Awful Star Wars Last Jedi Review – Illuminati Symbolism

Awful Star Wars Last Jedi Worst Episode Ever

This is the film review and some symbolism discussion along with the video review of Star Wars The Last Jedi. SPOILERS AHEAD

STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI Introducing The Illuminati

————- WARNING!  ——————

Episode 8 is ABOUT the Illuminati. Star Wars The Last Jedi is the only film in the saga to introduce the Illuminati. We are given an allegory in the film regarding the ‘casino planet’, the representation of the hidden hand behind all the evils of this ongoing war, controlled via these rich and powerful ‘Space Illuminati’ living on a luxury planet of vast wealth and gambling. Bit Coin even makes its space appearance in this film.


The Last Jedi destroys the value of the morality play the Star Wars saga built around the classic good VS evil trope by showcasing an allegory for the modern post Bavarian Illuminati. In the film we are told repeatedly that there is no difference between a blue politico or a red one. The red vs blue symbolism in Star wars had come to represent the passion and strength of the Sith, shown via red symbolism, and the lightness of good shown via the blue and green colors of the Jedi. Here in the film the coalition of the Rebel resistance and the First Order are being manipulated by the same evil forces in places of upper tier wealth that we have in our reality. This is also a hidden stab at Disney the powerful company now behind Star Wars. Canto Bight is the name of the Illuminati world.


Worst Star Wars Film In Saga

For those of us that enjoyed the mythos and substance of the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi is clearly the worst film in the series. It gets everything wrong about the Jedi and their mindset, the tangibles such as the power of faith and hope. If you like mindless space battles and zero substance you will enjoy this film.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is a bad movie. It is not a bad Star Wars movie, but objectively speaking, as a film, it’s a bad movie. Not only that, it is an egregiously bad movie: Poorly written, badly directed, lazily acted, and bombastically grating in both sound and image.” – The Federalist, Benjamin Kerstein 

“A LONG time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars movies used to be good.

They featured interesting characters doing cool stuff — flying spaceships, shooting laser guns, rescuing princesses from evil space knights.

Today, under the rule of the Disney Social Justice Empire, Star Wars movies feature boring characters standing around giving cringe-worthy motivational speeches and crying.” – Frank Chung


The film opens with an attack on the resistance space fleet led by General Hux of the First Order. General Leia Skywalker and pilot Poe Dameron have conceived a plan to stall Hux from destroying the Rebel transport. Poe mans his single X-Wing towards the ship of Hux and opens up communications. This gives enough time for Poe to destroy the gun towers of a large Dreadnought space vessel. With the cannons destroyed, several large slow moving bombers arrive to blow up the Dreadnought, against the wishes of Leia.


Why were the Rebel bombers so slow? Why not add turbo thrusters or space boosters to them? The bombers moving at a snails pace are all blown up, except one piloted by the sister of Rebel fighter Rose Tico. The lone bomber manages to destroy the Dreadnought, and the Rebel fleet escapes briefly. Supreme leader Snoke and Hux follow the Rebel fleet through hyperspace. The absent minded Rebel fleet forgot they needed space fuel and wind up being destroyed one by one as their ships simply run out of space gas.

“There are so many things wrong with Rian Johnson’s abomination it’s honestly hard to know where to begin — the criminal waste of Luke’s final film appearance, the nonsensical plot (since when has space fuel been an issue in these movies?), completely pointless casino mission, flying space Leia, Rose’s entire character, the Phantom Menace-level awful “Resistance Kids”.” – Frank Chung


Luke Skywalker Looses His Faith / Reduced To An Idiot

Meanwhile on the island planet of Ach-To, Rey meets a dumbed down version of Luke Skywalker. R2-D2 shows up briefly. Chewbacca roars. The Porgs, puffin-like alien bird creatures, are the same type of nuisances as the Mynocks, which were a species of bat-like parasites introduced in Empire Strikes Back that chewed on the Falcon. Did anyone see the other Star Wars films? Porgs = Mynocks. 

