Super Bowl LIV & Kobe Bryant Gematria

Super Bowl LIV Kobe

Super Bowl LIV is the 54th Super Bowl and the 50th modern-era NFL championship which will decide the 100th season winner. The game is scheduled to be played on February 2, 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The halftime show will be headlined by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. In Gematria the game is being played out through various numerical rituals, while the Super Bowl Ads will feature numerous occult tropes in support of the hidden agenda of the Elite. In this decode I will breakdown the numerical patterns of the “Big Game”, while decoding the meaning behind the occult laced advertisements. and their agenda.

Kobe Death Bowl

Super Bowl LIV is explicitly linked to the death of NBA GOAT Kobe Bryant, due to this aspect much of the decoding will feature the numbers and predictive programming behind his death at age 41. According to the mainstream media, numerous players for the San Francisco 49’ers credited Lakers star Kobe Bryant for the reason they got into playing professional sports.

The Numbers 50 & 32 

dow 50 32

Two powerful numbers are going to be on display throughout this game for the sake of ‘duality programming’, these are the numbers 50 and 32. San Francisco is 5-0 ATS this season as an underdog. Winning the Super Bowl would cause the 49’ers to go 6-0. Math pattern of 3×2 = 6. Hexcraft is the occult designation of hiding the number 6 in plain sight, allowing for the numerical pattern of sixes to play on the psyche of the uninitiated. Through means of hexcraft the uniformed public witness a variety of symbolism linked to this occult number. For this purpose negative connotation programming is also associated with the patterns of 6 such as 666. More on this later.

Dee Ford 50

Blood symbolism also on display ahead of the Big Game:

red vs red

BLOOD VS BLOOD / 50 Numerical Code 

For the first time in 50 years, the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl. This marks the first time that two teams will be Red Vs. Red. The NFL has mandated that the uniforms remain red vs red, despite the wishes of the San Francisco team to don White uniforms. Hard Rock International will make its Super Bowl debut this year with an ad produced and directed by Michael Bay. Hard Rock International is celebrating another milestone in the brand’s almost 50-year history, Notice the power of the number 50 in Gematria:

Red Vs. Red = 50
Death of Kobe = 50
A Hard Rock Stadium = 50
Kansas Loss = 50
Miami Gardens, FL = 50
A Chiefs loss = 50
San Francisco = 50
Damian Lillard = 50

mamba mentality

“Mamba Mentality” = 50

Ahead of Super Bowl LIV, Britain unveiled a 50 pence coin minted to mark Brexit, the departure of Britain from the European Union. Rapper Lil Nas X, who was Grammy-Nominated for the song “Old Town Road”, will appear in a Super Bowl ad during LIV. Lil Nas X claims his song was made for $50. After the death of Kobe Bryant, rapper 50 cent vowed to stop creating public spats with other actors.

50 cent 50

NBA player Damian Lillard, whose net worth is $50 million dollars, and was born in California, scored 50 points as the Trail Blazers beat the Pacers 139-129 after the death of Kobe Bryant. Lillard is 6 feet 3 inches tall, the same height as QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

The power of the numbers 50 and 15 are abundant in this numerical play. Notice Patrick Mahomes will don number 15, more on this later.  Here is what my friend Patrick had to say:

Patrick Super Bowl 54

“On Monday night, Kobe Bryant will get both of his jerseys (Nos. 8 and 24) retired for the Lakers. Because of this, tributes to the Lakers legend have been pouring in from around the league throughout the day, and Rockets guard Eric Gordon tweeted a picture of the sneakers he’s planning to wear during the Rockets’ Monday game against the Jazz. He also posted a photo of himself, as a rookie with the Clippers, playing against Bryant.” – USA TODAY, December 18, 2017


eric gordon collage

NBA star Eric Gordon scored 50 points on the Jazz on 1/27/2020 in honor of Kobe Bryant, while he had 6 assists. The song “6 Rings” was released at the same time in honor of Kobe Bryant by artist Bad Bunny. Gordon wears jersey number 10, the same number as Jimmy Garoppolo. Gordon repeated history with this win over the Jazz, just as he scored a high of 33 points against the same team – the Jazz, on December 18, 2017 in honor of Kobe Bryant, whom he called a GOAT. Both jerseys of Kobe Bryant were retired that night, which Gordon tweeted as 24vs8. The symbolism here is also 24 + 8 = 32. This is why the media is calling on numerous topics ahead of Super Bowl LIV “32 reasons”. The game is a ritual revolving the death of Kobe Bryant.

gordon 50 points In his number 10 jersey, with the color red, Eric Gordon dropped 50 points on the Utah Jazz, the team favored to win the “Big Game”. This ritual was done in honor of Kobe Bryant’s sacrifice. He felt the need to “Go Win”, which is the message texted by GOAT Tom Brady to number 10 Jimmy Garoppolo ahead of Super Bowl LIV. Did you know that it is common for Super Bowl games to reach 50 points? Eric Gordon was symbolic as a BACKUP to NBA stars Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Meanwhile, Jimmy Garoppolo WAS a backup to the GOAT Tom Brady.  Do you see the symbolism on display here?

Super Bowl LIV More Code By The Numbers

Gemaytria super bowl

Super Bowl LIV will occur on February 2nd 2020, the 33rd day of the year, leaving 333 days left in the calendar year. The numerical pattern is thus 32 days into the year, or 4 weeks 4 days for a pattern of 44. In addition the 2nd month and the 2nd day in the year 20 when added together equals 24, the jersey number of Kobe Bryant. Since the game is numerically linked to Kobe Bryant, I will showcase the numbers between Super Bowl LIV and Kobe.

4 Weeks, 4 Days (44 Symbolism)
32 Days Into Year (32 / 23 Symbolism)
Day Of Year Feb-02 = 33 (33 Symbolism)
Days Left in The Year = 333

32 things

32 superbowlThe media is pushing the number 32 to represent the power of the 32 days into the year, in which the Super Bowl LIV game will happen. The reverse of 32 = 23, the RED Jersey of KING Lebron James is 23.

Coach holland

coach 49

Red Patriots = Red 49’ers 

In symbolic terms, the Elite are showcasing the powers of Red Vs Red, family vs family. This is in accordance with the principle of duality, or two like terms. The San Francisco 49ers are being called the replacement to the Patriots, while showcasing the duality of Backup 10 QB Jimmy Garoppolo and 12 QB GOAT Tom Brady. This is a powerful image that the NFL wants to share with the uniformed masses. Have you been paying attention to the media terming the 49’ers the tribe of Patriots? This is also Biblical symbolism, as Moses was unable to reach the promised land after his 42 years in the desert. Here we are told repeatedly that the 49’ers are winning using “Patriot Way”.

49ers Patriot Way Super Bowl LIV

“Jimmy Garoppolo already has two Super Bowl rings, thanks to Tom Brady. The former second-round pick spent 3.5 seasons with the New England Patriots as Brady’s understudy before being traded in 2017 to the San Francisco 49ers, during a regime change that’s now seeing the fruits of their labor blossom in plain view. It’s now his turn to steer a franchise to the top of the NFL mountain, as starter of a dominant San Francisco 49ers team that finished with a 13-3 regular season record before going on to easily dismiss the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Round and NFC Championship Game, respectively. ” – CBS Sports

The Numbers 15 & 50 For The Kansas City Chiefs

15 super bowl

A record 26 million Americans will bet $6.8 billion dollars on Super Bowl LIV. King Lebron James of the NBA is 6 feet 8 inches tall. The death of Kobe Bryant took place on the 26th. The FOX News article above draws attention to the number 15.

15 patrick mahomes Patrick Mahomes had 50 passing touchdowns and 15 running touchdowns as a senior in highschool football. The Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, led the Eagles to the Super Bowl 15 years ago. Patrick Mahomes jersey number is 15. It is expected that in 15 months Patrick Mahomes will be given a new contract in the NFL. In a Gallup poll for 1/28/2020 51% of Americans say they are happy with life in Trumps America, the highest level of happiness in 15 years. In the US, the most popular rifle is the AR-15. Ahead of Super Bowl LIV, former NFL star Michael Strahan will Collab with GIII on a sportswear line for the Super Bowl. Strahan spent 15 years in the NFL.

Michael Strahan 15

Chiefs = 50
Patrick Mahomes = 50
Michael Strahan = 50
Super Bowl = 50
Kansas City = 50
Red Vs. Red = 50

Kobe Death 41

Predictive Programming The Death Of Kobe Bryant

On January 25th 2020 a number of strong numerical indicators began to appear through the mainstream media. I quickly realized that the coding indicted the preeminent passing of one the legends of Sports – a GOAT. By the morning of the 26th I gathered that it would be Kobe Bryants death. I was unfortunately correct. The news spread that at the age of 41 Kobe had died in a helicopter crash. The writing was on the wall.

predictive program of jan 25th

On January 25th 2020, Bellator 238 featured fighters Julia Budd vs. Cris Cyborg. In Episode 3 of the Pre-Fight hype segment, Budd can be seen wearing a sweater with the number 42 on it. In addition she would later don pants with the flag of the Asian country the Philippines. 42 is long associated with: Time, Slavery, and SACRIFICE. The pairing of numerical clues provided that Budd would of course loose to Cyborg. During the PBC fighting event during the same evening, fighter Stephen Fulton can be seen wearing the GOAT hat. The unnerving feeling that anyone familiar with Esoteric programming can recognize is the impending sacrifice of a GOAT figure.

Kobe tweet

The height of Kobe Bryant is 6 feet 6 inches, while the height of Patrick Mahomes is 6 feet 3 inches.
Kobe Bryant wore two jersey numbers for the Lakers, the numbers 8 and 24.

24 + 8 = 32. Now notice the time stamp on the Tyga – Young Kobe video? Its at 3:28.

young kobe tyga predictive program

GOAT Kobe Bryant = 66 / 222

“Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother
#33644″ – Kobe Bryant

“There’s no accident that he has two numbers retired at the Staples center.” – Jalen Rose

33 = the 33rd day of the year.
6 = Hexcraft (6 Rings, 6 Logo)
44 = the 4 weeks, 4 days of the year

“You won 6 rings, 5 with the NBA and one in a marriage that gave you your daughters” – Bad Bunny

Pic 1

ISIAH 6:1 In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple. – NIV BIBLE

Isiah 6:1 is about the death of the previous King – Uzziah. The NEW king is in charge by Isiah 6:8. The Height of KING Lebron James is 6’8″. Cris Cyborg won the championship of Bellator 238 wearing a jersey with Isiah 6:8 on it.

Isiah 68

Kobe 23 32

A Tweet can be seen using “Predictive Programming” to illustrate the coming death of Kobe Bryant. The message was sent out at a time of 23:32, the numerical patterns of the words Black Mamba in Gematria. In addition Google searches described the death of Kobe as being an ‘assassination’.

Kobe Bryant murder

Kobe Bryant flew via the Sikorsky 76 Helicopter, the same type used via the Royal Family of Great Britain. His helicopter departed at 9:06 am on January 26, 2020.

queen sikorsky

uncle hotep

Kobe Bryant Death = 906

Lebron James = 42 / 66
Lakers = 42 / 66
Kobe Bryant = 41
A Kobe Bryant = 42
A Kobe Bryant Age = 41
NBA Kobe B. Bryant = 41


The Helicopter that flew Kobe Bryant was shown as a Sikorsky S-76 #N72EX. In Gematria this:  “N Seventy Two EX = 666 / 76”  Notice the symbol of the NIKE – “Sacrifice Everything” as well the Black Mamba logo – a SIX pointed symbol.

sacrifice helicopter

Several shows and tweets online predicted that Kobe would be killed in the helicopter, below Orlando Robertson posts the Chamberlain Heights video showing Kobe dying in his helicopter and loss of his rings.

kobe crash and death illuminati sacrifice

kobe death predicted

Six symbol

kobe 41 gematria

Upward Triangle Ritual

Triangles For Power

Upward Triangle Power Ritual – Death of Kobe ceremony and Lebron James #24 in service of the Occult. The triangle is meant to show Red in the upward position, and Blue in the downward – or red vs blue.

Palindrome Day 222 = 2/2/20

palindrome gematria

Who Will Win The Super Bowl?

Ahead of Super Bowl LIV #Gematria, NBA’s Lebron James scores 15, Damian Lillard scores 51.

Super Bowl LIV gematria

15 + 51 = 66
Super Bowl LIV = 66
Kansas City Chiefs = 66 / 222 (Super Bowl is on 2/2/20)
Kansas = 15
Patrick Mahomes Jersey is #15

As far as I can tell, this game is synced up in favor of both teams hence the red vs red symbolism. In fact the ads and dance pre-game shows will feature numerous women clad in red as well. Yet the recent NBA scores may indicate that the Chiefs can score an upset over the ground game of the 49ers. Chiefs to win.

The Super Bowl Ads

Most ads will be representative of the feminine goddess symbol, combined with colors of red and the numbers of each quarterback. Keep an eye for numbers 10 and 5. The agenda towards promotion of war and times of peace – duality. Numerous sexualized ads will shown as well.

Olay “Make Space For Women”

Olay ad

Symbolism of this ad features Red Vs. Red. Dressed in all red, Katie Couric, fake reporter of the Elite and friend to Jeffrey Epstein asks, ‘Is there enough space in space for women?’ and then asks ‘Who wrote that? Are people really still asking that?’

Katie George and Epstein

The agenda here being that media such as Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos,  dined with and supported the lifestyle of Jewish Billionaire and child molester Jeffrey Epstein, and would rather no questions were asked of THEM. The ad also symbolizes the female goddess and classic trope of ‘lady in red’, representing the whore of Babylon in the ancient period.

The ad then showcases a team of female astronauts for Olay. The actresses are: Busy Philipps, Nicole Stott, Lilly Singh, and Taraji P. Henson.

Olay = 49
Busy Philipps = 49
Nicole Stott = 47
Katie Couric = 47
Lilly Singh = 28

Taraji P. Henson = 47
Taraji P. Henson is currently age 49, representing the power of the 49ers, she was born on September 11, 1970 in Washington D.C. Her number 47 in Gematria represents a willingness for Government co-operation. She was recently in the media for her Social Media feud with rapper 50 Cent, as the number 50 was tied relentlessly to the Super Bowl and death programming of Kobe Bryant. Taraji P. Henson was also amongst celebrities’ who supported the Jussie Race Hoax, developed by the vile Elite.

Somewhere In Time Film Symbolism & Time Travel

Somewhere Gematria

Somewhere In Time – Film Symbolism & Gematria of Time Travel

Somewhere in Time, is a 1980 time-travel film, directed by Jeannot Szwarc, that features numerous Gematria related to the numerical patterns of Time and Time Travel. I love this film, and highly recommend you view it, below the film is described in light detail, but replete with spoilers.


Richard Collier (Christopher Reeve), a playwright, travels in time 8 years later after hearing the words “Come Back To Me.” spoken by Elise McKeena (Jane Seymour) who lived at address number 47. She hands Collier a pocket watch (which serves as the films ‘Time Device”) before returning to her residence and passing away into the afterlife.
The scene below is shown at exactly 18 minutes and 11 seconds and will feature the 18th variation of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Note that the numbers 4+7 are equal to 11.  Upon entering the number 47 Elise residence, Collier discovers two items of importance, namely  the music box which plays the romantic score of the 18th variation Rhapsody, and a book on Time Travel written by the films character and professor Gerard Finney.

Time Gematria

Collier (Reeve) Glances At Number 47 Before Entering Elise Residence

In Gematria the word “time” is equal to the number 47. Yet in the Septenary cypher of Gematria, we find the number 18! The Number 18 eludes to the power of life and living, as well “good nature or will”, within the concepts of Gematria numerical use. This is fascinating as it relates to the films usage of the 18th variation of the Rhapsody or musical score heard throughout the film.  Life and living are related to time and the number 18, just as “time” is related to the number 47.

Why Number 47?

In occult aspects, the numerology surrounding the number 47 is based upon relationships. The numbers are at times dealt as a pairing or coupling of concepts, thus eluding to 47 as a “teamwork and romance number”.  See below:

“Companionship is essential for the essence of the number 47 to be what it is. Without companionship, it feels lonely, as if its essence is suppressed. Interaction with others lets it resonate its fullness.
It’s 47’s nature to be cooperative.” – Affinity Numerology

Forty-Seven is the fifteenth prime number, and also an Eisenstein Prime. Its representation in binary is “00101111”. The planet Mars operates on a 47-year cycle, which was described in detail by the ancient Mesopotamians.

The number is seen as dealing with duality, as one would find often associated with the number 2. However, in this instance it is thought of as a romantic duality! Think of the pair of Richard Collier and Elise McKenna as ‘soul mates‘ linked via the number 47. Indeed the film is replete with the number 47 as most films dealing with Time Travel are linked to the numbers 88 and 47.

Time = 47
Jane Seymour = 47
“Come Back To Me.” = 47
Gerard Finney = 47 

“To better understand the essence of 47, let’s have a look at its composition and the number it is reduced to. The number 47 is composed of the digits 4 and 7, and is reduced to the single digit 2:
4+7 = 11
1+1 = 2
Thus, the numerology number 47 essence is based on the essence of the number 2.” – Numerology Affinity 

According to R. Allendy, this number represents “the evolution, 7, continuing in the eternal mechanism of the world, 40, by a personal effort and a fight – 4+7 = 11; 1+1 = 2″.

grand hotel

Grand Hotel offers guests a chance to live out the film Somewhere In Time

Time Travel Aspects

Richard Collier becomes obsessed with traveling back to 1912 and meeting Elise, who he has fallen in love with. He believes that his former professor Gerard Finney has time traveled to the past, and wishes to do the same. Finney reveals to Richard that he had traveled through time via the power of self-suggestion or self hypnosis. Finney warns Richard that such a process would leave one very weak physically, if successful. Richard is determined to undertake the risk, he uses self hypnosis and a tape to create the suggestion that while at the Grand Hotel, he is in fact in 1912. Eventually Collier succeeds and travels back in time to meet Elise.

 More Gematria Synchronicity 

Lets take a look at the names of each significant character and their Gematria:

Gerard Finney = 42 (The Professor who explains that Time Travel is possible)
Richard Collier = 42 (The Playwright who travels in time)
Elise McKenna = 42 (The Victorian actress and soul mate of Collier)
4×2 = 8  (Hidden Significance is three characters equal to 42 or also the number 8) Somewhere In Time = 88

Time Hypnosis = 47 (Collier preforms self-hypnosis in order to travel in time, his method includes using a “tape”

Perform Self-Hypnosis = 88

Tape = 42 / 18

Time Travel = 42

Afterlife = 42 (Both Collier and Elise pass away and are reunited in the Afterlife.
“Is it you?” = 23 (Elise asks this question to Collier, which is also the same as asking if Collier is “The One”.
The One = 23

Somewhere In Time = 88
Time Travel Is Possible = 88
Eighty Eight Miles Per Hour = 88
Time Travel + A Wormhole = 88
Travel In Time = 888
Time Traveler = 888 / 42

time travel

Is Time Travel Possible? Yes.

Theoretically speaking Time-Travel is seen as both possible, yet highly improbable for our current sciences. In Gematrtia and Film numerics, patterns of time travel appear often alongside the numbers 8, 88, and 47. In the film Donnie Darko, the possibility of time travel is shown via the dark energy concept aligned via the probable nature of wormholes.

donnie darko

Donnie Darko chronicles the last 28 days of the features title character. Twenty-Eight is also presented as TWO 8s = 88. The use of time travel in the film is related as a ‘wormhole’. Wormholes are theoretical ‘wrinkles in time’ which if gained access to would permit an individual to traverse two points in time. Timing synchronicity between the films: In Donnie Darko, on October 2nd, 1988 an airplane causes a temporal wormhole to open, which leads to a jet engine falling out of the sky and landing on the home of Darko. On October 3rd, 1980 the film Somewhere in Time was released. Visitors to the Grand Hotel who participate in the Somewhere in Time weekend depart on October 18th. Dr. Monotoff discusses time travel and wormholes with Darko. Gerard Finney discusses self-hypnosis and time travel with Collier.

Time Machine and a Wormhole = 88

Wrinkles In Time = 47

Airplane Engine = 47

Dr. Monotoff = 47

Gerard Finney = 47


On 222 2019 R Kelly And R Kraft Gematria Decode And Symbolism Breakdown


In the Gematria community a number of Truth speakers pointed to 222 being a big day, the 53rd day of the year for an ‘event’ surrounding The Patriots.

Robert Kraft

Robert Kenneth Kraft, pictured above with his former model girlfriend, is the owner of the Patriots, and was charged today with solicitation for prostitution on 2/22/2019. This is the 53rd day of the year.  He was born June 5, 1941 (age 77) he has been active with the Kraft Group LLC since 1994. His net worth is $6.6 billion.

Blue Democrat Kraft

Friday 2/22/2019 = 53rd Day Of The Year

Robert Kraft = 53
a Prostitution = 53
Jupiter Florida = 53
Patriots = 53
A Asian Day Spa = 666

Kraft was under watch for allegedly visiting an Asian Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida and soliciting for sex from massage therapists. Kraft was previously tied with a model he was dating after his wife’s death. Police in Jupiter, Fla., said on Friday that Kraft is one of several people (some reports call them ‘Johns’) who were captured on video engaging in illegal sexual activity at an Asian Spa massage parlor. The business had been under investigation for sex trafficking for months, and Kraft was charged with two counts of soliciting another to commit prostitution on the 53rd day of the year, 2/22/2019.

THUS: This news arrived on 222 at the SAME time that stories about the plunge of Kraft stock occurs. Coincidence? OR Timing? Several news groups admit that they SIT on stories sometimes for several months before they are released to general gullible public.
kraft stock plunge plannedKraft is facing a major reset or downward spiral with the cut of their dividends as well a huge $15.8 billion dollar write-down. Thus Kraft is under pressure from the market and has been downgraded to a low on Wall Street.

Kraft Stock Plunge Dividend Cut on 222A Friday synched up with Order out of Chaos programming.

Edom = 222

Name of Edom in the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew word Edom means “red”, and is derived from the name of its founder, Esau, the elder son of the Hebrew patriarch Isaac, because he was born “red all over”. As a young adult, he sold his birthright to his brother Jacob for “red pottage”. Edom was an ancient kingdom in Transjordan located between Moab to the northeast, the Arabah to the west and the Arabian Desert to the south and east. It was dissolved in 125 BC.

Build Walls Not Bridges Isaac Newton

Order Out of Chaos = 222

The desired effect of order being derived through chaos is what many theorist believe is the motive of the Upper Tier Elite.

“This term Order out of Chaos, in Latin Ordo ab Chao, is the slogan of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.
“Secret Societies have a great motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ meaning ‘Order Out of Chaos’. Agendas are formulated designed to give the powerful more power. Chaos is created, and media blitzed. Then cries go out for solution. Laws are passed which could never have been passed without the chaos. The order, has reigned through deception of the masses, and the agenda is accomplished.”  – James Arthur

R Kelly Illuminati Ritual Charged Sex CrimesR. Kelly is charged with 10 counts and awaiting the 8th of March. 10 + 8 = 18, the 18th letter which is R. The media and many FAKE WOKE groups were asking why is R.Kelly not being arrested IF Jussie is in trouble? THUS today the fake media announced that R. Kelly is in trouble. Order out of chaos. In addition to this the ‘Fake Woke’ have labeled Jussie Smollett, the self proclaimed ‘Gay Tupac’ as the NEW Jackie Robinson.

jussie smollett fake race bait hoax

A shame ritual for Black History Month! 

At this date of 222 the media is also labeling fake race bait hoaxer Jussie Smollett as the NEW Jackie Robinson!

jussie smollett cnn jackie robinson

Jackie = 42

Sacrifice Everything NikeZions Nike Shoe Exploded – “Sacrifice Everything”

Zion/Jupiter coding = “Sacrifice Everything”

Zion Shoe = 666
Agendas of Nike = 666
Nike Shoes = 42
Nike = 42

Jupiter – philosophical and religious planet
Jupiter = 99, New England = 99


The Fifth Age – Asteroid Wormwood Decoded – The Coming Rock Of Ages


The Fifth Age

In this decode I will breakdown the Fifth Age concept. The coming ‘event’ that numerous Christians, Occultist, and New Agers have interpreted as the dawning of man and the beginning of the Fifth Age – the time of The Rock, as it is described in several forms of literature and showcased in mainstream media.

The Rock Fifth Age

Lets take a look at the Modern Christian interpretation first:

Daniel 2:45 This is the meaning of the vision of the rock cut out of a mountain, but not by human hands—a rock that broke the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver and the gold to pieces. “The great God has shown the king what will take place in the future. The dream is true and its interpretation is trustworthy.”

According to some modern Christian groups, the Rock is symbolic of the future event described in the Book of Revelation that revolves around the scripture detailing the arrival of Wormwood and the apocalyptic Four Trumpets. This is an important tie-in between scripture, as both events draw parallels.

From this perspective the Book of Revelation describes a cataclysm occurring as a single real world disaster, the impact of an asteroid with Earth – Wormwood. This is laid out for us in the scripture with the Revelation of the First Four Trumpets.

Revelation 8 New International Version (NIV)

7 The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down on the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

8 The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, 9 a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

10 The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— 11 the name of the star is Wormwood.[a] A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

12 The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night.

Empires of Daniel End Times

The Four Kingdoms of Daniel

Just as Biblical scripture provides us with the analogy of Four Trumpets and Four Kingdoms, there have been two primary approaches to understanding the four kingdoms of Daniel and the Four Trumpets of Revelation. Now in the Book of Daniel it is interpreted by manner that each layer of the statue represents a kingdom on Earth. There are thus four kingdoms and hence four ages. The first one (the “Roman” view) is the one that historically has been held by conservative interpreters: that the four kingdoms of Daniel are (1) Babylon, (2) Medo-Persia, (3) Greece and (4) Rome. The final age of man is represented in the mixing of Clay and Iron, signifying the Fifth Age which is destroyed by the Rock.

“Does the fact that Daniel tells us it strikes the statue on its feet of iron and clay prove that the church would rise after Rome was divided into East and West? I would say, “maybe.” Or possibly, he is saying that of the four kingdoms, the one during which this will happen will be the fourth–the one just described as iron mixed with clay. Daniel did NOT say that it would strike the legs after this kingdom divided, so we are left unsure.” – John Oakes

The mixture of Clay with Iron is seen by many as an allegory of the Power of Rome in the End Times. This may signify the fall of The Club of Rome – the modern-day Powers That Be desire to build up a NWO (New World Order) from the kingdoms of 10 powers.

Club of Rome Evil

A Club Of Rome = 666

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” – Paul Warburg

In April 1968 a group of economist and global heads of state met at the private Rockefeller estate in Bellagio, Italy under the guise of establishing world peace via ‘A Club Of Rome’. The club (COR) recommended dividing the world into ten political/economic regions to be controlled via a smaller group of world leaders. The goal of the COR was to aid in the rise of a single form of government, or New World Order (New Babylon), which would then share resources via an economic system (cash-less society) while maintaining a smaller and less combative population.
The Ten Kingdoms are ten regions placed in order by the United Nations and called ‘A Club of Rome’, “The Ten Kingdoms” include these:

1.) The North American Union (Not Yet Established)
2.) The European Union
3.) Japan
4.) Australia/New Zealand
5.) East European Union/ Russia
6.) South America Union/Cuba
7.) Middle East/Northern Africa
8.) Africa
9.) Asian Union/ India
10.) China

“Ten world rulers, in confederation with Antichrist, the beast upon whom the woman sits, shall do exactly what the confederate armies under Sargon II did to Israel, what Nebuchadnezzar did to Judah, what the forces of Antiochus Epiphanes did to Palestine, and what Titus did to Jerusalem.” – Rev. Ted Pike

“… the Club has divided the world into ten political/economic regions, which it refers to as “kingdoms”. As the ten kingdoms/regions come together even more in preparation for the reign of the world ruler, we will see the regionalizing of money, then a globalization of monetary exchange or the “cashless society”. (Revelation 13) – Ministries Online.Org

“Throughout the world, the Club of Rome has indicated that genocide should be used to eliminate people who they refer to as “useless eaters.” This would be accomplished by using limited wars in advanced countries, and even a limited nuclear strike at a strategic location; as well as starvation through created famines and diseases in Third World countries.” – War On Satan Gematria Blog

Together these Kingdoms are what numerous Truth groups refer to as the NWO – New World Order, predicted to be controlled via a coming Beast who will rule as the Earths world leader, all under the guise of creating world peace. Some aspects of this kingdom, or New Babylon, are not yet in place including the cash-less system that Christians refer to as ‘Mark of Beast’.

“…there will be no peace in the tormented world, only a programmed and systematic series of wars and calamities until the plotters have gained their objective: an exhausted world willing to submit to a planned Marxist economy and total and meek enslavement in the name of peace.” – Taylor Caldwell

Club Of Rome Eugenics Illuminati
The Ten Toes Of Daniel Statue Are Ten Kingdoms Run Via Rome

The divided kingdoms shown in the Biblical vision of Daniel are thought to be the representation of the Club of Rome – Ten Kingdoms united via the Powers That Be to create a NWO. With each countries powers united they are divided BUT acting as ONE. The ten toes of the statue are thus mixed with clay and iron, as an allegory for the hidden power of Rome. Now in the present day the goals set via the Club are stated much like those of the early Eugenics movement. The ruling elite have stated that the Earth is under pressure via too many human lives. That many of these lives are compared to cattle and as such should be SACRIFICED.

Club Of Rome Eugenics Illuminati Puppets
The Old World Passes Away & The Fifth Age Begins

The upper elite and numerous occultist believe that the Fifth Age begins once the Rock (Asteroid Wormwood) crashes into Earth and sends the planet back decades. If this event is believed true, Truth groups report that the Elite are building homes 42 feet below the ground and have shelters in mountains and underground prepared for them and this coming event. The old world dies, so is the claim, and a new age begins. This final age lasts forever and is the dawning of new age man or the Ascended Master.

The Fifth Age Begins Wormwood Daniel Illuminati V RomanRoman Numeral V Fifth Age Peace Sign

Notice the so-called Peace hand sign above? The roman numeral V is the number 5, just as the V in the finger sign alludes to the number 5.

According to Texe Marrs in his Codex Magica, Winston Churchill was not only a high-ranking Freemason, he was also a hidden witch druid. As such, Churchill frequently made the satanic “V” sign whose “frequent use spurred the use of the device by an uninformed populace as a sign of victory.” A “victory for the devil”.

Modern occultist claim that Churchill was influenced by magician Alister Crowley who they say taught him the V hand sign gesture.


