Esoteric Films – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

The vast majority of films released each year will not feature any esoteric or hidden occult elements, a few however will. Following is a comprehensive list of films with occult or esoteric properties. They feature a number of elements including Illuminati tropes, numerical Gematria, occult allegory, and hidden references.

Some plot points mentioned here are possible spoilers. So if you don’t want to ruin the plot of a film that you have yet to see then you may want to avoid that films description.  Once I get around to it I will attempt to decode and breakdown the symbols individually for each of these films in additional posts. I have already tackled a few of the films listed below in other Gematria study posts.

ANYTHING MISSING? What Should I Add To This List:

2:22 (2017)
A Scanner Darkly (2006)
All Hallows Eve (2016)
American Psycho (2000)
Atlas Shrugged (2011 – 2014)
Clock Work Orange (1971)
Da Vinci Code (2006-2016)
Devils Advocate (1997)
Dreamscape (1984)
Eagle Eye (2008)
El Topo (1971)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Fountain,The (2006)
Goat (2006)
Harlequin (1980)
Haxan (1922)
Holy Mountain (1973)
I Pet Goat II (2012)
Juptier Ascending
Knight Of Cups
Lucifer Rising (1972)
Lucy (2014)
Magic Christian (1969)
Manchurian Candidate
Marathon Man (1976)
Metroplois (1927)
Mulholland Drive
National Treasure Book Of Secrets
Neon Demon (2016)
Ninth Gate
Noah (2014)
Now You See It (2005)
Now You See Me (2013)
Prestige (2006)
Prince Of Darkness (1987)
Prisoners (2013)

Second Sight (1989)

Shutter Island (2011)
Star Chamber (1983)
Starry Eyes (2014)
The Box (2009)
The Boys From Brazil (1978)
The Conspiracy (2012)
The Shining
The Swap (2016)
The Tall Target (1951)
The Visitor (1979)
The Wicker Man (1973)
They Live
V For Vendetta
Vampyr (1932)
Vibes (1988)
Waking Life (2001)
You Wish (2003)


2:22 (2017)

An air traffic controller who possess a unique ability to visualize patterns. The film is the backdrop for the hidden pattern of numerical ‘true persona’ identification found in the system of Gematria. In the opening scenes of the film, the air controller is suspended from his job after a brief flash (outside of space and time) that nearly causes a mid-air collision in the skies above JFK, occurring at precisely 2:22pm. The inclusion of numerical patterns to indicate a specific connection between events and outcome is a form of Gematria use. For reference below are 45 words that equal 222 in English Gematria.

Words Which Equal 222 In English Gematria

Aloha / Begin / Being / Brake
Break /Called / Cayce
Dead-End /Djin /Dome /Drama
Dubai / Edible /Edom /Elena
Failed / Flame /Fold /Gaelic
Hades /Haman /Hell /Hex
Hit/ India /Kate/ Keep
LAX /Legal /Let /Like
Needed /Nick /Place /RFID
Rebecca /Rod /Scan /Seal
Shade / Side /Take /Teach
Up /Weed

A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly (2006)

The film tells the story of identity and deception in a near-future dystopia constantly under intrusive high-tech police surveillance in the midst of a drug addiction epidemic. Little blue flowers are being used by a Monsanto type evil corporation to cause the public to come under mind control due to the effects of the drug. In English Gematria ‘Monsanto” equals 666. Dubbed the most evil company in existence, Monsanto is an active proponent of harming the environment, manipulating the eco-system through harmful chemicals and gene splicing, and invention of nuclear weaponry and fake sugar. Symbolism of red vs blue and references to tyrant ruled world order are also on display in this film based on a book by Gnostic author Philip K. Dick.

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve (2016)

As Eve celebrates her birthday, she learns the truth of who she really is. For generations, her mother’s family has passed down an old amulet and the power of a witch to one girl on her 18th birthday. This time, it is her turn. While exploring her new powers, Eve attempts to summon her deceased mother, against the warnings of her best friend and Barnaby, her faithful protector. Instead she accidentally summons an old ancestor who bears her no good will and the three friends are forced to flee for their lives. Time is ticking for her loved ones in danger, as Eve rushes to fix the mess around her. Only by realizing the power inside of herself will she be able to help them in time. A Number of esoteric or occult tropes are displayed in this film.