By the way, Luke is an idiot in the Last Jedi. By Return of the Jedi, Luke had become wise and powerful in the ways of the Force and was clearly on the level of balanced insight that his master Obi-Wan and Yoda had achieved. The Luke Skywalker in Last Jedi has been reduced to a hermit without purpose. He lives amongst a Jedi temple island with relics of the Jedi religion in hopes that one day he will die along with the memory of the Jedi. Stupid. Rey wants to be trained maybe. She just wants to know her purpose in life mostly. So idiot Luke tells her no at first. Then he notices she can sense the force and decides to train her. This actually goes against Star Wars canon in that the age of Rey is past that of Luke in Empire. Yoda was reluctant to train Luke at first. Oh well, this is a convoluted mess of a film anyway.


Luke kinda trains Rey and she seems to just pick up everything without any explanation. “Breathe just breath”, somehow turns Rey into a Force wielding Jedi pupil. Who really trained Rey?  If I walked through time into a martial arts class led by instructor Bruce Lee and he tells me “Be more like water my friend,” am I suddenly able to achieve the same martial arts ability has that master? No!? Then why in the world is Rey so good without much of any training?

Kylo Ren Mind Text Messages Rey Almost Kills His Mom


Meanwhile aboard a knock-off Super Star Destroyer vessel, Kylo Ren is clowned on by Snoke who wants Ren to get mad and destroy his helmet/mask, which he does. Kylo takes his cool looking spacecraft and flies toward the Rebel fleet but hesitates with shooting his moms spaceship. Leia gets blown out into space but magically survives the explosion, and the part about being in space and all, Force power flies herself back aboard her ship. Head scratching wow….this movie is bad.

Hi Rey Its Me, Kylo Ren. What Up Girl?


Kylo Ren – Hey Rey its me, Kylo Ren. Yo what up girl. I know I’m like such a bad boy and all but maybe you dig that about me so maybe you can change me if we hook up.

Rey – You’re a jerk.

Kylo Ren – No way. Luke is a jerk. My uncle tried to kill me because he didn’t like how awesome I am.

Kylo Ren and Rey mind text each other back and forth and Kylo at some point is walking around without a shirt on and Rey tells him to get on some clothing. Horrible. Rey finds out from Luke that he for a brief moment thought about killing Kylo but didn’t. He only felt a lot of dark side inside Kylo, but didn’t want to hurt his nephew. Kylo saw Luke about to hurt him and knocked Luke out cold with some force power blast. Then went to Lukes Jedi temple and killed all the other students. Bummer. Though not shown in the film. Rey tells Luke she needs to go comfort Kylo Ren so he can be a good boy, she felt/saw in a vision that Kylo is going be all goody good if she meets him in person. Also if we are going to nitpick here then understand that this entire scene is not possible via the canon of Star Wars, but here Disney is just making up horrid ideas as they go.


Finn Wakes Up Heads With Rose Tico To Illuminati World 

Finn comes out of his space coma and tries to locate Rey. He is thwarted in his efforts to get back to Rey, in the process he meets Rose and they decide to go to planet Cantonica – aka Illuminati World. This side plot in order to meet a hacker, eventually played by Benicio del Toro, who can untrack the doomed fleet and allow them safe passage to get away even though the fleet is low on space fuel and they are very near some old Rebel hideout planet. Did I mention this movie is convoluted?


How Did The First Order Appear??? Space Illuminati Did It  

Just like in real life, the wealthy upper tier powers that be are the ones pulling the strings on a huge scale. The space Illuminati hang out in casinos and spend Bit-coin space money all day long because they can. They are secretly stoking the fires of the Rebels and the First Order in an effort to keep ongoing endless wars bringing in the big bucks. Notice how they have on the Free Mason black and white? These are the real enemy in this version of Star Wars.

Edit Edit Edit

Would someone please edit this film? Rogue One was edited over and over to make a great film. Do you recall how certain scenes in Phantom Menace would drag on? The Last Jedi is like that, only worse. Scenes happen that really don’t need to. Over and over. Fan Edit director Adywan would have created a masterful job of editing this mess. This mess runs really long.