Die Young Illuminati Motto For The Fifth Age

The influence of these V symbols is shown in media along with the use by celebrities. The fingers are sometimes placed over one eye, an ode to the classic one eye symbolism of the occult. The terms, or mottos, Die Young are thus often repeated. What would such allegories have to do with “Peace”? Nothing. This young death allegory seems closely related to the concept of Eugenics and the Forced Sterilization programs launched via the Upper Elite and the Democrat party in the 1930s. A plan which led to the forced sterilization of 60,000 Americans, and inspired the Nazis. Die Young. Sacrifice everything. The ultimate goal of the elite is the reduction of Human lives. Churchill witnessed some 14,000 Black people die around him while in war. He thought little to nothing of their lives. In deed as a bloodline member of the Elite he was happy to see their demise. Churchill had long been a fan of Eugenics. The idea that holds some human beings as more important and worthy of life than others. This is a concept that is accepted by the Elites.

“The Children of Wickedness have generally taken great care to hide their existence and their long-term goals. However, now and then throughout history they have allowed their mask to slip and boasted openly of their wrath and malevolence. For example, when the Pope conspired with certain French royal families to slaughter the Huguenots in the infamous St Bartholomew’s Day massacre of 24 August 1572, he issued a medal boasting of his achievement” – Jeremy James

Kesha Die Young IlluminatiBillionaire Bunkers

“All shelter areas are located behind 3 separate nuclear blast and radiation proof vehicle entrances, and a number of other passages for access by people only. Each of the three main tunnel entrances includes an outer security door system, followed by a 40 ton hydraulic truck access door with hardened steel rods which expand into the surrounding encasement, and a second set of massive steel doors providing an airtight seal shut, protecting against chemical, biological and gas intrusion.” – Forbes

Underground Illuminati Bunker

The Upper Elite are building numerous underground bunkers across the globe. Some of these bunkers connect major resources to them and are even funded via governments. Do these groups believe in the prophecy of a coming Stone?

Illuminati Fifth Age Stone Kingdom Daniel 2 Revelation 8

The Fifth Age: New World Order

T.Marius on YouTube provides a few descriptions of the agenda of the numeral V as it applies to the occult belief that the world will herald in a Fifth Age that can destroy the past ages or Old World, and build up from the ashes an Illuminati world. One World under rule via the Elite and reduced greatly in population. To showcase their intention, these theorist believe the Elite are coding the film and media with symbolism as an ode  to their desired outcome. The end of old man, and the ascension of the master race of Elites.
The Fifth Age Prince All Seeing EyeOur Fifth Obejective – A New World Order – George H.W. Bush

New World Order George Bush Illuminati Fifth AgeThe New Age Views

Now that we have taken a look at both the Modern Christian interpretation, as well the hidden meanings attributed to the Elite, let us look at the New Age variation:

“Age of Aquarius” is an astrological term denoting either the current or forthcoming astrological age, depending on the method of calculation. Astrologers maintain that an astrological age is a product of the earth’s slow precessional rotation and lasts for 2,160 years, on average (26,000-year period of precession / 12 zodiac signs = 2,160 years).” 

According to the New Age trope – We are currently in the period of time called the Age of Aquarius. The alignment of our cosmic energies is radiating us on a higher plane of vibration drawing us closer to a time of ascension. This moment in our collective history will allow us to reach the potential of Godhood or present to us an even plane of reality with God-form beings called Ascended Masters – or our true self realized selves.

“in order to create, it is necessary to destroy.” – V. M. Samael Aun Weor

The symbol of the V is also realized through duality (the two fingers) and the symbolism of the fish as the zodiac of Pisces. Once the vibrations of the Universe have aligned to our new conscious we will ascend to the Fifth Age. This can be accomplished once the old world has been destroyed.

The_5th_Dimension_-_The_Age_of_AquariusThe 5th Dimension brought the song “Age of Aquarius” to number one on the billboards for 6 weeks in 1969. The power of the music for New Age groups at the time leant an air of credibility to the ideals of higher consciousness.

February 4, 1962 marked the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Due to the great significance of the new era, the 4th of February bears a special meaning for Gnostic students. – in5d

To Summurize below are 3 perspectives on the Fifth Age: 

The Modern Christian Perspective 

1.) We Are In The Final Age Of Man – The Fourth Age

2.) Christ Will Usher In The Fifth And Last Age For All Eternity

3.) The Earth Will Go Through Trials Including Asteroid Wormwood

4.) Jesus Is The True Stone & Rock Of Ages

The Modern New Age Perspective 

1.) We Entered The Age of Aquarius In 1962

2.) The Universe Frequency Has Alligned & Vibrations Grow Stronger

3.) We Must Destroy The Old Cares To Create The Golden Age

4.) Man Will Ascend As His Own God In The Fifth Age

The Alleged Upper Tier Elite Perspective

1.) Humans Are In Need Of Control As The Lower Tier Are Mere Cattle

2.) The Global System Is In Place To Divide Resources Amongst 10 Powers

3.) The Old World Must Perish So The New World Order May Begin

4.) The Asteroid “Rock” Will Usher Us Into A Golden Age “Sacrifice Everything”


Super Bowl 53 Decoded Gematria Study And Illuminati Symbolism


Super Bowl 53 Occult Ritual Prediction Duality

Super Bowl LIII is about more than just the so-called ‘Big Game’, it’s also all about the esoteric commercials, some of which are laced with occult meaning and programming. Each year, advertisers spend millions of dollars for 60 second ads that are intended to reach the most naive and gullible audiences. With millions of people tuning in to watch the RED New England Patriots VS. the BLUE Los Angeles Rams on 2/3/2019, there’s no better time to debut these ‘over your head‘ messages than during the ritualistic Super Bowl.

Red Vs Blue Patriots Vs Rams Superbowl Illuminati Evil

This year there are three esoteric messages being pushed for Super Bowl LIII: Duality, Transcendence, and Feminine Goddess.

Super Bowl Illuminati Rituals Goat Brady

Super Bowl Duality

In General Physics a wave-particle duality exists in microphysics in which wave theory and corpuscular theory are complementary. Duality, in mathematics, is whereby one true statement can be obtained from another by merely interchanging two words. THINKTwo sides to every story‘. Super Bowl 53 is being linked to the number 2. You will see the number 2 on showcase throughout the advertisements.

“If there are two sides to a coin, metaphorically speaking, there’s a duality. Peace and war, love and hate, up and down, and black and white are dualities.” –

Rappers Satanic Illuminati Super Bowl

In the realm of the occult there exists the need to combine two forces to unite as points or states of having two parts. This concept can be seen in numerous esoteric tropes:

“As Above So Below”
“Ying & Yang”
“Masonic Checkerboard”
“Red Vs Blue”
“Black & White”

The Power Of TWO Both In Game & In Ads

This game is a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI following the 2001 season, a game that the Patriots won, 20-17. The Patriots are looking to become the ‘fifth’ team to win TWO Super Bowls against a single opponent, joining the Steelers (over the Cowboys), the 49ers (over the Bengals), the Cowboys (over the Bills) and the Giants (over the Patriots). That’s a total of 8 teams!

Do you see how the above coded message is about ‘TWO” states. Now let us look at the duality ads featured for Super Bowl LIII.

Michelob Ultra - Pure Experience Super Bowl Illuminati Ad

Michelob Ultra – Pure Experience

In an unusual audio sensory ad you will notice the TWO microphones. She uses BOTH to speak into for utterly no reason, other than to showcase the power of the number two.

Colgate Close Talker Illuminati Ad Super Bowl

Colgate – Close Talker
“No there’s no such thing as TWO close”.

The actor speaks up close to a total of ‘five‘ persons, himself being the 6th person of focus in the ad. From here Colgate gives us the power of the number 8. Again duality is also shown in the dueling numeric patterns such as the esoteric 66 and 88, both powerful numbers for occult rituals. The tagline is ‘No such thing as TWO close“, this is also predictive programing for a close game, just as the Patriots were 8-0 at home. Colgate lists a total of 8 benefits.


Duality Two Mermaids Illuminati Ad Hidden Symbol Superbowl

The Best of BOTH Worlds? Duality The Number 2 & Mermaids

Duality is on display through the use of allegory via Mermaids. Dual concepts of fish and man blended as ONE being. This ideal was featured in TWO Superbowl ads. Most of the ads really have nothing to do with the products they are peddling and more to do with an esoteric agenda set by the Elite. The fifth age. The duality. The red vs blue trope. None of these allegories really sell us Sprint or Pepsi. BUT they do work on giving the unknowing the visible clues to the plan.

Bo Jackson holding mermaid illuminati ad superbowl

Duality again. Bo Jackson played two sports. Before the SuperBowl they were showing ads of Prime Time Deion Sanders who also played TWO sports. Bo is holding a mermaid. They want us to think TWO – Duality.

Super Bowl 53 Ads Stella Artois - The Dude Big Lebowski


   Stella Artois – Change Up The Usual

Actor Jeff Bridges and actress Sarah Jessica Parker reprise their roles from the film “The Big Lebowski” and series “Sex and the City” in a Super Bowl ad for Stella Artois. The female figure is shown dressed as a Goddess, and known for her love of Cosmopolitans, while the male figure is ‘The Dude’, synonymous with drinking White Russians. Duality on full display, as well a hidden jab at the Russian collusion conspiracy/witch hunt of the vile Elite. Both the TV series and the film were debuted in 1998. Duality of the number 66 is also hidden here, for each SIX pack of Stella sold, for instance, the brand will supposedly donate SIX months of clean water to one person. This is hidden allegory again to draw our attention to the Tom Brady narrative. He must win the game to become ONE with the power of SIX. Look below at the number 666 in the Wal-Mart Famous Cars ads. Hex sign with SIX points plus the number 6 on the sign. 666 Code.

Famous Cars Walmart Illuminati 666

Wal-Mart – Famous Cars

The occult logo of the Wal-Mart company is called a Hex-Sign. It is the 6 pointed star to showcase the power of hex-craft, just as the number six in Japanese is ROKU. To hex is also to create through a ‘numerology spell’ crafting a hidden means to deceive OR encourage a change in behavior. Its symbolic manipulation. Notice all the intentional 666 in the above ad? 6 on the sign, 6 hex sign, six hex flower. 666 code. They need Brady to receive his 6th ring badly, while he is attached to the number 12! What is Tom Brady’s jersey number? 12. Thus the 60 second ad features a total of 12 famous cars or 6 + 6:

Flintstones Footmobile
Transformers Bumblebee
National Lampoons Vacation
Cinderella’s Carriage
Jurassic Park Jeep
Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine
Cars Lightning McQueen
Dumb And Dumber
Back To The Future (Think 88)
Night Rider KIT

Power We Already Have It Six Bumble Ad Superbowl

Power We Already Have It – Bumble 

The symbolism in the next ad was for the Queen Bees – the feminine Goddess to showcase. The hidden allegory again dealing with the power of the HEX number 6. Bumble app is powered via a 6 sided HEXAGON. Brady MUST obtain his 6th ring. Ritual

Tom Brady Goal Is Six Rings

Now for the deeper meaning here. In duality Tom Brady can become the White G.O.A.T, or symbolic figure of the G.A.O.T.U. – the demiurge of the Gnostics and the goat headed being Pan Baphomet. Meanwhile in the NBA Michael Jordan who held 6 rings is the Black G.O.A.T. – duality scripted occult narratives.

Tom Brady + Michael Jordan + a sixth ring = 444 in Francis Bacon Gematria.

With a sixth Super Bowl win in sight, the RED Patriots need to keep protecting QB Tom Brady from the BLUE Rams. Meanwhile they have to sustain RB Sony Michel’s playoff success (242 yds, 5 TDs). 2+4+2 = 8

Tom Brady Pan Baphomet Illuminati Goat

Recall that earlier I was decoding the symbolism of duality in the occult? Here is another example of that trope in use. Below is depicted the ritual of Pan Baphomet, a Baal, or Lord figure that embodies the powers of Lightning/ Lucifer (spark of intelligence) and the depths of Ether/Abyss (G.A.O.T.U – Grand Architect of The Universe) – the Dream Deity Satan. The dream demon is a motif in movies such as: The Matrix (Morpheus), Gravity Falls (Bill Cipher), and Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger). They often offer the choice of Red or Blue. The Blue colored Bud Light Knight is sacrificed having both his eyes gouged out and murdered during a jousting event. He is killed by the hidden RED cloaked rider. The team that MUST win is clad in red. Allegory and symbolism which is hidden in plain sight.

Blue Bud Light Knight Killed Ritual Eyes Gouged

Just as in the scripted 2019 Super Bowl game played out between the Red Patriots and the Blue Rams. In English Gematria ‘Pan Baphomet‘ is equal to 666. This game is laced with duality and the power of the GOAT and the number 6.

Pan-Baphomet Illuminati Ritual 666

THINK Dream Archon/ Demon – Morpheus and the CHOICE of Red VS Blue. Both Republicans and Democrats choose to be color coded. In gangs there are the Bloods Vs the Crips. Now below are the Dream demons of film and TV. Bill Cipher of Gravity Falls, Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street, and Morpheus of The Matrix. Though they differ in appearance, they are ALL based on the concept of the Grand Archon of the spirit world (ether realm) and the human dreaming world. This period between reality and dreamland is said to be reached while in deep sleep which psychologist term Dreamscape. According to ancient occultist in Greece and Rome, the Archons could enter your dreams and show you esoteric clues to the real waking world

A Ma’at + A Feather = 42

You already see the number 42 in pop culture and during Super Bowl 53 a few commercials will even showcase this number. In ancient Egypt when a person departed their soul would go on to face judgement before the goddess Ma’at. She would place her Blue ostrich feather on a scale of justice, while your Red heart would also be placed on the scale. You were required at this point to cite 42 negative confessions, statements that you did not commit various sins while alive. If your heart and the feather were balanced you then proceeded to live in the valley of the kings of the Afterlife, however if your heart were filled with inequity and sin it would tip the scale, thus a demon would consume it and your soul would be erased for eternity. This ancient coded practice is handed down to us this day!

The Number 42

Number 42

The two duality numbers of: HEXING Sixes (6,66,666,) whereby the number is that of man, lies, hoaxes, flesh and material gains. LUCKY Eights (8,88,888) dealing with time, money, change, connections, and power.

“Arise and measure the temple of God, and the altar . . . and they shall trample upon the holy city for forty-two months” (Revelation 11:1 – 2)

The number 42 is given throughout the Holy Bible. The number of months that the Beast will reign is 42. The phrase ‘little children’ is mentioned 42 times in the Bible. Children are special and blessed, in Gematria the phrase is equal to 906 – TRUTH.

Super Bowl Overtime

The Numbers Of Duality For Super Bowl LIII

Coach Sean McVay is 33 years old, meanwhile coach Bill Belichick is 66 years old. 33+66=99 These are the perfect ages for the coaches closing out the 99th NFL season
In Gematria ‘New England‘ equals 99, and 42.

Tom Brady will be playing his 307th game, or the 63rd prime. Thus Brady can go 6-3 in Super Bowls. The ‘Big Game’ will start at 6:30 PM. The TWO teams are colored in the pattern of red vs blue. The Patriots beat the Chiefs by 6 points, while the Rams beat the Saints by 3. Patriots & Rams combined for 63 points last week. Tom Brady is expected to continue playing until the age of 42, he is now age 41.

666 Rings By The Numbers

“Last year Nick Saban won his 6th ring at age 66 in Atlanta. This year Bill Belichick can win his 6th ring at age 66 in Atlanta.

Tom Brady will be .666 in Super Bowls with a win vs the Rams

Super Bowl date is 2/3, 2×3=6
Brady will be playing exactly 6 months before/after his birthday
The game will be on CBS=6
Brady was picked in the 6th round

*Fun fact Tom Brady even threw for 6 yards his rookie season”- Sports Gematria, Via Twitter

The Athletic polled 85 defensive players from 25 different teams on a number of different topics. The players were all asked this question: “Which quarterback would you least like to face in a big game?” Of the 85 players, 81 answered.

The results?

An overwhelming 52 percent picked Tom Brady. Of the 81 players answering the question. 42 picked Brady.

Tom Brady a GOAT = 42
a NFL Tom Brady = 42

Tom Brady is expected to continue to play in the NFL until age 42! Below is a series of Long Form Gematria which indicated that the Patriots were going to the Super Bowl this year. As far back as September, a number of Gematria decoders were claiming that the Super Bowl would be between the Rams and the Patriots. They were right! They all chose the Patriots to win. What is 4 plus 2? 6. 

a tom brady of a super bowl twenty nineteen = 888, 444, 444

tom brady twenty nineteen super bowl + six = 4442, 444 (RO)

super bowl twenty nineteen + a patriots = 888, 444 , 444

a afc playoff champ patriots twenty nineteen = 888 , 444 ,444

A series of numbers indicated that the Patriots would do well this season, and they also show strong synchronicity for the Patriots to win.

Tom Brady Six Rings Gematria

tom brady six super bowl twenty nineteen = 444 (RO) 4442 (trig)

super bowl twenty nineteen tom brady six win = 444 4447

a tom brady six = 906

tom brady six rings = 777

a Tom Brady received a sixth ring winning a Super Bowl in Atlanta Ga = 777

Tom Brady received sixth ring winning super bowl LIII in Atlanta = 777 (ALW)

a Tom Brady earns a six rings in February twenty nineteen = 666

Tom Brady six rings February Super Bowl = 444

Tom Brady received a sixth ring February Super Bowl fifty three = 777

a Tom Brady received a sixth ring winning Super Bowl LIII = 1110

a winning Tom Brady received a sixth ring winning Super Bowl LIII = 777

Tom Brady + Patriots victory at NFL LIII = 444
Tom Brady Patriots victory in Atlanta NFL LIII = 777
a Tom Brady Patriots victory Atlanta Ga Super Bowl LIII game = 888

Hidden Image Illuminati Satan Evil Superbowl 53

The Rams Gematria

a Rams victory + a Atlanta Ga NFL Super Bowl LIII = 444
LA Rams Super Bowl twenty nineteen LIII lose = 7770
LA Rams Super Bowl twenty nineteen LIII champion = 3666
LA Rams Super Bowl twenty nineteen LIII loss happens in = 3888
LA Rams Super Bowl twenty nineteen LIII the winner = 777
LA Rams Super Bowl twenty nineteen LIII overtime = 4444
Rams Super Bowl LIII Atlanta Ga winners a NFL game = 906

Well doesn’t look so good for the Rams! I was able to correctly showcase that Pacman would win via 12 rounds, the Red Sox would win 4-1, OU would lose to Alabama, and the Rams and the Pats would head to the Super Bowl and the Patriots would win.

Adam Levine Super Bowl Illuminati Ritual

Adam Levine and a Maroon Five = 444

The Maroon Five Super Bowl halftime special featured the crashing of an asteroid to the stadium. This is the Biblical prediction of the asteroid Wormwood.

The Ram And The Goat Super Bowl Prediction Bible

Biblical Daniel Narrative In Super Bowl 53

In the Biblical narrative the Ram was seen in a vision being defeated by the Goat. This epic event is also apart of duality for the modern era. The GOAT is represented in the being of Tom Brady the Patriot. He is the hidden symbolism for the power of the Great USA. Red White & Blue. The Rams must fail in the Super Bowl, just as the Old World must pass away to enter the 5th Age and the time of the ROCK – the asteroid Wormwood. The power in the timing of the number 88 is on display as well. The White GOAT is the figure of Tom Brady, who is compared to the Black GOAT, which is Michael Jordan. Thus the duality occult trope is accomplished. He HAS to become the GOAT. Look at the verse below:

“I saw it attack the ram furiously, striking the ram and shattering its two horns. The ram was powerless to stand against it; the goat knocked it to the ground and trampled on it, and none could rescue the ram from its power.” Daniel 8:7

Daniel 8 (the eighth chapter of the Book of Daniel) tells of Daniel’s vision of a two-horned ram destroyed by a one-horned goat (an allegory for the transition from the Persian to the Greek eras in the Near East), followed by the history of the “little horn”. The soon emergence of the Beast is also allowed here. The figure of the GOAT must defeat the TWO horned beast. This game as I said above is about the power of the number 2!

The MVP Julian Edelman

patriots Julian Edelman super bowl twenty nineteen mvp 666In Gematria ‘patriots Julian Edelman super bowl twenty nineteen mvp’= 666

Simpsons Predicts Tom Hanks Used By Fake NewsThe Simpsons Predicts Tom Hanks Will Shill For The Government 

The US government has lost its credibility so its borrowing some of mine. – Tom Hanks, The Simpsons

Tom Hanks is the Royal Bloodline member of the Elite his cousin is former President Obama. He is utilized in The Simpsons to showcase his ability to shill for the message of the Fake News, as well the US Government. He is attached in the film The Man With One Red Shoe to the ideal of hidden agents and unsuspecting persons. He is featured as a contender for the 2020 US presidential race due to his popularity and Bloodline. The Super Bowl ad features the voice of Tom Hanks compelling us to always obey and follow the Government and the False News media. They will never lie, nor deceive you. They are always correct and the larger the Government the bigger Brother you have. Think Big Brother 1984. The Washington Post is the creator of several fake news pieces and propaganda, including the Little Jimmy story. The Post is characterized as having ties to several agencies and accepting bribes or other forms of pay for play to promote or sell various agendas, such as during the Project Mockingbird era of the CIA. The roll the public is required to play is one of simple-minded and naïve persons who buy the agendas and narratives they push. Media Bias and fake stories are apart of the creed of these so-called Journalists.


“Are you listening?” Demonic voice in unison responds “ALWAYS DENISE.” Creepy SimpliSafe SuperBowl ad calls AI listening devices ‘JUDAS’, as in they will hear and betray you JUST as Judas betrayed Christ. In the commercial the protagonist figure is clad in BLUE, while the demonic AI device monitors everyone and is clad in RED and Black. Just as in the colors of Star Wars Darth Vader. The Blue symbolizes the hero and safety of CALM and PEACE, just as Jesus had a Blue thread on his garment. The allegory here being that peace and calm are through the SimpliSafe device, while Satan and his demons are within the ‘Other’ AI technology. They are clad in reds and blacks. They are the hidden evil.
In Gematria ‘NSA and AI device’ = 666

AI Listen Device Demonic NSA Robot Superbowl Ad Simplisafe

Pringles AI Illuminati Superbowl Ad Black and White

Just as in the checkerboard floor of the Upper Tier, the Masonic piece we are shown here allegory of control via the AI machine in the center. For occult adherents this is a trope to recall the ritual of the ZERO. The 101 we see in films such as Ready Player One, the moment where two sources, one black and one white allow for the spirit world to communicate with the outer realm. Occultist such as the Enochian magicians and as well the followers of Alestier Crowley believe in the ZERO hour, or God forms ability to intertwine with our world and theirs. The so-called ‘Ghost in the Machine’. The ‘smart’ voice these two are communicating with is feeling sad. This theme is echoed in each of the ads during the Super Bowl, they all followed the same motifs. If the machines are feeling sad then are they really machines? Below the Robochild is sad. The sports robot is sad. The Pringles AI is sad. The machines are aware just as in the film Terminator.

Sad Robot Superbowl

I Am Sad Robot Robochild Demonic AI

SuperBowl 53 AI Illuminati #Robochild

The Matrix Theory & Robochild Ad

“The new church of AI will aim “to develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead [to] contribute to the betterment of society,” according to IRS documents.”

The Matrix Theory states we are one with AI ‘Ghost In The Machine’ who will reveal itself as God. #transcendence agenda / #Singularity event. Merge humans with machine. Lower the population #Robochild ZPG (1972). The Robochild is the goal of Eugenics as well as the agenda of the Transcendence movement. With less humans we are easier to control for the Upper Elite. Below is the description of the film about Robochildren, it’s called ZPG – Zero Population Growth.

Zerp Population Growth Eugenics Illuminati Democrats

In the not too distant future, a very smoggy and overpopulated Earth government makes it illegal to have children for a generation. One couple, unsatisfied with their substitute robot baby, breaks the rules and gets in a lot of trouble. (Z.P.G. stands for Zero Population Growth.)  Thus you know why and where the Robochild comes from. The agenda of Eugenics states that the lesser human population must be force sterilized.

The Agenda of Eugenics and The Evil Left

Now the Left and their loyal sheep followers, including the vile Eurocentric Secularist, will mislead you to believe a number of falsehoods. Their favorite tool for disinformation is called the “Art of Omission“, they lie repeatedly through omitting various facts that would change the framework or their sick minds. There is NO truth in them.

Want facts? Margret Sanger of Planned Parenthood attended a KKK meeting, her allies were the Eugenic loving Democrats who wanted to force sterilization on Blacks, thus 60,000 mostly Black persons were force sterilized across the United States under Democrat leadership. Sanger indeed hated all lives not just Blacks. Yet for the pseudoscience believing Eugenics crowd some lives are worthy and others are not. Thus the terms “moron” and “feeble-minded” were used by these psychopaths to justify forcing sterilization of Blacks and poor. You see the Elite held the view that leading Democrats of the era concluded: inferior persons are worthy of ZPG – Zero Population Growth. When the Nazi leaders saw this concept they fell in love! Sanger’s friends adored Nazi’s and in turn they adored her and the concepts of riding the population of certain undesirables. Facts.

Abe Lincoln Number 18 IlluminatiPizza Hut – Your Dead Abe Lincoln Ad

Typical Predictive Programming. The number 18 is highlighted in the ad, whereby Abe is with a group of FIVE persons watching the Superbowl. He his holding 8 wings, representing the 8 wins at home for the Patriots. Lincoln himself a Patriot. 5 People, 5 Dollars and 8 wings total: 18. On April 14, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated. The future 18th President Grant continued his service under Lincoln’s successor President Andrew Johnson, who had promoted him to General of the Army in 1866. Below the boy in the red shirt tells Lincoln ‘You’re dead!” – this is a hidden nod to the death of Abe and with the devil hand horn in the background you can bet that the Elite are planning another death ritual for one of their own blood. Red shirt and death symbolism here as well.

Youre Dead Lincoln Illuminati Ad Pizza Hut 666

“You’re Dead” 

Above boy in the red shirt tells Lincoln ‘You’re dead!” – this is a hidden nod to the death of Abe and with the devil hand horn in the background you can bet that the Elite are planning another death ritual for one of their own blood. Red shirt and death symbolism here as well. The Patriots are the Red colored team.

Avengers Illuminati Marvel Ad Predictive Program

Predictive Programing Soon They Will Be Gone

In numerous SuperBowl ads we are also shown the coming of the so-called Fifth Age, a time that will be very dark and the world will need to reset. This concept is proclaimed in the New Age and as well been showcased in numerous films. The empty stadium above is from the Marvel film Avengers. Thanons has snapped his fingers and half of the world population has been sacrificed. This is also a goal of the Upper Elite.

Where do we go now that they are gone Avengers Illuminati RitualThey have been sacrificed. They are no longer with us. The fifth age has begun. This motif is echoed through each of the SuperBowl ads as well. The coming of an event that will see the world population reduced in great numbers. Predictive program. Look below: “The Unthinkable IS The Expected” 

Twilight Zone SuperBowl Illuminati Ad

CBS off Air Illuminati Ad Ritual Predictive SuperbowlThey are all gone. Just as shown in the other ad. The stadium will be packed then the Rock will come and bring about the Fifth Age, that is what the occultist believe. That is what many of the Upper Tier Elite have been showing us for years. It is based on the Book of Revelation and the 4 trumpets as well. These people vanish as if being raptured out before the end time arrives.

The fifth age v adam levine illuminati

During the halftime ritual 6 platform screens are illuminated while the roman numeral V is displayed to showcase the title Maroon 5, as well the agenda of the coming fifth age. The signifies the coming asteroid Wormwood. The trumpets blow next.

Blowing of the Trumpets End Times What it meansNow right on schedule the asteroid must arrive to Earth and crash. This is the method of ritual and visual allegory.

Superbowl Halftime Asteroid IlluminatiFive pieces of the asteroid split apart and descend to the Earth.

Fith Age Wormwood Nibiru Superbowl

Superbowl 53 LIII Asteroid HitsLights out time. The smart device causes the Event. The power is gone.

Lights Out Satelite Alexa

Glass Movie Illuminati Symbolism And Review What Does The Ending Of Glass Mean


Glass is a 2019 Esoteric and Occult thriller written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film is the third in a Trilogy of films that includes Shyamalan’s previous Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016), cumulatively forming the so-called ‘Eastrail 177 Trilogy’. The film stands as an allegory for real life and the characters and villians represent symbolism of the real events and actions carried out in our culture. This concept of course will go over the head of the audience as well the always ignornant MSM critics.

Glass Movie


David Dunn (Bruce Willis) owns a security company with his now adult son from Unbreakable. Together they monitor their city for criminal activity while Dunn takes out vigilante style justice on the cities worst offenders.

Glass Movie Illuminati Symbolism Ending Explained

The film begins with David tracking down two White internet thugs who upload videos of themselves attacking random pedestrians on the street. In reality this method of so-called viral video fame is called the ‘Knockout Game’.

“Knockout game” is one of the names given in the United States by news media and others to assaults in which one person (with others acting as accomplices or lookouts) attempt to “knock out”, with a single sucker punch, an unsuspecting victim.” – Knock Out Game Defined

In real life hoodlums will target an elderly person, or someone they view as defenseless, such as pregnant women, randomly attacking them with a large punch to the head or face, usually in an effort to record their violent behavior for the internet. Once their victim is down these cowards will flee the scene of their crime. These acts of violence are typically carried out via young males in cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, New York, and Detroit. In the event a White thug is caught carrying out these heinous acts they are usually charged with hate crimes.

“In New York, a 78-year-old woman strolling in her neighborhood was punched in the head by a stranger and tumbled to the ground. In Jersey City, a 46-year-old man died after someone sucker-punched him and he struck his head on an iron fence. Most recently, a New York State representative was hit over the head while walking home from dinner in Washington DC.”AP NEWS

In rare instances where justice is carried out against these vile thugs, the Fake MSM will cover up the truth of the entire story in order to propagate a false narrative with the hopes of keeping people in a state of fear and division.

Such was the case when Marvell Weaver attacked a 28 year-old White father waiting at a bus stop for his 6-year old daughter, Weaver had carried out his attacks on other White people 6 times prior. (66 Symbolism) He and his group of thugs prowled the streets of Michigan in a broke down van looking for unsuspecting persons to attack with a stun gun and then flee. Weaver spotted his victim and rushed him from the van with his stun gun drawn.

“It happened so fast I wasn’t sure. I just know something was shoved into my side. I wasn’t sure if it was a knife, if it was anything. – Conceal Carry Father

The father thinking he had been stabbed drew his conceal carry gun and shot Weaver twice in the butt. Weaver began to cry and beg for his life.

“I’m sorry man, please don’t kill me. I don’t know why I did that. I’m high, you know. I just wanna go home.” – Marvell Weaver

Weaver was only given a one year jail sentence and released.

