence diminished.

By the time the Egyptian civilisation was at its peak, the Sun god had reached a supreme position. However, Sun worship reached its height and most involved form with the Aztec, Maya, and Inca civilisations of South America. The Inca culture was totally based on worship of the Sun. – Solar School net

Ancient astrology divides the stars in the heavens into 36 constellations. The number thirty-six is also seen as the early three sixes when set side by side. Amulets or pendants called the ‘Sigilla Solis’ also known as the solis seal, or the seal of the sun, were created by early priests. They contained the figures 1 to 36.
Through charting and mapping of the stars and in accordance with symbols and figures assigned to the sigilla solis numerical system, they claimed the ability to predict and foretell future events. Ancient people had a profound respect for the sun and their veneration for the sun-god of old is seen in many representations through out their culture. On the front side of the amulet of the ‘sun seal’ sits the god of the sun standing upon a lion. This indicated the sun’s position in the constellation of Leo during August. On the back was inscribed “Nachyel,” meaning “intelligence of the sun,” and in 36 squares are arranged the numerals 1 to 36 in such a way that adding the numbers of any column either horizontally or vertically, and also the two diagonals crossing the square, the total produced is the same – 111. The sum of the six columns, computed either
horizontally or vertically, was 6 x 111, or 666


English Gematria Findings: Solis Seal = 666 / A Math of Beast 666

Heft is ancient Arabic for “angel” it is derived from old Mesopotamia and Shaitan is the name of Satan as found in the Koran. In the Koran the devils name “Los ha-satan”
is spelled as “Shaitan”. “Heft Shaitan” is translated as “Angel Satan.” While the word ‘los’ is indicative of the “lost one”.  In ancient text the adversary to God is originally called ha-Satan and Los was another name for the fallen Lucifer. The full name of the fallen Lucifer is “Los ha-Satan”, although today Western cultures refer to the devil as Satan. In the text of the Koran Satan is known by the names Shaytan, and Shaitan. Shaytan is the Arabic form of “Los ha-Satan” minus the Lo, dropping the extra S, and adding a Y. In pictures of the devil he is depicted in red, to symbolize fires, and hatred. The Hebrew word for evil was “Ra”.

In Exodus 10:10, Pharaoh says to Moses and Aaron, during one of their ongoing exchanges, רְא֕וּ כִּ֥י רָעָ֖ה נֶ֥גֶד פְּנֵיכֶֽם (reʾu ki raʿa neged penekem), literally “see, for there is evil before you,” or more idiomatically “look, you are up to no good.”  By sheer coincidence, the Hebrew word רָעָה raʿa “evil” is the name of the Egyptian sun-god Ra, the head of the pantheon.  In this bilingual pun, made possible by this linguistic coincidence, not only does Pharaoh deny the request of the Israelites to worship their God, but he also states, as it were, “that Ra is before you.” – The

Mondex - Roland-Moreno

According to prophecy the ‘mark of beast’ will be a mandatory means of buying and selling in a dystopian world under the rule of “the beast”. In English Gematria the phrase ‘Mark of Beast’ = 666.

The mark of beast will likely be three things in one:

1.) Spiritual – The Mark Will Be Symbolism That Carries With It The Path For Spirits

2.) Electronic Identity – The Mark Will Be Capable Of Knowing All About You

3.) Cash Less – The Mark Will Be Digital Based Currency

Revelation 13:16 And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.…

The biblical prophecy is understood by many to be an implantable bio chip capable of carrying personal identification as well as a source for cash less commerce. There are two companies, Mondex and ADSX, which have the means and the capability to develop
such a mark. It has NOT been created yet, nor if developed does it imply that either company or their employees are evil. What these companies represent however is the means for a future mark to be developed. Those securing the throne for this future dystopian ruler to reign will in all likely hood use a bio chip style technology to implement his mark and secure his ruling power over the masses.

Mondex Chip In Forehead

Mondex Chip = 666

Mondex is the leader of cash-less electronic chips. These chips are found in almost all major credit cards. Mondex has ties to many of the worlds banks as well as links to many e-commerce sites. Back in 2000 Mondex introduced an Employee ID Card to the Hitachi company that acted as both a staff ID and a payment card. Currently Mondex has no bio chips, however the company remains on the cutting edge of development in their pursuit to create a cash-less and secure means of commerce for the world. The company says it will “continue to develop and seek a revolutionary payment system designed to meet todays marketplace.” The Mondex website front page shows a man with a Mondex chip in his forehead. (See photos above for picture) It is also interesting that an advertisement a year ago by Mastercard depicted a man opening his fist to reveal a Mondex chip in the palm of his right hand, although it was not implanted, it was implied that this is the direction the company will take in the future. The company also posts numerous ads depicting implanted mondex chips in the heads of their consumers. In reality the company currently has no Mondex bio chips, however it is not entirely outside the realm of possibility that the company will pursue such a technology in the future.


The Future of Electronic-IDentity

Several companies are meeting around the world to discuss the combination of measures and technology to create an Electronic ID capable of handling a greater series of SMART tasks, such as Bio metric security checks, previously by giving the possibility of authentication and authorization without the need of a physical eID, just using a mobile app smartphone with a virtual token, specifically developed for this. The companies above are attempting to combine these processes together to create a suite of digital tools for the future of secure electronic verification of identity.

Mondex - Bio Metrics

The above list is a checklist of features that the Mondex company and the global partners of Electronic ID are investing time and money toward creation. The combination of all the above in one device will become a reality.

R. Seelig Chip = 666

In the 1990’s and well into 2000, a number of critics/skeptics claimed that no one would ever willingly accept “bio-chips” because of too many privacy concerns. I read numerous false claims in print and online. Then R. Seelig became the first human to receive the digital angel chip after the events of September 11. Currently the technology is in its infancy and can not transmit wireless signals nor act as a means of currency. The chipping of Seelig was a gesture to showcase the possibility of a world where people are chipped in order to prevent ‘terror’.

Chip for pets


Applied Digital Solutions or ADSX, was the premier marketer of bio chips, such as the human ‘Verichip’, but mostly used to track beasts such as household pets and livestock.
The company formally traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol ADSX. Before changing their name and stock designation to DIGA or Digital Angel Corp.
Currently the technology is being used through Allflex USA, a company that specializes in the numbering and chipping of beasts, such as cattle.