Idiot Luke Gets Dumber

Back on Ach-To bitter, dumb, and idiotic, Luke figures that if he burns down the Jedi force tree and some ancient writings that the Jedi and their religion will cease. Stupid. Luke pulls out a space lighter and attempts to burn down stuff when force ghost Yoda shows up.  Yoda blows up the tree himself with lightening. Luke and Yoda sit down and Yoda reminds Luke of the lesson he already knew from ESB, physical matters not but spirit is forever. Luke is wise in Return of the Jedi why is he such an idiot here? Oh that’s right…. Disney is attempting to ruin the Star Wars legacy forged by Lucas and make a new trilogy off their new horrid stale boring characters. Got it. The character of Luke is reduced to a clown caricature who resembles nothing from the films, books, games. Luke would never burn down any force objects because he is in touch with the force. The physical world and the spiritual are separate worlds and Luke understands that all physical living will become spirit at some point. He would have no need to harm any trees or burn books. WHO burns books anyway? In the past we learned that the Jacobins Club, the Eurocentric Secularist / Neo-Atheist hated Truth Seekers and they massacred thousands under the guise of Freedoms during the so-called French Revolution. This led to the ideals of the Jacobins being used by the vile Nazi SS. So the book/tree buring the single worst scene ever thought up in any of the Star Wars films.

Snoke Faces Rey

This scene is pretty intense. Maybe the only good moment in the entire film. Snoke and Rey go back and forth in a case of verbal sparing. This whole scene is epic and frustrating.

That Horrible Impossible Idiotic Ending

A few more battles and near escapes and the film finally ends at long last. From this episode we learn very little. This convoluted mess really drags on. It manages to kill off several old school characters in the process, especially at the end. George Lucas should have gone ahead and made episodes 7,8,9, to complete his saga. Disney did his creation a disservice. They could have paired him with JJ Abrams, Spielberg, and Kasdan to keep all the silly bits in check. I hated Last Jedi.


The Biggest Cons – Nit Picking Star Wars The Last Jedi To Shreds

1.) The Opening

Whether the beginning scene is meant as an homage to Empire Strikes Back, or likely not, the opening space fleet escape is lackluster, unoriginal, and edited with the wrong pacing. A New Hope had the grandest entrance of the entire Star Wars saga, a Star Destroyer chasing after a Rebel ship. This scene is so good it has been parodied in numerous films, ads, and even in Space Balls.

2.)  The Forced Humor

The film attempts to find humor and balance between the poorly written story and the tense drama with zero results. The die-hard fan audience I attended the film with were largely silent during the “insert laugh” here moments. Crickets. This type of slapstick humor is best served in the Disney owned Marvel cinematic universe. There cheeky jokes and wit are well placed. In Star Wars? Not so much. The saga was always very funny in subtle humanist and early vaudeville ways that one can relate to in a natural manner. This films ‘jokes’ are so forced and unnatural that they feel awkward. HA HA.

3.) Poe Yo Mama Joke

Poe Dameron is no Han Solo, and the audience is shown this through the Last Jedi. The fleet is in a tense situation, so lazy writer Rian Johnson uses the “insert your mom joke here” to both ruin the tension, while stumbling for forced laughs that never happen.

4.) General Hux

Rian Johnson is a lazy writer. Hux goes from villain in Force Awakens, to complete buffoon in Last Jedi. Human generals and commander villains of Star Wars are believable, in that we as the audience can imagine them taking serious their positions of authority and responsibility. Here Hux is made into a fool and idiot early on. Rather than given a meaty human element he is a caricature. Sad. Humans are complex, even ones on the side of injustice. Rian Johnson doesn’t care.

5.) Slow Motion

Poorly edited and poorly achieved are the scenes of the Rebel bombers slowly blowing up when faced with the Dreadnought. Meant to establish some sort of tension this effort falls flat and is out of place for the stylish Star Wars films.

6.) Slow Bomber Fleet

The editing could be off. The bombers appear quickly headed toward the Dreadnought then all at a snails pace are destroyed. Sloppy writing? Why didn’t they just include turbo thrusters on the bombers? Dropping bombs….in space no less.