American Psycho

American Psycho (2000)

Set in the 1980’s, American Psycho is an allegory for the depraved minds of upper elite ‘freethinkers’. They freely think about debauchery and harming others while in the pursuit of selfish desires and conquests. The final scenes would have showcased a waltz number atop the World Trade Center for the esoteric purpose of predictive programming, however those plans were scrapped. Maybe a little too on the nose. The hidden message at play here being that the rich upper elite can murder, harm, steal, and get away with it.


Arrival (2016)

Arrival is not only about Aliens, but about numbers and time. The film is filled with allegory for the numerical pattern of Gematria and features a lengthy display of symbolism which relates to time existing as a cyclical pattern of events which happen and then re-happen.

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Saga (2011-2014)

Based on the series of dystopian future novels by Ayn Rand, the saga takes place in an America on the verge of financial collapse due to over regulated business and a tightly controlled tyrant USA. The saga displays a number of esoteric allegories for the collapse of the US and the take over of tyrant giants.

The Believers (1987)

Believers, The (1987)

The film is about upper elite occultist killing children for ritual purpose in New York.

clockwork orange

Clockwork Orange (1971)

A dystopian future in which mind control is utilized to cure the masses of aggression. Stanley Kubrick includes a number of esoteric symbols in the film including the all seeing eye and the black and white checker board symbol.

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas (2012)

A dystopian future and a multi layered pattern of symbolism and allegory are the nature of Cloud Atlas.

Da Vinci Code (2006)

Da Vinci Code Series (2006 – 2016)

Based around the European secular notion of “Holy Blood”, a concocted hoax during the late 1950’s, the Da Vinci Code film series was inspired by author Daniel Gerhard Brown.

Devils Advocate (1997)

Devil’s Advocate (1997)

An unusually successful young Floridian lawyer (Reeves) knowingly protects child abusers and murders to the delight of Satan (Al Pacino) who invites the young lawyer to New York to work for a major firm. As his wife (Theron) becomes haunted by frightening visual phenomena, the lawyer slowly begins to realize the owner of the firm is the devil. The film uses a number of occult symbolism including the above checkered floor.

Dreamscape (1984)

Dreamscape (1984)

The film features the use of mind control manipulation (think Mk Ultra programming) during the occult resting period psychologist refer to as Dreamscape. Visions of snakes and nuclear war for the occult reference to a future cataclysm on display here.

Eagle Eye (2008)

Eagle Eye (2008)

During filming it was claimed that the conversations of the cast were being monitored by the US government and that those files were eventually played back for some of the actors, including Shia. The claims that the USA (Big Brother) is always listening to all the citizens all the time was long regarded by Eurocentric secularist as paranoia, although today it is a known fact. Government created tools for spying such as social media and devices that listen for your voice to activate them have made the job of the US intel system that much easier.

El Topo A

El Topo (1971)

Directed and starring Jodorowsky, El Topo is an esoteric film that features a wide variety of occult and Free Masonic symbolism throughout. The film is a blend of gore and violence contrasted with sexual themes and Satanic like elements. A gunfighter representing God, wanders the desert with his naked son until he discovers a town that has been slaughtered. After killing the leader of the massacre, El Topo steals a slave woman whom he rapes. She instructs him to kill “four masters” in order to become the greatest gun slinger. He does so and is betrayed by the woman. After entering in a cave he is reborn and wanders the desert seeing visions. Bizarre, exploitative, and depraved this film is an esoteric genre piece.


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

A film about a couple whose relationship ends and begins through the use of mind manipulation and erasure. Allegorical for the conditions of MK Ultra victims and the attempts by the upper elite to break the conscious mind, shattering reality.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

A film about the ritual of the Illuminati and how they can subvert the will of their victims. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, the movie blends a number of allegories with hidden scenes of occult ritual and significance. The film even features an allegory of the Skull & Bones ‘Six Crow”, the George Bush connected evil doers who decapitated Geronimo and pour out acid over his face. Symbolism such as red vs blue and mind control are on full display here.