Cashless Bio-Chip = Big Hit 

Nowadays nearly everyone you encounter is marked up with tattoos and rings from their noses to their face, they have been conditioned to accept anything seemingly hip or trendy, why not a chip meant for animals? Notice the chipped cattle above with the numbers of 88 and 66 shown near their heads. This is symbolic. The idea that people (the masses) will resist being chipped out of concern/fear of privacy is old school ludicrous. This was the common argument for a number of years whenever critics/skeptics would debate the possibility of electronic chips and human consumerism. The critics as always are wrong. The masses will be more than ready and willing to be chipped, out of convenience for purchasing goods, out of appearing trendy, out of sheer ignorance. They will be chipped.

Now lets take a look at some of the arguments regarding ‘Mark

The Mark of Beast Is ONLY Spiritual Not Physical

Here is something from OUR community, those of you who are amongst the Christian crowd or spiritual minded. For years many have held the position that the ‘Mark’ is a spiritual matter alone. How then could one buy or sell if the mark is ONLY spiritual? ‘REV 13:17 so that no one would be able to buy or to sell, unless they have the
mark, which is, the name of the beast or the number of his name.’ Is it logical/reasonable that people will buy and sell goods with a spiritual mark? The spiritual symbolism of the mark is all too evident to many, including myself, however, the world around us is a combination of spiritual and physical and we don’t simply go to the store and purchase goods on faith alone.

NO Company Now Nor EVER Is Connected To Any Cashless Chip, BIO or Otherwise

Here is the old school argument from the skeptic crowd. No one is making it today, so that means ever. As in EVER. Yes, currently no company has integrated its technology in such a way as to incorporate both a cash-less system and a GPS SMART bio chip into a single workingmark‘ that they have thus injected into someone. Now, several companies, even this year, have demonstrated new bio chip tech for their employees. But does this rule out the possibility of it ever happening globally? Both companies I’ve mentioned (Mondex, PositiveID) have implied several times their wish to integrate new technologies or discover other means to provide their product to the marketplace. Mondex is a leader of cash-less advanced chips and could in all probability design such a means in the form of a bio-chip or out source with another company to create one. Just because they have no plans to do so today does not rule out it happening ever. In fact that does not even make much sense. Any number of companies are on the verge of creating new SMART ware with tracking and E-Identity/Commerce capabilities.

The Hand And Head Are Not Possible To Hold Bio Chips Due To Tissue Issues

How logical would it be to lift your leg up over the counter at your local service station to pay for gas? How logical would it be to swipe your back across a scanner at the check out counter of your grocery store? Those areas are far too inconvenient for a cash less
bio chip to be implanted. This is why technology is ALWAYS changing things up. The bio-chip that companies are looking into does not have to be some RFID style device, it could be as thin as a digital TATOO applied on a persons hand or forehead. Tech changes. When it comes to fast service to pay for goods people tend to use their credit or debit card. They pull it out their wallet and swipe it across a scanner and their money is deducted by a cash less means. Taking it one step further would be to place ‘conveniently’ a mark in your hand. Some people however are disabled and or rely on wheel chairs or have artificial limbs. For them the convenience of having a mark in the head would make sense. It could even be digital ink or a wearable device, also our forehead is where we store numbers like our credit card number etc.

Making Their Case For Chipping The Masses

If you are reading this blog you are likely a person who adores the truth and seeks out wisdom, rather than accept falsehoods and deceit. For the moral, spiritual, and ethically concerned this is called ‘preaching to the choir’. In other words you are not likely to run out and get chipped if such a program was initiated overnight. However, the sad reality is you are in the minority. . . SO How will they promote such a device?

1.) Band Wagon Effect – Everyone Is Doing It Why Not You?

Celebs, singers, athletes. All chipped up. That would start quite the trend in accepting something that will eventually do more harm than good.

2.) Fights Kidnapping / Missing Persons / Trafficking

Imagine a device that can track everyone at once. It knows where you are. That way you don’t get lost.

3.) Its Super Convenient – CASH & ID In One – ZERO IDENTITY THEFT

Imagine a device that you only had to recall one password for? 666. Plus you didn’t have to fiddle with loose change, write checks, hand over cards, pull out purse/wallet. Hop on an airline? Check. No more passports required. Drivers license? Food allergy? Health history? Triple Check.

4.) What Do You Have To Hide

Imagine a device that keeps track of all your purchases, even anticipating your next purchase. It knows on Wednesday night you order pizza, it will be ready. If you tried to purchase something illegal it could keep track of that too. Inform the proper authorities. Did you not pay that fine? The device will pay it for you. Or turn you in. The device could keep track of every parole violator. Every suspect or ex convict. Every Muslim. Every Christian. So what do you have to hide?

5.) It Is Mandatory 

Not at first. Let them get used to the idea, reel them in. The critics/skeptics will be there chanting “But it is not mandatory!” Imagine for a moment their smirking faces. Point 4 above will be used as a dagger against anyone who hadn’t hopped on board this vessel to hell. What are you hiding? You must be hiding something to not have taken this new technology. Laws pass. Judges agree. Make it mandatory. Critics/skeptics will be there chanting “What do you have to hide – get chipped or die!”

Thinking of all the good such a device could be used for, also leads you to consider all the cruelty, havoc, and evil such a thing could unleash.


A.I. System                 = 666
A ADSX Bio Chip             = 666
A Allied Bank Bio-ID        = 666
A Bio-Chip Device           = 666
Accept Hand Chip            = 666
A Chip Scanner              = 666
A Cyber-Human               = 666
A Demonic AADHAAR ID        = 666
A Dynamic Tag ID            = 666
A Evil Forehead             = 666
Allied Bank E.I. Data       = 666
A Mark For Man              = 666
A Mark Of The CIA           = 666
A Math Of Beast             = 666
Antimony                    = 666
A Numeric Code              = 666
A Obama E-ID Order          = 666
A RFID Marking              = 666
A RFID Number               = 666
A RFID Seal                 = 666
A SINIGAN RFID              = 666
A Smart ID Card             = 666
B.Obama + US RFID             = 666
Bad Implants                = 666
Bio-Implant                 = 666
Calculation                 = 666
Causes Mark                 = 666
Chipped In Hand             = 666
CIA And ID Traces           = 666
Computer                    = 666
Created By Man              = 666
Crystal ID                  = 666
Data Storage                = 666
DEMOS IN U.K.               = 666
Decide Obama ID Chip        = 666
Diga e-Implant              = 666
Digital ID Chip             = 666
Dollar Crash                = 666
Dollar Sign                 = 666
e-Chips Traced              = 666
e-Identity                  = 666
E-Network                   = 666
E.U. Implant                = 666
E.U And Kantara             = 666
EEMA ID And Satan           = 666
E Trade Mark                = 666
Forehead Sign               = 666
For Money                   = 666
His Evil Hand               = 666
Lucent Tech                 = 666
Man + Beast Chip            = 666
Mandatory                   = 666
Mark Of Beast               = 666
Mark Of Caesar              = 666
Max Levchin                 = 666
Microchip Fib               = 666
Mondex Chip                 = 666
Monetary                    = 666
Money + Greed               = 666
National ID AIB             = 666 
No More Cash                = 666
Now Be Marked               = 666
Obama + A U.N Mark          = 666
Obama And No Cash           = 666
One e-World                 = 666
Or Place In Head            = 666
Programmer                   = 666
R. Seelig Chip              = 666
Receive A Mark              = 666
RFID + Beheadings           = 666
RFID + Mice = Cancer        = 666
RFID Body Tag               = 666
RFID Scanner                = 666
Satanic Mark                = 666
Satan’s Seal                = 666
Smart Idol                  = 666
SS Number                   = 666
Take Lucifer                = 666
Terminals                   = 666
The Data Beast              = 666
The Hand Or Head            = 666
Three Chips                 = 666
Trace I-Chips               = 666
Track ID Cards              = 666
Tracking Man                = 666
USA Hand Mark               = 666
Verichip Hid                = 666
Verishield                  = 666
World-Net                   = 666
World Bio-ID                = 666
World ID Card               = 666