7.) They Tracked Our Jump To Light Speed

Um ok. How? Lazy writer Rian Johnson just invents things that are outside the scope of the universe he is playing in. At first glance this appears to be a major plot hole. It shows up later. Is there any plausible explanation for how the First Order could track a fleet of ships through light speed? None provided in the film.

8.) Out Of Space Gas

This is idiotic writing. Space gas!? Maybe in Episode 9 characters will run out of laser blaster energy during battles. Why would the Rebel Fleet not have enough space fuel to get away from the First Order? Absurd. It should be noted that trashy sci-fi film ‘Wing Commander’ contained a plot where space bombs are dropped and a ship runs out of space fuel. That film was harshly criticized by the so-called ‘critics’, yet this implausible drivel is dished out again in Last Jedi and IS accepted.

9.) They Are ALREADY Near Planet Crait

Wait…. these Rebels are already at a hidden Rebel base? Then why not just go there. Just go to Crait. Jump out of hyperspace on Crait. Refuel. Call up the other Resistance. Duh.

10.) Snoke

Snoke is the Emperor 2.0. He doesn’t like Kylo Rens mask/helmet thing. Rian Johnson could have written a backstory element or character development for Snoke here. Nope too difficult of a task for Johnson. In fact Snoke should be the dotting uncle/father figure that Kylo Ren is seeking. It would help explain a lot about why Kylo veers towards the dark and takes his place with Snoke in the first place.

“Where you intrigued by the allpowerful snoke? Well {forget} you fans, he’s just a thinly veiled James Bond villain rip-off thrown away for yet another “join me and we can rule the galaxy” rehash.” – Thomas B

11.) Snoke Slaps Around Hux

Snoke presents himself as an almost all-knowing baddie who has it all figured out. Hux is disciplined harshly by Snoke. Then we learn that the First Order is magically tracking the Rebel fleet through space. Wouldn’t Snoke know this information before hand? If not then how did he not know they are tracking the fleet? Snoke beating down of Hux seems to be sloppy writing in order to humiliate Hux for laughs.

12.) Kylo Ren Kills His Mom. Mary Poppins.

When the other attacking ships shoot up the Rebel fleet, and Leia is sent blasted out into space. This is a moment I felt sadness, RIP Carrie Fisher. Then it happens.  Leia floating in space like a Star Wars version of Mary Poppins force flies herself, while unconscious, back aboard her ship. Alive and well. Cringe worthy stuff here. All that was missing from this scene is Leia clicking her heels together or donning a superhero cape.

“I would not have been surprised if a T-Rex wearing a cape and a laser beam coming out of its hand flew across the screen while motionless but doing somersaults… in space. Seriously.” – GM

13.) Admiral Akbar Killed

I get the feeling that Rian Johnson hates the original trilogy and all of its characters. Such disregard for characters lives goes beyond just Akbar.

14.) Luke Skywalker Light Saber Toss

This scene I believe is the symbolic manner in which Rian Johnson tosses the entire saga out the window, rather than crafting an intelligent engaging film that resolves issues and surprises audiences. The film defies expectations all right, if you expected a good Star Wars film. This toss moment is not even in Lukes character.

“Like some kind of Saturday Night Live parody skit, Luke takes the lightsaber — which, I’ll remind you, was Anakin’s before being passed down to Luke by Obi-wan, and which helped Luke save the galaxy from the Empire, making it a pretty special relic — and throws it over his shoulder like a piece of trash. Those who like The Last Jedi will say that this is some sort of character-building action, and that by discarding the lightsaber Luke is showing just how little he now believes in the necessity of the Jedi, and perhaps that was the intention, but it comes off feeling cheap and turns a seemingly pivotal moment in Star Wars lore into slapstick.” – Mike Wehner, BGR

15.) Rey Becomes Mary Sue

Rey used to be so interesting. In Force Awakens she is a mystery. That mystery is compelling and different. An unknown factor, a hidden backstory , intriguing. Here in Last Jedi she is a bore. Without any substantive context to her remarkable abilities or answers to her parentage, Rey is a cut, copy, paste hero forged from an agenda forced playbook at Empire Disney.