The Fountain (2006)

Fountain, The (2006)

Plenty of occult symbolism and mystic religious allegory in this film about life, rebirth, and eternity.

Goat (2016)

Goat (2016)

A film about the Skull & Bones secret society of depraved upper elite rituals and hazing. The film is alike in several ways to Eyes Wide Shut and The Skulls, however the focus of the ritual of hazing and control over victims is the primary theme of this film.

Harlequin 1980

Harlequin (1980)

Based on the story of the magical occultist Rasputin, the major characters have the same first names as Rasputin in the film. A member of the US senate meets the character of Wolf, shown above, who through his occult powers seemingly heals a child. The film is an allegory for the control of the elite ‘handlers’ and subversion of the USA behind closed doors.


Haxan (1922)

European ideals of witchcraft and ritual are displayed as a visual encyclopedia of the world of occult imagery and symbols.

I Pet Goat II

I Pet Goat II (2012)

I Pet Goat II is the esoteric equivalent of Citizen Kane. This is the only animated esoteric film that openly proclaims that it displays predicative programming on purpose, as well as veiled symbolism of events both past, present, and future. The scene above displays the events of the Colorado Theater shooting and Sandy Hook Hoax prior to the events themselves. Figures such as blood relatives George Bush and cousin Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) are featured players in this epic animated work.

Knight Of Cups (2015)

Knight Of Cups (2015)

A film based on the deck of the tarot cards. This film is a romance/drama of esoteric portions mixed with occult poetry and symbol. The film follows depressed Los Angeles screenwriter Rick (Bale) on an odyssey through the playgrounds of Los Angeles and Las Vegas as he undertakes a search for love and self via adventures with colorful figures, identified by eight tarot cards.

Lucifer Rising (1972)

Lucifer Rising (1972)

An experimental short film by Kenneth Anger that honors the Church of Satan and the rising of rituals that Lucifer worshipers will recognize. Elements of the films content are copied in music videos by artist such as Madonna and Katy Perry in honor of the occult.

Lucy (2014)

Lucy (2014)

Lucy is a 24-year-old American woman living and studying in Taiwan who is tricked into taking an experimental yet powerful drug that enhances her mind to new psychic powers. The hidden message of the film is that Lucy is an allegory for Lucifer, and through her powers traveled through time to light the spark of intelligence for all mankind as a creator and god. In the time travel scene she is seen by early Native Americans, thus becoming the ‘white elder’, in another scene she touches the finger of Lucy the ape in order to spark the light of intelligence in man.

The Magic Christian (1969)

The Magic Christian (1969)

An esoteric satire featuring occultist Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr. Allusions to the military industrial complex, Illuminati, powers of the bloodline of Dracula and more symbolism are to be found in this bizarre trip through the occult.

River Of Fundament (2016)

River Of Fundament (2016)

An esoteric opera about the leaders of the old world order coming to terms with their god status on Earth and longevity. The film features occult ideals revolving around the theme of Osiris death and reincarnation. The fundament is human waste.

Shark Tank – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Gang Signs Vs Illuminati Signs

The upper tier elite behave in a manner very similar to that of the gang culture, in as such they have their own hidden symbols, numbers, and of course hand gestures.

A Gang Hand Sign

A gang signal is a visual or verbal way gang members identify their affiliation. This can take many forms including slogans, hand signs and colored clothing. Many of these, especially slogans and hand signs, have become part of popular culture. This manner of behavior is identical to that of the upper tier elite. The elite will often flash numerous hand signals which display their affiliation and hidden allegiance to their secret society.