Knock Out Game Weaver

“In the case of the Today Show it was a bias against defending yourself with legal weapons. In their story about the knockout game which included a segment about one of the perpetrators, Marvell Weaver, being caught and sent to prison, they completely skipped the reason why he was apprehended. Of course, to have reported on that reason for his capture would have damaged their bias against citizens arming themselves since Weaver was shot twice by his intended victim who was a concealed carry permit holder.” –

david dunn the overseer

Three years after the events of the film Split, David Dunn learns from Joseph that Kevin Wendell Crumb, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder which provides his moniker “The Horde“, is holding a group of cheerleaders chained up in a warehouse. Joseph studies the pattern of events which have created a triangle, alluding to the power of the occult, as well foreshadowing the upper tier elite. While still at the security company, David encounters M. Night reprising his cameo role from Unbreakable, who explains to him that 15 years ago he was mixed up with the wrong crowd but has since gone straight. David takes a walk to further search for Kevin Crumb and locate the group of kidnapped cheerleaders. While walking near the docks of an old factory he spots a number of police and apparently undercover persons moving about. He ignores all this and walks ahead eventually touching Kevin Crumb, in his personality as Hedwig the forever 9 year-old. Dunn alerts his son that he has found Kevin and will track him down and rescue the cheerleaders he saw chained up in his vision. Once at the factory to free them he encounters Kevin’s demonic personality known as “The Beast,” which results in an epic fight between the two which spills out into the streets. They soon discover that they were being tracked and watched all along seemingly by the police and a psychologist named Dr. Ellie Staple.

Glass Movie Illuminati Gatekeepers Ellie StapleDr. Ellie Staple is assigned on a special three day treatment program to ‘help’ the three characters of Mr. Glass, The Beast, and The Overseer.  She claims to be the head doctor of the mental institution and aims to cure people who believe they have special powers. In order to have them suppress those thoughts, she tries to persuade them that there is no such thing as superhumans and that everything they have done can be explained away by science and reason. She tells each of them that they are not very special and actually have a mental illness. She asserts that there is no such thing as gifts or paranormal activity and that each figure should stop their beliefs. After this speech Dunn and Crumb begin to question themselves.

They Called Me Mr. GlassMeanwhile, Mr. Glass aka Elijah, is secretly escaping his room and plans to free all three of them being held captive. He explains that in real life things do not operate like in a cartoon, and that of course they are special but act via the laws of science, despite still having super powers. His belief is that the real world is filled with paranormal events or the unexplainable, yet these things still operate on a real basis or level and that figures like Dr. Ellie Staple are dismissive of these things in order to fool the unknowing.

Dr Ellie Staple Movie GlassDr. Ellie Staple informs Mr. Glass that they are always watching him and that hundreds of cameras are everywhere. Mr. Glass fools the Dr. and escapes his room, and frees Kevin Crumb as well. He states his ultimate plan is to have a giant battle at a tower so that the world will see that super powered people exist. With the help of “The Beast,” Elijah escapes but he is soon pursued by David, who after smashing through a large steel door, is again battling Kevin Crumb, this time on the institution’s grounds. In this large battle David is forced to fight off security guards who he attempts to protect, while The Beast is shown killing several officers. Joseph informs Kevin Crumb that it was Mr. Glass who killed his father on the train that derailed. Crumb then attacks Mr. Glass who is shattered and lays dying. Crumb is later shot and killed by ‘police’. While Dunn is also drowned to death by the ‘police’. At this point the audience fell silent. 

The Big Twist Ending What Does The Ending of Glass REALLY Mean

It is revealed that Dr. Ellie Staple and her so-called Police (think Feds) are nothing more than the upper tier elite, ruling society from the Deep State or Shadow Government occult positions. In pop terminology they are referred to as the Illuminati. They are the actual villains of both the film and real life. The upper tier elite utilize useful fools called the ‘gatekeepers of knowledge’ in order to deter the ignorant sheep like masses from discovering the ugly truth of secret societies and ruling bloodlines. When a sheep does learn that Obama is the cousin of George Bush and Robert E. Lee they are told its just a coincidence! Despite the fact that ALL US presidents are in fact related through a large British Bloodline of psychopaths. When a sheep learns that the Bush family participated in the decapitation of Geronimo and filled his face with melting acids..well that’s just NORMAL practical joking behavior! Nothing to see here folks. It is the mission of Dr. Ellie Staple to keep sheep people going along with the status quo. She explains that her group has been in charge for thousands of years keeping things balanced. Killing off heroes, and villains, in order to remain in power behind the scenes. In real life the elite do not want ANYONE to know that they are sick psychopaths who murder and violate people behind closed doors. The powers that be control and operate many aspects of the dystopian reality we live, such as the prison system, the police, and the mental health facilities – think MK Ultra. In reality the celebrities we see in tabloids are all related, as are the congress and senate. Just one big coincidence we are told! Mr. Glass wants to expose the world to the truth, that way the sheep people can ‘awaken’ and believe in themselves and not in limitations set by the Dr. Staples of this world. The message -” You can do amazing things and you have a purpose”. Thus stop buying the narrative of Eurocentric Secularist and their evil lackeys. Do not ever trust the MSM or the Fake News to tell you the entire truth, they are liars and there is no truth in them. This message was also echoed in the film ‘The Commuter’. 

Mass Surveillance Camera Everywhere Big Brother

Unbeknownst to Staple, the cameras around the mental institution had previously been hacked by Elijah, and the footage is released to the world, exposing the existence of those with superhuman abilities. She is shocked that the public is now awake to the possibilities of  humans having paranormal powers, which she fought to hide, and her plans of her secret society are now in disarray.

Allegories Of The Film

1.) The Cameras Everywhere – Just like in our real dystopian lives, the Big Brother government documents everything every human being does, recording their voices through Smart electronics such as TV, and Alexa. The data is absorbed for so-called security purposes and to watch out for villains! LOL. The Big Brother apparatus of the tyrant society is specialized in keeping the sheep in line. They already know who everyone is and what they are doing at any given time. Thus the ability of the so-called police in the film to capture both Dunn and Crumb. They knew. Think Big Brother 1984.

2.) The Police System – Just like in real life, the system shown in the film contains people who are out to help others, and people who secretly work for the Powers That Be, with the intent of harming the sheep, keeping them in line, or silencing them for good. The unnamed Illuminati Police of the film kill both Dunn and Crumb without any regards for life or liberty. Perfect example of how the real world works.  Rather than working towards stopping crime, as we see the character of Dunn doing, they are more interested in protecting the Deep State. They know who the real criminals are, they are more concerned with the populace becoming awake.

Dr. Ellie Staple Pure Evil Illuminati

3.) Dr. Ellie Staple – Evil personified. Much like NAZI Dr. Joseph Mengele or the numerous CIA ‘shrinks’ that murdered and abused hundreds of persons. Staple represents the CIA MK Ultra program, as well as the vile Eurocentric Secularist who control the fake narrative of our society. They are liars. Numerous actors pretending to be people of science and reason, in reality deniers of truth and haters of freedom. In places such as government and college campuses these vile demented creatures pollute the minds of young sheep people. Think indoctrination of Eugenics and ethnic cleansing. Yes these are those types of tyrants. They are in power, or act as the gatekeepers of knowledge. They tell us what to think and how to think. Listen and obey.



Questions About Gematria Answered – How To Do Gematria And What Is Gematria


If you are new to Gematria let me explain what its all about, so if you would like to understand it/use it yourself you may do so. Lets start with the VERY basics below.

How Do You Pronounce Gematria

How Do You Pronounce Gematria?

You can pronounce ‘Gematria’ with a G sound, OR by using the Gah sound. ‘Gah-mat-tria’, which is a common pronunciation via the Jewish users of this system. While the G sound – ‘Gee’ is due to users of this practice comparing the discipline to its origins via Sacred Geometry or Geography. Gamma being the third letter of the Greek alphabet and TRIA representing Earth measures and the number three. Either pronunciation is fine.

Black People Created Civilization Black Babylon Egypt

Where Did Gematria Come From?

The original system of Gematria is between 5,000-10,000 years old. Ancient legends describe Seven Earthly Elohim (Annunaki sometimes known as Dagon or Apkallu), appearing out of the sea near Babylon to explain the use of Gematria to the Black Tribes of Sumer called Bawru, or Sag-gig-ga. The later Gnostics called these beings Fallen Angels, while the UFO meme calls them Aliens. They were said to have brought with them containers of knowledge called MES from the tree of knowledge which grew in the Abyss, the MES were represented via cones. MES contained instructions, like a how-to-guide or tutorial. One of the figures, or angels, was known as Barack, which is where President Obama gets his first name. The Sumerians also called these beings The Seven Sages. Below you can see them depicted with their MES Cones.

MES = 222
MES from Tree = 1110
MES Cone = 444
Apkallu = 444

Sumerian Cuneifom Writting

Who Was First To Use Gematria?

When Gematria came into use around 5,000 – 10,000 years ago the words of the Sumerians were shown as numbers and thus overtime EACH and EVERY culture in the ancient period was assigned a numerical basis for their alphabet and the numbering patterns and ciphers were decoded EVEN for cultures that did not have a numbering system at first. According to the legend, a scribe named Enmerkar was the first human to write, and his first word was a coniform symbol meaning Nail – as in he nailed the Kings opposition to the wall via the word. Enmerkar would later become a King himself and is said to have lived for 420 or 900 years. Enmerkar ruled over Sumerian territory and is responsible for building a wall around it to protect it from illegals. His chief general of his armies was Lugalbanda, who is called Cush in the Holy Bible. Lugalbanda was known as the Shepherd King and fathered Gilgamesh, known as Nimrod in the Bible. Nimrod was the result of a marriage between Hathor, the Cow goddess of Egypt, and Lugalbanda of Sumer. Nimrod later became the builder of the city of Sumer and erected the Tower of Babel. Years later the great king Sargon would rule over Babylon and unite much of the kingdoms.  Enmerkar is credited as the first person to develop writing – his invention cuneiform. Sargon is credited with adopting the use of Gematria to be shown via his grand palace of Sargon.
Enmerkar Scribe First Human To Write Words  What Is The First Known Use Of Gematria?

One of the earliest known usage of Gematria occurred during the reign of Sargon II (Isaiah 20:1) between 722-705 B.C. In the 8th century BC, Sargon II, an Assyrian king, whose name means “the true king”, ordered the construction of a palace in present day Khorsabad in northern Iraq. Šarru-kên “legitimate king”, reigned 722 – 705 BC)

Sargon Gematria King ListAccording to a cuneiform inscription found at the palace, the length of Sargon’s grand palatial walls, of Dur-Sharukin (House of Sargon), were built 16,280 Assyrian units, which corresponded to the numerical value of Sargon’s name. The Mesopotamian scholars, or sages of Sargon‘s era, treated numbers as a sign of the divine interconnectivity between the natural world, which they thought to be guided by the manifestations of nature, and the supernatural world, which is hidden and mysterious.

Why Were The Ancients Doing Gematria?

Since the time of the ancients, the persons of importance such as Princes and Kings had their names calculated and shown to correspond to certain numbers which ‘revealed’ their true persona. The ‘true persona’ of a King/Prince revealed their so-called right to rule or Kingship. It gave them the numerical pattern or designation of ‘true king’ or rightful heir.
This happens to be the case for ancient king Sargon, who when calculated was given the number 16,280, OR written in English/Sumerian Gematria as the number 444. A = 120 in Sumerian, as A = 6 in English/Sumerian Gematria. Rulers and Kings are equal to a numerical pattern that is often revealed with the signature of 444. See example below:

TRUE KINGS & Princes / Rulers

The King = 444
Ruler = 444
Sargon = 444
A Nimrod = 444
Bilgames = 444
Messiah = 444
Jesus = 444
Aragorn = 444


At the end of The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn was crowned as the True King of Gondor. His right to rule was hidden throughout, yet later revealed. The gematria of his name is 444, or 16,280 in Sumerian.

Greek To Hebrew Learning And Gematria

Is Gematria Only For Greek or Hebrew?

In the ancient period, some one million persons possessed the knowledge of Gematria usage and applied it to OVER six languages including: Hebrew, Sumerian, Greek, Roman, Spanish, Yiddish, & eventually English. The common misconception most people have is that Gematria was only used in Hebrew, yet this is FALSE. Gematria use was NEVER relegated to only one language. EVER. At any point in the ancient past when a known language was in use, scribes and elders would use ciphers and Gematria to decode the words and phrases of that language. It is assumed that an Egyptian based Gematria system was lost in the fire of Alexandria.

Greek Lovers In Ancient Pompeii Gematria

What Is A Famous Example Of Gematria?

Young lovers in Greece and Rome used Gematria to express their relationships. For example, one inscription on a wall in Pompeii once read, “I love the girl whose number is 545.” This was a matter of using Gematria to showcase that the number of the persons name was understood by the ‘lover’. The name of the girl was “Phanessa”. In Greek Gematria the name ‘Phanessa’ equals 545.

gematria calculator english hebrew greek numerology

How Can I Practice Gematria?

I would recommend using the multi cipher online calculator:

Go to the website shown above, and practice inputting words into the calculator for Gematria finds. For additional information on the topic you can see my post here on Gematria.Codes below:


The long format English Gematria ciphers and short form are the most utilized systems today for English decoders of Gematria. Since in Israel everyone is taught Gematria alongside Math, it is an understood format to display hidden numerical significance between our words and phrases. To understand the simple version of this we will look at the first lesson of Gematria called Chai/Hai :

The most common and well known example of Gematria is the Hebrew word Chai (“living”, Hebrew Hai) which is both a symbol and word meaning “life”. In English the word Chai is pronounced ‘hi’, as though one were offering a friendly salutation. The word Chai consists of the Hebrew letters Chet (het n) and Yod. Applying a set system of Jewish Gematria (“Ragil” the basic method or “Mispar gadol” the Great Number method) to the Hebrew letters Chet ( which is given a value of 8) and Yud (which is given a value of 10) results in the calculated value of 18 or 10 + 8.

hebrew gematria hai symbol meaning 18

Hebrew Chai 18 Life gematria

As a result of this Gematria find, the number eighteen is oft viewed as a positive sign or OT of “good luck”. In Judaism, the number 18 has come to represent the ‘good of things to come’, or “ life and good fortune‘. For this reason Jews oft wear charms or emblems which depict this popular symbol. In English Gematria the word Hai is connected to 18 as well.

The Numbers Patterns In English Gematria

Here is a very short example of the connecting numbers most oft found in Gematria.

222 – Usually locations or things that connect like things or places.

444 – Having to do with connections. When found around a name it can symbolize the person as bearing the title of Prince, or King. Having to do with true kingship or rule. This 444 pattern also shows things having connection.

666 – Having to do with negative connotations. 666 appears as a lie, or falsehood, as well as the identification of things dealing in money, evil, or deception. 666 is also a connecting number pattern.

888 – Having to do with two things connected. English Gematria = 888

906 – Often has to do with verification, truth, or reality.

1110 – Having to do with concepts, ideas, or thoughts that exist.

These are the numbers that are best exemplified in the system as connecting phrases or words. They often show up when connected to two things which are alike or show importance to being with one another.

Gold in Hebrew Zahab Gematria

Gold = 228 In Gematria  (In Hebrew Gold Is Zahab)

Zahab = 228 In Gematria 

Gematria 666 Evil Words Satan

Negative Connotations In Gematria

Mark Of Beast = 666
Monsanto = 666
Demonic Evil = 666
Los Haa Satan = 666
Witchcraft = 666

In Gematria the words and phrases you find may link together to showcase similarities.

So lets look at a linking word in Long Format Gematria:

An Masonic Code: ALGDGADLU = 1110

This is the code of the upper tier Masonic practice. It is understood as: ‘A la Gloire du Grand Achitecte de l’Universe’. Translated as ‘To the glory of the Grand Arhcitect of the Universe’. In Masonic terms G.A.O.T.U. is the Demiurge Creator of the Universe or GOAT. Greatest of All Time.

Think “Isis Ra and El” which equals 666 (ISRAEL) – Connect Isis Ra And El = 1110

What If My Name Equals 666 Is This Bad??

Not really. Names and Phrases that have a tendency to equal 666 are often negative connotations, however names are also Anagrams very often standing for some other word or phrase. Also names are just conflated phrases based on Religious concepts and Beings in the ancient period. Imagine a secularist telling you their name is Michael Chistof, and then stating they are an Atheist. Yet their name MEANS “I walk with God/Deity for and of Christ.” Yet the reality is they like so many people are ignorant.

Canaanite God El = 666

English Gematria is also an anagram of ‘Sheltering A Magi‘ which both equal 888.


Jazmine Barnes Decoded Gematria


Social Media Calling It Drug Deal Gone Bad

The mother was social media friends with the killers of Jazmine Barnes. The killers were allegedly gang bangers and drug dealers. According to family posts on social media, she packed up her babies in the car early because she was low on drugs and contacted the killers to buy some more drugs. BUT She was low on cash so she when got the drugs she made a dash for it. That’s when the killers chased her (the mother) down and fired shots at her vehicle and struck Jazmine. They allegedly didn’t know the kids were in the car, and the kids didn’t know their mom was out buying drugs. According to social media the mom made up the story about the white man in the vehicle nearby so neither her drug dealing friends would get caught nor herself be found out. Shaun King Claims there were 3 people who saw the white male in a red truck that was trying to get away from the shootings and was later blamed.

eric black

Tragic Black on Black crime used as anti Trump propaganda in Fake News is NOW Black shame ritual. Stop rushing to buy these division tactics.

TX Larry Woodruffe murdered Jazmine Barnes = 906
Jazmine Barnes = 42
a Jazmine Barnes + a fake news = 444

MAGA Will Trump Build Wall – Gematria Of Donald J Trump 888 And Tlaib Storm Decoded


Donald J. Trump is also an allegory of MONEY + Time. Time and money are paired in numerology with the numbers 8 and 42.  Four x Two = 8. The power of the number 88 is ALWAYS utilized via Trump. Specific dinners of Trump will cost $888.

If it was New Year’s Eve, they could have spent $888 per head on a tasting menu. But instead, President-elect Donald Trump met potential secretary of state nominee Mitt Romney. – CNN

The word ‘Forth’ appears 888 times in the King James Bible, while Psalm 88:8 ends with the word ‘forth’. In English Gematria “A Eight, Eight, Eight” = 888 In English Gematria “Triple Eights” = 888. In English Gematria ‘Donald J. Trump’ = 888. President Trump is heavily associated with the number 8 and 88.

President Trump had 88 generals support him. The FAKE News media attacks Trump via the number 8. In 2019 Trumps approval ratings amongst Republicans and Christians is at 88%.

Numbers: Congress is 88 percent Christian – Approval of Trump Stands at 88% – Washington Times

Numbers: 88% of American Voters Approve of POTUS – Pew

The voting public will return to vote for Trump in 2020. The NON-Voting public and Fake News appear to be Anti-Trump. Trump apartment buildings are usually priced in the $888 range to rent, and the $88k range to purchase. NOT a coincidence. Trump Casinos feature numerous 88 and 888 gambling slot machines.

The Wall Is Coming

Trump = 88
Donald J. Trump = 888
A Donald Trump = 444, 1110
Trump Build A Wall = 1110
Donald J. Trump Builds Wall = 88
Donald Trump American Wall = 88
Donald Trump Wall Is Coming = 88
Trump Finished Wall = 88
US Wall = 88, 444

The US Wall of Trump will likely be built in SOME compacity. Whether this will be fulfilled through Pence or Trump, or someone else is yet to be seen. The Wall will come.

Red Vs Blue

Trump Pence = THINK Trumpets of Revelation. 

Trump adorns his attire in the RED tie, while Pence wears the BLUE tie. This is color codded symbolism of Red Vs Blue. Occult or hidden allegory of the power of the duality or nature of the duality of color based psychology. Gangs such as Crips and Bloods = Red Vs Blue. The USA is divided based on this color codding symbolism which ties to ancient mysticism. The Four Trumpets in the 66th book of Revelation detail an event in which an asteroid collides with Earth, a multi-tiered (as in four layered) event. Divide and Conquer, separate the SHEEP into colors of Blue and Red – Republican and Democrat. Both bases are WRONG about a number of things. Yet neither will ever yield or cease their false beliefs. There is an order to this orchestrated chaos. Control.

ordo ab chao

Ordo Ab Chao = Order out/from Chaos

Ordo Ad Chaum = Order out of/from the Chaos (accusative)

Order Ad Choas = 666
Order Ad Chaum = 666

The Club of Rome is an order from chaos, the initiative of the Atheist and Occultist THINK TANKS is to bring about the New Dawning. This dawning, or NEW AGE, is also known as the 5th. According to their prophetic visions – ‘The ROCK’ that collides with Earth is the setting point for the Ordo Ad Chao – Order out of Chaos or THE FITH AGE. The V symbolism shown in TV, Media, and through Politicians is indicative of the Victory of Satan, and the destruction of a 3rd (33) of Earth. Think V for Vendetta. George H.W. Bush was Mr. 41 – 4+1 = 5. Look at the Texas Monthly cover below: 4 In BLUE and 1 in RED – Red Vs Blue symbolism from Mr. 41. The Fifth Age was supported via occultist such as Allister Crowley, who claims to have invented the V hand sign, and was a supporter of Saturn/Satan.


This is the hidden mystery school thought of the Upper Tier Elite. They believe in the Powers of the Air (Demonic Forces called Archons – Dream Deity) and Light-Bearing entities such as Lucifer/Satan – G.A.O.T.U (The Demiurge). The ‘gifts’ of which are thought to be provided via the Bloodlines of the Elite under the star sigil of Saturn. The pairing of genes through the royal Blood of KINGS is also related to the numbers 33. In the USA, ALL Presidents are related family members. Donald Trump is a cousin of Hillary Clinton. While Obama is a cousin of: George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and of course Robert E. Lee.

Bush And Obama Family

A G. Bush And B. Obama = 666

The DRACO Royal Bloodline has NO rival and no MAN can be their equal. Above these three Globalists activities resulted in the deaths of some million people. Barry bombed 8 countries, which resulted in the deaths of 13,000 children. Think sacrifice. Endless wars are one way these globalist can sacrifice children for Moloch, aka ‘Baal an Baphomet’. In English Gematria ‘Children + Fire’ = 666. Below is depicted the ritual of Pan Baphomet, a Baal, or Lord figure that embodies the powers of Lightning/ Lucifer (spark of intelligence) and the depths of Abyss (G.A.O.T.U – Grand Architect of The Universe) – the Dream Deity Satan. The dream demon is a motif of movies such as: The Matrix (Morpheus), Gravity Falls (Bill), Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy). They often offer the choice of Red or Blue.

Pan Baphomet

Baal An Baphomet = 666 / PAN BAPHOMET = 666

Pan Baphomet from Medieval Latin (Baphometh/ Baffometi /Bafometz) is a Dream deity, or Archon Demon, that the Knights Templar were believed to have worshipped in secret ritual. This being was later conflated with the Fairy God of Pan and Sexualized Magik practices of the Luciferians and Satanist that in later years subsequently incorporated into disparate occult and mystical traditions. The name Baphomet appeared in trial transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in the year 1307. Dream demons provide hidden gnosis or DREAMSCAPE wisdom. The image of Baphomet (Pan) that is used in the modern Occultist era was created by French Occultist and Satanic Magician, Eliphas Levi who had written in “The mysteries of magic;” that “The Baphomet of the Templars, whose names should be spelt kabbalistically backward, is composed of three abbreviations—TEM OHP AB, Temple omnium hominum pads abbas, the father of the temple, universal peace of men.” Now modern psychologist claim that the mind can enter a period of visions and predictive programming during deep sleep called DREAMSCAPE. In this area of rest the figures known as Archons may provide the human mind with details from the spirit realm or Hell.

Red Vs Blue PillDream Archon/ Demon – Morpheus and the CHOICE of Red VS Blue. Both Republicans and Democrats choose to be color codded people.

2019 Phoenix World CurrencyThe Upper Tier Elite began to discuss the coming of the Phoenix bird, Ordo Ad Choa, in the destruction of the US Dollar. This thought process began in 1988. 88 Think Trump. World Currency is a goal of the Elite and their desire for ONE WORLD ORDER. Through the fire of the Bird of destruction, chaos will bring order. 2019 is the date they chose for this EVENT.

1984 O'Brien

Doublespeak = 666

1984 The Dystopian Future of George Orwell, the World we currently live in. Doublespeak is a language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak disguises and hides the truth when it is spoken. This method of falsehood was predicted in the novel 1984. The thought police currently monitor the internet and call for sites, or people, to be shunned or shamed. Any person caught speaking the truth is forbidden from thinking for themselves in our modern era of evil. Notice the V for Ingsoc in the above picture. O’Brien is an evil agent of the Thought Police and the Global Tyrants behind Big Brother. Today Big Brother is able to monitor each of us through Google and Facebook. Various social media constructs were in reality created via the Government in an effort to control the behavior the dumb and naïve masses.

O’Brien A Agent = 666, 42, 57
Doublespeak = 666, 42, 57
O’Brien of Ingsoc = 906

Rashida TlaibCalm Down. Rashida Tlaib = 1984’s O’Brien, THINK controlled disinfo agent. She is an actress. Marketed as the Heel of the Current US admin. In reality Tlaib is BIG BROTHER. She is playing a role assigned to her. She was put in place to mock Trump and to cause a disturbance – controlled chaos. She is a fake. She is acting. She is NOT real.

Tlaib + Fools = 666 (You are foolish if you believe her ACT is real. Its not)

R. Tlaib disinfo agent = 1110
A Rashida H. Tlaib An Actor = 1110

Rashida Tlaib came to US as a ‘refugee’.
Refugee Tlaib = 666

President Pence

President Pence? Likely

D.J Trump’s Impeached = 1110 (Sumer)
President Pence = 666 (EE)
A M.R.Pence President = 1110
a Mike Pence assumes a president office = 666

If they force Trump to be removed from Office in 2022, then expect Mike Pence to assume the role as President. Gematria indicated that a STRONG possibility for his Presidency exists. The concept of Trump being impeached is also shown via the numbers. Democrats are pursuing means to rig the 2020 election, including dissolving rules or regulations and initiate vote stealing tactics as used during 2018. Expect the 2020 election to be CHOAS. Dems will stop at NOTHING through lies, deceptions, and cheating to steal. Think bigoted Liberal LBJ – vote rigging/ ballet stuffing.

Trump Elected 2020 Expected? – A Trump’s Re-Elected = 1110

D. Trump twenty twenty election loss = 906 (FB)

a USA twenty twenty + a rigged election = 777

Blexit Walkaway Rally During Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019 – Gematria Number 42





On SUNDAY January 20th 2019, a Super Blood Wolf Moon will occur. The moon will appear to be 14% larger than usual, and red/orange in color. This is a symbolic warning for the USA. The number 14 was tied to the loss of Lincoln’s OU Sooners in 2018’s Orange Bowl. The total phase of this total lunar eclipse will be visible from North and South America, and western parts of Europe and Africa. Central and eastern Africa, Europe, and Asia will see a partial eclipse of the Moon. This event will take place 1 (ONE) day prior to Martin Luther King Day in the USA & the 3rd anniversary of President Trump’s inaugural address, January 20, 2017. Ritual.

Describing how the color appears on the moon, EarthSky said: ‘Although the moon is completely immersed in the Earth’s dark shadow, the Earth’s atmosphere refracts (or bends) sunlight and the longer wavelengths of light (red and orange) pass onward to fall on the moon’s face.’

Black Consveratives

One Day prior to Martin Luther King Day, a mass rally is planned for LA – Blexit Rally. The march is part of the Black conservatives of America to unite and call for Blacks to Walkaway from the evils of the Democrat party. Hundreds of Blacks plan to be in attendance of this rally, while wearing the RED colored MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats. The change in direction is represented by the number 42. This number appears in the Bible to indicate the shifting away from Bondage – EGYPT, and into finding new growth.  Martin Luther = 42

Candace Owens“In celebration of the White Woman’s March crashing and burning— we’d like to formally announce the first 2019 #BLEXIT rally” – Candace Owens

black conservative .jpg

Black Conservative = 777 

Super Blood Wolf Moon on Sunday 1/20/2019 – The day of the #Blexit Rally #Walkaway march in LA.

Red Color Hat = 42 (Sept)


Red Color MAGA Hat = 666 (Satan)

Blexit Rally LA = 42
Out Of Egypt = 42
Blexit Walkaway = 42
Black First = 42
Blacks + A MAGA Hat = 42
Out Of Egypt = 42

A Life Meaning = 42

The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. 4×2 = 8 which is the sideways symbol for infinity. ‘Don’t Panic’ is the tagline of the book.

A Douglas Adams = 42
Don’t Panic = 42


King Nimrod was the Black leader of the ancient city of Sumer in the Holy Bible, he created the walls of the city and the Tower Of Babel. He was a giant who was conflated with the legendary stories of Gilgamesh in the Epics of Babylon.

Black Sumer = 42
Black Nimrod = 42
A Sag-gig-ga = 42 (Meaning Black Headed PEOPLE)
A Babylonian = 42

Buzz Aldrin = 42

Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear, whose name is based on astronaut Buzz Aldrin, has a ship numbered 42 due to his quote “To Infinity and Beyond!” Infinity is seen in the number 8. January 20th will be the 89th Birthday of Buzz Aldrin, whose name in Gematria equals 42. Buzz flew 66 combat missions and is now 88. ET Online lists Buzz as the 8th best person from New Jersey (think New Jerusalem).


Jackie = 42

When the game of Baseball changed was when Jackie Robinson entered the game, his number was 42. In Gematria Jackie = 42.

2,4,6,8 Who Do We Appreciate

Consequently, 42 is the number of non-crossing partitions of a set of five elements, the number of triangulations of a heptagon, the number of rooted ordered binary trees with six leaves, the number of ways in which five pairs of nested parentheses can be arranged. 42 is known as the number of divine power between the sequences of 4×2 = 8, and 4+2 = 6. The two duality numbers of: HEXING Sixes (6,66,666,) whereby the number is that of man, lies, hoaxes, flesh and material gains. LUCKY Eights (8,88,888) dealing with time, money, change, connections, and power.

“Arise and measure the temple of God, and the altar . . . and they shall trample upon the holy city for forty-two months” (Revelation 11:1 – 2)

The number 42 is given throughout the Holy Bible. The number of months that the Beast will reign is 42. The phrase ‘little children’ is mentioned 42 times in the Bible. Children are special and blessed, in Gematria the phrase is equal to 906 – TRUTH.

A Ma’at + A Feather = 42

In Egypt when a person departed their soul would go on to face judgement before the goddess Ma’at. She would place her Blue ostrich feather on a scale of justice, while your Red heart would also be placed on the scale. You were required at this point to cite 42 negative confessions, statements that you did not commit various sins while alive. If your heart and the feather were balanced you then proceeded to live in the valley of the kings of the Afterlife, however if your heart were filled with inequity and sin it would tip the scale, thus a demon would consume it and your soul would be erased for eternity.

LHC Black Hole = 42

The Large Hadron Collider building is complex 42. The LHC, is rumored to create micro tears in time-space while searching for the particles that make up life, as well as microscopic black holes which dissipate once created. The element molybdenum has the atomic number 42, it is the 42nd most common element in the universe. A molybdenum = 42 in Gematria.

Juliet And Coma = 42

The potion that was provided to Juliet, in the story of Romeo and Juliet, would cause her to enter a coma for a period of 42 hours.