16.) Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo – AKA Mon Motha 2.0

Laura Dern in space with purple hair. Not a Star Wars character at all. Not original. The character of Mon Motha was great. Holdo is horrible. HORRIBLE. I did not believe for a single moment that generic Holdo was apart of the Resistance. She was poorly written and completely unnecessary.

17.) Finn Space Coma

We all have questions. So does Finn. Now that he is finally free from his space coma. Will he have them answered? Will he reunite with Rey in a meaningful way? No and Nope. Not if Rian Johnson has anything to say about that. Leaky bag Finn scene. Cringe.

18.) Finn Is Reduced To Comic Relief Nobody

Finn was interesting in Force Awakens. We saw a lot of that adventure through his eyes. Here he is just unimportant. They could have kept him in his space coma. In fact the way his character is handled in Last Jedi has been compared to racial stereotyping and minstrel handling. He stood up for himself and fought back against opposition in Force Awakens, here Rian Johnson takes a strong Black character and makes him into a buffoon. Perhaps it was due to the gender of Finn, after all being a male is bad in the eyes of Disney.

19.) Rose Tico

I heard from a co-worker (Myles) that Rose is the Jar Jar Binks of Last Jedi. She is unnecessary in every possible way. She adds nothing to the plot, story, pacing. NOTHING. She seems to have been invented only to satisfy the Disney empire marketing departments wish to introduce an Asian character for their Asian market. Kelly Marie Tran is Vietnamese.

20.) Rose Backstory

Rose gets a backstory. Rian Johnson thanks a lot for nothing. Rose is either doing her fan girl routine over Finn, whining and crying, or repeatedly saying the word “hope“, well that about sums up Rose. Horrid character. We should have at least been given some context to her through her sister, in as such both characters should have been seen together and spoke to one another to build a relationship/dynamic before having her sister killed off. There is just such horrid handling of death without context in this film.

“Today, under the rule of the Disney Social Justice Empire, Star Wars movies feature boring characters standing around giving cringe-worthy motivational speeches and crying.” – Frank Chung

“How about the whole character of Rose Tico! Worse than JarJar Binks!” – Jermaine L

21.) Poe And The Mutiny

Poe disagrees with Mon Motha 2.0, aka Laura Dern with purple space hair. He thinks that she is leading the rebel fleet off to be destroyed so a convoluted plan is hatched that sends Finn and Rose away to Illuminati World (Canto Bight) to find a space hacker who can untrack their Rebel ships. In the process Poe mounts a mutiny. Just tell Poe the truth!! “Hey Poe we are just headed right down to planet Crait which is very nearby and we really should have just gone there all along.”

22.) Poe & The Feminist Agenda Hidden Message

The entire subplot of the Poe led mutiny is to show how inept and stupid men are, according to the new age feminist agenda that writers like Rian Johnson subscribe to. Disney wants their audience to know that “men are bad, women are good”. Men can’t be left in charge they will just ruin everything, they also can’t be reasoned with or have normal conversations which explain to them what is going on. Disney hates male characters. Finn, the only strong Black character in the film, is weakened and belittled during the ‘leaky bag’ scene and forced to play side piece to the ‘stronger‘ Rose Tico character.

“The movie also seems to want to preach a particular type of feminist message in which the female characters can only be built up by tearing down and belittling the male characters. (As opposed to the feminism in the Original Trilogy where the female characters were shown to be the equals of the male characters fighting together with them side-by-side.)” – DW

“All female characters are noble, righteous, brave, talented (Leia, Admiral Holdo, Rose, Rey). I hope this is enough subliminal messages for you. This is not Star wars anymore.. They should have called this movie the Gender Wars. Kathleen Turner and Disney are trying too hard to shove their political agenda down our throats.” – Fab J

23.) Luke Slams The Door

Luke is written really poorly. He is supposed to represent a master who is broken and lost, somewhat disillusioned. Instead he shown as an idiot. His slamming the door on Rey is an example of the dull writing Johnson displays. Luke comes off as idiotic. His door slam and saber toss are hidden messages that the writers and staff at Disney care nothing for the franchise of Star Wars and literally hate all of their fans.