1917 Skull And Bones Illuminati KKK

The 1 Percent – Don KKK Robes At Yale – Future Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, Business Owners

Acid was poured out over the face of Geronimo, and the flesh melted off his decapitated head as six members of Skull & Bones, including George Bush grandfather Prescott Bush, watched in amazement and delight. This true sickening account of debauchery is routine for the upper tier elite, who between their routine grave robbery rituals or license plate vandalism, will operate the so-called justice system of America. The gang members pictured above are in charge of the courts and the political operations of the United States.

shark tank illuminati

Hand Mundra Illuminati Gang Signs

The gestures of the post Bavarian ‘illuminati’ are known as ‘hand mundra’, a form of magic gestures made through the occult practice of channeling energy into the user and through the hands. The signs of the hand mundra allow the occultist to convey a message of either strength or hidden balance.  Most notably these hand signals are shown via political figures in order to enchant, or hex, an audience under the spell of the speaker. Adolf Hitler was not only a master occultist, but a master of hand gestures. Hitler utilized the upper tier pyramid, a symbol of power/passion to stir up the Nazi frenzy. When at balance Hitler would posture himself with the gesture of the downward pyramid, an occult tool for showcasing hidden blue energy. Satanic groups are fond of using these gestures as well to enchant hidden demonic entities to convey messages from the ether. Initiates in the circle of dark magic cast spells using these same gestures, or chaos magic. These same gestures known to Satanist and Adolf Hitler are used in the reality series Shark Tank.



The hand gesture shown above is known within the Hindo (Hindu/Buddhist religion system) as the ‘trimunti mudra’. The upper pyramid sign and the lower pyramid sign are ancient gestures that are said to invoke the spiritual blessings or curses of the God/gods, depending upon which deity or entity the user calls upon. The ‘trimunti’ is a symbolic gesture that represents the Holy Trinity of gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Occultist often utilize the gestures of the upper pyramid and downward pyramid during magic rituals which involve the visualization of entities or spirit beings.

“We also understand that we are working with Godforms, not directly with the Gods, but nevertheless, the Godforms are directly connected to *actual Gods*, real living intelligences that are behind the forms, that, if you like are gracious enough to “lend us” their outer astral garments (forms) for the purpose of the ritual.” – Soror SD, Gods Of The Golden Dawn Comment

The Art Of Intimidation

Satanic groups call upon a hidden force to aid them in obtaining wealth or power/control over others. In this manner the self is served while those seeking aid/help are subdued. The upper hand mudra (meaning a mark or seal) is meant to represent the pyramid or three faces of the so-called three divine god set (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva). This gesture is also called three faces, and represents the conscious mind . The symbolic “three faces” also serves to remind the user of a three-tier energy field or ‘chakra force’ for general basic chakra stimulation, heart chakra, and frontal chakra. By using the gesture for an internal vision quest, a connection to the spirit world is thought to be created. Hindo users utilize this trimunti mudra mostly while moving their arms during asanas. While occultist may use this signal in order to intimidate or subdue others to their will. During recent peace rallies in California, gang members flashed hand signals to signify that they did not want any peace. This method of hand sign intimidation from gangstas is very similar to those dark arts employed via the elite.
 Illuminati Steeple Sign

“I have found that when I use this gesture, it centers and calms me. I have not found any research to back this up, but when I do this it’s almost as if I feel more centered and have an easier time taking deep breaths. It is similar to the prayer gesture. Anyone else experience this?” – Science of People

The Evil Steeple Gesture

The energy field of the body chakra and the spirit world is taught in the occult as a gateway or path for communication between the seen and unseen to behave on an equal playing field. This is why you will always see a figure of high import wearing the colors of black and white, a hidden message for accessing equal light or dark paths..

From Adolf Hitler to Satanist Anton Levy, the modern elite are using the red pyramid signal to feature a hidden message of control and fire-passions. The users will signify this occult ability through the use of color such as the red tie (Donald Trump), or red dress. In the above photo you can see the red chair and belt of the seated female. This is indicative in the world of hexcraft for hidden gnosis of controlling people to submit under your will. It is a selfish method of the occult utilized by those in positions of wealth and influence. The evil steeple signal being used by Kevin O Leary of Shark Tank fame is just one such example.