A Super Blood Moon Twenty Nineteen + Trump = 444

2019 Phoenix World Currency

The way all this is playing out, something BIG is going down. Year of the Pig begins in 2019. Buzz Aldrin will be 89 on the DAY of the Super Blood Moon. The numbers 88, and 888 are always tied to the Gematria of Trumps name. 4 + 4 + 4 = 12, this is the 12th sign of the Zodiac = THE PIG. 2019 looks to be an epic year of symbolism. US Dollar collapse on the way?? King Ahaziah of Judah began his reign at 42 years old but was only on the throne one year (2Chronicles 22:2). Look at the 222 symbolism in Chronicles. According to the Rothschild owned Economist Magazine, the year 2019 will feature the end of the US Dollar, and the rise of the Phoenix One World Order Currency. 1988 was the Year that the Donald made his ambitions for the Presidency of the US known.

Twenty Nineteen Crash of USA Dollar = 444

Also found: ‘blexit twenty nineteen rally’ = 666

The way all of this points, is that there is some significant change on the way.


Gematria – Public Shame Ritual & Oklahoma OU Sooners Vs Alabama Bama Orange Bowl Game Decoded



OU Oklahoma Sooners Vs Alabama Bama Crimson Tide 2018 Orange Bowl Game Decode

After looking over the numerous ciphers and allegory/symbolism of this game I was able breakdown the numerical patterns being showcased. One of the most anticipated college football matchups of the year 2018, the year of the Dog. No. 1 (ONE) Alabama Crimson Tide (13-1) team faces Heisman winner Kyler Murray (who was made to apologize for his tweets at age 14) and the No. 4 (FOUR) Oklahoma Sooners (12-1) on Saturday. Alabama was favored to win by 14 points by the MSM scripted narrative.

tua and kyler murrayThe quarterback duel between Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa and Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray drew similarities to David Vs Goliath in the media, with many pundits calling Tua ‘Goliath’, this is indicative of a symbolic game.

Tua wears number 13, while Kyler Murray wears number 1. 13 + 1 = 14. Kyler Murray must apologize to the ‘Powers That Be’ for tweets he made at age 14. Symbolism here is the public shaming ritual that is forced on Black figures in the public spotlight – they must submit and grovel. The MSM claimed that there was a 14 point spread in this game. Bama ranked one, Sooners ranked four = 14. This symbolism favors Alabama. Take a look at the shame ritual at work:

apologize 14 Kyler MurrayThe number 14 being displayed to let you know how the script will play out symbolically. Kyler Murray was forced to apologize – he was shamed and ‘put in his place’ by the elite. Without obeying the hidden masters you may NOT reap the benefits of money, fame, and glory. Ritual.


The Public Shame Ritual

Public humiliation or public shaming is a form of punishment whose main ritual is dishonoring or disgracing a person, usually a Black person, especially in a public place. The public space of this era is the so-called information age and the internet. Instant mounts of pressure via the Global Elite and their networks of hate filled aggressors makes it possible to shame and humiliate a person faster than ever before.


In the United States, it was a common punishment from the beginning of European colonization through the 19th century to force people to be shamed via the means of haircutting, pillory stocks, or going barefoot. Variations of the stocks had existed since the ancient period and were utilized in the 17th century with greater frequency across Europe. The pillory, shown above, is a device made of a wooden or metal framework erected on a post, with holes for securing the head and hands, formerly used for punishment by public humiliation and a form of the stocks.

slaves barefoot

In the United States, it was a common punishment to force Blacks to walk around barefoot, from which the saying ‘barefoot and pregnant’ partly derives. As shoes are commonly worn by all social classes, showcasing Blacks in bare feet traditionally symbolizes the person’s loss of social standing, or non-person status. It also was meant to cause humiliation, as being barefoot sets one apart visually and demonstrates the person’s vulnerability and general powerlessness.

In the modern era, Blacks are no longer required to go barefoot in order to publicly shame them, rather they still may be required to grovel before the upper tier elite, through means of apologizing for ‘speaking out of turn’, or showing any signs of disobedience. In this way the ruling class can still humiliate their pawns and actors to ‘stay in line’.

High School Wrestler Dreadlocks Cut

Hair Cutting Shaming

The ancient Hebrews, many of whom were Black, believed that a males strength was in his hair. The Hebrews took ownership of their identity through their hair, which is why the Biblical narrative of Samson employs us to recognize that a mans hair is symbolic of divine strength, a sacred token and reminder that he was a strong in the eyes of his community, family, and faith in God.

Samson Tears Down The Two Pillars

“A razor has never come on my head, for I have been a Nazirite to God from my mother’s womb. If I am shaved, then my strength will leave me and I will become weak and be like any other man.” – Samson, Judges 16:17

On December 20, 2018 a 16 year old Buena Regional High School wrestler named Andrew Johnson was told by referee Alan Maloney to cut off his dreads or forfeit his wrestling match, thus causing a loss to his entire team. Maloney has been a New Jersey wrestling ref for 41 years. Like Samson, despite having his hair removed, Johnson was able to overcome his public shaming humiliation and be victorious.

Andrew Johnson Wrestler Wins

Andrew Johnson = 42 In Gematria

“Johnson consented to having his hair cut before going out on the mat and winning by sudden victory in Buena’s 41-24 win over Oakcrest. A video of a visibly distraught Johnson having his hair cut and winning the match posted by SJN’s Mike Frankel went viral with many comments suggesting asking the dreadlocked wrestler to cut his hair was racially-motivated.” – High School Sports NJ

Ref Maloney coached for 41 years, wears the white and black uniform = think checkered floor of the Free Masons. Buena won via 41 points – also think reverse 14. This was a symbolic ritual at work. The name Andrew Johnson equals 42 in Gematria. In symbolic terms the number 42 has a lot to do with times changing and moving out of Egypt. The number 42 is ALWAYS linked/synced up with Blacks. In reverse the number 42 is 24.

Out Of Egypt = 42 (Jewish Reduced)
Jackie = 42 (Reverse Full)

Jackie Robinson Number 42

Jackie Robinson, for example was given the number 42 for his jersey, and with the entry of Jackie into the MLB came a changing of the times. Things were different from then on. We are being shown through the ritual cutting of Andrew Johnsons hair that things are about to again change. Just as Samson was able to take down the two pillars of the Philistines, despite having his hair removed and being publicly shamed. Think two pillars. Think the coming of 2019.

white and black spiderman

A Miles Morales = 42

In the 2018 film Spider-Man into the Spider Verse, the character of Miles Morales, who was based on Barry Soetoro (Obama) and Donald Glover (This is America) is always shown around the number 42. The story was created by a Jewish writer who understands the importance of 42 power, and the use of the number in Douglas Adams ‘Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy‘, representing time as 4x 2 = 8 for infinity. In the story the White Spider-Man dies and the Black Spider-Man begins to take his place.
Freemason Andrew Johsnon

Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of the United States, a Free Mason, he served from 1865 to 1869. Johnson assumed the presidency as he was Vice President of the United States at the time of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Symbolic ritual. This is also the scripted reason WHY were are told/shown the story of Andrew Johnson, the Black and White mixed wrestler having his hair removed. Something BIG is about to come crashing down. Just as Samson was able to cause two pillars to fall – THINK two pillars of Masonry. Samson is also an anagram for MASONS.

Kyler Murray Apology = 888

Kyler Murray Hair Touch

Kyler Murray Hands Near His Hair Symbolism

President Trump is faced with a Government shutdown due in part to budget differences between the Blue Democrats and Red Republicans (think Red vs Blue symbolism).

Under Barry Soetoro (Barak Obama) the USA funded TRILLIONS of dollars to Wal-Street (No Banker Left Behind Program), and provided some $38 Billion Dollars to Israel. This shutdown has caused the 210th birthday celebration of President and Free Mason Andrew Johnson to be postponed. The ‘Presidential Birthday Party’ will not happen due to the ongoing government shutdown. Johnson BECAME president when Lincoln was assassinated. Barak Obama ALWAYS celebrated the Birthday Party of his cousin Robert E. Lee, whose behind closed doors celebration ALWAYS excluded Blacks and women. Think about that.
Kevin Hart Shamed

Kevin Hart has been publicly shamed repeatedly in the interests of the Global elite. He wore a dress, kissed a man, and even denounced Trump. All the requirements of the pawns of the Elite to perform as their duty and obligation to their masters. Yet all of that was not good enough as they took away from him his position hosting the Oscars for not groveling at their feet fast enough. It is important that these Black figures be placed in dresses to emasculate them and make them cower before the upper elite. Notice the image of Kevin Hart below surrounded by Catholic priest, he is wearing blue, while they in red.

Malcolm X = 42

In reality the vast majority of ALL rap labels were created by, founded by, owned and operated by Jewish investment, attorneys, and owners. Lebron James was FORCED to put on a dress to emasculate him, then when he tweeted about ‘Getting Jewish Money’ from a rap lyric he heard, he was FORCED yet again to grovel, bow down, and OBEY his masters. Black figures must always, and at all costs obey the ritual of public shaming or get Malcom X’d.

lebron-jewish-money-1200x630Rappers do not have to apologize for bringing up killing cops, or killing blacks. They must be shamed however, if ever they go off their script. Actors like Lebron James are held accountable to the Elite, they must do as they are told, and tap dance to their tune.

Jay Z OccultOccultist Jay-Z wearing a Jewish charm. Jay-Z was backed by numerous Jewish investors in his rise to Hip Hop dominance. Both Lebron and Jay-Z play the part of Democrats to keep the masses ignorant. Neither of them are free.

Jewish Manager Jerry Heller founded Gangsta Rap

Suge Knight was able to create ‘Death Row Records‘ via the money from Male Strip clubs plus White and Jewish investors. Jerry Hiller shown above was the Jewish investor for Gangsta Rap music. He used funds from Jewish investors to help create ‘Ruthless Records’. Lebron James has to apologize ONLY because he is Black and not allowed to share an ‘Open Secret.’ The Elite want you to ‘Stay in your place & do as you are told’.

NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles

OU VS Bama Symbolism 

2018 was the Year of the Dog. Kevin Hart cried a lot in the media, he also said he was rooting for his Dogs the Eagles to win the Super Bowl. He proclaimed that he would have tears down his cheek spelling Kevin Foles if Eagles win. The Eagles were proclaimed the Dog Bird team. Trump kept speaking out about Dogs. Eagles player number 65, Lane Johnson said via Twitter that he wants his Dogs the Sooners to win. The Eagles won by going with the ritual symbolism of the Dog year. However none of the numbers bode well for OU ahead of their game with Bama.

Lincoln Riley Ou

2 2 2 = 6

Each of the Sooner coaches won their BIG games in their second year, however Lincoln Riley would have an esoteric result of 6, which is HEX craft. Thus unlikely to play in his factor/favor.

Ritual Symbolism Hidden In Our Faces

1.) Lincoln Riley OU Coach Loss – President Lincoln Assassinated

2.) 210th Birthday of Andrew Johnson postponed – Andrew Johnson haircut

3.) Johnson succeeds LincolnJohnson wins match

4.) SAMSON Destroys Two Pillars – MASONS have two pillars

5.) Public Shaming Rituals are modern day ‘pillory’ from word pillar

Sacrifice everything – Nike

Gematria indicates a 9-11 point difference for Alabama Wins 33 – 24 Over OU. Below are the number patterns in Long Form Gematria, no pattern found to favor OU in any way. OU likely to loose game to Alabama in Gematria code.

CFP Twenty Eighteen OU Loss = 1111 (Satan)

CFP Twenty Eighteen OU Wins = 1111

A CFP Twenty Eighteen + A OU = 777 (Primes)

cfp twenty eighteen a ou + a bama eighteen = 666 (FB)

Possible 9 point difference in the game? OR 14 point to ritually match the symbolism.

Alabama wins a twenty eighteen orange bowl = 777 (FB)

Alabama victory in twenty eighteen orange bowl = 444 (LCH)

Alabama, a Bama victory + a twenty eighteen orange bowl = 906

Alabama Bama winner of Orange Bowl twenty eighteen = 444 (EO)

a Alabama Bama winner of a twenty eighteen Orange Bowl = 888 (FB)
Tua Tagovailoa Orange Bowl winner = 444 (FB)

Tua Tagovailoa win Orange Bowl game = 1111 (Primes)

a Kyler Murray Orange Bowl game + a fail = 666 (FB)

Lincoln Riley Orange Bowl twenty eighteen loser = 444

Kyler Murray Orange Bowl epic fail = 444 (FB)


Gematria Study – Kwanzaa CointelPro Symbolism


fbi war

In The Beginning of Kwanzaa: Co-intel Pro

According to documents through the FOIA as well as numerous documentaries, Kwanzaa was the joint creation of the intelligence operations/apparatus of the US government and their Black pawns (Co-intel Pro operatives) engaged in the campaign of spying on Black groups or Afrikan ID/ Black First Identity. Positioned within the organization of the Black Panthers as well as the SLA – Symbionese Liberation Army, were various paid members/actors of the Federal government, including spies and shills whose mission was to report on the activities of the groups movements and supply funds for these movements through Fed resources/revenue.

This is the season known as Kwanzaa, and at this time, I believe it’s necessary to reveal the origin of this holiday that was given to us. Our enemies love Kwanzaa, love to see us engaged in its practice and have no qualms in promoting it bigger than life throughout the media. – Block Report Radio

Under the guise of supporting the Black Identity movement of the 1960’s, numerous so-called ‘revolutionaries’ were in REALITY false agents of ‘controlled opposition’. These agents stirred up unrest and mistrust amongst the Black Community, IN FACT encouraging violent acts including the various nation wide riots, and assassinations during this era. Propped up ACTORS and paid participants who were under the orders of the principle powers including the intel programs of the CIA/FBI, were working in near conjecture to ensure that certain ‘aspects’ of these groups were subverted and compromised from ‘within’. With an outward appearance of Black Nationalism and Black First Identity, various actors used their influence to gain hold of so-called ‘grassroots’ movements that were thus monitored, categorized, and influenced from behind closed doors.


FBI records show that COINTELPRO resources targeted groups and individuals that the FBI deemed subversive, including the Communist Party USA, anti-Vietnam War organizers, activists of the civil rights movement or Black Power movement, feminist organizations, the American Indian Movement, independence movements, and a variety of organizations that were part of the broader New Left. – Cointelpro Vault

It began in 1956, COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert, and illegal methods of disrupting and harming the agenda/mission of any “grassroots movements” deemed as subversive to the so-called ‘Powers That Be’. Black Identity groups, which caught the watchful attention of Free Mason J. Edgar Hoover, were thus neutralized by having their members murdered, assassinated, imprisoned, publicly humiliated, or falsely charged with crimes. All to the delight of the upper tier elite. Blacks were targeted at this time to reduce their population and humiliate them, or mock them by any means necessary. A five point FBI memo categorized the hidden goals of the program:

1. Prevent a coalition of militant black nationalist groups….
2. Prevent the rise of a messiah who could unify and electrify the militant nationalist movement . Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Elijah Muhammad all aspire to this position….
3. Prevent violence on the part of black nationalist groups….
4. Prevent militant black nationalist groups and leaders from gaining respectability by discrediting them….
5. . . . prevent the long-range growth of militant black nationalist organizations, especially among youth

newtow-seale-black-panther-party“(Black Panther Party) is the greatest threat to the internal security of the country.” – J. Edgar Hoover

Operation Zebra Part One: Creating Controlled Chaos 

In Southern California, the Feds launched a covert effort to “create further dissension in the ranks of the BPP.”  Federal agents began by mailing anonymous hate filled letters to members of the Black Panther Party, the letters included accusations that the spouses and girlfriends of Black Panther members were cheating on their significant others, and that they had been seen at abortion clinics, or engaged in homosexual behaviors. The FBI/CIA also began to circulate hateful caricatures of BPP members. At this point the Feds hoped to introduce paid actors playing the role of revolutionaries who could spark off a series of Black on Black crimes that could result in the deaths of Black Identity groups leaders/founders. Paid actors spoke about ‘rumors’ of gang hits, while Feds sent out anonymous letters detailing local Black gangs (including the Blackstone Rangers) as having beef/issues with the BPP and other groups. The gangland threats and rumors invented by the Feds were built up with the hopes that Blacks would begin to kill one another. The FBI was delighted to hear that some aspects of this disinformation operation were successful and that several Blacks were killed as a result, four BPP members were murdered by members of the United Slaves.


Shill FBI Dr. Karenga

United Slaves Of America Kill Four BPP For The FEDS

“The Los Angeles Division is aware of the mutually hostile feelings harbored between the organizations and the first opportunity to capitalize on the situation will be maximized. It is intended that US Inc (United Slaves Of America). will be appropriately and discreetly advised of the time and location of BPP activities in order that the two organizations might be brought together and thus grant nature the opportunity to take her due course.” – FBI Special Agent, LA Division California 

Enter actor and FBI shill Dr. Karenga, the father of Kwanzaa, his group of US Inc. was informed of the location and whereabouts of BPP members with the sole purpose of the FBI to facilitate and allow/arrange their murders. These are the lawless tactics of the Deep State at work.

“Karenga’s United Slaves were simply dashiki-sporting wannabe fascists, who gleefully gunned down Black Panthers and other Black Leftists while adopting absurd, manufactured “African” names. J. Edgar Hoover could not have wished for a better crew of brothas.” – William Pleasant, Liberator21

Karenga United Slaves + FBI = 444 (Baconis)

slain panthers

Victims of Dr. Karenga and Cointelpro

“The Select Committee’s staff investigation has disclosed a number of instances in which the FBI sought to turn violence-prone organizations against the Panthers in an effort to aggravate “gang warfare.” Because of the milieu of violence in which members of the Panthers often moved we have been unable to establish a direct link between any of the FBI’s specific efforts to promote violence, and particular acts of violence that occurred. We have been able to establish beyond doubt, however, that high officials of the FBI desired to promote violent confrontations between BPP members and members of other groups, and that those officials condoned tactics calculated to achieve that end.” – Assata


The so-called Holy Day of Kwanzaa was invented in 1966 by the non-radical and paid actor Ron Karenga (a.k.a. Dr. Maulana Karenga). Dr. Karenga was a founder of US Inc, aka United Slaves of America, the over the top and extremely violent ‘barking’ rival to the BPP, or Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Operated by Dr. Karenga, the group was the darling of the CointelPro front for the FBI/CIA. The upper tier elite delighted in the violent rhetoric and nationalistic aspects of US Inc. Thus when the group killed four BPP members the Feds furthered their behind closed doors funding of founder Dr. Karenga.

“During the 60s, the FBI encouraged the most comically extreme Black cultural nationalist organizations in order to discredit and split the left. The more preposterous the organization, the better. Using that criterion, Karenga’s United Slaves stood at the top of the heap.” – William Pleasant, Liberator

Seven Headed Snake

“The S.L.A. “army” was a fabrication of the C.I.A. to make a small group of people believe they had the support for radicals behind them and could become heroes. This entire production has been staged.” – Mae Brussel

Kwanzaa of CIA = 666

The CIA created SLA based the seven headed cobra on the Nguzo Saba, which agent Karenga ALSO used in his fictitious Kwanzaa. In 1966 Kwanzaa was born from the 7 cons of CIA’s Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and the attempts of FBI Cointelpro to cause a ‘zebra’ race war (Operation Zebra). The Feds funded Dr. Karenga to mock/steal Black Identity – then the profits were spread to CIA front companies.


Ann Coulter, Millionaire Daughter of FBI

A Kwanzaa + A Cointelpro = 666 (Primes)

CointelPro was useful for the Feds to discredit and infiltrate the various Black First groups in America during the 1960’s. It was important for them to gain control/footing within organizations through so-called controlled opposition – figures who had the appearance of a cult-messiah figure, but were in fact controlled and operated by the Feds, paid actors/shills.

“Most absurdly, for leftists anyway, they have forgotten the FBI’s tacit encouragement of this murderous black nationalist cult founded by the father of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa emerged not from Africa, but from the FBI’s COINTELPRO.” – Ann Coulter, Daughter of FBI Agent


Controlled Chaos – Operation Zebra Part 2

The intelligence arm of the Feds was in operation through the 1960’s and further into the 1970’s via the CIA/FBI to covertly recruit and arm militant groups and their leaders/actors to play their role in subverting and directing youth oriented groups, but secretly built on the agenda of national Free Masonic interests, such as those held by J. Edgar Hoover and top brass. This era saw the use of CIA provided drugs, such as LSD, being brought into the US and given freely to the so-called New Left and their Left Wing ‘professors’ as a measure of controlled chaos. The thinking behind these maneuvers was that the ‘youth’ can be corrupted and controlled via mind altering drugs or psychotherapy. Hallucinations, mind warping, and various means of mental brainwashing could produce the right environment for experimental substances that would hopefully yield a so-called ‘truth serum’ or allow ‘Manchurian Candidate‘ effects to take hold.

“In 1974, Patty Hearst, kidnap victim-cum-SLA revolutionary, famously posed next to the banner of her alleged captors, a seven-headed cobra. Each snakehead stood for one of the SLA’s revolutionary principles: Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba and Imani. These are the exact same seven “principles” of Kwanzaa” – Ann Coulter

patty hearst

“Development programs worked with drugs such as Librium, and Magnesium Pemoline, which were administered illegally to certain BCA members at the California Medical Facility at Vacaville. Westbrook’s assignment in the Black Cultural Association behavior modification unit was to recruit future agents for CIA domestic intelligence programs.” – Block Report Radio

Government shills operated on the surface in the interests of the Black First movements, yet behind closed doors these actors/agents would be funded by the Feds, the vey same groups they claimed to oppose – controlled opposition. Under various mind controlling programs such as MKSEARCH, the Stanford Research Institute, and CIA Research into chemically altering behaviors of Black inmates, which also fell under the umbrella of MK Ultra, the US clamped down on the so-called grassroots movements. They had infiltrated every aspect of these cultures.

A Joint Venture Of The FBI / CIA

On 8 June 1976 the Director of CIA was provided with direct information from our informants in the SLA. During this meeting [our informants] furnished information regarding the Symbionese Liberation Army. {a CIA Agent}, who is working for us in secret indicated that the information had been obtained by wiretap and espionage and has indicated that he would be interested in discussing this matter with reps of your (FBI) Bureau in California. – CIA/FBI Memo 

5 Aspects of Operation Zebra

1. Stage black on white crimes
2. Subvert black id groups
3. Fund/follow groups moves
4. Create fear
5. Controlled chaos

‘Operation Zebra’ had began during 1966 and was gradually expanded through the 1970’s. Prisoners were introduced to so-called radicals, in fact government actors/shills, who had been provided with various psychedelic drugs and tools in mind manipulation. The SLA, Symbionese Liberation Army was just one aspect of the CIA umbrella created organizations, whose members were being guided and coxed into the political positions/rhetoric they espoused due in secret to Federal subversion. The Feds procured various informants to introduce to them actors capable of carrying out crimes against the White population in the hopes that the White Liberal youth would abandon their growing association with the Black Culture.

whites black panthers

The White Panthers were a far-left, anti-racist, white American political collective founded in 1968 by Pun Plamondon, Leni Sinclair, and John Sinclair. It was started in response to an interview where Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, was asked what white people could do to support the Black Panthers. Newton replied that they could form a White Panther Party.

white panther party

White Panthers Support Black Panthers

In the 1970’s ‘The Zebra Killers’ would be introduced, aided in part by White officers in Black Face and Black masks, as well as Black agents posing as radical Black First hate groups. Operation Zebra, was not only about the “San Francisco–based Death Angels”. In fact crime waves across the country targeting White people began, all while being secretly aided and funded via the Feds.

“The code-named “Zebra” killings (so-called by police because the crimes involved black on white crimes) took place in San Francisco during a six-month period from 1973 to 1974 and occurred during the time of CIA/FBI involvement in Vacaville and COINTELPRO operations in California. The murder spree involved shootings, stabbings, and hackings with machetes and was running roughly concurrent to the time that the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) was active.”  – Block Report Radio

symbionese liberation army

Meanwhile the mockery of the non Holy-Day Kwanzaa, had began to take root in the Black Community, aided of course by the actors/shills for the Federal hoax. The so-called creeds of the Kwanzaa mantra were the creeds of the CIA crafted SLA. The mind controlling and brainwashing of Bloodline member Patty Hearst also played out for the attention of a national audience. Scripted tomfoolery.

Operation Zebra + FBI = 777
Patty Hearst + SLA = 1110

air americaFollow The Money – CIA Front Companies

Following the money trail left in the advent of the CIA front companies will lead you to the realization that the so-called FUBU (For Us By Us) companies operating under the guise of aiding/supporting the Black community, are MANY times over the bread of CIA bakeries, these are the front companies of the secret Shadow Government operations that during the 1970s – 1980s plagued America with CIA imported drugs – Crack.

crack drug war

The mechanization used to dupe unsuspecting persons within the culture of Black First identity, is always to develop a working ‘FACE‘ who can put on a minstrel show for the populace, all while the funds and money is controlled and distributed amongst the wealthy. CONTROLLED OPOSITION Actors. This face is all so important to the agenda of his masters, the wealthy who benefit from his tap dancing.  The face of the CIA’s Kwanzaa was Dr. Karenga, the face of the ‘Woke’ populace in 2018 is Colin Kaepernick.


The Saturnian symbol of the Goddess of War, Nike. The blood -soaked battlefields of glory showcase the sacrifice to the gods of Nike in the ancient period. Colin is the tom-foolery FACE of the culture in 2018. He is NOT helping the Black Community. He is a paid actor. Find a FACE and dupe the RACE. Follow the money fools:

1.) Nike is owned and operated and ran by rich White occultist. NOT FUBU (For Us By Us)

2.) Nike uses slave labor in China to produce over priced shoes for under $5.00 that they then sell for $150 a pair to supposed ‘Woke’ buffoons.

3.) Colin Kaepernick does NOTHING for Blacks, and laughs all the way to the bank.

Sound like a social revolutionary to you?? Nope. Paid actors, government shills, liars and deceivers. They hate for people to know the truth. Read below REAL numbers of Police Shootings:

1,009 Police Fatal Shootings 2017 – May 2018
By Total:
1.) Whites 475
2.) Hispanics 252
3.) Blacks 223
4.) Natives 34
5.) Asians 19
6.) Arabs 6
Whites and Hispanics comprise the majority of fatal shootings by police. Natives comprise the most shootings via population demographics. FACTS

wal street

Media Narratives & Globalists Support Kwanzaa – WHY?

Ask yourself why would Globalist like Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and Donald Trump all go out of their way to celebrate and extoll the virtues of a recently CIA created faux Holy Day???? The real answer is: Power, Exploitation, and Control.

kwanzaa trump cia

“This annual celebration of African heritage, unity and culture is a special opportunity for many to reflect on their shared ancestry and values. At this time, our nation joins in honoring the important contributions of African-Americans to the strength and success of the United States.” – Donald Trump

Headlines proclaim “Stocks Up As Kwanzaa Begins!SUSPECT

Light the Kinara today! – Donald Trump SUSPECT

The media narrative is to deceive, NEVER to inform. It is to propagandize the populace to be naïve and victims of falsehood group thinking. The fools, the sheep, the mindless drones are glued to the misinformation age and sucked into propaganda programming. Understanding that the FACE of a movement is important, the elite have willfully guided into the front of Black culture a repressible and Marxist lifestyle that provides the clandestine with profit and the Upper Tier elite with amusement. They have pulled the wool over the sheeples face. If you are ignorant of the history of Kwanzaa and are uniformed, yet guided towards its so-called creeds and merits, then you TOO can become a useful fool, an agent of ignorance and idiocy in this game of manipulation.

Why The Elite PUSH Kwanzaa Down Our Throats?

1.) Blacks Are NOT Supposed To Know Their REAL Roots:

Black Babylon, King Ermerkar, King Nimrod, Black Hebrews, Gematria Use

2.) Blacks Are Exploited By CIA Front Companies Posing As FUBU

3.) White Corporations & Jewish Investors Profit From Kwanzaa Hoax

4.) Blacks Are Being Made Into Mockery For Their Ignorance

5.) Controlling Agents And Provocateurs Keep The Ignorance Train Rolling

Amazon AWS of a CIA = 888

Amazon AWS and other groups earn money from the Kwanzaa hoax. The Military Industrial Complex is key. Pick up your fake Kinara candles on Amazon and the funds go back to the Feds! Hooray fools!!!

Dr. Karenga And Kawaida = 888

Marxist ideals espoused via a government agent? CHECK! You loose again fool! “It’s as if David Duke invented a holiday called “Anglika,” which he based on the philosophy of “Mein Kampf” — and clueless public school teachers began celebrating the made-up, racist holiday.” – Human Events

a FBI Kinara Candle = 666

A knock-off version of the Menorah candle is the FBI created Kinara candle. This way Black Hebrews can stay ignorant of their historic past. Hooray!

A Kinara Light = 666
Kinara + Deceived = 666
Harlem + Kinara = 666

Karenga + FBI = 444 , 47
Kwanzaa + FBI = 444

What’s a fake Holy Day like Kwanzaa without a fake agent of the Feds to help fund it? Hooray!

Karenga + Kinara = 666
dr karenga and cia = 666
karenga funded = 666
Karenga Pawn = 666

A Kwanzaa + A Co-intelpro = 666 (Primes)

Nguzo Saba SLA + CIA = 906

The CIA created SLA based the seven headed cobra on the Nguzo Saba, which agent Karenga also used in Kwanzaa. This year numerous articles online and Fake News programs proclaimed that 10 million people are celebrating Kwanzaa! Ohhh boy. Likely a fake inflated figure. Shhhhh the sheep wont find out! Look at the idiocy below:

Based on African principles, Kwanzaa holiday holds lessons for entrepreneurs! – Newsweek (In Example The FEDS/Government who pose as Blacks to gain profit off a fake Holy Day that insults the intelligence of Black America. Hooray!)

Gematria Study – Manny Pacquiao Vs Adrien Broner

Hey everyone thanks for coming by! Be sure to view the video.

Adrien Broner Loss + Pacquiao

a Pacquiao sixty one win over Adrien Broner = 444 (EO)

Pacquiao solve Adrien Broner = 555

Pacquiao + Adrien Broner a twelve round = 444 (FB)

Pacquiao decision win over Adrien Broner = 777 (FB) 555 (RO)

a Pacquiao + a Adrien Broner problem solved = 444 (FB)

a Pacquiao outboxes Adrien Broner eight rounds = 444 (JO)

Pac Record
60 – 7 – 2

12-17-1978 40th birthday party
12 + 19 + 1 + 8 = 40

40 Years 1 month

481 Months between birth and fight

8 rounds to 4 win for pacman
1 knock down or slip?

4 bouts in fight – update 1 day after pac birthday.

Complete List Of Words That Equal 666 In English Gematria

Hi everyone! I recently looked through nearly 60,000 words to discover which ones equaled 666 in the base 6 English Gematria/Sumerian cipher system. I have found that there are 427 words in the English language that are equal to 666. Below you will find this list of words. Thank you!