False Teachers of God

Once I attended a Summer youth seminar and Christian concert that attracted a number of college students and young Christians. The atmosphere was fun and festive. The pastor speaking to the congregation was equally youth oriented. However, the message was at times vulgar, and even contained enthusiastic cursing, something which I have not been familiar with in any Church environment. The theology taught was often contrary to the Bible, and the songs sung during praise were worldly and secular. This I learned was the increasingly popular branding of entertainment churches spreading across the United States. The goal of many of these ‘new age’ church groups is to entertain masses and make money. At these seminars there hardly ever is the message of the Gospel.

In English Gematria ‘Mega Churches’ = 666

The youth concert was in someway connected to one of the myriad of newly minted ‘Mega Churches’ that is currently sweeping the globe.

Mega churches across the United States are becoming increasingly popular which is not only bringing thousands of worshipers together, but also billions of dollars in profit. From self-helo books to CDs and DVDs. Mega churches are becoming big money makers for the pastors and ministries they are apart of.

Scott Thumma, professor of sociology and religion at Hartfor Seminary estimates: “the mega church on average has about $6.5 million in income a year.” – Waronsatanblog

Christians today are filled with a hunger for knowledge and the truth. What many new Church groups arising in America, and globally, are offering these people are ‘get rich quick schemes’. Feel good now messages. Godless testimony.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Double Speak = 666
A Global Church = 666
Hillsong NA = 666
A Interfaith = 666
Mega-Churches = 666



Edgar Allan Poe Hidden Hand Evil

Edgar Allan Poe (01/19/1809-10/07/1849) was an American author, poet, and proponent of fake news and disinformation. Although no record of Masonic membership is known, Poe is believed to have been a secret member of the upper tier occult. In English Gematria, ‘Edgar Allan Poe’ equals 666.

Poe liked to display his ability to hide the truth from his readers, to force them to play detective. He published six hoaxes during his brief life. He once referred approvingly to the age in which he lived as the “epoch of the hoax.” –

Poe was highly intelligent, and delighted in displaying his knowledge of both the esoteric and the rational in a manner that would not be easily discovered via the gullible masses. Long celebrated for his dark, gothic tales of horror and suspense, Poe also cast himself as a master detective capable of seeing the truth through deceptions. His last work known as ‘Eureka‘, released in 1848, was an intuitive conception of the nature of the universe, however void of drawing any scientific conclusions. The work was well received by scientist Albert Einstein.

Edgar Allan Poe fake news


In 1835, Poe, then 26, married his 13-year-old cousin Virgina Clemm. In that same year Poe wrote a fake news piece regarding a mans trip in a hot air balloon that reaches the moon. Poe authored “The Unparalled Adventures of One Hans Pfall” as a factual news piece for the Southern Literary Messenger. The fake news article Poe concocted contains all the hallmarks of esoteric hex-craft, showcasing numerous sixes, which has always revealed the falsehood of any disinformation piece. Poe would go about launching exactly six fake news articles in his lifetime. It is typical that when these false stories are created via the occult elite, they will go to great lengths in showing the numbers 6, 66, and of course 666, all to indicate the story is both fictitious and enchanting. In the case of Hans Pfall, our main character drifts away in his hot air balloon at precisely 6 o’clock, while he has brought with him “six tinned ware tubes“. Below is an excerpt of the false news story, take note how often Poe returns to the numbers 6 and 60, to those familiar with this occultist trick, it is obvious the story is fake, beyond just the moon aspect.

Looking at my watch, I found it six o’clock.” “At twenty minutes past six o’clock, the barometer showed an elevation of 26,400 feet, or five miles to a fraction.” “At six o’clock, I perceived a great portion of the earth’s visible area to the eastward involved in thick shadow, which continued to advance with great rapidity, until, at five minutes before seven, the whole surface in view was enveloped in the darkness of night.” “Punctually every sixty minutes was I aroused by my trusty chronometer, when, having emptied the pitcher into the bung-hole of the keg, and performed the duties of the condenser, I retired again to bed.”

How often does it have to be 6 o’clock in this absurd account!? In this manner Edgar Allan Poe is winking at his readers who are knowing of the occult, or Gematria practice.

In 1837 Poe creates “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym” claiming the work was a factual novel. The story presented the adventure of explorer, Arthur Gordon Pym, who traveled to the polar latitudes in search of discovering Hollow Earth. Along the way Pym  meets Allen, the watch; whose gigantic stature is six feet six inches high. Below are two excerpts, first from the beginning of the fake story, and second from the fourth chapter.

“He sent me, at six years of age, to the school of old Mr. Ricketts, a gentleman with only one arm and of eccentric manners—he is well known to almost every person who has visited New Bedford. I stayed at his school until I was sixteen, when I left him for Mr. E. Ronald’s academy on the hill.”

“The mutineers, however, succeeded at last in closing the forecastle effectually before more than six of their opponents could get up. These six, finding themselves so greatly outnumbered and without arms, submitted after a brief struggle. All in the forecastle presently signified their intention of submitting, and, ascending one by one, were pinioned and then thrown on their backs, together with the first six—there being in all, of the crew who were not concerned in the mutiny, twenty-seven.”

Poe demonstrates with this false fable the pattern of sixes in abundance, thus to allow those knowledgeable that the story is fabricated. Take note of the fourth chapter which offers up the use of the number 6 three times in a row – for an esoteric 666.