Hand Gesture Illuminati

When the hands turn down towards the ground, it is called ‘trimurti mudra ajna’ (prithivi Earth)  This form of the triangle gesture is known as an Earth symbol, it is also called the ‘Water Sign’ or ‘The Blue Pyramid’. Amongst the modern religion of the Rastafarian Movement, the gesture is called the “Holy Trinity”. Like the ancient Hindo religion, Rasta believe that the mudra gesture showcases the concept of a ‘Divine Trio’, many believing it to be a father, mother, and child conception, while others insist it presents Marcus Garvey, Emmanuel, and Haile Selassie I, in the role of a “Holy Trinity”.  
“This significant hand symbol, which we call it the “Trinity”. In ancient kamet was called “Practicus” which was used by the first ancient kings of Ethiopia and the knowledge of it arose into the northern empire of Ethiopia which we call Kemet, called Egypt by the europeans. Remember that Kemet is the first child of Ethiopia, its wisdom came straight from Ethiopia, what is on its walls is still practiced today.” – David Penalosa, Torah Codes Comment
Doing Things In Reverse To Gain Power From The OTHER SIDE – The Beneath
The gesture is oft used to showcase the ‘trinity concept’ (or complete the hexagram), as well as represent the famous color trope known as Red VS. Blue – the downward pointing pyramid representing the color blue (meaning mystery), the upward pyramid the color red. Occultist who utilize the gesture for the purpose of magic may flash the downward pyramid while attempting to tap into supernatural forces from realms called the underworld or ether. This manner of hex-craft is a from of hand magic (sometimes called chaos magic), placing the pyramid in stark contrast to the upward pyramid gesture once used by the ancient Levite tribes. Occultist placing their hands in a downward pyramid may thus represent an opposite form to the ancient Levite tribe hand gesture known as the “blessing of God”.  In this manner, if it were the case, the use of the downward pyramid during ritual may allude to the concept of backwards magic, which mystic Aleister Crowley spoke of as doing things in reverse. The opposite of good, the hidden veil is evil. In such manner occultist draw, read, and write backwards.
“You have the ability to read backwards, read in a mirror, read upside down. Can any of your classmates do that?” – Cold Hard Truth, Kevin O Leary

Stranger Things – Gematria Study & Illuminati Symbolism

Stranger Things Red Vs Blue Poster

Sci-Fi Thriller Stranger Things Features Many Esoteric Tropes. Poster Includes The Classic Red Vs. Blue Trope

Symbolism of the esoteric variety, is willfully placed in works of entertainment and intended to be understood by a small group of individuals capable of recognizing and interpreting the hidden meaning or occult symbolism depicted.  Various films, television programs, and even sci-fi series (such as Stranger Things) will feature interior or hidden elements including: Easter Eggs, Metaphors & Allegories, and Illuminati or Esoteric Symbolism.

Esoteric symbolism of a numeric variety is displayed in a wide form of popular media. The general public may find it rather confusing or too obscure to notice off hand. However, after familiarizing yourself with the numerical or esoteric scheme you may find it easier to decipher and spot the hidden symbols so meaningful to the Elite/Secret Societies.

Stranger Things Gematria Study

Stranger Things is a 2016 science fiction thriller series created by Matt and Ross Duffer (known as the Duffer Brothers) for Netflix. The show was released online by Netflix on July 15, 2016 and features several esoteric or occult themes which have become common place in most high budget fare.
Stranger Things is a combination of the science-fiction and thriller genre, featuring a group of charismatic pre-teen boys and a mysterious telekinetic girl. The series is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana during the winter of 1983.

The majority of the series features scenes, locations, and names as homages to popular sci-fi, horror, and teenage genre films of the 1980’s.

In addition to the naming scheme of the series, the characters of the show are split into three categories based upon a genre of 1980’s film.

“We follow three different generations: kids, teens, and adults. We like to think of each of these generations as existing in a different 80s universe. The adults are in a Spielberg film — these imperfect individuals who slowly but inevitably come to realize that something very extraordinary is taking place around them. The teens are in an 80s horror film like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street, where the pains of high school and the loss of innocence is juxtaposed with supernatural evil. And the kids are in a Stephen King novel, like Stand by Me or It: nerdy outsiders from a small town who have to band together to face this terrifying horror.” – Matt Duffer, Director of Stranger Things

Stranger Things Hawkins Indiana

Stranger Things Fictional Town Of Hawkins Indiana – Paying Homage To Indiana Jones & Joe Dante TV Series Eerie Indiana

Stranger Things Hawkins Indiana

The producers of Stranger Things originally intended the series to be based in New York and filmed around Montauk – the original title / location of Stranger Things. Montauk was to play as the back drop for the Jaws inspired ‘monster’ story that features prominently in Stranger Things.  The character Quint from the movie Jaws, played by Robert Shaw, was based on Frank Mundus, a shark hunter from Montauk.