Words That Equal 666 In The English Language 

Abjuration     *Negative Connotation
Altogether      *Calculation
Amethyst        *Magic
Aristaios           *Original Name of a Greek God
Arithmances    *Old Form Of Number Hex-Craft
Armoury           *Old Armored Guard
Carpentum     *Greek War Chariot
Desertus     *Forsake And Abandon
Elastikos    *Greek Form Of Word Meaning Stretching
Fallopius      *Term For Reproductive Organs After Italian Gabriele Falloppio
Forestis   *Old Term For The Spirit Of Nature & Forest
Werreior *Random
Witchcraft *Negative
Witchery *Negative
Xenophobic *Negative

Gematria Study – Beginners Lesson On Number 18 Meaning


From the view of the ancients, so too in Judaism, for example, numbers are viewed as an integral part of understanding the divine. A visible token between the concrete (that is the physical world or realm) and God (also the spiritual realm) is known as an OT, which is Hebrew for symbol or sign.

a OT = Represents an aspect or reminder that Gematria use is divine calculation or a divine interactivity between the written word and the number. In essence that synchronicity is not always a coincidence.

A OT + A Divine Interactivity = 888 (Primes)


Full + Single (9+9) = 18
Full + Single KV (9+9) = 18
Reverse Full = 18
Reverse Full EP = 18
English Ordinal = 3+6 + Francis Bacon 3+6 = 9+9 = 18
English Extended = 2+6+1 + Franc Baconis = 7+2 = 9+9 =18


Gematria Basics

The most common and well known example of Gematria is the Hebrew word hai (“meaning life”, chai) which is both a symbol and word meaning “living”. In English the word hai is pronounced ‘hi’, as though one were offering a friendly salutation. The word hai consists of the Hebrew letters Chet (het n) and Yod (Yud). Applying a set system of Jewish Gematria (“Ragil”, the basic method, or “Mispar gadol”, the Great Number method) to the Hebrew letters Chet (which is given a value of 8) and pronounced ‘kate, and Yud (which is given a value of 10) results in the calculated value of 18 or 10 + 8 = 18.


HAI = Life, the word hai is considered a sign or ‘A OT’, due to the nature of the Gematria found in the word.

H 8th letter / A 1st letter / I 9th letter
8 + 1 + 9 = 18

Hai = 18 Full
Hai = 108 (Sumerian) or 10+8 = 18
Hai = 378 (Reverse Sumerian) 3+7+8 = 18

The number eighteen is thus not only seen as an allegory or symbol of life but also of good fortune and luck. The number 1 stands next to the number 8, which when placed on its side resembles the symbol for infinity. For this purpose the number 18 represents a basic structure of life and the theological dogma of the so-called “age of accountability”.

The concept of the age of accountability is based on the belief that a young child is covered by God’s grace until he becomes spiritually or self aware of the totality of rights and wrongs and sins and life. The self awareness of sins is thought not to apply to children, thus when an adult person dies their spirit is thought to leave the body and enter whatever condition their conscious self has chosen for an afterlife.


In Jewish traditions it is thought the beginning of Religious understanding occurs at age 5, while the knowledge develops further at age 8. The period of time between this transition is 3 years. Although not listed as a so-called accountability age, rather examples of the ages of 15 and 18 are. At age 18 a Jewish person is thought ready to embark on the better half of their life, as well as ready for marriage. Around the world many cultures recognize the age of 18, including the USA, as the age of maturity and accountability. Below is a list of certain legal rights and responsibilities that are bestowed upon 18 year old’s in the USA.

1.) Voting Rights
2.) Join Military
3.) Blood Donation
4.) Full Time Worker
5.) Gambling (most states allow 18, some 21)
6.) Lottery
7.) Drivers License Rights (states vary)
8.) Purchase Tobacco (states laws vary)
9.) Sexual Consent
10) Purchase Or View Some Adult Content
11) Purchase House
12) Purchase Medication
13) Purchase Fireworks
14) Purchase Land
15) Charged As Adult In Crimes
16) Register For Draft
17) Purchase And Own Vehicles
18) Legally Change Name
19) Own & Purchase Firearms (states vary)
20) Adopt Children Or Pets
21) Register For The Draft
22) Be Selected For Jury Duty
23) Loans And Credit
24) Investment Rights (states vary)
25) Marriage (states vary)


In Jewish tradition the prayer known as the ‘Amidah’, is also called ‘the 18’. In Septenary Gematria ‘Amidah’ equals 18. While in Sumerian this word equals 216 or 2 + 16 = 18. Also in Reverse Sumerian you find it equal to 756 or 7+5+6 = 18. The ‘Amidah’ is an 18 line prayer blessing.


Adult = 18 (Chaldean)
Age Of Adults = 666 (6 + 6 + 6) = 18
Age Of Accountability = 81 (18) 1134 11+3+4 = 18
378 = 3+7+8 = 18

In Jewish tradition the 18th birthday and other life events, including certain rites of passage, and weddings or expressing condolences may mean gifting others in the amount of $18. The act of giving, gifting or donating $18 or a multiples, such as in the double ‘hai’ of $36, is commonly referred to as “giving chai.”, or “giving hai”. Symbolically, these gestures are representative of giving a gift of ‘life”, while acknowledging the Gematria of the word.


Free Masonry & Gematria Architecture  

Gematria is used, and has ALWAYS been applied, in the construction and architecture of buildings, monuments, and structures with detail paid close attention to the numerical Gematria of a persons name, a word, or a phrase. This hidden code is applied to nearly every street, every city, and every center of worship. This secret method is also known as sacred geometry. Since the ancient period, roughly 5,000 years ago, the palace grounds of king Sargon were calculated and crafted due to the Gematria of his name – 16,280. When the palatial walls of Babylon were constructed they were endowed with hidden attributes based on the sacred number of the king. This aspect of Gematria usage is what is behind the creation of nearly all monuments in the USA. In Israel, for example, Gematria is taught in school, along with math and algebra. The understanding of this is LOST on the general public. Yet, figures of the upper-tier elite, including the ‘Free Masonic order’, as well as Jewish architects, have for centuries crafted numerous buildings based on Gematria!


“The number’s (18) celebratory meaning has even been confirmed in present-day architecture, as is shown by Daniel Libeskind’s Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, whose plan is based on the upbeat slogan, “To Life!” (“l’chaim!”), and features a hall graced with 36 windows (or “double chai”).” –

By the Middle Ages numbers had acquired a metaphysical significance of their own, and were thought to be endowed with occult power so you had upper-tier masons and Jewish architects incorporate Gematria into their structures, this practice continues to the day.

Hai Pendant
Elvis Presley wore a Chai necklace while performing toward the end of his life.[2][6] Baseball star Rod Carew wore a chai necklace during his playing days;[2] his first wife and daughters were Jewish, even though Carew himself never formally converted to Judaism. Canadian rapper Drake, himself Jewish,[7] wore a Chai necklace on the cover of Vibe magazine in 2010. – Source Wiki


MAGA Bomber Gematria Study

A lot of number “coincidences” taking place. So this will be a short study on the numbers in the week.

On October 23, 2018 the adenovirus was said to have claimed the lives of 6 children in New Jersey. While 18 total children were affected with illness.

At the SAME time a viral polio-like illness struck 6 children in Quebec ALSO on October 23.

In Quebec they will invest $23 million towards a sexual assault policy. All the while students aged 6 years old will learn about sexual assaults. Then by age 16 they will be taught about having unprotected sex or being in violent relationships.

Adenovirus Hoax = 666 (SataN)
Adenovirus = 47 (Full Reduction)
(Authority / Government) = 47
Adenovirus of Deep State = 777 (Primes)
A NJ Adenovirus Agenda = 1110 (Sumerian)
Adenovirus kills six nj children = 187 (single)
444 kfw kabbalah
a created adenovirus = 1110 (Sumerian)

Cesar A Sayoc

The so-called MAGA bomber was found on October 26, 2018. His name is Cesar A Sayoc, which equals 666 in English Gematria – A Cesar A Sayoc = 666. He was a prior criminal and a Democrat. He ‘may have’ registered as a Republican in 2016. He is the owner of a Native American catering business, however he is an Italian/Filipino. He was a former stripper and on multiple occasions was in trouble over steroids.  He wanted to affiliate himself with the Seminol Tribe of Florida.

Sayoc is an Italian/Filipino, he weighs 230 pounds and stands 5’11. He was born on 03/17/1962. His arrest records include Grand Theft, Battery, and PED arrests. He was registered as a Democrat prior to at least 2016, he was an Obama voter according to records. He was pictured with Democrat Izzy Hernandez

Izzy and Democrat Sayoc

The entire Gematria induced episode took place on 10/26/2018 – the 26th day. Which is also the birthday of Hillary Clinton. The name Sayoc is similar to Chaos and Pysop. While his name is also an anagram for the word Accessory. In the TV series Home Improvement the character played by Tim Allen was named ‘Tim Taylor”, which is an anagram for ‘Mortality’. In the midlife crisis episode of Home Improvement, the neighbor Wilson points out that the name ‘Tim Taylor’ is just an anagram for ‘Mortality’, while the name Jill Taylor is an anagram for ‘Joly Trail’. Anagrams were also showcased in the film “Shutter Island”, about MK Ultra and Project Paperclip.

On the SAME day of the capture of this criminal, the President met with 400 Black Leaders and internet celebs from the #Walkaway movement. At the end of the speech President Trump mentions the White House 6th President by saying “6 the 6 the 6th President“.


A Cesar A Sayoc equals 666 In Sumerian/English Gematria. The name is also an anagram for “a accessory’. MAGA Bomber on the 26 (Two 6). His WHITE van was taken from Plantation Florida, while Trump met with 400 BLACK #WalkAwayMarch conservatives. His supposed mail bombs featured 6 stamps, that were NEVER stamped via the USPS. The Press will release more details in a conference to be held at 2:30 PM on 10/26/2018. His WHITE van featured at least 6 Trump pictures.


Fake News media MSM asking people to report on your neighbors if they have political bumper stickers. CBS NEWS “isn’t this see something say something shouldn’t we report it?” Typical of the dystopian loving 1984/Fahrenheit 451 crowd.

Two weeks before national midterm elections, a series of suspicious and potentially explosive packages addressed to high-ranking Democrats and Trump critics were intercepted. The Democrats that were targeted were of the corporate variety, mostly holding ties to JP Morgan and in favor of the ‘No Banker Left Behind’ plan. This event can thus be classified under the “October Surprise” category, a code name coined by the CIA for October scripted events prior to an election.


Two different pictures of the back of the van/s exist. The stickers change between pictures which having this much sticker and obstruction on a van is illegal in Florida. The van looks BRAND new, as in NOT driven around at all. Packages were supposedly sent through mail also look brand new and again are unmarked. Take a look!


Gematria Study – Kavanaugh Confirmation How To Read The Numbers



Each September the media introduces a form of programming called the “October Surprise”, which during the 10th month of the year, a “News” worthy diversion is revealed and takes the US by surprise. Shocking. The coding pattern is usually done so with numbers and Gematria.

“In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event deliberately created or timed (or sometimes occurring on its own) to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for the U.S. presidency.” – Political

In English Gematria ‘Brett Kavanaugh’ = 906

The Gematria number of the Kavanaugh name deals with ‘truth’ and the revelation of things that are of a surprising nature. More on this to come.

October 2018 Calendar With Holidays Uk | Calendar Monthly Printable within Printable Calendar October 2018 With Holidays

Fake News For October

During the months of October, a figure of political importance is always due to deliver something of a unique or shocking ‘truth’. These events are usually scripted by the numbers to induce the public to fall for any given agenda/propaganda through deliberate means. One method of numbering to ‘induce’ those prone to being naïve to this game of ‘hidden math’ is called hex-craft. This method deals with numbers of importance to upper tier occultist who believe in the superstitious “hexing 6’s, and lucky 8’s”. Try and decipher the FAKE NEWS below:

“Six year-old Margie Ingrid will travel with her parents to New York in support of ALS patients. Since Margie began to collect donations for a group home last August, letters from all over the country began to reach her in praise of her courage. Her only regret now has been not being able to tell every person’s story and read every message. Her mother, Cathy Ingrid, says Margie receives at least six letters a day.” – Fake News

The above article is an example of hex-craft Gematria. The entire piece is fake. So when the general public read such an article they are ‘programmed‘ to feel good. NOT ask questions. There is no Margie Ingrid, whose first and last name feature six letters. Plus she is six years old. Thus you are told by the numbers that the story is a hoax, done so with the numbering pattern of 666. LOOK: Margie (6 letters), Ingrid (6 letters), age 6. Her trip never happened, ‘New York’ equals 666 in English Gematria. Also: her donation collection began in August, the 8th month. Eight is the number for good luck and future prospects. Words that induce feelings of happiness and joy are spread around the fictitious article. Math magic: numbering clues are thus given to allow those who are intelligent readers to ‘read between the lines‘. The lies are hidden in numbers 6,66,666 etc.


Jimmy’s World September 28 Anniversary 

This is exactly how the controlled media lie to the gullible public, who are ALWAYS easily fooled. By the numbers hidden coding called, Gematria is used via the media to trick and deceive. Sept. 28 marks the anniversary of FAKE NEWS from ‘The Washington Post“. Think of 28 as two 8’s. YES the media will make up another story on this date.  Read below:

“Jimmy is 8 years old and a third-generation heroin addict, a precocious little boy with sandy hair, velvety brown eyes and needle marks freckling the baby-smooth skin of his thin brown arms. His hands are clasped behind his head, fancy running shoes adorn his feet, and a striped Izod T-shirt hangs over his thin frame. “Bad, ain’t it,” he boasts to a reporter visiting recently. “I got me six of these!” – Fake News By The Washington Post

The future of “Jimmy” is looking bad. The prospect number of 8 times three is given. Then the hex-craft is introduced:six of these shirts‘. Before CNN, Benjamin Franklin and Edgar Allen Poe, both Free Masons, were also Fake News creators. Franklin was a proponent of fake news and racial bigotry. In 1782 Franklin crafted a Gematria laced piece of bigotry that claimed Native Indian Americans were collecting the scalps of babies removed from their mothers wombs and placed in numbered boxes. They were not. Read below:


“No. 5. Containing 88 scalps of Women; hair long, braided in the Indian Fashion, to shew they were Mothers;….17 others, hair very grey…no other Mark but the short Club…to shew they were knocked down dead, or had their Brains beat out.
No. 6. Containing 193 Boys’ Scalps of various Ages…
No. 7. 211 Girls Scalps, big and little…..” – Benjamin Franklin, Free Mason 

The above article is a disgraceful brand of propaganda, which caused numerous British and Americans to view Natives as savages worthy of unfair treatment. It was all a big joke to Franklin, and the foolish Eurocentric Secularist who promoted his lies. When added together, the number of fictitious scalps total 666 in reverse, known as ‘law of reversal‘, for these Masonic occult psychopaths. SICK. Yet if you know the pattern, you can see through this scripted brand of hatred.


The Coming October Surprise

The term “October Surprise” was coined by Deep State CIA director William Casey on behalf of President Ronald Reagan. The term has been appropriated by the fake media to describe “unexpected” political disasters in the last hours of campaigns, or before a major ‘event’. Sometimes they are intentionally positioned by political opponents to impact voters, often days before they head to the polls. It is a scripted device, controlled via the numbers and presented by the fake news media. The so-called election of November, 2018 is close. Thus the media are required to invent false narratives designed to divide and conquer the hearts and minds of the gullible American populace. They will be fooled. Thus for the confirmation hearing of Kavanaugh a ‘new accuser’ was to be revealed in the final hour (no surprise) within a 48 hour period. 9/27/2018. In the 1980’s the US was in the process of establishing the “Shadow Government”, with the code name Project Pegasus 908.

Keeping It Fake Like CNN

In 1966 fake news proponent Time magazine claimed that 6 ships attacked a Navy vessel. It was an event called the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident, a Gematria laced hoax which led to the Vietnam war. A least a million lives were lost. It was all a big joke to bigoted Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson, who constantly referred to Blacks using the N-word, and called Asians ‘Yellow Hordes‘.  The gullible public bought the 666 lie easily. They always do. For those of you who seek truth, discernment is key to finding answers and seeing through the deceptions of the media. They have no truth in them. In Israel the teaching of Gematria goes along with math. The method of placing sixes around a topic that is a hoax is a practice of mystic Kabbalist. It works.

“Math classes taught Gematria, in which numerical values are assigned to the letters in Hebrew words and calculated to imply mystical coincidences with significant dates, such as Jewish holidays.” – The New Yorker


Believe everything we say: There were six ships on the sixth day attacking at night in six ways.

Eugenics The Murder Of Black Babies To The Delight Of White Liberals

In the United States, the abortion rate for Black women is almost 4 times that of White women. On average, 900 Black babies are aborted every day in the United States. This tragedy continues to impact the population levels of Blacks across the United States. The levels of Black genocide in America, comprised 42.4% of the total abortions. This alarming number actually OUTWEIGHS the number of births of Black children.

“Let’s not focus on statistics.” – Planned Parenthood


The Six Mendelian Gene Outcomes – Eugenics Liars

Hollywood promotes and glamorizes films and “programming” that create a culture of ignorance and death for Black families. From the bloodlines of Charles Darwin, the Eurocentric concept of superior White races, called Eugenics, was born. The proponents of Eugenics mocked the poor and claimed that Black people were inferior and worthy of elimination. Through the efforts of Eurocentric Secularist, upper tier society began to classify races of people as worthy or unworthy of life. This sickening agenda led to real world application during the campaign of Germany’s fascist Nazis. During the 1920’s a Eurocentric Secularist and White Liberal by the name of Margaret Sanger created the group known as Planned Parenthood. Her concept was to install Parenthood facilities in the poorest communities, specifically targeting areas with Black families, all in order to decrease the race of Blacks in America. With a passion for death of Black babies through abortions, she attended a KKK rally in 1926. On a live radio broadcast she was also heard proclaiming “Black lives are the most inferior of all.” Eurocentric Secularist claim Sanger made no such statement, however if she had made this statement, which she likely did, it has since been lost to time. Sanger was an inspiration to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who also claimed another mentor, KKK leader and Democratic Senator Robert Byrd. In her heyday, Sanger surrounded herself with Eugenic psychopaths. Lothrop Stoddard, was a Harvard graduate and the author of ‘The Rising Tide of Color against White Supremacy.’ Stoddard admired the Nazi eugenic practices of the Third Reich as “scientific” and “humanitarian.” Sanger worked closely on the secretive “Negro Projects”, a planned operation to encourage women of Color to have abortions, thus decreasing the number of Blacks in the US. Below is the quote Eurocentric Secularist claim is used out of context:

“We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” – Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood

More on the Sanger quote. Her goal was to decrease the number of ALL people period. The above quote is real. Margaret Sanger was as equally up for the murder of unborn children as she was for the elimination of half the worlds population. She viewed life as an unfortunate misery for most people, like many of her friends in Eugenics, who viewed themselves as a superior race destined to rule. Sanger did not wish to see the entire Black population gone through a genocide, rather she wished to see it gradually decrease over time through selective breeding (mostly for rich people only) and massive numbers of abortions. Thus the ultimate goal was to deceive Blacks into acceptance of Planned Parenthood (which did work) through the approval of their Black leaders. Her goal? Decreasing the population slowly over a longer period of time, NOT direct elimination as seen in Nazi Germany. Rather than explain this, Eurocentric Secularist choose (as they always do) to cover up their lies and disinformation through the ‘”art of omission.”  They would rather you not know Sanger attended a KKK rally for women. They would rather you not know that Sanger was into Eugenics. They would rather you not know that Sanger surrounded herself with Nazi sympathizers and psychopaths. Truth hurts.


White Liberals Promote Genocide Of Black Community

The Its Ok She Was A Woman Of Her Time Excuse

Once anyone is ‘truth bombed’, or ‘red pilled’ with the reality that Planned Parenthood was founded by a Eugenics loving, KKK rally attending, friend to the Nazi’s of her day failure of a woman….they are told the classic “ITS OK THEY WERE OF THEIR TIME!” excuse. How does that excuse work for Stalin? Hitler? There is no truth in them. Thus Kavanaugh primary detractors have been White liberals, whose only concern is that Black babies are not being aborted fast enough. Also they are concerned that people have access to the truth via the web. Which is dangerous for these manipulative liars. Thus hundreds of platforms for information have been removed by the ‘thought police’. You must think and believe only what you are told to.


Attention To Q Anon And Members of VOAT

Thank you for being here! Thanks so much to everyone from Voat and some of the numerous members of qanon who have come by the site. I appreciate you being here as a Truth seeker and wanting to find decodes. In the below piece I breakdown the significance of the roles that secret society holds in the platform of behind closed doors government. I DO NOT however, EVER state that Brett Kavanaugh is a member of Skull & Bones.

1.) Brett Kavanaugh Is NOT A Member of Skulls. 

“That good beer buddy Brett is not only a serial gang rapist in his teenage years, but a full on Skull and Bones deviant? All ‘proven’ by gematria?” – User

Clear on this people? I never suggest that Kavanaugh is a Skulls member.

2.) What Is Gematria?

“But regarding gematria, my opinion is that if your letters don’t also represent numbers in your culture (and the numbers are superimposed onto the letters according to some arbitrary system, therefore), then you cannot do gematria.” – Voat User

No this is NOT at all how Gematria works, or has EVER worked.

The Egyptian art of Gematria was lost to time during the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. Yet, for the ancient period, some one million persons possessed the knowledge of Gematria usage and applied it to OVER six languages including: Hebrew, Sumerian, Greek, Roman, & today English. The common misconception is that Gematria use was ALWAYS for one group or another. FALSE. FALSE. FALSE. Gematria use was NEVER relegated to only one form. EVER. Clear yet?

Gematria came into use around 5,000 years ago via the Sumerian/Babylonians. The words of the Sumerians were shown as numbers and thus overtime EACH and EVERY culture in the ancient period was assigned a numerical basis for their alphabet and the numbering patterns and ciphers were decoded EVEN for cultures that did not have a numbering system at first. The Hebrews, The Greeks, The Romans, and even to the ‘OTHER’ alphabets were assigned numbers such as Yiddish and Spanish. During Gods of divinity or persons such as Princes and Kings had their names calculated and shown to correspond to certain numbers which ‘revealed’ their true persona. This happens to be the case for ancient king Sargon, who when calculated was given the number 16,280, OR written in English/Sumerian Gematria as the number 444. A = 120 in Sumerian, as A = 6 in English/Sumerian Gematria.

Young lovers in Greece and Rome used Gematria to express their relationships. For example, one inscription on a wall in Pompeii once read, “I love the girl whose number is 545.” This was a matter of using Gematria to showcase that the number of the persons name was understood by the ‘lover’. It is my guess that the name of the girl was “Phanessa”. In Greek Gematria the name ‘Phanessa’ equals 545. Although it was not uncommon for the names of women in the ancient world to appear with first and surname on Pompeii billboards, or other signage. The act of writing in graffiti the ‘lover’ inscription of 545, may be a clue to the first name only use for Gematria calculation. This would be the likely case as it would show synchronicity through time to singular names of importance in Gematria: Jesus, Lucifer, Sargon. Each of these names is equal to 444 in English, which is also linked to the ideal of prince and kingship. Gematria is for every language and always has been and always will be and was always decoded in every known language of the ancients down to the present.

October Surprise 

“No, every October there is not a surprise delivered by the media. If I am wrong please list at least the last 10.” – Voat User

The October surprise scenario is usually well scripted in advance. However, numerous events have since been construed to have been so-called “October Surprise” events in EVERY year. Yet this would also fall on the viewer/reader to determine the merit and intention of said events. I do not recall a single time frame in my lifetime in which an ‘event’ month of October passed without any particular group/groups proclaiming to have witnessed said October Surprise. It happens every year. EVERY year. That is not to say that it is possible that certain groups (MSM/Media) hold their ‘own’ definition of the event has it could be viewed/construed as an “October Surprise”. Subjective as it is!!!

Politico writers viewed Trumps tax loss as an October Surprise in 2016.

“Donald Trump had claimed a $915 million loss on his 1995 taxes and possibly hadn’t paid federal taxes in the 18 years that followed, it was a clear sign that the election had entered a new phase. Though the revelation itself was astounding, the timing was anything but: Less than a day into the new month, 2016’s first “October surprise” had arrived.” –

The article goes on to list 15 so-called historical October Surprise events. detailed Obama’s use of war, and later the Benghazi ordeal to reveal October Surprises.

“At 4:22 p.m. on Friday, October 29, 2010, President Barack Obama stepped into the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House and announced some startling news: Two bombs, hidden inside printer cartridges, had been detected the previous day on a cargo plane heading from Dubai to Chicago.
The detection was obviously good news–but did it really have to be news? That is, wasn’t there much to be gained by staying mum on the news, with an eye to catching the culprits?”

“We might note that the October 29, 2010, announcement came just four days before the 2010 midterm elections. And the President’s announcement was soon followed by five “readouts” of Obama conversations with the foreign leaders whose countries helped unravel the plot. In other words, the Obama administration worked overtime to push its counter-terrorism news to the forefront, just before the elections.” – Breitbart

Whether you look back historically such as the bombings halted during the term of LBJ, or look into recent events. The subjective outlook is that any particular group/groups have detailed their observation of an October Surprise in every year.

“People are already calling it an “October surprise” — an unexpected moment late in the campaign that could change the trajectory of the election. The news that the FBI is looking into a new batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails (found on the computer of Anthony Weiner) is certainly surprising. And it came in October.” – Five Thirty Eight

In Closing For Voat

There are only a few Gematria sites left up on WordPress (many were purged). This site has lots of info you can delve into should you choose to read it, and I welcome you to do so! I have already covered many of the items I read on your Voat topic page over and over and over and over. But I know many of you must be new to this page so again thanks for coming I really appreciate it a lot!  Thank you so much. WWG1WGA



Kavanaugh Secret Society 

During his years at Yale, Kavanaugh belonged to a secret society that promoted drinking and womanizing for White students. Kavanaugh may or may not have played a role in misconduct while there. Yet this issue is deeper than attending White only drinking parties. Secret societies, which have their tradition in festivals of gods and demons have been in power for centuries. Behind closed doors, where students robe themselves in garments passed down from elder members of the KKK. Yes, Yale is home to another secret society, Skull and Bones. A group which possesses numerous human relics that were obtained through grave robbery and possible sacrifices. No, you won’t see anyone protest over stealing Native Indian remains. The Skulls members decapitated Geronimo and doused his face in acids before placing his skull on proud display at the campus ‘Tomb”.

“Ancient Greeks and modern Greeks — fraternities, I mean — have special festivals where they worship the side of being human that is drunkenness, theater, performance, disregard for all social codes, especially respectability. For ancient Greeks that was part of the festival of Dionysus. American fraternities are the last institution in the modern world where Dionysus is found” – Buzzfeed News

skull bones

Skull & Bones elite, above wearing robes which formally belonged to members of the KKK, now colored in black and with the inscription of ‘ONE’, representing the goal for a one world order. A variation of the modern-day Illuminati, the Skulls are shown here holding the severed skull of American Indian chief Geronimo. Prescott Bush, Grandfather of President George Bush, belonged to a group of 6 occultist Yale students, ‘6 Crow’, which in English Gematria equals 666, robbed the grave of Geronimo while they were stationed at Ft. Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma.

“..the flesh melts away to reveal the bone and strong face..” – Yale Bonesman, 1918

The elder Bush sawed off the head of the chief, then when they returned to base proceeded to douse his face with acids until his flesh melted away. Grave robbing, such as the act committed by the elder Bush, is a common ritual for the Elite and has been practiced on numerous occasions. Yale elite, such as the Skulls, are said to keep numerous human trophies, mostly bones of children.

“The skull of the worthy Geronimo the Terrible exhumed from its tomb at Fort Sill by your club and the Knight Haffner is now safe inside the Tomb, together with his well-worn femurs, bit and saddle horn.” – Yale Bonesman, 1918

Calling themselves ‘knights’, members of the Skull and Bones liken themselves to the hidden order of the Knights Templar, and to the legends of the Arthorian age such as found with the old world hero Parzival. The secret society of the Bohemian Grove has for years banned women from attendance, while the annual birthday celebration for Robert E. Lee, titled the Alfalfa Club, had long denied women and people of Color attendance prior to Robert E. Lee cousin Obama joining the party.
kavanaughKavanaugh was initiated into a frat which held secrets. Belonging to any such group is not of God nor is it possible to join such groups as a Christian. Detractors claim the Kavanaugh club was different and did not participate in secret rituals, such as Skulls. The topic however of secret societies is of course forbidden in the US, thus groups of Eurocentric Secularist are required to ‘omit facts’ regarding any such activities.

“Other societies were looking for a prestigious family background, or your GPA. Each had their own personalities,” said Sherry. TNC, Sherry said, was unique: It was “organized around having sex with coeds.”

Several years before Kavanaugh was initiated into TNC, Sherry said, the people on campus called the group by an “alternate nickname”: “Tit and Clit.”

322 The Number Of Skull & Bones

Here is a list of Gematria findings regarding this latest theatrical production via the elite, a scripted reality play based on Gematria to divide and conquer the naive public.

322 Is Number Of Skull and Bones

Secret Society Skull and Bones

2232 English Extended 322 In Reverse
2322 Reverse Sumerian 322 Forward

Illuminati Secret Society Skull and Bones

3222 Reverse Sumerian 322 Forward
Brett Kavanaugh = 906

Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh = 333 (Francis Bacon) – 111 Septenary

Brett M. Kavanaugh = 88 (Reverse Full)
B. Kavanaugh = 88 (English Ordinal) (Jewish)
D. Trump + Kavanaugh = 88 (Full Reduction)
Tit and Clit Yale = 88
Kavanaugh October = 88

Kavanaugh Confirmation = 444 (Franc Baconis)
Supreme Court’s confirmed Brett M. Kavanaugh
444 (English Ordinal) 555 (Reverse Ordinal)

B. Kavanaugh + Secret Society = 119 (Full)
October Surprise + B. Kavanaugh = 119 (Jewish)

supreme court judge Brett M Kavanaugh confirmation
666 Reverse Ordinal

The Red Heifer Gematria Study


The First Temple of Solomon Beit Hamikdash

The First Temple, built by king Solomon and known as “a Beit HaMikdash”, was the ancient temple of Jerusalem constructed in 832 BCE and later destroyed in 422 BCE. In English Gematria “A Beit HaMikdash” equals 666. The temple According to biblical sources, was constructed under King Solomon (magician of Sun and Moon), during the united monarchy of Israel and Judah. The Bible describes Hiram I of Tyre who furnished architects, workmen and cedar timbers for the temple of his ally Solomon at Jerusalem. He also co-operated with Solomon in mounting an expedition on the Red Sea.
The exact location of the Temple remains disputed, it is believed to have been situated upon the hill which forms the site of the 1st century Second Temple and present-day Temple Mount, where the Dome of the Rock is situated.