In 1840, six extracts from the journal of a “Julius Rodman” appeared in Burton’s Gentlemen’s Magazine. The journal purported to detail a 1792 expedition led by Rodman up the Missouri River. Poe created the fake news story to trick readers into believing Rodman was the first European to cross the Rocky Mountains. The fake news piece attracted the attention of US statesmen Robert Greenhow.

“It is proper to notice here an account of an expedition across the American continent, made between 1791 and 1794, by a party of citizens of the United States, under the direction of Julius Rodman, whose journal has been recently discovered in Virginia, and is now in course of publication in a periodical magazine at Philadelphia.” – Robert Greenhow, (26th Congress, 1st session, 1839-1840, vol 4. no. 174, pp. 140-141)

Edgar Allen Poe Predictive Programming

 New York Sun in 1844, Poe faked a news story stating a Mr. Mason (wink wink Free Masons) had crafted a balloon that travelled across the Atlantic and reached an altitude of 25,000 feet, with of course 8 people aboard. The first non-powered, human-carrying balloon to actually cross the Atlantic Ocean was “Double Eagle II”, in 1978. The balloon attained an altitude of nearly 25,000 feet, just as Poe predicted. However, the trip took 6 days, not 75 hours. Monck Mason, however, was a real person who had ballooned from London to Weilburg, Germany in 1836. The esoteric sixes are found all over the fake story, Poe deliberately mentions “Saturday, the 6th instant” three times – for an esoteric 666.

Did Illuminati Kill Edgar Allan Poe?

By the 1840’s Poe had angered members of the upper elite by showcasing Masonic gnosis in his tale “The Cask of Amontillado“. Poe was likely kidnapped by means of “cooping“, resulting in his early death in 1849. Below an excerpt from ‘Six Days in April: Lincoln and the Union in Peril’

poe death

Why Was Edgar Allan Poe Targeted?

Following from Cranston Erby:

The possibility that Poe’s death somehow resulted from Hamilton’s connection to freemasonry is very real.

The historical facts show that:

1.) During the American Revolutionary War, Hamilton served as aide-de-camp and confidant to commanding General and freemason, George Washington.

2.) During Washington’s presidency, Hamilton served in Washington’s Cabinet as First Secretary of the US Treasury.

3.) In 1791, Hamilton began a three (3) years long illicit affair with then 23 years old Maria Reynolds. The affair ended Hamilton’s presidential aspirations (Initially, the affair was covered up by freemason and future US President James Monroe).

4.) In 1804 Vice President Aaron Burr killed Hamilton in a duel in Weehawken, New Jersey (Burr had previously represented Maria Reynolds in divorce proceedings against her husband).

5.) Poe’s famous short story, “The Cask of Amontillado” bares such striking similarities with the infamous Burr/Hamilton affair that we proposed Poe based his revenge tale thereupon (the subject of freemasonry holds a position of prominence in Poe’s Cask;

6.) Within two years of publication of what would be his last short story, Poe dies screaming “Reynolds” the name of Hamilton’s illicit lover (FINALLY!!! The True Reason For The Death Of Edgar Allan Poe. The Mystery Of “Reynolds” Revealed).

But something struck me on this reading that I had not caught before, and that is the symbolism of the number 11 and the association with Freemasonry.

MasonicTrowelThe first clue appears about halfway through the story, when they are in the catacombs: Once in the wine cellar, their exchange oddly turns to Freemasonry, and the following dialogue comes just before the entombment as the two men drink a glass of wine, and Fortunato makes an odd gesture with a wine bottle.

“You do not comprehend [the gesture]?” he said.
“Not I,” I replied.
“Then you are not of the brotherhood.”
“You are not of the masons.”
“Yes, yes,” I said; “yes, yes.”
“You? Impossible! A mason?”
“A mason,” I replied.
“A sign,” he said, “a sign.”
“It is this,” I answered producing from beneath the folds of my roquelaire a trowel….

Edgar Allan Poe = 666
Edgar A. Poe + A Masonic = 888
Cooping + Edgar A. Poe = 906


Superimposed Mona Lisa Salvator Mundi

Salvator Mundi Is No Mona Lisa?

Superimposed in the above images are the Leonardo Da Vinci paintings ‘Salvator Mundi’, and the ‘Mona Lisa’. Notice the feminine and masculine attributes that are mirrored here. The sync between these two supposedly unrelated art pieces is astounding. The works are an illustrious match on several key factors, most notably the background, and eyes of the Mundi and Mona Lisa.

At first impression, such shared similarities seem to be no mere chance. The paintings are believed to have been painted around the same timeframe. Given the possibility that the two pieces are synchronistic, is it possible they are companion pieces, or were these changes altered in the modern to mirror both paintings? Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist and Illuminati bloodline Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. According to theorist, Jung is regarded as a secret member of the post-Bavarian modern Illuminati, claims that arose due to the bloodline of Jung. The Bavarian Illuminati counted amongst their elite at least two members with the last name of Jung. One identified in Hermann Schüttler’s Die Mitglieder des Illuminatenordens as Franz Wilhelm Jung (1757-1833) and the other as Johann Sigmund Jung (1745-1824). The latter of the two was the ancestor of Carl Jung, while his grandfather was a Freemason, Jung also claimed to have been a descendant of an original 17th-century Rosicrucian.

Jason Farago of the New York Times wrote an article which states; “That 450 Million Leonardo? It’s No Mona Lisa.” I couldn’t help but notice the striking similarities in the pieces. The artistic figure of the ‘Salvator Mundi’ appears, at best, feminine and less than Christ-like. Below is commentary from Hidden In The Crag.

“The divine feminine interlaced into the divine masculine. Meet their god Lucifer. Jupiter Serpais and Isis in the form of their Salvator Mundi or Saviour of the World. You have the right hand of the Serapis pose and the left handed crystal ball of the priestess of Isis.” –

Salvator Mundi Through The Years

Salvator Mundi Through The Years

The ‘Salvator Mundi’ (Latin for ‘Savior of the World’) by artist Leonardo Da Vinci, is a painting of Christ dated around 1500, a similar timeframe for the famous ‘Mona Lisa’ painting. The ‘Mundi’ features left to right symbolism, in the right hand is a blessing, while in the left hand is a crystal orb, said to symbolize the cosmos and the Earth. Around twenty other known versions of the work are in existence, with preparatory chalk and ink drawings by Da Vinci held by the so-called British Royals.