24.) Luke The Nihilist

In regards to the actual character of Luke Skywalker, the one shown in Last Jedi is NOT Luke Skywalker. The Jedi are a religious order of warrior monks, so in touch with their faith and discipline that they can view future events or talk with their old friends long gone. Rogue One captured what the order of the Jedi understood. Luke is very in touch with the force by the end of ROTJ. He understands fully the importance of friends and family living in the moment. The past, the present, the future are all apart of the balance of the Force. They are linked in this regard. What happened long ago has consequence on today, though living in the moment is of the greatest importance. By ROTJ Luke knew all this. So Skywalker would have no reason to abandon his faith, even in the dire circumstances presented in the film. Perhaps he would feel guarded and upset. MAYBE. But the character of Luke has always held too strong a connection and balance with the Force and to his love of family and friends that he would respond accordingly.

25.) Rey Never Trained  

Rey is there to train with Jedi master Luke Skywalker. She only gets a lesson. Like a brief footnote on the Jedi from a disgruntled version of Luke in an abridged “Jedi For Dummies” moment that detracts from the lore and mythos of the gorgeous space opera that was once Star Wars. Rey is not a Jedi.

26.) Rey Masters The Force, Light Sabers, & Rock Lifting In JUST Five Minutes

Star Wars is a fantasy. That’s the only excuse we can be given as to why or how the character Rey can go from a Force sensitive novice to Jedi master all in a matter of five minutes. Suspension of belief.

27.) Porgs Are A Nuisance

A lot of nothing was made of the annoying little birds shown in Last Jedi. They are actually the same type of space nuisance as the Mynock bat-like creatures of ESB. Disney wanted something additional they could market to kids and sell more toys. Fine. In the film they tear up the Falcon and eat on cables and wires. Some look like CGI distorted puffins, while others are animatronic. They are also around for Johnson to get forced laughs. They are ok as an addition to Star Wars despite all the controversy.

28.) Let The Wookie Eat

Hidden vegan symbolism pushed on us by Disney. In the scene that Chewie has roasted one of the little creatures and is about to eat it. He is stopped by Porg wide eyed lookers on. Chewie shouldn’t eat meat and neither should you. A Message brought to you by Disney.

29.) Luke Wants To Die Alone…Or Does He?

Luke left a hidden map to find him on the island. This was the essential plot of the prior Star Wars film. Whoops Rian Johnson forgot that bit. Lazy writer Johnson forgets everything that the previous film set up, including the map to Ach-To that Luke leaves behind so others can find him.

30.) Slow Chase Through Space

While the First Order fleet is slowly chasing the Resistance ships that are all out of space gas, an entire fleet of Tie Fighters that could be on the attack are docked awaiting…nothing.

“Why didn’t the First Order call for more ships, or send some star destroyers ahead of the way (through hyperspace) to box in the resistance? They had apparently 6-18 hours to work with.” – John S.

31.) Canto Bight & The Space Illuminati 

The villains in the Last Jedi are the arm selling, Free Masonic dressed “Space Illuminati”. Working in the shadows they have supplied the First Order and the Resistance with the arms to keep an endless War going. This an allegory for the real life Rothschilds, and the military industrial complex. The Illuminati loves wars because it brings the globe closer to the tyrant owned ‘New World Order.’ Placing an allegory of this bizarre magnitude in a fantasy sci-fi opera is disturbing and esoteric. The casino scene will/already has gone over the head of every single audience at every showing of Last Jedi. The large exposure of political and esoteric messages in films seen by large groups is the manner in which Disney can implant hidden agendas of an occult nature in the subconscious of the viewer. While not a single viewer will ever notice the ‘casino’ hidden message, the film establishes an aspect of the occult that has never been apart of Star Wars.