“Stranger Things’ original title was Montauk, named after the sleepy fishing village on Long Island’s easternmost tip. Among so many tales, local lore tells of young boys being abducted and forced to participate in an assortment of psychological and paranormal experiments on a nearby secret military base, including time travel, telekinesis, teleportation and mind-control (the 1992 book The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time documents some of these studies, as does its independent film adaptation, 2014’s Montauk Chronicles). “ – Long Island Press

Montauk Project Hawkins Stranger Things

Stranger Things Series Takes Place In Fictional Hawkins, Indiana – Allegory For Montauk, New York & The Montauk Project

According to theorists the US government operated a controlled facility for mind altering studies and human experimentation at Montauk, New York during the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. Today the Montauk legends are often dismissed as a form of government propaganda (known as disinformation) used at the time to cover up suspected weather manipulation experiments that theoretically led the US to possess geo engineering technology (or weather creation satellites). The topic of weather manipulation will be prominently featured in the 2017 film Geostorm, written and directed by Dean Devlin, and centered around a satellite designer (Gerard Butler) who tries to save the world from an epic storm caused by climate-controlling satellites. The Montauk legends, however, regarding child experimentation have all the aspects of real-world events surrounding the MK-Ultra project of the CIA. In English Gematria the words “An MK-Ultra” are equal to 666.

An MK-Ultra = 666 

In the aftermath of World War II, thousands of scientists and Nazi elites were brought to the United States and employed in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and later by the CIA. Many of these individuals remained sympathetic or loyal to the Nazi party and are believed to have even participated in human torture and trauma induced mind control programs of the SS. The US created false employment and political biographies for the scientists in order to circumvent President Truman’s anti-Nazi order (as well as the Allied Yalta & Potsdam agreements). Operation Paperclip was the clandestine title for this operation and is shown in the films ‘Captain America – The Winter Soldier’ & ‘Shutter Island’. As part of Operation Paperclip, former Nazi’s also held high-ranking positions at NASA and the US Air Force.

Stranger Things - Dr Brenner Mk Ultra

Stranger Things Features MK Ultra “Papa” Dr. Brenner – An Homage To Real CIA “Black Sorcerer” Sidney Gottlieb, Creator Of MK Ultra, & Josef Mengele

Eurocentric Zionist Sidney Gottlieb (born Joseph Scheider) joined the CIA at age 33 (a number of great import to upper tier Masonic/Illuminati types) where he became known as the “Black Sorcerer” and “Dirty Trickster”. Gottlieb studied the works of Josef Mengele (a so-called Nazi ‘Mad Scientist’) as well as the human experimentation files recovered from Nazi concentration camps (also shown in the film Shutter Island). In the 1950’s Gottlieb developed a sophisticated mind control program for the CIA titled MK-Ultra.

“Set in November 1983, Stranger Things takes us to the small, bucolic Indiana town of Hawkins, a town which also plays host to a secretive U.S. Department of Energy laboratory (a toxic mix of CERN, DARPA and the Stanford Research Institute, to quote Jay Dyer) where the locals think “space weapons” for “Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’” program are being developed.”

Hawkins, Indiana serves as the fictional setting for a dark military operation that is covered up via the Department of Energy. The expansive gated facility of the Hawkins National Laboratory in Stranger Things is used to conduct an MK-Ultra child abuse campaign, all while quietly located within a suburban surrounding. The locals of Hawkins avoid the complex and do not question its role in their community, believing that the US is conducting research into weapons to defeat the Soviets – the Star Wars program.