A Czech etcher, known in England as Wenceslaus or Wenceslas and in Germany as Wenzel Hollar, made an engraving of the painting, published in Antwerp in 1650 with the inscription Leonardus da Vinci pinxit (Latin for ‘Leonardo da Vinci painted it’).

Notice the numerous changes to the painting over time. This is due to a number of contributing factors, namely the painting was damaged from previous restoration attempts take on during the late 1800’s, and then various liberties were obviously taken to the modern restoration of the piece. For example most telling is the detail of the drapery robes and the cross-section.

Differences In Mundi

Below I have taken the 1650 etching and superimposed the image with the 2017 version of the painting. Notice how the change in the eyes has affected the paintings appearance. The beard and mustache of the Christ were removed, while the shadowing texture on the chest was replaced or altered. With the beard forever removed, the piece takes on a less than masculine appearance, an almost esoteric theme begins to emerge.

1650 Etch And 2017 Salvator Mundi

Below is the painting of 1912 superimposed with the 2017 version. By 1912 the painting had undergone a number of repairs, alterations, and damages which resulted in an inferior looking piece. Notice that the hands have synched up very nicely between 1912 and 2017 versions. The piece varies widely in detail between 1650 – 2017 due in large to the heavily over painted application produced in the late 1800’s, and was once considered a ‘sloppy copy’, prior to the recent ‘restoration‘.

1912 Salvator Mundi

2 leo Colorized
Leonardo Da Vinci Self Portrait Mirrored by Jay Pilon


The Great Master Da Vinci & The Mirror

Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15 April 1452, in a farm­house about 3 kilo­me­ters from the town of Vinci, near Flo­rence. His full name was “Leonar­do di ser Piero da Vinci”, which means “Leonar­do, son of Piero, of Vinci”. His name is also an anagram, written as ‘O, Draconian devil’. Leonardo Da Vinci spent his last years in France at the home awarded him by Francis I. where he brought three mas­ter­pieces: Mona Lisa, The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and St. John the Baptist. His writing and paintings were done so with the technique of mirroring. Amongst theorist Da Vinci is believed to have been a member of the secretive occult, charging that such mirror/backwards applications are done so to reveal hidden meaning of an esoteric secrecy. These thoughts have led to books such as ‘The Da Vinci Code“. Leonar­do’s writings are known mostly in mir­ror-im­age cursive. While the occult or hidden aspect is possible, other reasons put forward for this may have to do with Da Vinci and dyslexia. Others have stated the reasons may have been more a prac­ti­cal means for a left brain active individual, as Leonardo is thought to have written with his left hand, it is probable that it was easier for him to write from right to left and paint in similar mirror fashion.

Below I have shown an example of the mirror technique with the 2017 version of the Mundi. Notice the left side is striking in detail and technique and splendid in focus. While the right side only half is rather dubious in detail and appears poorly achieved.

Salvator Mundi Left And Right Side Half

German painter Albrecht Dürer, created a self portrait in 1500 which the “Salvator Mundi” likely inspired. Durer was a brilliant painter whose artistic talent was known to the old Italian masters such as Raphael, Bellini, and Da Vinci. Below is the 1500 self portrait by Durer.

Albrecht Durer Self Portait

Notice the detail in the curls. The eyes and the front facing position of the portrait, so remarkable in style and similarity. Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ may have been painted for Louis XII of France. It was probably commissioned between 1490 and 1500. Durer would return to the ‘Salvator Mundi’ in 1505 with an unfinished copy of the Leonardo, and again in 1526 with yet another self portrait. Both works would go unfinished. Below are the three “Salvator Mundi” works of the master.

Albrecht Durer Salvator Mundi

Below I have superimposed ‘Salvator Mundi’ with the Albrecht Durer portrait.

Druer And Mundi Superimposed

Was The Shroud Of Turin By Da Vinci?

The Shroud of Turin or Turin Shroud (Italian: Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone) is a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man whom some have alleged to be Jesus Christ. However, the piece of cloth is not the work of painting. In recent years the image of the cloth and the work of Da Vinci have been compared, some theorist have suggested that Leonardo is the creator of both the Shroud and the Mundi. In English Gematria “A da Vinci Shroud” = 888

“The dramatic evidence to link Leonardo da Vinci with the Shroud of Turin can be seen immediately by comparing the face of his painting the Salvator Mundi with (a) the face of the man on the Shroud in photographic negative….. The exact comparison is final proof positive that da Vinci had an intimate knowledge of the Shroud.” – Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, authors of How da Vinci Fooled History: The Turin Shroud

Shroud of Turin and Salvator Mundi

The title of the painting, which is known in English as Mona Lisa, comes from a description by Renaissance art historian Giorgio Vasari. The painting is believed to have been painted in 1503, while mystery still surrounds the piece by Leonardo da Vinci. Below is the original, copy, and the two works combined to showcase the details and difference between them.

Mona LIsa And Companion Pieces

Below the original and copy in a combined manner, super imposed upon one another.

Mona Lisa And Copy Combined

Mona Lisa 3 Pieces Mirrored

mona lisa mirrored 4

Mandela Effect Illuminati

The “Mandela Effect” is a term coined by Fiona Broome, first used to describe the phenomenon of recalling the death of Nelson Mandela while he was in prison during the 1980’s. This memory is shared by several hundred people from various regions around the globe.

“See, I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.  I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow. Then, I found out he was still alive.” – Fiona Broome

Mandela Died In Prison


Fiona was attending a Dragon*Con convention in 2010 when the topic of recalling the death of Mandela in prison came up. Broome has speculated about alternate realities shaping peoples memories of the past, such as parallel realities slipping into our own timeline, thus altering our perception of reality – or past events. The Mandela Effect has been criticized by a number of Eurocentric secularist, whose goal has always been to omit facts from historical record. While the Mandela Effect may not be the result of ‘slip stream’, or alternating time streams, the event seems to be an authenticate shared experience. For instance a false claim against the authenticity of Mandela Effect experiences (known also as M.E.) is that NO non English speaking countries can be counted amongst those who recall the death of Mandela in prison. In reality if one were to take into account the numerous testimonies of persons claiming to recall such an event, they would discover claims originating from; India, China, Turkey, and Spain.


Rolihlahla “Nelson” Mandela was a bloodline member of the royal South African Thembu family. Mandela was a co-founder of militant terrorist groups in South Africa and a secretive Communist member of the ANC, African National Congress. In private Mandela advocated for a violent transition between the National whites-only led government, which was established in an apartheid system of racial segregation, and the Black predominate nation and coalition ANC. Car bombs were detonated outside buildings, and landmine operations were conducted over a span of several years beginning in the early 1980’s. The campaign of violence led to the deaths of numerous civilians including women and children.

