XXXTentacion & Jimmy Wopo Sacrifice Symbolism

Two Up And Coming Rappers Dead The Same Day

Jahseh Onfroy, known as XXXTentacion, was an American emo-rapper from Florida. On 06/18/2018 he was shot and killed after leaving a motorcycle dealership. June is the sixth month in the year, and XXXTentacion was attacked at a concert in June of 2017, and later murdered in June of 2018. At the age of six years old, XXXTentacion tried to stab a man who attacked his mother. In regards to his attack in 2017 XXXTentacion stated the following:

“Security and venue set me time make sure you kill me so I can’t talk $***.” – Xxxtentacion, June 7 2017

This recurring theme of wishing death upon himself is prevalent in the lyrics of his music and the posts on his social media accounts. Despite his small 5’6 frame XXXTentacion was involved in a number of altercations, gun charges, and attacks that led to his juvenile detention. Monday, June 25th, will mark 1601 weeks since 1987 ‘Black Monday’ on Oct 19. XXXTentacion = 906 in Reverse Sumerian.


Travon Da Shawn Frank Smart, better known by his stage name Jimmy Wopo, was an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wopo was an affiliate of fellow Pittsburgh-based rapper Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang imprint. On 06/18/2018 he was killed in a drive-by shooting. Wopo shows the “Devil Face” in his album above.

Xxxtentacion Illuminati Ritual

Occult Duality White & Black

The colors of black and white shown via a checkerboard pattern are indicative of an occult or esoteric clue to hidden symbolism. Transformation is a key aspect of the occult, as is the formation of symbols such as hex signs for numerical patterns (6,66,666 or 8,88,888), and color coded tropes. Within the realm of magik and occult Satanism, the checkered floor is a means for spiritual access to a cross-dimension. According to the dark arts; ‘The checkered floor can transfer negative forces from the realms of ether, including the spirit forms to interact upon or speak with“.  Within antiquity it is alleged that King Solomon (Sol, meaning Sun and Mon, meaning Moon) delved into the arts of communication with a spirit world and utilized the checkered floor pattern for the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem. This is depicted in artwork of the Temple, showcasing a checkerboard floor for the access of the spirit world. It is said that slaughter occurred near the checkered floor of the temple too – this would be the blood element.

“The three fundamental colours found in all civ-ilizations, down to the Middle Ages in Europe, are white, red and black. These, too, may be regarded as the principal colours of Freemasonry: the white of the Craft degrees, the red of the Royal Arch and of certain of the degrees of the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite, and the black of some of its others, and of the Knights of Malta.” – Mystery of the Inequity

“This is commonly described as the checkered carpet which covers the floor of the lodge. The lecture says that the mosaic pavement “is a representation of the ground floor of King Solomon’s Temple” and is “emblematic of human life, checkered with good and evil.” – Free Masonic Info

Imagine Dragons - Shots 01

In the picture above the checkered floor from the demented child murder film ‘The Baby of Macon’ is displayed. The film, created by Neo-Atheist Peter Greenaway, a proponent of child abuse, is an allegory for the desire of the filmmaker to murder a child, specifically Christ as an infant. The red mixed with the black and white chess board is indicative of the blood sacrifice ritual at work.

Red or crimson, the coulour of fire and heat, is traditionally associated with war and the military. In Rome the paludamentum, the robe worn by generals, was red. The coulour of blood is naturally connected with the idea of sacrifice, struggle and heroism. – World Truth.TV

In the Eurocentric secularist film ‘The Baby of Macon’, child abuse and ritual murder are promoted via this same checkered floor board shown with the red room. The red room represents hidden murder, a motif that is mutually shared in the film ‘The Shinning“, in which the words ‘redrum‘ are revealed in a mirror to read ‘murder‘. For the dark occult all things must be done in reverse. This according to occultist is the ‘Law of Reversal’. The black areas of the checkered floor are indicative of the ‘ZERO’ space – the dark abyss and the rising of chaos. This is the realm that some Satanic groups claim to visit during astral trips. Also called visions of the ‘god forms‘.

“In order to access the demonic entities , we must use the reverse to do all things backwards” – Satanist, Chaos Forum

“Let the adept do all things backwards. Let him learn to walk backwards. Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural and appreciable as a whole. Let him practise speaking backwards: thus for “I am He” let him say, “Eh ma I”. – Occultist, Aleister Crowley

Oprah Winfrey’s production company is called ‘Harpo‘, which is “Orpah” spelled backwards. According to her critics, Oprah is an upper tier mage of the New Age, along with having knowledge of performing theatrical aspects of the occult.

oprah occult backwards

White is the color found in the Masonic apron and applied to the classic Pagan shroud of white (Candidatus). The Latin name for a candidate of Roman office was called the Candidatus for the all white gown worn by Roman senate members, alluding to the viable nature of one to become apart (works) of the inner circle of elite.

Lets take a look at what XXXTentacion said:

Anti White Rhetoric Needs To Stop
“I agree with this, this is not equality, nor is this progression towards it.”