The ‘Space Illuminati” wear only white and black to symbolize their Masonic color trope – ability to access the dimension of light and dark. They can aid the good as well as the bad, in the process gaining wealth and power while enjoying themselves spending space Bitcoin in a casino.  They represent this 1% agenda. Troubling. This message is also meant to support the ideal of socialism justice over a free will enabled society. We are not shown any rich characters that are not ‘Space Illuminati’, thus the impression is left that if you are affluent in the universe of Star Wars, then you are evil.

32.) Last Jedi Kills Star Wars

The film is so utterly inept and against cannon in such an effort that for diehard fans and those that consider themselves “true” Star Wars fans, the saga is over. That direction will see large numbers of Star Wars fans abandoning the series for good. Any future films will be ignored by this group. Count me amongst those that will not be returning to a Galaxy far Away, despite having seen all the films over 100 times. I will not be purchasing any tickets for any further Disney Star Wars films and have no intention of viewing Star Wars 9, nor the Han Solo film. A large number of fans are also boycotting the direction Disney is taking with Star Wars and speaking out on Youtube, Twitter, and writing to Disney. They might ignore all this, however, attendance in the next films is likely to drop.

“I have watched my last Star Wars movie. VERY DISAPPOINTED !!!” – Mila W

“A sample size of 868 audience reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes awarded a total of 23390 points for an average user score of 33.8594. Less than 34%.

I don’t know why RT is lying to the public, but they are clearly preventing the audience score from falling below a certain level. If RT is protecting Disney’s interests then this is a conflict of interest of the highest order and this site cannot be trusted. Again, the true audience score for this film is well, WELL below 40.” – Wes B

33.) Hyperspace Weapon

The idea and concept that hyperspace can be used as a weapon is sloppy writing and out of step with the cannon of established Star Wars lore. It is wrong, wrong , wrong. They have multiple droids that can fight in this series and even in the film BB8 attacks the First Order in a cringe worthy scene. The droids could have been used as weapons against the First Order fleet if light-speed ramming is an option.

“A major issue deals with hyperspace being utilized as a weapon – something we’ve never seen before in any Star Wars. If that’s possible, why didn’t rebels do that on the Death Star, or any number of other space battles?” – John S.

“Why didn’t they lightspeed ram one of the smaller ships with a droid for a pilot (flying is for droids) into the First Order fleet?” – Darth Guilder

34.) The ONLY Correct View Is That Star Wars The Last Jedi IS Awful

The nature of how horrid an abomination this film truly is can not be stressed enough. There exists however an incorrect view that this film was any good, which of course it was not. Those that hold the view that Last Jedi was ok, good, or meager are usually people known as ‘casual fans’. That’s ok, even if they are wrong. Fans of science fiction or seeing large explosions in a film with zero substance and those that enjoy utter nonsense likely felt good about Last Jedi. That is ok as well. However the stark reality is that this film is the worst Star Wars film ever, an implausible story wrought with poor direction and lazy writing. It is also one of the worst sci-fi films ever. Critics were brutal to films such as ‘Wing Commander’, and ‘Battlefield Earth’, which feature the SAME type of plot holes, misguided steps, impossible moments, lazy writing, and poor direction. Those two films are just as bad, yet not as awful as Star Wars Last Jedi.

The same questions that film critics griped over Battlefield Earth, and Wing Commander are getting a pass with Last Jedi. WHY? The majority of the film critics who rightly slammed those films are no longer around to review Last Jedi. There is a lot of talk of Disney paying for good reviews, in so much that it is alleged that Disney is forcing critics to like Star Wars Last Jedi for the sake of their jobs. The good reviews found on Rotten Tomatoes are an assortment of exaggerated scores. That is many film critics stated that the film is ok or average yet the score reflects something much higher than the reality.