“If we were to accept that nobody would be killed at any stage, then we wouldn’t have executed the armed struggle. You often found that the security forces themselves had based themselves in civilian areas and the choice then is always ‘do you attack them or not’? ” – Aboobaker Ismail

May We Never Forget.. by Tia Mysoa

Alternate History Timeline? Mandela Dies In Prison

The following description of events is based on utilizing the testimony of those stating they have M.E. (Mandela Effect) in regards to a history where Nelson Mandela died in prison, and the facts concerning those years in question. The time table for his death varies from witness to witness (chosen is the year 1986 to best match their testimony), this may be due to what is known as ‘selective recall’. Overall the mind recalls events in terms of ‘the basic gist’ of the event, rather than recalling specific details, or exceeding observation, such as what you were wearing at the time, the color of your socks, the brand of shoes, or the temperature outdoors. In this manner the mind is selective, just as it is influenced by a number of factors, it still picks out the basic gist of any event in the recollection process. Numerous “Mandela Died In Prison” M.E. participants share a recollection of events that no one else recalls. In the following outline you will find the narrative of the imprisonment and subsequent death of Mandela with a date of 1986 as provided through their M.E. testimony. In blue are the alternate details obtained from Mandela Effect recollections, while in black are the known facts.

August 15 1985 –

Mandela was transported to a hospital for an operation on his prostate. After the operation Mandela was moved to a section of jail with three big cells. This is where Mandela began to experience complications from his surgery and complained to staff of ‘insufferable pains’. This date also marked the first time in 24 years that Mandela was alone in jail. When news reaches Mandela supporters that Nelson has fallen ill, rumors began to circulate that Mandela had been poisoned while in surgery. From this point on Mandela will remain bed ridden.

“All I know is that he was VERY sick, then pressure over getting him out of jail, then when he died everyone got so upset.” – Terril

March 16 1986 –

Seven Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group members were accompanied by Minister Coetsee to visit Mandela at Pollsmoor prison. Mandela remains in bed but assures the members that he will help control the violence. Reports will state that Mandela is in “good spirits”. Although forbidden, a picture of a smiling Mandela in bed with a thumbs up is taken.

“I even remember reading the article with my class; there was a picture of him in the cell…” – Leah

June 12 1986 –

A state of emergency is declared. President P W Botha meets with Mandela. Over 4,000 people are arrested.

July 18 1986 –

Nelson Mandela celebrates birthday with well wishes from around the world. His condition is now worse and his family and international community intensify organized pressure for his release. In the US President Reagan is questioned about Mandela condition, according to M.E. Reagan states something like “He is in poor health, but stable condition and very good spirits“.

July 23 1986 – Nelson Mandela dies in prison.

“I very clearly recall Mandela dying of something like dysentery, in prison, from the “horrible living conditions” present in the South African prison system”Rebekah

In the days following the death of Mandela the entire world seems to mourn for and pay respect to Mandela. According to M.E numerous celebrities react to the death of Mandela, and a number of commemorative items are sold, including Mandela shirts with his prison number “46664“. Schools in America hold vigils, while students wear black ribbons.

“I live in Turkey and I was in high school in those days. I definitely remember his death and the funeral, actually my father had given me information about him when we were watching the news together.” – Nihan

From Mourning To Violence

In the aftermath of Mandela’s death in prison, the nation of South Africa that had once come together in respect, were now killing one another. In just a few days civil unrest grows out of control and the nation sees numerous riots and horrific deaths.
People are shown on TV burning houses, fighting in the streets. In one incident a South African grandfather and his young grand daughter are brutally killed. Cars are set ablaze and panic spreads across Africa. To the shock of the US, as the violence worsens Winnie Mandela is outspoken in favor of the bloodshed. Anger over apartheid erupts, as the violence is responsible for the deaths of numerous civilians, including children. According to M.E. witnesses, a state funeral is eventually shown on TV, this event may have occurred three years after the death of Mandela in prison, around 1989. Winnie Mandela leads the coalition forces of the ANC, provides her government a victory and eventually ends the violence.

“I distinctly remember a huge controversy over Mandela’s wife and her “football team” after his death in the 80s. She made a claim on his leadership, and also demanded to lead the funeral service, but was challenged on both accounts as the couple were estranged. Apartheid ended due to economic sanctions not long afterwards, and Mandela received a state funeral as one of the first acts of the new interim government, both lead by… Winnie Mandela.” – Lianne

“Both my wife and I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. Included in this memory are the funeral snippets on TV and a legal flap over book rights involving his Widow.” – Ken Dolan

“I recall how disappointed we were after Winnie gave such a stirring speech at the funeral, only to tarnish the image of Mandela with her constent calls for violence.” – Tim8967 

“I remember watching Winnie on TV coming up to the podium to speak at his funeral, and half-collapsing, grabbing ahold of the podium for balance.” – NowIamFreakedOut

“I clearly remember seeing the funeral on TV and not even knowing who the guy was until watched some of the news.” – Scott


In reality the image of Winnie Mandela becoming the leader of South Africa and advocating for violence would have been a very probable scenario, given a Mandela absence. In fact Winnie Mandela is accused of killing a child in 1989, and to-date numerous charges of violence and crimes against humanity have been lobbed against Winnie. In the late 80’s she reportedly stole a large sum of cash from a South African trust fund and engineered a number of murders.

“Mr. Cebekhulu said he had seen Mrs. Madikizela-Mandela plunging a ”shiny” object into what looked like ”the body of a child” when he got up late one night to go the bathroom. He said he later figured out the body was the 14-year-old activist, Stompie Seipei, because the boy, who had been badly beaten by Mrs. Madikizela-Mandela and her bodyguards beforehand, was missing in the morning.” – New York Times

Black On Black Hate

If Mandela Died In Prison Then Who Became President Of South Africa?

According to all those suffering from this particular M.E., the first President of South Africa was either Desmond Tutu or Winnie Mandela. The consensus is that South African Anglican clergyman and theologian Desmond Tutu became the first South African President, followed years later by Winnie Mandela. This recollection is not shared by everyone who recalls Mandela dying while in prison, some are unable to recall who became President.

“In 1989 my family and I were pretty busy at the time after the move, we turned on the national news and saw the funeral. I can recall that the hoopla over his death led to his wife elected President.” Anon, Youtube Comment

“I’m 50. I live in Canada and I remember hearing of Mandela’s death on the news at my mother’s apartment. It would have been between 1984 and 1989 because that’s when she lived there. I remember the news reporting mostly on the nation’s political unrest and not Mandela’s cause of death but I believe he’d been ill. When I heard several years later that he’d become president, I thought it was a joke. I thought someone was implying that people would prefer a dead Mandela in office over the living candidates.” – Sam Grace, Reddit

“I don’t know if it was Tutu or Winnie, but we wore the black ribbons in school and on tv all the celebs wore his prison number.”  – Sarah

How Did Apartheid End Without Nelson Mandela?