Stranger Things - Chapter One The Vanishing Of Will Byers

“Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers”

The series opens on November 6, 1983, at US Department of Energy – backed Hawkins National Laboratory, as a scientist is chased by an unseen force, but is ultimately taken. Here the producers leave a numeric clue to the identity or aspect of a character later introduced in the series as 011 (El / Eleven), just as the wintery setting opens the series on the 11th month in the year. However, the number 11 and the number 5 will play a significant role in the series as shown in later episodes. The second factor to notice is the setting of the series begins in an energy lab, power and forces of energy are going to be on display throughout the series.

In English Gematria “A God Particle” = 666

The setting of the series in the fictional town of Hawkins appears to be a small homage to noted Eurocentric physicist Stephen Hawking, a proponent of the M-world theory, a concept involving our known universe existing within 11 dimensions, including a dimension of time and three familiar spatial dimensions. This modern day concept is actually based on several ancient conceptions of matter and spatial realities, including the mythical variation of the 3 world dimension reality that was briefly mentioned in the epic poem Thebaid. The Hawkins National Laboratory is reminiscent of CERN and the use of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), technology supposedly being used to find evidence of the multiple universe theory (M-World) as well as the discovery of the elusive Higgs boson, “a God particle”.

“In M-theory physicists assume there are 7 additional spatial dimensions. Thus in M-theory you would need a grand total of 11 numbers to uniquely specify a location in spacetime. These additional 7 dimension are not equal to the regular 3 spatial dimensions in one important aspect; they are curled into small loops. This makes them periodic (if you walk in their direction you will after a while end up where you started), and they are very tiny.” –, What Are The 11 Dimensions of M-Theory

Stranger Things - Demogorgon

The Group Of Four Summon ‘Demogorgon’ During A Game Of D&D – An Allegory For The Biblical Beast of The Abyss (The Owl – An Occult Allegory For Hidden Murder)

“Something’s coming. Something hungry for blood. IT is almost here”

Immediately following the incident at Hawkins Lab, we are shown a 1980’s suburban home and introduced to a group of four pre-teenage males playing a campaign of the role-playing fantasy series Dungeons & Dragons. Here the producers have created a pairing of elements (such as found in the Tarot) between players and their respective gaming piece (in occult terms known as their alter or other self). Each child in the series represents a certain aspect or persona of classic characters from the Dungeons & Dragons RPG. The children collectively represent an allegory for the genre of horror writer Stephen King, in particular his works “It”, and “Stand By Me”.

“And the kids are in a Stephen King novel, like Stand by Me or It: nerdy outsiders from a small town who have to band together to face this terrifying horror.” – Matt Duffer, Director of Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Dungeons And Dragons

Left To Right: Mike, Lucas, Will, Dustin, 011/El


“In D&D there are a bunch of different base character classes and once you take a look into the traits of each of the D&D characters, it seems as though the roles of many of the characters in Stranger Things were modeled on one of these classes. Thanks to Redditors thenewtbarron and pcapdata we have a pretty good rundown of what class the youngest characters embody:

  • Mike = Paladin. A paladin is a fighter who acts in the name of good and order (Mike is the Dungeon Master in the show, but in character he’s a paladin).” –

Michael “Mike” Wheeler, the son of Karen Wheeler and younger brother of Nancy Wheeler, is one of the three friends to Will Byers. He is very dedicated to his friends and a leader amongst the group. The character of Michael also serves as a hidden allusion to the Biblical archangel Michael. The origin of all names that include ‘EL’ (as in Elohim) are of a very Biblical structure,  indicative of supernatural or unseen forces at work (scholars assume the word El was meant to indicate ‘power’). This naming scheme also plays of importance later in the series when the character EL is introduced.


Lucas = Ranger. A ranger is an independent and skilled hunter who uses their wilderness skills to hunt down enemies, this was shown when Lucas split from the group and undertook his own efforts to find the gate.” –

Stranger Things - Lucas Sinclair 1983

Stranger Things Lucas Sinclair = George Lucas + Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Lucas Sinclair, a bold and charismatic member of the group of four. Here the producers have paid homage to two popular icons of the 1980’s, firstly the name Lucas is in tribute to creator of the Star Wars saga, George Lucas, whose film ‘Return of the Jedi’ was released in the same year that Stranger Things takes place – 1983. Secondly the name Sinclair is a clever ode to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit personal home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 and gaining numerous accolades by 1983, including the honor of Knighthood bestowed upon its creator Clive Sinclair in 1983.