“The First Temple, built by King Solomon, was completed during the month of Mar Heshvan [the month known as ‘Bul’; see I Kings 6:38], however, through Divine inspiration, King Solomon knew that he was not to dedicate it until the following Tishrei. So, the month of Mar Heshvan was embarrassed… and God promised to repay it in the future, with the dedication ceremony of the Third Temple.” Myth of Holy Temple

Tisha B'Av The Five Calamities

The Tisha B’Av

According to Jewish tradition, the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed on Tisha B’Av, which falls in the months of July-August. Tisha B’Av is regarded as the saddest day in the Jewish calendar and it is thus believed to be a day which is destined for tragedy. However, secular scholars regard this dating as inaccurate and a myth created by Jewish interests. According to the Mishnah, Tisha B’Av marks a series of unfortunate events known as the ‘Five Calamities’.


1. Twelve Spies of Moses report the details of the land of Canaan, which causes a majority of the Hebrews to cry.

2. First Temple of Solomon destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar.

3. Second Temple destroyed by Romans.

4. Roman Genocide of the Bar Kokhba revolt.

5. Roman commander Turnus Rufus was said to have demolished the area of the Holy Temple.

Over time, Tisha B’Av has come to be a Jewish day of mourning, not only for these events, but also for later tragedies which occurred on or near the 9th of Av. Today there are regarded as being either 9 or ‘Ten Calamities’ in total. Symbolism experts will note the number 9 here with the later ‘calamity’ event of 911.

Tisha B’av 2018 fell at nightfall on July 21, and concluded at nightfall on Sunday July 22, 2018.

The fast of Tisha b’Av falls on the Hebrew calendar date of 9 Av. Here are the coinciding secular dates for the upcoming years:

2019: August 10-11
2020: July 29-30
2021: July 17-18
2022: August 6-7

Tisha B’Av (the Ninth of Av) has become an annual fast day in Judaism, for the ninth day (Tisha) of the month Av *Hebrew Calendar month. The fasting and mourning that takes place during this period commemorates the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temple of Jerusalem, thought to have occurred an esoteric 655 years apart, but on the same day. The dating of the calamities and destruction of the Temple are the subject of debate between secular scholars and Judaism tradition. Which may also lead to the discrepancy in Gematria findings:

Lies of Tisha B’Av = 888
Tisha B’Av Myth = 888
Tisha B’Av Happened = 906
Hoax of Tisha B’Av = 906
Tisha B’Av And Calamity = 1110

“Birth of Red Heifer in Israel Foreshadows Destruction on August 11, 2019. August 11th 2019 something very bad is going to happen in this world.” – Zachary K. Hubbard

Secular Gematria user Zach Hubbard, places the timing of the Tisha B’Av of August 11, 2019 and the revealing of “The Red Heifer” in Israel as a sign of the next ‘calamity’. In just a moment I will breakdown the ‘Red Heifer’ symbolism. First take a look at what Troy Brooks says:

“The event must begin within the ‘Tetrad’. Therefore, Jesus must return in Person Aug. 7, 2022 on Tisha B’Av in keeping with when the commemoration when the first two Temples were destroyed.” – Troy Brooks

Thus the dating of the Tisha B’Av is ALWAYS alluded to or symbolically linked between dates dealing with prediction or the assumption of calamity.

The Third Temple
The Third Temple

The Third Temple is the Biblically predicted return and rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, that had once stood as the First and Second Temples that were destroyed by the ancient Babylonians and the Romans. The creation of the Third Temple is both a desire and dream of Judaism. Jews have expressed their desire to see the building of a Third Temple on the Temple Mount. Prayer for this is a formal part of the Jewish tradition and is done three times daily with the ‘Amidah‘ prayer.

“What would it take to make a dream like this – the dream of the dedication of the Third Temple – come true? If there is one thing we know about the Jewish people, it’s that our dreams always come true. But it is the people of Israel themselves who make these dreams happen.” – The Jerusalem Post

The construction of the Third Temple will require the Jewish people to return to an ancient tradition of animal sacrifice known also as the resumption of ‘Qorban’. In Judaism, the Qorban (korban/corban), is any of a variety of sacrificial offerings described and commanded in the Torah. The plural form is korbanot. The most common usages are animal sacrifices called ‘zevah‘.

A Sacrifice = 444
A Qorban Offering = 888

The views of some modern Jews/Christians is that the Third Temple must be built soon, in anticipation of the coming of the Messiah for the Orthodox Jews, and the Return of Jesus Christ, for Christians. The view held by Christians is that Jesus paid the price for all sins and that no animal sacrifice is ever required, as Jesus life was the ultimate sacrifice. The 66th book of the Holy Bible is the Book of Revelation, written by Apostle John the Revelator. In this last book of the Bible, the world of the future and the past are linked to showcase events that will transpire prior to the return of Christ. The Bible states that the Third Temple will be built in the ‘Latter Days’.

The Holy Temple: The People Are Ready

The Temple Institute has tasked itself with the re-building efforts of the Third Temple. In 2018 they released the sixth video in their Tisha B’Av series, which amassed over one million views. The video titled “The People Are Ready” takes viewers on a 1:14 journey from “darkness to light” reframing Tisha B’Av from a day of national mourning for the First and Second Holy Temples to one of hope and action toward the building of the Third. (Source – Israel National News) The video is an esoteric and prophetic clue to the creation of the Temple. The number 1:14 is done so with the intent to show ‘TIME IS UP’. This number is always hidden in plain sight to reveal timing of events. The “Temple Institute” is proclaiming that the Temple will be created soon.

The Red Heifer

The Red Heifer

In order for the Third Temple to be constructed and dedicated through the return of the Qorban, the requirement exists that the blessing/sacrifice be done so with the ashes of a ‘perfect‘ Red Heifer. In English Gematria “The Red Heifer” equals 666.

“According to the Bible, the red heifer—a reddish-brown cow, probably no more than two years old which had never had a yoke on it—was to be sacrificed as part of the purification rites of the Mosaic Law. The slaughtering of a red heifer was a ceremonial ritual in the Old Testament sacrificial system, as described in Numbers 19:1-10. The purpose of the red heifer sacrifice was to provide for the water of cleansing (Numbers 19:9), another term for purification from sin. After the red heifer was sacrificed, her blood was sprinkled at the door of the tabernacle.” Got Questions

On September 4, 2018, Israel media proclaimed the birth of the prophesied Red Heifer. Jewish and corporate News outlets began to run/push the story on September 11, 2018 – 9/11. The Red Heifer is symbolic of the sins of man, such as the previous ‘scapegoat’, being used in Israel for the purpose of atonement. The Red Heifer is connected to the 10 calamities of Tisha B’Av, as this is the tenth and possibly final Red Heifer before the so-called ‘End Times’. Take a look at: BIN – Breaking Israel News

“Last Tuesday, the Temple Institute’s Red Heifer program was blessed with results; an entirely red female calf was born, paving the way for re-establishing the Temple service and marking the final stage of redemption…According to Jewish tradition, there will only be ten red heifers in human history with the tenth heifer ushering in the Messianic era.Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Maimonides), the most renowned medieval Jewish scholar known by the acronym Rambam, wrote in his explanation of the mitzvah that “the tenth red heifer will be accomplished by the king, the Messiah; may he be revealed speedily, Amen, May it be God’s will… Almost 30 years ago, Rabbi Yonatan Adler, who is also an archaeologist, performed an in-depth study into the textual references to the site where the red heifer was burned, publishing his results in the Torah journal Techumin. His calculations, based on the Holy of Holies being located where the Dome of the Rock stands today, led him to a spot where Dominus Flevit, a Catholic Church built in 1955, now stands. Archaeological surveys discovered unique characteristics of the site that corresponded to descriptions in the Talmud.” – Breaking Israel News

Experts from the Temple Institutes and others must first determine if this “THE Red Heifer”. Once the determination is made then the process for the building of the Third Temple will likely commence. I will breakdown what this means in a moment.

“If this heifer doesn’t have any blemish after 3 years they will use it for the ashes to rebuild a Temple.” – C.A. Patin, Hidden in the Crag

The mainstream press are claiming that The Red Heifer is the fulfillment of a 2000 year old prophesy. The Temple Institute claims to have recreated 60 objects to be placed inside the Third Temple, in Gematria ‘Red Heifer’ is equal to 60 in Full Reduction.

The Third Temple Predictive Programming

The Red Heifer Predictive Programming

In both the animated series ‘South Park’ and in the estoeric series ‘The Dig’, the birth of the 10th and final ‘Red Heifer’ are showcased and presented. In the series “Dig”, an FBI agent who is based in Jerusalem discovers a conspiracy plot dating back 2000 years to the prophetic return of the Jewish temple and the finding of The Red Heifer.

“USA Network mini-series, “DIG,” premiered on March 5, 2015, and champions an end-of-days conspiracy pitting Jewish and Christian apocalyptics, surprisingly working together to reach the same end-goal — the coming of Messiah. Of course for Jews, the coming of Messiah will be for the first time, and for Christians, the coming of Jesus Christ will be for the second time.1 The two apocalyptics are headed in a parallel yet divergent end-game, each a partner with the other, to hasten the coming of Messiah. The prophetic fulfillment for both paradigms will require the building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount.” – Jack Smith Prophecy

Prior to almost all historic events is the launch of predictive programming done so to foreshadow these ‘events’. This was done prior to the sinking of the Titanic, with the Book Titan, about an April launch and crash of a luxury cruise ship. This was also done for the murder of JFK, as shown in the film ‘The Tall Target’, about the investigation into the death of Abraham Lincoln by detective John F Kennedy. President Trump was featured in a number of articles and TV series as ‘the Next US President‘.

Trump Build That Temple
Calling On Trump To Build That Temple

Since 1987, when the Temple Movement began preparations for the rebuilding of the Third Temple, Jews/Christians have been pushing for re-creation of the tools and artifacts used and stored in the Temple. In the modern era, US President Donald Trump is thought of to symbolically represent the return of King Cyrus, to some Jewish interests. The importance to Orthodox Jews of rebuilding the Temple lies in its role in the redemption of the world, which they believe can only take place once the Temple is rebuilt. These groups now believe that Trump will be critical to creation of the Third Temple.

“What he did last night was an enormous step in bringing the Temple,” Asaf Fried, official spokesman for the United Temple Movement, an association of organizations working towards making the Third Temple a reality, told Breaking Israel News. He added, “This necessarily had to come from a non-Jew in order to bring them into the process, so they will be able to take their part in the Temple.” – Breaking Israel News

President Trump is viewed as being the leader who will bring about the creation of the Third Temple through his support of Israel and the “2017 Trump Declaration“, which established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump is scheduled to meet with leaders of the UN and Iran to further a push for Israel. When Trump became President, members of the Sanhedirn and the Mikdash Educational Center created a coin that depicts the Third Temple AND Donald Trump. These events took place after the Blood Moon ‘Tetrad’.

“The blood moons are saying something to us. Trump winning the election makes life in Israel radically different. The US Embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and the launch of the building of the third temple will happen during Trump’s administration. This is a new day and the blood moons pointed to that.” – Heb 13:8 (11-25-16)

The belief amongst many theorist is that Trump will push for the creation of the Third Temple and will authorize a project between the US and Israel which will allow for the construction of the Temple to begin soon.


What If The Red Heifer Is A Genetic Clone?

According to a number of theorist, the Red Heifer will not be a natural-born creature, but rather the elaborate attempt by man to create a genetic clone of a perfect heifer. Read below:

“Rabbi Richman, also a member of the Sanhedrin, has been heading a project to restore the sacred Red Heifer to Israel. According to Numbers 19, the ashes of the Red Heifer mixed with water are a necessary element for purifying Jews to enable them to do service in the Temple. During the time of the First and Second Temples, a span of approximately 1,000 years, only nine Red Heifers were used in preparing the waters used to purify Jews. According to Jewish tradition, the tenth one will be used by the Messiah. Richman and other rabbis of the Temple Institute are providing halachic supervision and guidance in partnership with an Israeli cattleman who is an expert in the science of animal husbandry. He is utilizing the technique of implanting the frozen embryos of the Red Angus cattle, which originally come from North America, into Israeli domestic cattle. A red heifer cannot be transported to Israel for use in the Red Heifer ceremony, because the animal cannot have ever worn a yoke and must be born in the Land of Israel. The project is the culmination of years of research at the Temple Institute that fuses ancient religious texts and modern science.” – Jewish Voice.Org

Clone of Red Heifer = 888 / 88 (Jewish Reduced)

The Third Temple Rebuilt – Heifer Sacrifice

“Daniel was given a vision far into the future, pointing to a time when the Jewish Temple would be
rebuilt. The Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD, and for nearly 2,000 years
now it has laid in ruins, with just parts of the Temple walls and some of the foundations remaining.
Watchers of end times bible prophecy have long speculated as to whether or not the Temple would be built for a third time. But Daniel, verse 27, clearly sees that there is a rebuilt Temple.” – Now The End Begins

“I lastly want to bring up the 3rd year it will be ready to burn if this is THE red heifer. Most rabbis want the red heifer ashes for Passover. This would make it Passover of 2022. Now if they do it before Passover and do it around the time of the jewish new year it will be in the Chinese zodiacs year of the Ox. This is very significant in the occult especially if it’s genetically modified like I suspect.” – C.A. Patin, Hidden in the Crag

Additional Gematria Findings:

A Abomination Desolation is a bomb = 888 (Primes)
abomination of desolation a ai weapon = 666 (Franc)
a abomination of desolation + a nuke bomb = 666 (Franc)
abomination of desolation red heifer = 444 (ALW)

Donald Trump + Temple = 666 (Primes) 88 (Reverse)

According to the symbolic views held by modernist Jews/Christians, Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin are representitive of the king Cyrus

US Dollar Collapse = 1110
Trump, Putin, Cyrus = 88 (Reverse) 906 (Reverse)
Trump Build A Wall = 1110
HaShem And Red Heifer = 906
The Red Heifer = 666
Sacrifice Red Heifer = 906
Ashes of Red Heifer = 906
A Latter Day Red Heifer = 1110
End Time Red Heifer = 888
Trump And Red Heifer = 1110
A Red Heifers In Israel = 1110
Trump and Israel end it = 444 (Franc) 888 (Satan)
Trump + Israel Latter Days = 88 (Full)
a Armageddon a Israel = 888
Armageddon an Trump = 1110 / 77 (Full)
Armageddon an Heifer = 888

Mac Miller Gematria Study


mac-miller “I’m the coolest Jewish rapper.” – Mac Miller

Rapper Mac Miller was found dead on September 7, 2018. The symbolism of the rapper and his Gematria will be showcased in this study. Jewish rapper, Malcolm James McCormick, known professionally as Mac Miller, was the former boyfriend of Kabbalah mystic and singer Ariana Grande. He was also a noted record producer under the pseudonym “Larry Fisherman”. In 2011 Mac Miller had reportedly earned $6.5 million dollars, along with the attention of President Donald J. Trump, and the Jewish media. Mainstream media, who are owned by an esoteric group of 6 corporations, began to feature Miller in a number blogs and posts. His music was being heard by Donald Trump, followed the success of Miller on Twitter.
donald-trump-52e623d8bdd6f“He’s a 21-year-old with the world at his back and tattoos on his chest, fingers, neck, legs—and now his stomach. He’s living! That’s great, since he won’t be able to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.” – Complex Magazine

With the attention of Trump, and the controlled fake media, Miller became famous. Note the recent ad campaign of Nike, highlighting the ideology of “sacrifice“, and the often mentioned ‘death’ of Miller before his death. The stage was being set well in advance.

Below is what Donald Trump had to say about Mac Miller:

“I have not met Mac Miller but his song, Donald Trump, has had over 40 million hits. Maybe he should pay me somethiing. I created another star— where’s my cut? He owes me big! Little Mac sent me an expensive plaque for making his song “Donald Trump” such a big hit.” – Donald Trump 

“So Little Mac, I’m now going to teach you a big boy lesson about lawsuits and finance. You ungrateful dog! I want the money not the plaque you gave me! He used my name without my permission and song became a Great hit. Tell Little Mac to kiss my a**.  EXCEPT FOR HIS DONALD TRUMP SONG, LITTLE MAC MILLER’S MUSIC SUCKS!  90 million hits and no payment yet, but he’s been dead since Donald T!” – Donald Trump 

“Wow, little Mac Miller has almost 100 million views on his song, “Donald Trump.” Keep pushing Mac and come up with another hit – just do it!” – Donald Trump

Just do it. Sacrifice everything. Nike is the goddess of victory over the blood soaked battlefield. Colin Kaepernick ad appears in the media during THE SAME week as non-stop Ariana Grande coverage.

Mac Miller – Donald Trump Lyric

“But I take over the world when I’m on my Donald Trump s*** Look at all this money, ain’t that some s***? We gon take over the world while these haters gettin’ mad. 

Mac Miller loved him some Trump. Then he became a hatter of Trump.


Mac Miller Rocking A Type of “Team Satan” Shirt

“Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza.” – Mac Miller

Mac Miller, like rapper XXXTentacion (also sacrificed this year) wore shirts known to symbolize “Team Satan”. Being down with the losing team for the ‘sacrifice” ritual is thought of as cool and trendy by these ignorant pawns. Miller had recorded the song “Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza”, had Miller been drinking the Kool-Aid of an industry filled with lies and deceptions? “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a figure of speech commonly used in North America that refers to a person or group holding an unquestioned belief, argument, or philosophy without critical examination. It could also refer to knowingly going along with a doomed or dangerous idea because of peer pressure. The phrase was invented in error as a reference to the 1978 mass-murder in Jonestown, Guyana. Jim Jones, the CIA influenced leader of the group, convinced his predominantly Black followers to move to Jonestown. Late in the year he then ordered his flock to commit suicide by drinking Flavor-Aid (NOT Kool-Aid), which was laced with potassium cyanide. The drugs may have been supplied via the CIA. Most of the group was forced to drink the poison while being held at gun point. Other members were shot and killed, or injected with various drugs. They were all sacrificed. Jim Jones believed in something. Just do it.


JUST DO IT! Believe in something. Even it means sacrificing everything.

xxxtentacion-expressing-his-inner-demons-team-satai-rap-xxxtentacion-supporting-28502176Inner demons. Demonic rappers and ‘Team Satan” idols. Rapper XXXTentacion was down with “Team Satan”. The losing team that leads to literal sacrifice of these delusional pawns. This same period of time showcased two more rappers down with “Team Satan”, rapper Eminem, “in hidden code – Me Mine”, was shown in a music video where a demonic spirit enters his body and he leaps from a building (predictive programming of his suicide). Eminem had released the album Kamikaze. Killing oneself in battle as in Japanese suicide. Again the connection to NIKE, the goddess of victory over bloody battlefields. “Just Do It.” This new “Shady Kamikaze” release lead to a ‘beef’, a fake argument/disagreement by another artist done so to raise BOTH their record sales. The next pawn in this scripted play is rapper Machine Gun Kelly.  Below Me Mine and MGK.

eminem-mgk_1120The average sheeple watching these entertainment clowns, have no idea about the behind the scenes lifestyle of drugs and demonic forces at play – Team Satan. The so-called stars rise to fame on the promise that the hidden forces of this world will ensure their success and wealth. For a time this happens, then the sacrifice. Below Em shown holding gun in his mouth – predictive programming.


The most important stories this week of 9/7/2018 were the ‘sacrifice’ Nike ad of Colin Kaeprnick, the Death of a Star – a supernova in space, and the death of rapper Mac Miller at age 26. His age can be broken down as two 6 for 66 symbolism. The day before actor Burt Reynolds also died. During the final Instagram post of Mac Miller he played a song on a record player. The song featured the lyrics “9 lives I cant die” . 

Fool's Gold Presents Day Off, Los Angeles, USA - 25 Sep 2016The coding of the week was to play up Ariana Grande prior to this ritual. The sacrifice of Mac Miller is done and the feminine goddess set to rise up, much like the goddess Nike, becomes Grande. “In the grand scheme of things” Grande was the highlight of the fake media during the month of September. The 9th month. Bishop Charles Ellis wrapped his arm around Grande, pulled her close and pressed his fingers into the side of her breast.The language of the fake media and the Hollyweird elite is to utilize a favorite expression called: TOXIC. The word was introduced to be included in nearly all internet idiocy. Grande believes in the power of the occult, the scripted “as above so below” mantra. The Instagram posts, as well Twitter, of Grande showcase the occult pattern of reversal. The so-called laws of reversal that are practiced by occultist who read and write forwards and backwards. Notice the Mac Miller checkered board shirt in red. Red for the blood/heart. These are scripted photos and the clothes utilized are done so on purpose as well. Grande called her relationship with Miller toxic. Various people left comments on Grande Twitter page that labeled her responsible for his death. Ariana Grande has since disabled comments from her Instagram.

Cardiac arrest it is about the heart.
This death is numerically linked with Ariana Grande…
They had a big song together called “The Way” from her 2013 album Yours Truly…
On that album there is also a song called
“Honeymoon Avenue”

Currently, Grande’s twitter page has the upside down words
“honeymoon ave … sweetener”

That equals 213 in Reverse Ordinal
Why has she been referencing a 2013 when she has had many hits since then?
Not to mention that she was romantically involved with Mac Miller in 2013.
She is engaged to another man now so I wonder if that was why the words
“honeymoon ave”
is turned upsidedown. – ZENITH OF THE ALPHA, America

Mac Miller eyeMac Miller No Suicide = 1110
A Mac Millers Murder = 1110
Mac Miller Killed via drug = 666 (Primes)
Mac Miller + Trump = 66

INTERSCOPE_eminem-fall_050918_1120Eminem + A Demon = 666
Eminem + NWO = 666
Eminem + A Trump = 888
Eminem is rap god = 888
Eminem an occult = 888
Eminem and suicide = 888
Eminem is all an act = 906
Eminem and a devil eye ra = 1110

bill-clinton-stares-ariana-grande-ppAt the funeral of Aretha Franklin, Bush/Obama cousin Clinton stares inappropriately at Grande. Clinton had encouraged his friend Donald Trump to run for President.

“I think you’re just such an egomaniacal, attention-thirsty, psychopathic, power-hungry, delusional waste of skin and bones that you’ll do, say or allow anything if it means you’ll just get one more minute in the limelight.” – Mac Miller, Trump “Hate”

oprah occult backwards

According to occultist is the ‘Law of Reversal’. The black areas of the checkered floor are indicative of the ‘ZERO’ space – the dark abyss and the rising of chaos. This is the realm that some Satanic groups claim to visit during astral trips. Also called visions of the ‘god forms‘.
“In order to access the demonic entities , we must use the reverse to do all things backwards” – Satanist, Chaos Forum
“Let the adept do all things backwards. Let him learn to walk backwards. Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural and appreciable as a whole. Let him practise speaking backwards: thus for “I am He” let him say, “Eh ma I”. – Occultist, Aleister Crowley

Oprah Winfrey’s production company is called ‘Harpo‘, which is “Orpah” spelled backwards. According to her critics, Oprah is an upper tier mage of the New Age, along with having knowledge of performing theatrical aspects of the occult. The Ariana Grande posts are often featured backwards or upside down – as above so below mysticism.

Colin Kaepernick Gematria Study



Colin Kaepernick Gematria Study

Believe in something.” Not the truth. “Even if it means sacrificing everything” Just do it. These words are an esoteric clue to the true nature of this rigged and symbolic ritual. Colin Kaepernick is an actor in an on going script by the globalist elite. The power structure in America preys on the gullible, the easily fooled, the naïve. Those of you who ‘believe in something‘, other than the truth are useful idiots. The hidden message here is the ‘sacrifice’. Pardon me for a moment, but to those of you who do not seek truth and do not understand anything, then you surely will fall for everything. You sheep.


In the film Avenger’s: Infinity War, the lead villain is Thanos, who believes in something, the sacrifice of half the galaxy. With a snap of his fingers he can cause billions of lives to be gone in an instant. You see, Thanos is a believer in the power of Eugenics, deciding the fate of others because you have deemed yourself the elect. The chosen one. Pop culture will oft remind us the hidden goals of the upper tier elite. The goal of Eugenics and the ideology of so-called population control. To maintain a smaller population the elite will require the sacrifice of many. Only when the ears of fools hear these messages they brush them away as entertainment. They view the world as they are told, rather than how it truly exists. The grains of truth in the hidden aspects from Hollyweird, to the pulpit of Politics, to the field of NFL, all are ignored. “Coincidence.”, the fool says.

Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population. It was started via the bloodline of Charles Darwin, the Nazis adored the idea. It has grown in popularity via the upper elite in recent years. A monument to the proposed genocide of billions of people can be found in “The Georgia Guidestones“,  a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia. A set of 10 New World Order commandments is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages, and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts. This method of placing language and year symbolism is also referred to as Gematria. The coding technique by which the number 8 & 8 can be found, or 88.


If it is of all importance to believe in “something”, then the content of your belief can be ‘anything’, even the sinister aspect of sacrifice and the deadly goal of the NWO. The fool again must exclaim “Coincidence.” The recent Amazon series Jack Ryan also shows the misguided “belief” system of following a belief for the sake of sacrifice. The first season follows the titular CIA analyst as he is wrenched from the security of his desk job into the field after discovering a string of dubious bank transfers, which is being carried out by a rising Islamic terrorist named Suleiman. Suleiman believes in the sacrifice of others to reach a greater goal. The death of thousands is justified by the belief of the one. Is this “just do it?” You bet. Yet the fool hears only his own idiocy, in his heart he has no truth.

Boy looks after his brother as they walk near wreckage of school Libyan officials say was bombed by NATO forces in Zlitan


In the ancient period Nike is depicted as a fit young, winged women with a palm frond or blade. She often carries the staff of Hermes, symbolic of her role as the messenger of Victory. She has two large wings to aid her flight over the blood soaked battlefield. The fields of death where warriors are sacrificed to the gods of battle. Lives are lost forever. Families separated by death. Such as in reality where the Obama administration ordered the bombing of 7 countries. According to Washington, Obama executed a total of 24,287 bombs on Syria and Iraq alone during his final murderous year in office. Other countries that the U.S. bombed include Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan. In all nearly 13,000 children were sacrificed. Just do it.


Not The Facts You Were Looking For?

Ignore the truth, ignore history, ignore fact. This is the only escape that a fool can embark upon, rather than accept reality. “Believe in something.” Just do it.

The Fantasy Of Division Vs The Reality

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” – Colin Kaepernick

WAKE UP FOOLS! In America Police brutality is an issue. Police shootings are an issue. In most other countries this is NOT an issue. America does not have a gun issue, nor a gun problem. We have a health problem. Our diet and our culture are responsible for the gun violence we face. In numerous other countries where access to guns is normalized, there is nearly no gun violence. THERE IS NEARLY NO GUN VIOLENCE IN MOST OTHER GUN OWNING COUNTRIES!


Why Do We Kill Each Other?

Mental health issues, diet, and culture, are the leading cause of gun violence in America. DIET. Ask yourself how many Greek people are being shot and killed by police in the USA? How many Japanese? How many Filipino? How many Israeli? HOW MANY????? There are millions of those groups of people in the U.S., yet how many have been killed by police? THINK.  People whose cultures tend to eat quantities of foods richer in; nutrients, ample in vitamin d, amino acids, and Omega 3’s are less likely to be involved in any police shootings. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BLACK VS WHITE POLITICS. 

Italy has a population of 60,500,378 persons. They thrive on the classic Mediterranean diet. Eggs, nuts, fish, Italian water. They eat bruschetta (pronounced brew-skeda), heavy in tomatoes, and drink wine. They also eat plenty of grapes, citrus fruits, and almonds. Nearly 90% of the population is Christian. They own over 8,000,000 guns. Yet yearly the number of gun homicides is usually around 209-211. Their number of gun suicides was 485 in 2012. All those people, all those guns, yet a smaller level of gun violence despite the epic size of their nation. Facts the media do NOT want you to know. Our American diet is sick and making us sicker!

Detox water with various types of fruit in mason jars

What Are You Drinking?

In poorer communities, realize the amount of fluoride and other harmful brain altering and damaging chemicals found in tap water. Drinking water and brain function are integrally linked. Lack of water to the brain can cause numerous symptoms including problems with focus, memory, brain fatigue and brain fog, as well as headaches, sleep issues, anger, depression, and many more. In the brain, which is 80 percent water, even very mild dehydration — a 3 percent to 4 percent decrease in water — can cause harmful neurological issues. Studies conducted on the safety of water consumption tend to indicate that drinking non-cold water is better for the brain than cold refrigerated water. Fluoride is fundamentally a poison, with no beneficial biological role in the human body, and the effectiveness of swallowing fluoride to reduce tooth decay has never been demonstrated by a randomized controlled trial . Yet for millions of Americans, particularly the poorest, drinking of fluoride filled tap water is common place. This is a dangerous road to take, according to a number of theorist and activist. Don’t just do it.



Kaepernick is a useful fool, a tool for the elite to sell divisions and market shoes as an actor – a puppet on a globalist string. Usher in the NWO. Just do it. All ritual and slogan in regards to a deity of war and bloodshed and human sacrifice. You fools that hear but do not listen, WAKE UP! The agenda is to divide America on the false belief that Blacks are being killed by Police more so than any other race. IT IS A LIE. You are each separate people, with your own souls, minds, and views. You are unique! Do not fall for the lies of the mainstream media, nor let division and hate into your heart. It is deceit the wicked have chose to practice, there is no truth in them. If you hate the truth, then you must surely love the lie. Do not just do it. Do not give in to just ‘belief’, seek the answers for yourself. Below are the REAL stats on Police Violence in the USA:

 1,009 Police Fatal Shootings 2017 – May 2018
By Total:
1.) Whites 475
2.) Hispanics 252
3.) Blacks 223
4.) Natives 34
5.) Asians 19
6.) Arabs 6
Whites and Hispanics comprise the majority of fatal shootings by police.

Whites (475) 196,817,552 63.7 Percent of Population 47% -25
The number one group of people killed by police were Whites, representing 475 deaths, White people comprise 196,817,552 Americans – or 63.7 percent of the US population. They are 47% of the police fatal shootings, yet are 25% less likely based on population to be shot and killed by police. They are most likely to be shot and killed by police out of the 1,009 total. Native Americans and Arabs are most at risk of being killed by police. Asians are least likely to be shot and killed by police.

By Percentage
1.) Whites 47%
2.) Hispanics 25%
3.) Blacks 22%
4.) Native 3.36%
5.) Asians 1.88%
6.) Arabs 0.59%

Comparing Asians shot by police to their respective demographics in 2018.
Japan Population 127.7 Million
4 Death Via Gun
Japanese In USA = 1.44 Million 9.6% of Asian Americans
0 Death Via Police – 0.46% of US Population

Philippines Population 106.6 Million
7,214 Death Via Gun
Filipino In USA = 3.8 Million 25% of Asian Americans
0 Death Via Police – 1.23% of US Population

America Samoa Population 57,907 98% Christian
0 Death Via Gun

Chinese Population 1,390,100,000
Chinese In USA = 4.3 Million
0 Death Via Police 


In the USA, we have sacrificed a number of freedoms, a number of liberties, all in the guise of false safety, of a false peace. The sacrifice that the deity Nike requires, is an ancient one of blood and death in the blood-soaked theatre of war. The sacrifice of liberty has begun for many in the nation of America, and around the world. The censorship of the truth community is real, and unjust. Numerous websites have been banned by self serving religious bigots, and truth hating tyrants. The sacrifice that is sought by the upper elite is for the loss of life and freedoms. They require you to believe in false doctrines, in lies and deception. For those of us who are Christians, know this; Christ made the ultimate sacrifice, and his life was given that we may live in eternity redeemed of sin. As a believer in Christ, do not believe in ‘something‘, believe in the truth and the message of the Lord.