According to M.E., the death of Mandela led to a succession of violence and then through the ‘cult of celebrity’ the figure of Mandela was raised to martyr and near saint. With the ANC seen gaining momentum, and increasing international pressure to end apartheid, South Africa was eventually united under Desmond Tutu, Winnie Mandela, and the ANC.

“When I first discovered the ME in June 2016, the only thing I KNEW about Nelson Mandela was that he died as a martyr in prison in the 80s. I wasn’t born yet but that’s literally all I knew about him, and that activists carried out his legacy to end apartheid. When I heard the ME was named after him because people remember him dying in the 80’s I said “but he did die in the 80s” – DrAtlus113, Reddit

“When I was in freshman year of highschool we learned about mandela and in our reading hw in the book it says he dies in prison and his wife goes on to rule. I remember thinking , “sad, but cool a woman, some good came from it.” – Bella218, Reddit

“I just wanted to watch my cartoons I taped on the VCR but my mom and dad scolded me to stay away from the TV because they were watching Winnie make her speech at the funeral. My mom made some comment like “I think she will be their President”. I could care less but the adults made this whole BIG deal over it.” – Readynot, Youtube


1.) Mandela Effect Testimonies Are Fabricated Theory

This theory charges Fiona Broome, the first person to share online the coined term ‘Mandela Effect’, as the mastermind behind numerous testimonies found on Youtube, Reddit, or her own page, all in order to sell a book about the phenomena.

2.) Mandela Effect Is Actually About South African Steve Biko

South African journalist Donald Woods is forced to flee the country, after attempting to investigate the death in custody of his friend, black activist Steve Biko in the 1987 film “Cry Freedom“. Biko was killed in 1977. According to M.E. victims, Biko looked nothing like Mandela, and his death took place years prior to the Mandela prison death of either 1983, 1986, or 1989. Also the film “Cry Freedom” was released in 1987 and very few people watched this little known movie.


Mandela Effect Alters Time = 666 (Jewish, 666 Indicates Statement Is Lie)
A Mandela An Effect = 666
Mandela Terror = 666 (English)
N.R. Mandela An A CIA = 666

Mandela Effect An A CIA MK = 888
A Mandela Effect Is A Fake = 888
Mandela Effect of CIAs = 888
CIA Mandela Effect Mind = 888
A Six Mandela Effect = 888
Mandela Effect And EMP = 888
A Mandela Effect A Recall = 888
Mandela Effect CERN + CIA = 888
Mandela Effect of CIA + EMF = 888
Mandela Effect An A CIA EMF = 888

CIA False Mandela Effect = 906
Mandela Effect + CIA’s MK = 906
Mandela Effect + A D-Wave = 906
Mandela Effect Created = 906
Mandela Effect Alter = 906
A Mandela Effect Cloud = 906
Mandela, Spy of KGB = 906

A Mandela Effect Memory = 1110
Mandela Effects Is False = 1110
Mandela Effect Reality = 1110
A Mandela Effect A Program = 1110
Soviet Mandela Effect = 1110
Mandela Effect + A Chemtrail = 1110
A CIA Mandela Effect Victim = 1110


Imagine Dragons - Shots 02Imagine Dragons is an esoteric influenced rock band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2017 the group consisted of four members and had achieved a number of accolades, including the distinction of earning Billboard Top Rock Artist of 2013.

Below is a graphic from the God Fear Movement website.


In 2013 the esoteric video for ‘Shots‘ was released gaining over 51 million views to date. The video takes a number of artistic paintings, representative of the occult gnosis, and reimagined those images for a creative music video. The symbolism of the video serves a dual purpose, for revealing themes of an occult nature and showcasing a link to the world of art. In the picture below the checkered floor from the demented child murder film The Baby of Macon’ is displayed. The film, created by Neo-Atheist Peter Greenaway, a proponent of child abuse, is an allegory for the desire of the filmmaker to murder a child, specifically Christ as an infant.

The Checkered Floor For Blood Sacrifice

Imagine Dragons - Shots 01Within the realm of magik and occult Satanism, the checkered floor is a means for spiritual access to a cross-dimension. According to the dark arts; ‘The checkered floor can transfer negative forces from the realms of ether, including the spirit forms to interact upon or speak with“. Within antiquity it is alleged that King Solomon (Mage of Sun and Moon) delved into the arts of communication with a spirit world and utilized the checkered floor pattern for the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem .

“This is commonly described as the checkered carpet which covers the floor of the lodge. The lecture says that the mosaic pavement “is a representation of the ground floor of King Solomon’s Temple” and is “emblematic of human life, checkered with good and evil.” – Free Masonic Info

In the Eurocentric secularist film ‘The Baby of Macon’, child abuse and ritual murder are promoted via this same checkered floor board shown with the red room. The red room represents hidden murder, a motif that is mutually shared in the film ‘The Shinning“, in which the words ‘redrum‘ are revealed in a mirror to read ‘murder‘. For the dark occult all things must be done in reverse. This according to occultist is the ‘Law of Reversal’.


“In order to access the demonic entities , we must use the reverse to do all things backwards” – Satanist, Chaos Forum

“Let the adept do all things backwards. Let him learn to walk backwards. Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural and appreciable as a whole. Let him practise speaking backwards: thus for “I am He” let him say, “Eh ma I”. – Occultist, Aleister Crowley 

Oprah Winfrey’s production company is called ‘Harpo‘, which is “Orpah” spelled backwards. According to her critics, Oprah is an upper tier mage of the New Age, along with having knowledge of performing theatrical aspects of the occult.

Chekered Floor Blood Sacrifice


The ‘Beit Hamikdash’ is the holy temple on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem. According to tradition the first Holy Temple was built on the location which Abraham offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice to G-d.

Mt. Moriah belonged to the Amorites, a wandering tribe of powerful giant chiefs (such as the Biblical King Og) and numerous tribes people, their name in Egyptian was Amor and they were despised by all ancient cultures. The Amorites understood a form of backwards magic, and were spoken of critically by the Sumerians.