View the current racial divisions in the USA, promoted and glorified via the fake media and the Upper Elite, view also the occult tropes of the checkerboard at work here. What games are these manipulative masters really playing? In 2018 a stance of Anti-White rhetoric was common amongst a myriad of Liberals voicing negatives towards race. MTV ran several spots and features which were anti-White. Yet is this a common sentiment of feeling through the USA? Division of race, and gender, and trying to humiliate and emasculate males has also been a constant theme of the propaganda fueled media. Articles online that spew hate toward males are ample. So when XXXTentacion spoke out against the naming of the series “Dear White People”, as the title is divisive, he was speaking in terms of not just divisions, but of duality. This alludes to a profound statement in the case of XXXTentacion who shows here his ability to speak in terms of the esoteric. At another level the division of Black and White being glorified here is also ritual based in as much as it is to do with the occult tropes or transformation and lights and darks.


The roles of the media elite, such as homosexual CNN anchor Don Lemon, is to avoid the truth at all cost and paint selective pictures of fiction and fantasy. Lemon is dating a White man, while being a prominent figure in the Anti-White rhetoric campaign at CNN. Lemon has stated that he wishes to see all Robert E. Lee paintings or sculptures removed because they are equal to Adolf Hitler. They are not. Hitler was a European spy and Ashkenazi Jew. Robert E. Lee was an advocate for the end of slavery yet was also a bloodline member of the Upper Elite. Barack Obama is a cousin of Lee and participated in the birthday celebration of Lee at the secret Alfalfa Club, where a few years prior women and people of color were forbidden! These and numerous other facts regarding the history of the US are NEVER mentioned on the likes of CNN, while the fake media that attended the birthday celebration of Lee even threatened the lives of those who did NOT attend. Lemon is a prominent liar and hater of the truth, he is currently worth nearly $6 million dollars, and his annual salary is $1 million. He is every bit apart of the elite – the chosen candidate.

In Gematria 

A Alfalfa Club + A Obama = 666  / A Robert E. Lee + B.H Obama = 888 / Don Lemon A Liar At CNN = 1110 /

Blood Ritual Sacrifice XXXtentacion

The ‘Beit Hamikdash’ is the holy temple on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem. According to tradition the first Holy Temple was built on the location which Abraham offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice to G-d. Mt. Moriah belonged to the Amorites, a wandering tribe of powerful giant chiefs (such as the Biblical King Og) and numerous tribes people, their name in Egyptian was Amor and they were despised by all ancient cultures. The Amorites understood a form of backwards magic, and were spoken of critically by the Sumerians.

“Why would you marry him?! Their faces look like monkeys! They do not even bury their own dead. They think backwards and live in tents instead of cities!” – Sumerian Text, Unknown Girlfriend of Martu/Ammuru Goddess

The First Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) was constructed by King Solomon in the year 827 BCE. Solomon became known as the great magician of the sun and moon, a title that various esoteric groups would later apply to the king of many sins. In time numerous amulets and medallion seals (Solis Seal = 666) which included magic squares in the number pattern of 666 were introduced invoking his name. Backwards magic, doing things in reverse would also be invoked. In the occult tradition of the access to the black and white checker floor pattern we can see the same occult trope shown through the XXL magazine cover which features rapper XXXTentacion in RED! Indicative for those paying attention that his life is at risk of sacrifice.  In the film ‘Clockwork Orange‘, the woman in Red is gang raped and murdered while standing on the checker floor – she is sacrificed. The album cover of Michael Jackson features MJ in a Red suit – the title is Blood on The Dance Floor, and Jackson is the sacrifice.

Checkerboard Occult Rapper

Rapper Future above dons the checker pattern with a red seam.

“In doing my research a Checkered Board floor is symbolic of spiritual communication or a gateway to the Spirit Realm which ONLY includes channeling of Good spirits(God) and Evil spirits(Satan). Putting it simple and to the point, most of the films or Artists mentioned are not speaking on Jesus or being saved, so the checker board is a blatant way of letting each of us know that we are being demonically communicated to…SPIRITUALLY!” – Godfearmovement

“Darkness and light define each other, as do mass and energy, order and chaos, or even life and death. While all are quantifiable as separate things, they are linked to their opposites. So, then, can we look at ourselves and others and see our human minds spanning a continuum of consciousness where there are few distinct boundaries except for those we chose to impose on ourselves, based on our own morality and ethic.” – Gary Hartjen, Free Mason

Adam Levine XXXtentacion Mason Illuminati

Both rappers were working with esoteric sources of light and darkness in their works before dying on the same day in the 6th month of the year. The influence of a dark occult culture shadowed over these young men.

“I got this really, really, really good album called 17. That’s more of an alternative, R&B sound—then I’ve got this mixtape called I Need Jesus, which is mainly rap and the underground sound I did.” – XXXTentacion

Killed on the come up
XXXTentacion was a Plantation, Florida, native, who rocketed to fame after his song, “Look at Me,” went viral on social media and SoundCloud in 2016.
He went on to be featured in XXL magazine’s 2017 Freshman Class alongside other up-and-coming artists. His latest album “?” premiered at No. 1 when it was released in March, according to Billboard.
Several rappers took to social media to mourn the rising rapper’s death last month.
“Rest in peace I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here thank you for existing,” Kanye West tweeted. – Click 2 Houston

Thanks everyone for coming by! God Bless.