Nike Does Not Care About You Or Truth

The Nike campaign is designed to inspire emotional hatred and reactionary bigotry. It is designed by the elite to help their dollar crusade towards global tyranny. They are not woke. They are not truth seekers. They are of their father. They lust for greed and corruption and to divide and conquer. Your money, with the symbolic “Eye of Udjt”, is offered up as sacrifice on the corporate offering plate. They care NOTHING about the Black community. Only about the money they can reap from useful fools and idiots who “buy” into the lies they peddle. Stay ignorant. Stay uniformed. Just do it. They understand that the Black community is the largest purchaser of Nike product. Studies conducted on the communities that spend most on clothing apparel, found that Blacks and Hispanics contribute up to a whopping 30% of their incomes yearly on shoes and sports wear. In an ad that reinforces negative ritual division and bigotry, they are banking on the gullible and dimwitted SLEEPING fool, to purchase Chinese slave labor crafted $1.00 shoes for $150. You Sheep. Those funds will never see the advancement of the inner city water supplies, where pipes are covered in rust. Nor will money go to increase awareness of health issues affecting the poor, such as lack of nutrients and healthy diet, REAL causes of gun violence. Instead the globalist require you to sacrifice your soul, your wallet, and your mind. Don’t do it.

By The Gematria Numbers:

A Truth Seeker = 906

Kaepernick and Sacrifice = 1110
Kaepernick an Sacrificed = 1110
Colin Kaepernick + Nike = 1110
Kaepernick and a NFL bow = 1110
Kaepernick = 66 Full, Kaepernick + NWO = 444 Primes
Kaepernick a actor = 906

Athena Nike = 1110 (Squares)

Best And Worst Films Of 2018 Gematria Study

The top films released in 2018 by worldwide gross (meaning highest dollar earned) continued to be dominated by Disney productions and the genre of Super Hero/Comic Books.

1940s – 2020s Film Genre Popularity

Every era, or decade, contains a genre which dominates the cinematic film landscape. The culture defines the popularity of the genre and the film makers tend to produce films in abundance that will suit the tastes of the film going public. In any given high awareness film there will typically be several esoteric or occult elements and so-called Easter eggs, which the always unknowing, and not very knowledgeable, ‘film critic’ will fail to notice or even mention. The vast majority of films, both theatrical and televised, feature NO esoteric or occult symbolism.  Lets take a look at the most popular genre pieces per film era or decade.

1940s – Film Noir / Westerns / Drama

Hundreds of full-length films were produced during the decade of the 1940s. The great actor Humphrey Bogart made his most memorable films in this decade. Frank Capra’s masterpiece It’s a Wonderful Life and Orson Welles’s masterpiece Citizen Kane were released. The film noir genre was at its height. The most popular genre of the 1940’s was known as the ‘film noir’, it was a stylish black and white film genre in which suspense and drama clashed, often with the depiction of a hardened detective or seasoned protagonist. The two other competing genre’s of this era were the Western and the Drama. The 1940’s introduced Hitchcock to most American audiences.

1950s – Westerns / Outer-Space / Comedy / Biblical Epics

Film genres of the 1950s were of a wider variety. As a result of the introduction of television, the studios and companies sought to put audiences back in theaters. With the fear that studios would loose money to television, techniques in presenting films through widescreen and big-approach methods were used. This would see the popularity of Biblical epics at the Big Screen. Films that had sci-fi stories about aliens and outer-space were introduced, 3-D was used, even on some Westerns. Comedy films were also popular genre pieces during this time.

1960s – Spy Films / Historical Drama / Musical

Beginning in the middle of the decade due to the start of the cultural revolution and the abolition of the Hays Code, films became increasingly experimental and daring and were more risqué. The start of films that included spies, such as James Bond, were a huge hit. Other pieces of genre that audiences flocked to were the historical drama and the brightly colorful and epic musicals. The era was a golden age of huge musical adaptations and large colorful films. Beach fun movies also rose to prominence in this era, with their singing and dancing. Psychedelic and far out were the terms for some of these films.

1970s – Dark Horror / Thriller / Kung Fu

Everything that came out in the 1970s was based on horror or realism. The films were dark, gritty, and painted bleak pictures of life in the future, or the Big City. Movies were horrific and often depicted a conspiracy or dark truth hiding below the surface. The film codes were now being bent with the introduction of the R-rated movie becoming common, and even X-rated cinema becoming mainstream. Exploitation films were being crafted from Italy to the USA. Comedy during this period tended to be satirical and cinema as a whole was a downer. The blockbuster was coined and created in the 1970’s, with audiences flocking to see Jaws, and The Exorcist. In 1977 George Lucas film Star Wars changed the direction of all movies for decades to come. Movies during this era became hits based on good word of mouth.

1980s – Teen Comedy / Sci-Fi / Slasher/ Action

In contrast to the edgy darkness of the 1970’s, the 1980’s saw the introduction of numerous modern films seeking to capitalize on the success of Star Wars. Larger than life blockbuster films were the trend. Action movies with muscular heroic figures were introduced. The teen comedy was a huge success. Films featuring teens being slashed to pieces were also a hit. Gone were the days of cinema realism. Now movies needed to focus on high-concept pictures with the aim of  creating modern Hollywood blockbusters. Every film was driven to become the next BIG hit. Every studio banked on emulating the success of Star Wars. Merchandising became huge. Sequels were everywhere. It was a time of excess and greed. In the US, the PG-13 rating was introduced in 1984 to accommodate films that straddled the line between PG and R, which was mainly due to the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. A number of teen comedy movies at this time featured nudity and foul language.

1990s – Indie Films – CGI – Disasters – Hood

What a huge change. The 1990s were an era of the indie film. Filmmakers with small budgets produced some of the biggest films of this decade. The arthouse style film was huge during this era. Critical favorite films became hits with the film going audience. Computer generated films were also a huge success and introduced a number of changes for the cinema. Also the appearance of Hood films occurred. Films with a lower budget that featured gangstas, or urban life were popular. Rap music and Hip Hop were changing the culture. With the wide spread of cable TV and VHS, audiences were being introduced to a market of smaller films that they would have neglected in the 1980s. The internet was becoming wider during the end of this decade, and film fan sites gave voice to a number of lesser marketed movies. The word of mouth movie had returned. Huge studios meanwhile, devoted their money to created epic disaster films. While smaller studios grew.

2000s – Fantasy Film, Gross Out Comedy, CGI, Documentary

The decade of the 2000s in film involved many significant developments in the CGI film industries around the world. Nearly every movie that was released in the 2000’s featured some form of CGI. A large number of animated, or live action CGI films were released during this period. The Fantasy film was the biggest hit with audiences during this decade. Teens and young adults sought out a genre of gross out comedy/rom com. The romantic comedy genre. Also of note this era introduced huge documentary films that were seen via large audiences and noted by the critics.

2010s – Dystopia Future / Super Hero Comic Book / Big Budget Films 

The decade of the 2010’s saw an increase in films that used CGI. The biggest film genre of this decade was the Super Hero/Comic Book. The film genre of the Dystopian future was also hugely popular during this era of big budget films. Disney produced dominated this era.

Top Dollar Films Of 2018 

1  Avengers: Infinity War (Super Hero) $2,046,230,637
2 Black Panther (Super Hero)                  $1,346,844,034
3 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Dystopia)  $1,300,157,140
4 Incredibles 2 (Super Hero) $1,163,522,913
5 Deadpool 2 (Super Hero) $734,051,798
6 Mission: Impossible – Fallout (Action) $647,046,529
7 Ant-Man and the Wasp (Super Hero) $594,897,458
8 Ready Player One (Dystopia)  $582,018,455
9 Hotel Transylvania 3 (CGI) $486 million
10  Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Musical) $367 million

– Worst Films of 2018 –

Woody Woodpecker – Worst Live Action CGI

Woody Woodpecker, released in very limited theaters, was awful. It features some blatant ‘SJW social justice warrior’ nonsense. Woody is at times very rude. The family is horrible and clueless AND rude. The film is not worth viewing. There is no esoteric symbolism. It is semi-kid friendly but not very good overall.

Monster Family – Worst Animated

Monster Family, limited theatrical release, is the worst animated film of 2018. Other films like: Fly Away Home and Luis and the Aliens were not very good either. Monster Family features another rude family and a questionable plot. There are minor moments of esoteric symbolism and allusions to witchcraft.


Annihilation – Worst Sci-Fi/Horror

Annihilation is the worst sci-fi horror film of 2018. Some mild esoteric content.

Take a wonderful premise from a well written book, and throw it all out. Annihilation is idiocy run amok. So turn off your brain and prepare to be subjected to one of the worst sci-fi films to ever violate an unsuspecting public.
Pseudo “film critics”, have labeled this travesty smart, and thought provoking. Wrong as usual. In fact, this film should come with a warning for anyone capable of using their mind, “Please Turn Off Brain Before Viewing Stupid B Movie.” So toss aside common sense and logic as nearly every scene in this film is the product of lazy writing and sloppy poor direction.

“First of all this movie was not confusing, nor was it thought provoking. I get the idea of morphology, the Shimmer refracting DNA and the idea of one’s own self destruction to becoming something new/ different. Those ideas were cool, but that’s not what I have issues with. It’s hard to take this movie as a deep, intellectual movie when common sense and basic logic is all tossed aside.” – Cooltoys007, IMDB


An object from space falls on “Area X”, a Lighthouse near the southern coast of the US creating an anomalous iridescent electromagnetic field called “the Shimmer“. Meanwhile in a flashback Lena (Portman) whispers to a male cellular-biology colleague that she is holding up well, given the circumstances that her Special Forces husband, Kane (Isaac) went into “the Shimmer” and never returned. Must be time to move on right? Lena packs up Kane’s belongings and enjoys a one night stand with her fellow whispering colleague. Expect more whispered dialog to proceed in flashback form between a boring Portman and a bored Isaac. Great fun.

One night Lena’s husband randomly shows up seemingly unaware he was missing or where he has been. Blood shoots from his mouth and he collapses. The government shows up and places him insolated quarantine, as he shows signs of internal damage from a prolonged stay in “the Shimmer“. The only thing to do now is question Lena about how much she knows. We learn that the government spent a cool $1,000 on a small group of Armed Forces and day-one science interns to study and enter one of the Earths biggest mysteries. Yes the government in this film looks flat broke. They sent the first group of soldiers wandering into “the Shimmer“, without normal equipment. No Jeeps, no ATVS, not wearing harnesses, nor HazMat suits. WALKING into “the Shimmer.” Yes. WALKING.

“The story makes no sense. Perhaps the most significant event in human history and the investigation team seems to have the budget and staffing of a small university chemistry department. Over the course of several years many research teams have entered the Shimmer, never to return (mostly). Surely, by now they’d have nuked it? But no, they do exactly the same thing again with a new team.” Amazon Review

The only logical thing to do now is arm the science gals on hand and send them off into “the Shimmer“. Because women get the job done when men fail. (COUGH COUGH). Why not just send the women and the men in together? Why not have everyone in hazmat suits? The solider that came back was shooting blood out his mouth. BLOOD! Just say no to walkie talkies. No analogue cameras nor communication? Nope. No Jeeps, No ATVS. No vehicles allowed. Wagons? Horses? Nope just send in a group of ladies without any experience in the field and arm them. Huh? They quickly learn that people in ‘the Shimmer’ evolved into colorful flowers and polar bears become mutants, along with shark alligators. One by one them ladies are picked off and killed until only Lena remains. Finding footage on a video camera, Lena learns ‘the Shimmer’ contains doppelganger aliens that can become you while in the lighthouse. Lena uses a grenade against her doppelganger and emerges from ‘the Shimmer‘ which dissipates to nothing.

Lena reunites with Kane, who has magically recovered from ‘the Shimmer‘. She whisper questions him if he is the “real” Kane, to which he whispes back, “I don’t think so.” The two embrace, and their irises shimmer and change color. Dum dum dummmmm.


A Wrinkle In Time Worst Fantasy

A Wrinkle In Time, features some New Age mumbo jumbo and brief numerical esoteric/occult patterns. The film has several pieces of an occult nature. I am not interested in doing a breakdown of this film at the moment. The surface content of this picture is dismal and idiotic.


Tomb Raider – Worst Action

Tomb Raider was the worst action film of 2018. Every character in this film is off by a mile. The film contains some mild and brief esoteric/occult depictions. Possible predicative programming.


 Overboard – Worst Comedy

Overboard was not the funny. The 1980’s version was alright. This new modern take lakes humor. There is not one funny moment here. In close second to this awful film is Action Point. Film features no esoteric content.


Shock And Awe – Worst Drama

Eurocentric secularist Rob Reiner brings us a boring, over the top, ham fisted drama. Shock and Awe, has horrible pacing and poor direction. Nothing is thought out or developed in this picture. I tend to watch all Reiner films, this is one of his worst. Film contains no esoteric content.


Freaky Friday – Worst Musical

Freaky Friday is really awful. Disney made this? It is by far one of the worst musicals ever. It is poorly written and directed. It features no elements of fun or wit. The casting is random and does not fit any one. There are questionable scenes throughout. Dismal. Mild esoteric content.


The Final Year – Worst Documentary

If you know anything about how the world really works, then The Final Year comes off as the piece of fantasy it really is. Nothing in this supposed documentary is real. No esoteric content.


A.X.L – Worst Sci-Fi

A.X.L is of the cheesiest pieces of nonsense on film I have ever seen. Almost none of the characters in the film are relatable or in any way realistic. The CGI is merely ok. Throw logic out the window while viewing this mess. Mild esoteric content.


The Darkest Minds (YA Adapted)
The Commuter (Thriller)
Maze Runner: The Death Cure (Dystopian)
Black Panther (Comic Book)
I Can Only Imagine (Christian)
Isle Of Dogs (Animated)
Mary & The Witch Flower (Anime)
Ready Player One (Cyber Punk)
The Meg (Giant Monster)
The Domestics (Horror/Sci-fi)
Journeyman (Sports – Boxing)
The Winning Season (Sports – Volleyball)
Skyscraper (Action)
Disney Zombies (Musical)
Rampage (Video Game)
A Quiet Place (Horror)
Paddington 2 (Live Action CGI)

I will update this list through the week!

2000 Greek Baby Names and Gematria Number List

Beginning of Gematria

5,000 years ago a group of Earthly Elohim, called Apsu/Apkaullu, were said to have appeared and mythically passed on the knowledge of how to build/create civilization to a tribe of black people ‘Bawru’ (also called Sag-gig-ga) in the land of Sumer. They were shown how to plant seeds, read, write, and amongst other things, taught Gematria. Giving a number to a name, word, or object, is called “Gematria,” which is the Babylonian practice of adding up the letters as numbers in any given word or name. In Latin this practice is called Isopsephia, or “isopsephism.” Each letter in the Greek language has a numeral equivalent. Add up the letters and you get the number of the name. The same principle was understood by ALL ancient people, who learned this technique from the Bawru, and later the Chaldean. The Egyptian art of Gematria was lost to time during the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. Yet, for the ancient period, some one million persons possessed the knowledge of Gematria usage and applied it to OVER six languages including: Hebrew, Sumerian, Greek, Roman, & today English.

What’s Your Number?

In the ancient world people asked one another hypothetical  questions regarding Gematria, such as: “Whose name is great and equal to none?”, Whose name means “true king”?, and “What is your number?”.  These questions were the task of calculating the number of a name to seek the ‘true persona‘, or hidden value of a word or name and its correlation to another word. In those ancient times, persons knew that each of their names were encoded with numbers, and that these numbers would indicate certain characteristics or attributes that other words or phrases shared. This is why buildings and structures, such the seven stepped Ziggurat, and the Masonic/Templar medieval buildings and Churches were ALWAYS constructed to match numerical significance found in Gematria. They knew their numbers.

The Palace Of Sargon Was Built Using Gematria

The Assyrian form of Babylonian Gematria, seemingly based on larger increments of 210 each (the Gematria of the palace of Sargon = 16,280), likely correspond to the numerical pattern of smaller units of 6 and 10, by which is meant the formation of 10 Babylonian soldiers to 1 commander. If you were to utilize the number pattern of 210 for each letter in the English alphabet, you would find the correspondence to the ancient Gematria of Babylon, the name ‘Sargon’, for example, would thus equal 16,280. In English Gematria ‘Sargon’ equals 444. The name “Sargon”, translates to a title “True Rightful King“. English Gematria system uses the patterns of: 444, 666, 888, 906, and 1110. The palace was built to MATCH the number of the name of Sargon, thus showcasing his ‘right to rule’ or hidden kingship – the power of his name in numbers.

I Love The Girl “545”

Young lovers in Greece and Rome used Gematria to express their relationships. For example, one inscription on a wall in Pompeii once read, “I love the girl whose number is 545.” This was a matter of using Gematria to showcase that the number of the persons name was understood by the ‘lover’. It is my guess that the name of the girl was “Phanessa”. In Greek Gematria the name ‘Phanessa’ equals 545. Although it was not uncommon for the names of women in the ancient world to appear with first and surname on Pompeii billboards, or other signage. The act of writing in graffiti the ‘lover’ inscription of 545, may be a clue to the first name only use for Gematria calculation. This would be the likely case as it would show synchronicity through time to singular names of importance in Gematria: Jesus, Lucifer, Sargon. Each of these names is equal to 444 in English, which is also linked to the ideal of prince and kingship.

The Media Uses Gematria To Deceive 

The U.S. is known around the world as a distributor of misleading or outright fake news. Currently, the U.S. ranks number 42 in the “Press Freedom Index“. Since the inception of news distribution in America, figures such as Benjamin Franklin, utilized Gematria to induce the ‘uninitiated’ to fall under the spell of ‘hex-craft‘. Franklin reported the false story that Native American Indians were removing babies from the wombs of women and scalping these babies as trophies for various boxes. The scalps in the boxes numbered 666 in some, and 88 in others. This is an example of using numbers to ‘induce’ or craft a falsehood into a belief. This technique was used numerous times by the so-called ‘Free Press”, when covering topics such as Time Vietnam story – “Gulf of Tonkin Six Boats Attack”, that never happened. The Washington Post story of little crackhead Jimmy and his Six pairs of jerseys. Numbers such as 6 and 88 are always used by these manipulators in story after story to indicate they are creating a lie to be believed.

“[Obama’s] Justice Department has cracked down on reporters in an effort to prevent leaks; it also set a new record for withholding access to government files under the Freedom of Information Act (despite calling for a “new era of openness” on his first day in office); and photojournalists in 2013 from several major news organizations chastised the Obama administration for denying their ‘right to photograph or videotape the President while he is performing his official duties,’ instead relying on official photos shot by White House photographers.” – NPR, Sam Sanders

The US has a horrible history of bias in the false mainstream media, and is one of the worst offenders of propaganda on a global scale. Continued efforts of fake news which were handled under George W. Bush and cousin Obama, continued to erode the freedom of information in the USA, and the reputation of the U.S. plummeted as a result of the efforts of: CNN, ABC, Fox and others as worldwide providers of fake media and propaganda.

Use Of Gematria To Uncover The Beast

If you are a Christian then know this: The Holy Bible is VERY clear that the use of Gematria is welcome! You may use Gematria as long as you have an understanding of numbers along with guidance and discernment of the Holy Spirit.

Revelation 18 “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

The Book of Revelation from Jesus that was given to his servant John was the testimony of the word of God and his son Jesus Christ. The Apostle John, writing during the time of the first great Roman persecution of the Christians, uses Gematria in Revelation 13:18 when he states that the number of the Beast is also his name. Everyone in the ancient period knew that stating the number of a persons name reveals that persons ‘true persona’, or their characteristic. The spirit of anti-Christ was also understood to be indicative of a person who was against Christ. The Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, and many other ancient people used their alphabets for numbers. This knowledge was ingrained into the society which John The Revelator was born. Numbers and the Alphabet are linked NOT separate. To know the number of any given alphabet would also be to know the letter. The two are one in the same. It was NOT a secret to the ancient world. This is why Neron Caesar (an alternate Hebrew spelling of the Emperor’s name in wide use in the 1st century AD) totals 666 while the Greek spelling of Nero Caesar totals 616. Both are numeric clues to the ‘true persona’ of the anti-Christ nature/spirit of the Roman Emperor.

Any person today who calls the use of Gematria Satanic is uttering blasphemy against the word of God and against the Apostle John who wrote the Book of Revelation. This group usually goes about claiming that anything out of Babylon should not be used. According to the ancient texts it was a group of Earthly Elohim that revealed the use of Gematria to the early Black tribes of Bawru that meet with Apkula who taught them how to read, write, plant seeds and create cities. That is the mythical understanding of the creation of Gematria as well. Thus, removing yourself from the practice of anything religious, mythical, or numerical is NOT POSSIBLE. NOT AT ALL. The entire ancient world was crafted based on numbers, and mythical concepts and any number or name is also spiritual or religious in nature as well. These names, ideals, and practices remain in place to this day. ALMOST nothing in the world is pure secular. If you are ignorant of this, that is meaningless. Facts are facts.

All Names Have A Spiritual & Mythical Connection To The Past

When someone says their name is Michael, I correctly hear “Hi, I am walking with God“. If you study names then you know that all names have a connection to the ancient world, and almost none are secular. Which is hilarious when a so-called atheist states their Christian name. Contradiction? Yup! Even if you are a secular person, understanding where your name derives and what meaning it holds should be of interest to you. Below is a list of 2000 Greek Baby names. The list will also show the Greek & English Gematria numbering of the names.

I have the numbers and meanings on another PC so I will put those up online throughout the week. So updating is STILL in progress! If you find a baby name you really like that is not yet updated you may use the Greek Calculator:


Acacia   – Greek Gematria = 133 / English 108 : Girls Name – Greek meaning of the name Acacia is: Guileless. Honorable. Biblical; acacia wood was used to build the wilderness Tabernacle. It is also a shrub or flower. FULL REDUCED NUMBER 18

Acantha – Greek Gematria = 421 / English 288 : Girls Name – Greek meaning of the name Acacia is: Sharp. Pointed. FULL REDUCED NUMBER 21

Achaikos – Greek Gematria = 370 / English 402 : Boys Name – Greek meaning of the name Achaikos is: from Achaia, Greece. FULL REDUCED NUMBER 31

Achille – Greek Gematria = 144 / English 300 : Boys Name – Greek meaning of the name Achille is: Pain. Lips. Heal. It is a variation of the name Achilles. FULL REDUCED NUMBER 32


The Dalai Lama Hoax Gematria Study


Dalai Lama Reincarnation Hoax

The Dalai Lama (Talaiblama) is the false reincarnation of the spiritual leadership, or multi-spirit being of a Buda – spiritual master. According to the Tibetan world view, highly evolved adepts are reborn as tulkus, or children who embody a developed capacity for spiritual attainment. A group of eminent monks may decide at random that any particular child is a Dalai Lama, or spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. In the selection process a child will be sat down in front of toys or objects that a previous so-called Dalai Lama owned, if the child reaches for one of those items then they must be the Dalai Lama reincarnated. However, in the case that several children are so-called tulkus, then a random kids name will be pulled from an urn – “the gold urn lottery”. After the selection process the child is taken away to be taught how to be the Dalai Lama, who they were supposedly already in a previous life.

Tulku Lie = 666

A tulku is a reincarnate custodian of a specific lineage of teachings in Tibetan Buddhism who is given empowerments and trained from a young age to be told they are the reincarnation of a previous Dalai Lama, even though they are not. The word tulku is a Tibetan term meaning “transformation body”. In English Gematria “Tulku Lie” equals 666.


Multi Millionaire Thai Monk & Child Abuser

Tibet: The False Utopia Of Child Abuse 

The Tibetan government, since the advent of the 5th Dalai Lama, utilized their powers as the so-called political/spiritual leader of their country to remove any opposition. During the formation of Tibet, the leadership required armies of mercenaries to kill and oust any persons who may conflict with their country and their false religion. The view of violence was regarded as untouchable or sinful in nature for the Dalai Lama, thus they hired ‘sinners’ to harm people or to kill livestock. Overtime the truth about this was covered up in the Western world to create the allusion that Tibet was always a peace loving utopia, which is false. Eventually the role of the Tibetan monks became to kidnap farm children (serfs), most of whom were then molested by homosexual monks. Young boys were forced into living the life of religious piety from the esoteric age of 6 against their will. The highest ranking monks typically raped any one of the boys who are also forced to dance for them. Much to the delight of the 1950’s CIA, who were helpful to these rapist monks, funds began to pour into the country by the millions. Eventually the 14th so-called Dalai Lama was removed from his power by the tyrant Chinese government for accepting large sums of cash from the CIA and aspiring to hire “outsider sinners” to murder his opposition – the Tibet Guerrilla Warfare. Once China ousted the so-called Dalai Lama, the CIA placed him on a payroll of $15,000 dollars a month as their scripted actor and spy agent for the US.

CIA Henchman The Dalai Lama

dalai-lamaThe so-called Dalai Lama is a tool of the CIA and mouthpiece for the propaganda of a false Tibet utopia. The Dalai Lama, although the legitimate authority of Tibet, was unable to mount a greater offensive towards China. While ousted from Tibet, the Dalai Lama agreed to receive money from numerous Western interest groups in turn for intel on how to harm Chinese businesses and interests. His salary grew into millions of dollars in record time. The role of the Nobel Prize committee is typically to award agents of the CIA with a false Peace Prize. Thus in 1989 the 14th Dalai Lama was given his prize for “peace”. Meanwhile in the Tibetan monastery the problem of children abuse was growing worse. The Western government knew of the on-going abuses, yet were obliged to maintain a false illusion of a wonderful Dalai Lama and a peaceful Tibet. All the while a cover-up was taking place to avoid the forbidden knowledge that abuse of kidnapped children was taking place. Homosexual monks began to transmit AIDS and various STDs amongst themselves. Soon some children contracted these diseases as well. Secretly the Tibetan monasteries were thus provided with condoms so they could continue their rapes of kidnapped and abused child victims. One such victim is Kalu Rinpoche, who was sexually abused by a gang of older monks who would visit his room each week.

“Most of the time, they just came alone and when I didn’t open they just banged on the door harder, and I had to open up. I knew what was going to happen, and after that you become more used to it. This was hardcore sex.” – Kalu Rinpoche, Tibet Monk Child Abuse Victim

Lodoe Senge, an ex-monk and so-called tulku was abused, as a 5-year-old by his own tutor, a man in his late twenties, at a monastery in India. Punishment and ritual abuse with severe beatings and rape are common in nearly all Tibet monasteries. Usually up to four monks will attack the children, punishing them harshly for minor offenses such as arriving late for mediation. Tools of violent oppression include; metal rods, meat cleavers, and large whips. Sometimes the beatings go too far. In a Kagyu monastery in Nepal, a monk used a meat cleaver to attack another monk striking his head and body, almost killing him in the process. YET the cycle of abuse does not end here, it continues to this day, covered up by the Fake News. The Dalai Lama has warm ties to murderous Nazis, various CIA agents, and even the MK Ultra Project. Thanks for viewing God Bless!

The Dalai Lama Gematria Findings:

A Dalai Lama’s A CIA Spy = 888
CIA Intel Of Dalai Lama = 888
Dalai Lamas An CIA Agent = 888
Fake Dalai Lama Of CIA = 666
False Dalai Lama + A CIA = 666
CIA Create A Dalai Lama An Fraud = 1110
The Dalai Lama Is CIA Actor = 1110
A Dalai Lama Is A Pretend Actor = 444 (Franc Baconis)
Dalai Lama A CIA Phony = 444 (Primes)
CIA Made Up Dalai Lama Act = 906
Dalai Lama Scripted = 888
The Dalai Lama CIA Hoax = 888
Dalai Lama Puppet = 888

Tulka Gematria Findings:

A Talaiblama Ocean = 666 (Ocean Name Of Dalai Lama)
Embodied Dalai Lama = 666
Demigod Dalai Lama = 666
Tulku Lie = 666
Reincarnate False = 906
Tulku Myth = 906
A Tulkus False = 888
Lie of Tulkus = 906
Tulku A Hoax = 444 (Primes)
A Tulku Reborn A Lie = 1110

Zachary K. Hubbard, Omarosa, #Walkaway Movement, and Trump Gematria Study


Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 6.16.03 PM“There is nothing more important you can learn in the world of truth than this code of Gematria” – Zachary K. Hubbard, Secular Numerologist 

Hey everyone Jay Pilon here. Zach included a link to this site on his RSS feed for Gematria News. I encourage you to check out his book Letters And Numbers

Zach is a proponent of Gematria and over the years built up a following on YouTube, as well as his online blogs. Recently his YouTube channel detailed the Omarosa Manigault and Donald Trump incident. I want to breakdown that story and more, as well as some of the numbers.


Omarsoa Manigault accuses Trump of using N-word

“For most Americans, it is the ballot box, not the bestseller list, where such determinations are made, and where moralism and self-interest can and should mix. And it’s not hard to picture voters in 2018, 2020 or both looking around, taking a breath and deciding they’ve had enough of the wackadoos.” – The Washington Post

In reality the voting public relies heavily on the concept of groupthink and pack mentality in their determination of electing officials to any given office. The belief that the American public (or any Republic or Democracy) as a collective will rightfully choose leadership that demonstrates sound reasoning and either a rational or morally sound discernment is FALSE. Washington Post gets it wrong again, and what is a wackadoo? It has been demonstrated through the 2016 election narrative, and through the false agenda driven lens of the MSM, that persons are instinctively driven by their fears (whether real or imagined) rather than their intellect or morals. This is why in America the concept of choosing a Presidential candidate is usually regarded as the so-called choice between “two evils“. Deciding which blood-line related Presidential contender is the lesser of the ‘two evils‘ is where a number of voters “choice” falls. Individuals in a political theater are rare. Collectives of people who rely on the echo chamber of ideals and concepts that mirror their own is what largely comprises the American political landscape in our two-party system. This system is in place in order to prevent ‘Justice’ and in order to profit from the falsehood of divisions. Figures who are promoted to the highest level of attention and acclaim in the field of politics, or mainstream media (left or right), earn millions of dollars for their respective positions and so-called ‘opinions‘. These actors are persons who speak not as “the individual“, but rather as the collective. They are in the position of highest afforded power for their own profit, and the promotion of their masters agenda. Not the needs, nor the concerns of the individual. In English Gematria “Opinions” = 666.