“Why would you marry him?! Their faces look like monkeys! They do not even bury their own dead. They think backwards and live in tents instead of cities!” – Sumerian Text, Unknown Girlfriend of Martu/Ammuru Goddess   

The First Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) was constructed by King Solomon in the year 827 BCE. Solomon became known as the great magician of the sun and moon, a title that various esoteric groups would later apply to the king of many sins. In time numerous amulets and medallion seals (Solis Seal = 666) which included magic squares in the number pattern of 666 were introduced invoking his name.

“In doing my research a Checkered Board floor is symbolic of spiritual communication or a gateway to the Spirit Realm which ONLY includes channeling of Good spirits(God) and Evil spirits(Satan). Putting it simple and to the point, most of the films or Artists mentioned are not speaking on Jesus or being saved, so the checker board is a blatant way of letting each of us know that we are being demonically communicated to…SPIRITUALLY!” – Godfearmovement

Imagine Dragons - Shots 05In the painting by Tim Cantor, a figure is shown with numerology written upon his face. The figure may represent occultist Aleister Crowley, who also utilized Gematria. The crow on the head of the Crowley figure is akin to the spiritual archetype of Satan. In the occult, as was true for the ancients, the fowl birds of the air, including the crow, were symbolic of ‘spiritual’ unseen forces of the air – demonic entities. With the figure-head entity speaking to the minds of the occultist being Satan, also shown as the Demiurge ‘G.A.O.U.T.U’ – Iurbo Baoth. When birds are displayed in a manner connected to the occult or macabre it is an intentional ode to the aspects of spiritual communication with the world of unseen powers, shown in various films as The Abyss, Ether, or in Stranger Things as the ‘Upside Down’. In reality this spiritual gateway where things shown backwards and revealed through mirrors was accessed via the original creators of the Smithsonian Institute.

Imagine Dragons - Shots 03The religious symbol shown above is called ‘A Nehushtan’, in English Gematria it is equal to 666. The symbol is that of a snake, or serpent, surrounding the pole and represents the healing power of faith. While the item is an idol, it was utilized in the Bible to heal those bitten by fiery snakes while on a journey to the promised land. The snake idol is described in 2 Kings 18:4.

Imagine Dragons - Shots 04The occult painting known as ‘The Magic Circle”, feature the witch with her Six Crow, symbolic of the spiritual world submitting to the will of the so-called mistress of the night. The mage in this situation is conjuring the powers of the demonic to hex the nature to submit to will. The figure in the video is symbolic of the powers of the entity, feminine Isis/mage known as Hecate. In the video the 6 crow can be seen flying above the symbolic Witch. The spirits of the air, known as foul demons, are represented in the form of these birds.  In English Gematria ‘Six Crow’ = 666


The birds are shown in 6 pairs (‘6 Crow’) to illustrate the hidden gnosis of occult understanding, termed hex-craft. The fowl in the above illustration are portrayed in terms of sins or misconduct. Barry Soetoro (Obama) is amongst them, and very much apart of them as the 7th figure.

Bioshock Crows2

In the video game Bioshock, the floor is shown with the checkered floor, while present are the crows, these are symbolic in terms of occult representation. Always shown in symbolic terms as a spiritual evil, in guise of demonic spirits, here they have been allowed to cross over into this fictitious game world via the light and dark checkered board floor.

Chess Board Floor 6 Crow

The above image is a reenactment of the rituals of the Bavarian Illuminati, take note of the six figures walking in circle on the checkered floor around their victim. In the center of this occult ritual are the candles. Numerous European elites performed such rites under the leadership of the Illuminati in both France and Germany. Elements of these rituals would find their place in the life of upper tier Elite in the USA.

1917Skull & Bones elite, wearing robes which belonged to members of the KKK, now colored in black. A variation of the modern-day Illuminati, the Skulls are shown here holding the severed skull of American Indian chief Geronimo. Prescott Bush, Grandfather of President George Bush, belonged to a group of 6 occultist Yale students, ‘6 Crow’, who robbed the grave of Geronimo while they were stationed at Ft. Sill in Oklahoma.

The elder Bush sawed off the head of the chief, then when they returned to base proceeded to douse his face with acids until his flesh melted away. Grave robbing, such as the act committed by the elder Bush, is a common ritual for the Elite and has been practiced on numerous occasions. Yale elite, such as the Skulls, are said to keep numerous human trophies, mostly bones of children.

“..the flesh melts away to reveal the bone and strong face..” – Yale Bonesman, 1918

“The skull of the worthy Geronimo the Terrible exhumed from its tomb at Fort Sill by your club and the Knight Haffner is now safe inside the Tomb, together with his well-worn femurs, bit and saddle horn.” – Yale Bonesman, 1918

Eurocentric secularist, who routinely omit facts from all historical record, have attempted to claim that the Skull of Geronimo must be that of someone else and is therefore “A-ok!!”. The hatred of the truth is common place for those who deny this sick episode. However, numerous documents written by members of the Skulls themselves have only backed up the claims that Geronimo was dismembered and taken as a trophy for these sick White elitist.

“In 1986 [Davison] and other representatives of Skull and Bones–among them George Bush’s brother Jonathan Bush–met with Anderson (Russell Trust). They brought a skull and offered it to Anderson, but he declined because it seemed not to be the same one he had seen in photographs surreptitiously provided by an anonymous dissident member of Bones. The nose and eye cavities didn’t match. Also Anderson took offense at a document that Davison wanted him to sign, which stipulated that neither the Apaches nor Skull and Bones would publicly discuss the whole business.” – I Stole The Head of Prescott Bush

Imagine Dragons - Shots 06

“Ghosts of crows they float, high inside my dreams
They talk of coiled trees, green with rounded leaves
They tell me what I see…..
What an image means to some, is to others something more
A memory told on wood, can show all that I adore
So I close my eyes to sleep And wait for what it brings
Ghosts of crows they float, high inside my dreams.” – Tim Cantor

Dream Demons = 666
Archon Birds = 666
Six Archon = 666
Six Crow = 666

In the Islamic tradition the cawing of crows in a dream is meant to symbolize the separation of loved ones and the announcement of death. While according to various superstition, the sign of impending death is also called Six Crow. In the realm of Witchcraft the figure of Hecate has come to symbolize the mother of darkness and dreams.  In the above pictures the image of dreams, Hecate, and crows are tied together to form a symbolic and very occult message.

“A large majority of the world’s population listens to music, but sadly, only a very small minority actually understand the true meaning of the lyrics and its effect on listeners.

Many of the mainstream songs you hear in the music charts have very important meanings and significance. A lot of them contain either references to Satanism, sex, the occult and/or other spiritual meanings in the form of lyrics, symbolism and other references which are usually ignored.” – Farhank :Music Industry & The Illuminati