“Will = Rogue. A rogue is very stealthy and good at hiding…” –

Will Byers, the younger brother of Jonathan Byers and the son of Joyce Byers. He vanishes into the “upside down”, after an encounter with the monster.

“Dustin = Bard. A bard has a great way with words, and is also very smart, and diplomatic. Dustin used these skills to keep the group united and focused many times.” –

Dustin Henderson, part of the original group of three friends that include Mike, Will, and Lucas. He is a fan of comic books, such as the X-Men, and is a very logical boy. He doesn’t have his permanent front teeth because he has cleidocranial dysplasia, causing him to lisp.

Stranger Things - Aliens Are Demons

Stranger Things The Demogorgon 

The name Demogorgon first appeared around 400 AD, used to describe the demonic prince or supernatural authority of the chaotic underworld (Ether) who was known to the Gnostics as the Demiurge (Freemasons call him G.A.O.T.U). This being, whose very name was taboo to speak, represented the power or authority on behalf of Satan, as head demonic presence, who could enter ones dreams from the Abyss during the occult period of rest psychologist refer to as Dreamscape.

During the fourth century AD, Lactantius Placidus, a Christian scholar, wrote a commentary on the epic Latin poem Thebaid (Latin: Thebais), a work authored in dactylic hexameter by Roman poet Publius Papinius Statius. Placidus commentary would become the basis for the misidentification by an unknown copyist with the name of the ‘demiurge’ substituted for the conflated (possibly invented) name of Demogorgon. Since the name had not appeared in any Christian, Pagan, or Gnostic works prior, a modern interpretation would suggest that the copyist derived from a combination of the words daimon, meaning demonic entity, the word gorgon, meaning witch, (or possibly Goran, meaning mountain man), thusly creating the Demogorgon.

The Thebaid, by Statius, consisted of 12 books dealing with the Theban cycle, a mythical history of the city of Thebes. Statius partially based his epic on an earlier lost work, also called ‘The Thebaid’, which was written around 500 BC and attributed to the Greek poet Homer. The 12 books of Statius are designed in order to complete the hexcraft pattern of 6+6, or the common occult trope of 66 symbolism. The poetic rhythmic scheme is fullfilled by utilizing “heroic hexameter”, or 6 feet of poetic lines to create, as in to ‘hex’, the readership under the power of the number 6.

During this same period the power of the number 33 (as 3 + 3 = 6) was given to the corpus of 33 hexamter poems, recited by poets and priests during pagan festivals honoring ‘other gods’. The power of the number 6 was associated to the invention of writing (numbering an alphabet – Gematria) and creating of spells or magic, thus hexameter was attributed to Hermes, the god of all magika, whose name in Summerian was Lugalbanda – father of biblical King Nimrod (Summerian: Gilgamesh).

Below is the famous passage attested to ‘he who shall not be named’, the so-called demonic dream Archon who was given the confalted title of Demogorgon.

“I warn you! I can vent my wrath too. I know the unspeakable name whose saying all of you dread, even the witch Hecate I can confound, I didnt fear Thymbraen, or the high lord of the triple world. He who may not be known. Yes, HIM – but I am silent; peaceful old age forbids.” – Thebaid, by Statius

“It is not clear whom or what Statius means by this mysterious phrase. Cf. Lucan, Phars. vi. 743, where a similar Power is appealed to. The Scholiast identifies with the Demiurgus, or Creator, who appears in some philosophical systems (Orphic, Gnostic, Plato’s Timaeus), but more probably Statius is using the language of magical formulae, in which such invocations as “highest,” “greatest,” “king,” without any particular application are common. Cf. the Graeco-Egyptian magic spells cited by Wessely (Griech. Zauberpapyri, 1888), or by Eitrem (Pap. Osloenses, 1925). Typhon (=Seti) is frequently called on in similar language.” Commentary on Statius Thebaid

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