“Most “real” reviews from commenters ive read are decidely mixed. I would actually focus more on the critics here and whether they were intimidated by Disney’s backlash against the LA Times earlier this year.” El Tiempo

35.) BB8 Is TOO Capable

The droids in Star Wars are great and sometimes comical and have a unique role in each of the films. The use of BB8 in Last Jedi is just over the top nonsense. The little droid is a round ball. A BALL. Yet somehow Johnson writes BB8 as capable of tying up security guards, commandeering an AT-ST thus First Order baddies, and shooting coins out of some magic compartment . It becomes all too much. In one cringe worthy scene, BB8 is blown out of the Rebel fleet hangar and into the hallway of the command ship, the image proceeding what is meant as a light hearted moment includes a large group of pilots having JUST lost their lives, yet Rian Johnson deliver’s another ‘insert forced ha ha moment here’.

36.) The Treatment Of Characters Lives

Characters die a lot in Last Jedi, frequently, and without much regard. We see so much death in Last Jedi that the characters loss of life is never given a context to allow us to emotionally involve ourselves with their plight. The numerous pilots that die in the hangar scene are quickly disrespected with the appearance of BB8 being blown out of the same hangar in a comical fashion. Its just all one big joke to Rian Johnson. To put this in context, in Rogue One we are given a scope to the harsh reality of war, no laughing matters, no games. Lives are on the line and we get a scope and feel for how important their struggle is. Their sacrifice should have weight and impact, yet Rian Johnson is clueless. Thus ships explode by the dozens and iconic characters are killed off on a whim. Indifference to figures like Admiral Akbar and numerous deaths handled with such casual disregard is shameful.

“The bad jokes jump right in the middle of a serious build-up, shifting the tone dramatically, then disappear just as suddenly, leaving us completely detached from whatever emotional situation is unrolling on the screen. Significant characters come into the picture and are immediately written off, leaving us completely unsatisfied.” – Veronika A

“The fact Rian Johnson tried to insert so much inappropriate flat humor in a movie with such a high death toll is shocking. The scenes weren’t funny; and even if they were should we be laughing where everyone we are supposed to care about is dying on some level?” – Guy B

37.) The Strong Women Are Poorly Written

The agenda for the year ending 2017 and into 2018 is to tear down males. Got it. This is a global agenda via the upper elite and Disney was well on track to deliver this message of hatred and division through Star Wars. The strong women of Last Jedi are not well written or given any proper story arc or full context to their characters.

“Perhaps worst of all, Rian Johnson writes his female characters two-dimensionally. Holdo, Rose, and Rey – all were wasted opportunities in this movie to show strong, capable female fighters and leaders. Instead, Holdo is written as an erratic, hyper-secretive shrew. Rose is written as a lovelorn fangirl desperate for affection. And Rey, ostensibly the protagonist of the entire trilogy, got far less screen time than the real hero of the trilogy was due. “

38.) Luke And Yoda Are Now Book Burning Nazis

The absolute worst scene in this atrocious film comes when Luke sets out to burn some old Jedi books, when the Star Wars universe already established that the old writings of the Jedi are in holocrons stored in Jedi libraries. Rian Johnson is clueless as always and writes Luke going up to an ancient tree to set it ablaze in order to kill off the knowledge left by the ancient Jedi order. Yoda then shows up and does the job for him by striking the tree with lightning.

39.) Ghost Yoda Can Send Down Bolts

Since ghost Yoda now has this bizarre ability to shoot down lighting bolts, don’t you think he could have just zapped Darth Vader at any time? How about kill Snoke or Kylo Ren while he is at it? No explaination at all. The first thing Yoda should have done when he became a force ghost is kill off Vader and the Emperor if he had this ability.

40.) Luke Tries To Kill A Sleeping Young Person

Rian Johnson either never watched a Star Wars film, or hated everything about the series. Luke went out of his way to insist that there is still good in his father Darth Vader, a killer of younglings and countless Jedi and numerous others. Yet Luke was willing to risk his life in order to see his father redeemed. Luke was likely the only figure in the entire galaxy that saw any good in Vader. Yet Disney has Luke willing to kill a sleeping young person who “might” go down the path of darkness?

“Luke is going to murder a sleeping child, the son of his sister and his best friend, a child sent to him for instruction and entrusted to his care, because the child is thinking bad thoughts? Are you serious? That’s really a crucial plot point? Did none of the people working on this story or script ever actually watch a Star Wars movie?” Michael B