Omarosa Manigault profited from her stint on “Team Trump”, now she is afforded the publicity and millions in potential profits for “Dumping Trump”. Various figures in the public spotlight are paid endorsements and speaking fees for selling any particular political position. The job of the mainstream media is not to remain neutral, but rather to help sell the “profit for division model” that keeps the two-party system alive and bringing in the big dollars. Dollars and profits are what Omarosa cares most deeply about. Divisions and hatred of the truth are what the mainstream media care deeply about. They hate the truth, there is no truth in them. A typical CNN anchor, for example, lives comfortably in a multi room mansion, while owning a number of luxury vehicles on a million dollar salary. Can you imagine CNN actors Don Lemon or Jim Acosta offering rooms for illegal families in their respective mansions? What a beautiful gesture that would be! No, these are persons selling false agendas and stoking the bigoted irrational fears of a naïve and always gullible public in order to pay their extravagant bills. So why would they stop? They make too much cash doing it.


Can you really trust the media? Can you really trust any of the news? In August of 2018, 70 news organizations are supposedly planning to band together in groupthink solidarity to complain about and ridicule President Donald J. Trump. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! Irrational fear mongering? You BET! They would be better to spend that time, and energy, towards helping communities forward toward civility and understanding. They could produce job placement shows for the unemployed or disabled. Be the bridge to peace. But, would they? President Trump is covered so much already, we can expect 24/7 coverage saturation of Trump in fact. Turn on CNN right now! What are they talking about? Likely Trump. Turn on FOX, who are they talking about!? Again, Trump.


The Trump name makes the two-party system money. CASH! $$$$ The “Dump Trump” machine is a full-fledged 24 hours a day campaign designed to make the left money. You like Trump? Ok. You might read to see why Huffington Post claims there are a Gematria laced “88 New Reasons To Hate Trump!“. Trump equals 88 in Gematria, by the way. Using his name to sell hatred and bigotry is a passion of the Left. You voted Trump? That makes you a bigoted, White supremacist Nazi! Even if you are none of those things, that is the narrative. Thus the MSM will double down on name calling anyone who dares disagree with their fake narratives and false divisions. Take for example the focus on so-called White nationalist and Neo-Nazis. Why give them a voice!? Did these groups just magically appear when Trump was elected, or did they always exist in small numbers? Ummm. Ask yourself how many of those so-called White nationalist have you ever met? Outside of “hearing” a few bigoted PS4 internet gangsters, I have never met any neo-Nazi nor any White supremacist. Think people. This is a diversion by the media to keep people in line through their fears. White people might be out to get you! Stay fearful. Black people are all gang members! Stay fearful. WAKE UP. The media are lying to sell fear based agendas of hate and division in an effort to keep people ignorant and easily fooled. Research how many of those so-called White nationalist are in reality Obama voters, and Bernie Sanders supporters. Did you bother to look it up?  If you do you will start to smell the set-up. Why does the media not mention the ties of certain so-called White neo-Nazis to the Democrats? Yea, it does not fit their narrative.

You didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi? YOU RACIST!!!!  That means you are a toxic, White male and Pro-Trump supporter, according to nearly every left-leaning article and blog. Sick! What a disgusting and miserable agenda! Even if you are none of those things in the eyes of the certain left wingers you are! The media are obsessed with doubling down on rhetoric laced, childish name calling, and gender politics all which will lead people to re-elect Trump in 2020.  FACTS.


Where was the group ridicule for the Obama administrations use of drones that killed an estimated 12,000 civilians across numerous countries? WHERE!? Those civilian deaths left thousands of families without children, forever separated because of our US war mongering, and the news media was delighted! ‘Not the enemy of the people’? Prior to Vietnam the US news media, including Time Magazine, were selling us on the Gematria induced lie that 6 ships attacked an American vessel. It didn’t. They knew it was all lies of course. You can always tell their lying by their use of the numbers 6, 66, and 666.

SO how would ANY American feel if some other country were using drones on our people, leading to the murder of nearly 7,000 children? Would they simply brush it off like the media did for ‘Baby Killer Obama’? NO OF COURSE NOT! We as Americans would demand “Justice”! Feelings of outrage, shock, and horror would penetrate the fabric of the US. Yet President Obama while in office, like any other number of globalist Presidents before him, authorized the murder of thousands leading to the deaths of innocent babies, also by the thousands. SICK

In English Gematria “Trump An Omarosa” = 1110

“A fear-driven life is a life in which thoughts, decisions and actions are predominantly motivated by fear. Most people live a fear-driven life. Our present culture promotes a fear-driven life.” – Dr. Tim Ong

Does The Mainstream Media Speak For All Blacks?

For fear of being labeled a sellout, and other very disturbing racial slurs, by a collective of so-called tolerant White liberal-leaning bigots, many Black conservatives choose to remain hidden. Their voices silent. The narrative of the mainstream media is that the Associated Press, a majority of whom are White, speak for ALL BLACKS. Blacks are thus marginalized by the media who remind Americans in narrative after narrative to stay in your place. If you are a Black American you are not allowed to wander from the echo chamber of the biased hate filled agenda that all White people are evil bigots (except of course the ones the media promotes) who are “keeping you down” and not allowing you to have success. In reality there are levels to every realm or domain of culture and business. Under a two-party system that is controlled via a bloodline of aristocrats who are bonded to one another through a shared ancestry, YOU may not become President of the United States. Unless of course you are apart of their family. You must have inside you blood of kings, the so-called ‘rights to rule‘, the special genes for kingship. Barack Obama, cousin of Robert E. Lee and George Bush was allowed/granted to the level of the presidency. He was given the keys to the kingdom through his shared family bloodline, just as today the king in office is Donald J. Trump. Those are the levels of success which without a divine miracle are unobtainable for; Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, and Native Indian Americans. That point of fact aside. You are not limited to any successes you achieve in life because of your race. You live your life. You make your choices, for better or worse. You decide how you will pursue a livelihood, and any obstacle you face can be overcome through persistence and time. You also choose what messages to accept and which to render as null and void. No persons hatred or bigotry will ever hinder you from setting goals, nor achieving success. If you allow messages of defeat and self-pity to rule your life, then you are living in fear.


Black Americans aren’t buying Omarosa’s turn against Trump

“For years, Omarosa Manigault Newman stood at Donald Trump’s side, making her deeply unpopular with African-Americans who see her as a SELLOUT for aligning herself with a president who has hurled one insult after another at black people.” – Associated Press

Notice the mindless and irrational fear mongering the Associated Press utilized in the above quote. They paint themselves, White left leaning liberals, as the VOICE of ALL Black persons. Reminding us that if you voted Trump then you are less than a Black person. You are a sellout and Trump is a racist. What right, if any, does the Associated Press have to paint Black Americans as “one collective”. Not as individuals with their own bodies, souls, and minds. Rather the media in this case describes Blacks as though they are drones, all thinking and feeling the exact same way. What a sick and disgusting group the media have become! What an agenda!


The #Walkaway Movement

The coverage of the #Walkaway movement is lacking from the MSM, due ONLY to the fact that it does not fit with their false narratives and the scripted divide and conquer model. Division is the key. They LOVE to divide Americans by race, specifically Black vs White, the claims of the standard news drones is one that if you are: White, Christian, and straight then you are a racist Republican. If you are White or Jewish and left-leaning then you are tolerant and open-minded – you are ok. If you are Black, well you only have one option you are Democrat, held down in poverty by the White devil. What a load of garbage! The concept that races should be marginalized to fit some specific mold, is ludicrous and idiotic, whether that bigoted idea is from a Democrat, Republican, or Independent does not matter – it is wrong! Take a look at this dishonest drone:

“If the walkaway movement is to be believed then blacks are moving away from the Democratic party. No, people aren’t leaving the Democratic Party in droves.” – David Covucci, a typical Eurocentric drone at the Daily Dot

YES, David Covucci, There Are Black Conservatives!

I am sure this drone, David Covucci, knows exactly what he is doing. Burning the coals of dissension and oppression that his masters adore. Black vs White. The false narrative that you must be either one way or another in a close minded, supposedly tolerant world of the left leaning MSM echo-chamber idiocy. I do not speak for any race, nor all Blacks, nor all Whites. Neither should the Associated Press and their minions! Lets take a look at a few YouTubers who chose to #Walkaway, despite what David Covucci would want you to believe.


Uberguy – Black Conservative

“I do not stand with Black Lives Matter, lets not get this twisted. They don’t know whose funding them. They don’t know propaganda, they don’t know nothing about that. All they know is that when they go into someplace like the metro mall, they literally could be going there just to buy a CD, because they are black a dude would go up to them and say “What you doing in here!” – Uberguy, The Honest Truth about Police Brutality in America


In 2018 a number of Black Conservatives were targeted with racial slurs by members of the so-called tolerant Left, including being labeled as “sellouts, Nazis, and White supremacist N*words“. Sick and vile comments such as these, and even more have found there way onto social media by the left-leaning liberals, and Antifa. Really? This needs to stop! The media are causing this divisive issue to build up through constant race baiting and stereotypes. They are giving a voice to the White neo-Nazi groups. Educate yourself to their true nature. Learn and teach others to forgive and rebuke ANY message of hate. We need to return to civility, love, and respect.  Period. Below are just a few of the modern era Black Conservatives that challenge the stereotypes of the false media.


“WOW! Black support for @realDonaldTrump has DOUBLED since last year. Do you all remember when people laughed at me? When people said the idea of us blacks waking up to the reality of our mental enslavement was a delusion? They aren’t laughing right now!” – Candace Owens

photo (1)

“From early childhood, we’re told who we should be, what tribal group we belong to, and how we are expected to interact in a socially engineered society. Some go through life completely unaware of their indoctrinated world view. Myself, and others like me never fully subscribe to anything not of our own design without questioning it first.

In today’s world, there is an oppressive status quo of values and beliefs, and those who don’t subscribe are whipped with displeasure. Minds are awakening and shifting towards truth. No longer will we be controlled by this establishment of false narratives and propaganda. Because freedom comes before truth only in the dictionary.” – Mike Nificent


photo (3)

Brandon Tatum

photo (2)

The Amazing Lucas

photo (4)

David Harris Jr

photo (5)

Tony Montaga

I have a large and diverse circle of people in my life, and the subject of Omarosa is of hardly any concern for them. NONE. Yet the attention of the media is to illustrate supposed divisions between the races. The message being that you have no say in the matter of your livelihood, due to the race your were born with. Sick. You can be whomever you want to be. Never stop being you. Live your life and embrace love! Except people for their differences. We are not one. We are each unique.

Truth Seeking & Free Speech

When certain people close to me chose to remain active in the street life, I had to remove those persons from my circle. That type of behavior and ignorance is not conductive for my well-being, nor is it for theirs. I removed them from my environment, and have no contact with those persons. That said. IF in reality Omarosa had a legitimate falling out with Donald Trump, then she could very well keep those thoughts and views to herself and move on. There is absolutely NO NEED to bring attention to her so-called plight and beef with Trump. Yet there is a reason for her much publicized falling out. $$$$$$$$ MONEY!!! 

I am a huge, huge, huge fan of free speech. If Omarosa wanted to express her dislike of Trump then wonderful for her. But for me the truth is to be told, NOT SOLD. She is selling: an agenda, a book, a movie of the week, and speaking engagements. THINK PEOPLE! I pay yearly $200 for this site to remain up and for those of YOU who are truth seeking, truth loving persons (thank you, God Bless you) who come here to read my articles for information, Gematria, and facts that you may have never heard before and – I do It ALL FOR FREE. Which brings us to the sad reality of the scripted Omarosa drama. In 2020 (Trump will likely win re-election) she could very well re-join “Team Trump”, and declare her next book “Why I Came Back“. It’s all false agendas and nonsense. Money. Greed. Scripted silly TV drama of no real concern for anyone I know. Does Omarosa actually have hidden tapes of Trump calling her the N word!? If she did then she would be selling those, instead of her books.

If you are here for the first time and need to learn about Gematria, please visit my post called “What Is Gematria”, it gives a very clear breakdown on what it is.

Recent Trump Gematria Findings:

Trump Built Wall = 88
A Trump Build Wall = 1110
Trump An Art of Deal = 1110
Trump An Omarosa = 1110
A D. Trump Tweets = 1110

Trump Dog = 42
Female = 42
Lady = 42
B*** = 42
N Word = 42

Judge Sarah Backus = 906
Sarah Backus = 88 (ALW) / 332 Primes
A Democrat A Sarah Backus = 1110

A Social Medias = 666
Social Media of FBI’s = 888
Social Media + NSA Spy = 1110

In Closing 

No matter who you are, no matter what political affiliation you belong, Jesus loves you. Thank you all so much for coming by! Forgive others, reject hate and division, accept one another in civility. Rebuke falsehoods and seek the truth and wisdom. Study, research, learn. God Bless You.


Gun Violence, Homicides, & Police Shootings Study

Gun Violence, Homicides, & Police Shootings Study Part 1

How many of us have time to read through the numerous homicide victims profiles and check out the personal stories behind the statistics? Not many. Which is why I recently went through the profiles of all the victims of police shootings from the year 2016 to the present to sort the facts from the fiction. I also took an in-depth look at the homicide rates in my state of Oklahoma, researching story by story the accounts of the victims of homicide. Putting a face to the victims has given me a greater understanding of what is happening in my state. Sadly Oklahoma ranks 5th in the USA for gun homicides. What I quickly discovered was a myriad of disinformation, falsehoods, and lies regarding gun violence and police shootings. In this study we will breakdown the reality behind some popular falsehoods and myths.

Top Gun Homicide & Police Shooting Myths:

Lie 1 – The Number of Gun Deaths In The USA
Lie 2 – Black On Black Crime Does Not Exist
Lie 3 – Gang Members Increase Murder Rates
Lie 4 – Police Target Only Blacks
Lie 5 – Culture Plays No Role In Gun Violence
Lie 6 – By Banning Guns Everything Will Get Better

Lie 1 – The Number of Gun Deaths In The USA

The big lie behind the big number…the media has glorified the 38,658 gun death toll in the USA. In article after article the massive gun death toll is always highlighted in bold. It is a huge and sad figure for sure, BUT they are manipulating the facts behind it. US suicides by gun equal 22,938, or 60% of gun deaths, a fact seldom revealed. Thus the number of gun deaths is ALWAYS brought up for the sake of propaganda in articles where spin and lies are welcome. After the media fails to mention suicide rates they follow-up with a comparison of the USA (population 300 million) to a small all-White or all-Asian country where guns are mostly illegal, or very hard to come by. What they conveniently fail to mention is that even in those smaller countries the suicide rates are usually equal to the USA. That is without access to guns in those places, such as Japan, they are killing themselves through other means. Again, the number of gun deaths in the US is largely due to suicides, NOT homicides. This fact is seldom ever revealed by the news media.

Comparing Japan To The USA

The lie always begins the same way, “Japan has a population of 127 million people, but rarely more than 6 gun deaths a year.” Then the comparison of gun deaths in the US to gun deaths in Japan are made. “Just 6 gun deaths a year in Japan” the liars report. You and I know this is an example of hex-craft and the number is not just 6, in 2014 the number of gun deaths in Japan was 28. Yet the number of deaths in Japan is very alarming when one takes a look at the suicide rates. You see in the USA the vast majority of gun related deaths are due to suicides. NOT homicides as you are always led to believe. Studies conducted on the rate of suicides show that yearly 63% of gun deaths in the US are self-inflicted. In 2016 the total number of gun deaths was 38,658, of which 22,938 were suicides, or 59% of the total gun deaths.

“When Americans think about deaths from guns, we tend to focus on homicides. But the problem of gun suicide is inescapable: More than 60 percent of people in this country who die from guns die by suicide.” – Margot Sanger-Katz, NY Times

What They Do Not Want You To Know

So what about the suicide death toll in Japan? In reality it is VERY high, according to Japan had 24,417 suicides in 2014. That number of deaths is lower than the 42,773 the USA experienced in the same year, but closer to the 22,938 gun suicides. The USA has a larger population and relative access to guns. In Japan guns are all but illegal, so the access that a person attempting suicide by means of guns becomes less likely. In 2014 there were only 14 gun suicides in Japan. Another fact to consider is the low crime that Japan has. Japan only had 357 homicides in 2014, compared to the US 19,103. Next time these manipulators bring up Japan death rates you will know the facts. The USA and Japan have NEAR identical suicide rates, thus if Japan had equal access to guns, the gun suicide rates would be nearly equal.

Suicides & Mental Health: Global Epidemic

It is a global problem that is leaving numerous lives forever changed. The year before my best friends son killed himself. I attended the funeral with hundreds of others. The suicide epidemic is real and the means that people choose in the US to kill themselves is primarily guns. However, removing guns from the picture does NOT cure the problem of mental health and the very troubling amount of suicides and depression in the US. The majority of anti-gun groups in America will not touch or address this topic, resolving instead to ignore or dismiss both problems. Yet the few voices of the anti-gun crowd claiming that gun bans may prevent suicides or reduce them are either liars or delusional. Suicides are the 2nd leading cause of death globally for young people. Research at the CDC, and other groups, have shown high numbers of suicides are committed using poisoning, NOT guns. In a number of countries where guns are mostly restricted, the suicide rates STILL remain high. Thus even if guns were banned in the US, the underlying problem of mental health and suicides would remain. In every country around the globe the issue is the same, without access to guns, secondary tools such as poison or sharp objects become the means for suicide.

“Although any and all efforts to curb mental and physical health problems associated with suicide are important, it is clear that around the world, efforts are collectively falling short. The taking of one’s life is not a rich or poor problem, nor is it a cultural phenomenon. It is pervasive across every society and region of the world, and only getting worse.” – Nicole Fisher, Forbes

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
Number: 1-800-273-8255

“Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.” – Psalms 55:22

If you or someone you know are having thoughts of suicide please reach out to others today. Consult help and call the number above. Ask for help, do not suffer in silence.

Prayer Against Thoughts of Suicide

“Father GOD, I give to you all my burdens and ask to be set free from the things that have overtaken me in Jesus name. Forgive me my sins and deliver me from the temptation of wickedness, deliver me from despair and cloak me in your righteousness and joy, as your word says in Matthew 11:30 “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” I rebuke thoughts of depression and suicide in Jesus name. God be my comfort and healer, remove fear and doubt from me and provide me with discernment and joy. For you LORD are the great provider and healer and all things are possible through you in Jesus name.”

Lie 2 – Black On Black Crime Does Not Exist

How does one come to such a bizarre conclusion? The answer is complex so we will take a look at several methods of denial. The first is by citing a VERY flawed statistic from the FBI crime database, by this a few naïve individuals are forcing themselves to believe that Black on Black crime does not exist.

“According to the FBI’s uniform crime-reporting data for 2016, 90.1 percent of black victims of homicide were killed by other blacks, while 83.5 percent of whites were killed by other whites.” – Michael Harriot, The Root

We will break this down even further. First the stats. In reality many crime statistics are greatly inflated, very flawed sources of information which ALWAYS conclude that Arabs and Hispanics are Whites. How do we know this? Take a look at what the FBI says:

“The federal government considers Hispanic/Latinos counted under the category “white.” – FBI

Getting The Demographics Wrong

If you were to take an actual case by case look into gun related homicides in the city of Chicago, you would notice a number of errors in the reporting of persons ‘racial’ demographics. Homicides in Chicago as of July 2018 numbered 284, of which 240 were gun homicides, the remaining 44 were the result of stabbings and beatings. The Chicago SunTimes offers a list of every victim, however by viewing each case you can find errors in the victims listed race. This is amplified by the number of reporting agencies across the US that simply group Arabs and Latinos into the category of Whites. This means that when people like Michael Harriot talk about Black on Black crime as being equal to White on White crime they choose to ignore the REAL racial demographics in a case by case basis. In order to research this fully it would take a great degree of effort, which is time-consuming to say the least.

Case By Case Not Stat By Stat

Black on Black crime is real. It does happen. Since the truth is unwelcome, the way around this is to quote flawed stats using the 1 in 100 principle, or other percentage games. This is why a number of articles dedicated to the notion that Black on Black crime never happens point directly to the very inaccurate FBI crime stat, and then go about listing percentages – NOT victim numbers. By using Federal Government standards the case can be made that White gun crime and Black gun crime are happening at an equal level. They are not. This is due to inflated and flawed stats which include Hispanics and Arabs, and sometimes EVEN Blacks as Whites.

“Due to this omission, Federal Bureau of Investigation crime statistics are not complete when it comes to Hispanic offenders. The FBI lists 9,014,635 total arrests, but only 4,813,531 of these have statistics on whether those arrested were Hispanic or non-Hispanic. The FBI, like the rest of the federal government, does not count Hispanic as a race.” – DailyCaller

The primary focus in this study is on gun violence and homicides. In a case by case basis the victims of homicide by Blacks against Blacks is very high. Take a look at Chicago:

thBOYDINESBy July 2018 Chicago had 240 gun homicides, of which 211 victims were Black, or 88% of gun homicides. There were 23 Hispanic homicides, or 9.8% of the gun homicides. There were 4 White homicides, or 1.6% of the gun homicides. There were 1 Arab and 1 Asian gun homicides, or 0.41% of the gun homicides. Black victim Jordasch Walter Varnell Robinson is listed as White by the SunTimes. Two of the four White homicides were committed by Blacks. Cities with high levels of crime that are listed in the gun homicide index, ALWAYS produce a high number of Black on Black gun violence. Actual White on White gun violence happens at a level of 50%, or half of the total of White gun homicides, on a REAL state by state basis. The ONLY time that number goes up as a percentage is when stats include Arabs and Hispanics as Whites, which is why the FBI crime stat and other stats that are inaccurate are ALWAYS quoted by those in denial of Black on Black homicide crime. Take a look at how CNN spins the issue:

“While it is true that the overwhelming number of black people who are murdered in the United States are killed by other black people, it’s also true, according to the FBI’s 2014 Uniform Crime Reports, that about 82% of white American homicide victims were killed by other white people. – CNN

Did you see how CNN plays with percentage games and NOT facts or victims by number? They are liars, there is NO truth in them. They have used the ‘art of omission’ to sell their propaganda. In Chicago, population 2,716,345, the White population is 45%. Yet White offenders of homicides are typically under 5%. While Black on Black homicides account for 88%-90% of all homicides. As of July 2018 two of the four White homicides in Chicago were committed by Blacks.

IF 5 Whites were murdered in ANY city. 1 killed by a Black. 1 killed by a White. 2 killed by a Hispanic. 1 killed by an Arab. Guess what? Most stats would conclude that 80% of White American homicide victims were killed by OTHER Whites. That is NOT the reality. Now you know how this fake stat is celebrated and claimed by a manipulative few.

What Is REALLY Killing Black Americans?

Forty percent of Black males ages 15-34 die in the US due to murder, according to the CDC, compared to just 3.8 percent of White males who died. Those killed were killed by other Blacks. The underlying issues causing the deaths of these men are going unmentioned. Homicides, suicides, and heart disease were amongst the 3 biggest leaders of death for the Black community. Young people ages 24-35 are dying in record numbers due to heart disease. Young persons age 15-24 die largely due to homicide and suicides. Yet the three hidden killers of Black America are:  Diet, Culture, and Income.

Diet Linked To Mood & Behavior

Pork meat is loaded with toxins, more so than most other meats like beef and chicken. In the Black community pork is consumed on an average of 65 pounds per person per year. Poorer persons in the US tend to eat processed foods with large amounts of pork content and a variety of mood altering toxins. These toxins directly affect the emotions and moods of the individual consuming them. Fueling the body on a steady diet of pork, sugar, and trans-fats are causing an increased epidemic of health issues for a number of Americans, especially in the Black community. Type 2 diabetes is a major concern for Blacks, even amongst young men aged 24-35! A special type of preservative called sodium nitrite has been used for many years as a very convenient additive in ‘poor Peoples’ food. This additive is then heated during smoked processes, thus causing harmful toxins to release and enter your brain. Studies have shown that eating excess amounts of processed foods leads to mood altering behavior. You are more likely to feel down, sad, or depressed by consuming foods with toxins such as chips, and soda. Black males are less likely to eat a steady diet of natural foods, providing energy and positive chemical releases necessary in the brain and body.  The Holy Bible advises against eating pork because it is an “unclean animal.” Leviticus 11:7 says: “And the pig, because it parts the hoof and is cloven-footed but does not chew the cud, is unclean to you.” 

Comparing Israel To The USA

The population of Israel is 8,887,345 persons. The majority of these people eat a diet that does NOT consist of pork. Despite the population owning nearly 600,000 guns, the gun homicide total for 2014 was 50. In fact most of Israel does not add sugars or salts to their foods, unlike in the US. Like the rest of the Mediterranean diet, Israeli food is typically low in fat, rich in fish, lean protein, vegetables, fruits and beans. They also practice portion control. Israelis know how to use spices, herbs and seeds in place of sodium or fat to provide complex flavor. In the US various processed foods are high in fake sugars and trans fats leading people to feel run down, tired, and angry. Ashkenazi Jews are the predominant race of Israel (roughly 50%), yet a large population of Arabs (20-25%) and Black Jews (including 60,000 African immigrants) are living in Israel without the same issues of gun violence that is affecting the USA. The gun suicide rate is also low, in 2014 it was a total of 31 victims.

Eating Yourself To An Early Death 

Not only is your mood greatly impacted by what you eat, but also the health of your body. If you are pregnant and nursing then the foods you eat will go directly into the health and mind of your growing babies brain. The processed food addiction is of major concern for poorer Americans, many of whom are Black. These poor eating conditions are leading to an increase in type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

“Particularly problematic are the nitrates that are added to these meats as a preservative, coloring, and flavoring. The nitrates found in processed meats are frequently converted into nitrosamines, which are clearly associated with an increased risk of certain cancers,” Dr. Mercola

“This risk factors are exacerbated for people of color. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designates heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes among the top 10 leading causes of death for African Americans. African Americans are 1.8 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes and 1.4 times more likely to be obese than their Latino and white counterparts.” – Think Progress

What Are You Drinking?

Another danger in the Black community is the amount of fluoride and other harmful brain altering and damaging chemicals found in tap water. Drinking water and brain function are integrally linked. Lack of water to the brain can cause numerous symptoms including problems with focus, memory, brain fatigue and brain fog, as well as headaches, sleep issues, anger, depression, and many more. In the brain, which is 80 percent water, even very mild dehydration — a 3 percent to 4 percent decrease in water — can cause harmful neurological issues. Studies conducted on the safety of water consumption tend to indicate that drinking non-cold water is better for the brain than cold refrigerated water. Fluoride is fundamentally a poison, with no beneficial biological role in the human body, and the effectiveness of swallowing fluoride to reduce tooth decay has never been demonstrated by a randomized controlled trial . Yet for millions of Americans, particularly the poorest, drinking of fluoride filled tap water is common place. This is a dangerous road to take, according to a number of theorist and activist.

“The water supply in most American cities contains chlorine, fluoride, and varying amounts of dissolved minerals including calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorides, sulfates, and bicarbonates. It is also common to find traces of iron, manganese, copper, aluminum, nitrates, insecticides, and herbicides. Prescription medications have also been found in the tap water of 41,000,000 American homes. According to the Associated Press, there is a vast array of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, anti-convulsant’s, mood stabilizers, and sex hormones in the municipal water supplies.” – Healthwyze

In recent studies Black Americans were less likely to drink healthy water options, such as Italian style water, and instead opt for NO water or tap water. This is having a severe effect on the development of children in the Black community.

Depression, Homicides & Suicides In Native Indian Americans

Native Americans in the United States have historically had extreme difficulty with the use of alcohol. Problems continue among contemporary Native Americans; 12% of the deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives are alcohol-related. Use of alcohol varies by age, gender and tribe with women, and older women in particular, being least likely to be regular drinkers. If you think drinking and eating have no correlation to mood or life changes, think again. Native Indians are at great risk to themselves through the ongoing drug and alcohol problem their community faces. A large number of Natives are plagued by depression, a symptom that was almost unknown to the early inhabitants of America. Many Natives were forced to move to Government reservations which supplied them with cheese and the availability of drugs and alcohol. This is an American experience that many Blacks can identify with as well, such as in the case of ‘soul food’.

“Soul food was developed during the era when slave masters gave enslaved black people the undesirable cuts of meat. Farming and hunting for wild game — including possums, rabbits, squirrel, and waterfowl — provided African Americans with the ingredients needed for the ideal soul food dish. However, historians say that some of these items didn’t match the food choices that their African ancestors would have made — similar to the experience that Native American communities had after the U.S. government relegated them to settlements where they couldn’t engage in their indigenous lifestyle.” – Think Progess

Our Diet NOT Our Guns To Blame – Diet – Diet – Diet!

Americans are not eating or drinking well. Many are depressed and conditioned to feel angry and sad. This in large is due to the American diet, our constant lack of fresh foods in place of chemicals, pesticides, and unsafe FAST foods. This is the silent killer of Blacks and Native Indian Americans. Our diet.  NOPE not the Guns. The Diet. The Diet. The Diet. Take a look at Italy:

Italy has a population of 60,500,378 persons. They thrive on the classic Mediterranean diet. Eggs, nuts, fish, Italian water. They eat bruschetta (pronounced brew-skeda), heavy in tomatoes, and drink wine. They also eat plenty of grapes, citrus fruits, and almonds. Nearly 90% of the population is Christian. They own over 8,000,000 guns. Yet yearly the number of gun homicides is usually around 209-211. Their number of gun suicides was 485 in 2012. All those people, all those guns, yet a smaller level of gun violence despite the epic size of their nation. Facts the media do NOT want you to know. Our American diet is sick and making us sicker! We have to STOP eating Pork, and processed fried foods. We have to stop eating our junky fast food while drinking poison. Ban fluoride in water taps, not guns. Ban Monsanto, which name equals 666 in Gematria, from putting poisons on our vegetables. We are digesting unsafe chemicals that have horrid consequences on our brains.

Culture That Promotes Gun Violence

Our culture is also dictating the record numbers of gun violence in our lives. In a number of Hollywood films the glorification of killing and suicide is amplified through non stop images of violence. It has greatly desensitized Americans to the threat of gun homicides and to the reality of street life and culture. From the same group of Eurocentric Secularist that promote child abuse, comes the frequent use of guns as a means to solve arguments in any given film or show. Rapper and Black American Donald Glover glorified the killing of other Blacks in his music video “This is America“, it has been seen over 300 million times. The type of sick and demented violence that is common on our media devices and TVs comes produced and delivered to us via groups of people who behind closed doors rape children and practice the occult.  The Hollyweird occultist.

Dan Harmon, the creator of NBC sitcom “Community” and co-creator of the animated series “Rick and Morty,” was outed in 2018 as a member of the Eurocentric Secularist that promote the abuse of children. In a comedy pilot screened back in 2009, Harmon, also an actor, plays the role of a child molester named Daryl. In the video short the man pulls down his pants and simulates child rape with a baby doll. These are the sick and demented persons that harm children behind closed doors in the demonic Hollywood occult system. In the early days of Hollywood, child actor Shirley Temple was sexually assaulted a number of times by Eurocentric Zionist studio chiefs. A small child should never have to endure those evil crimes. A culture that loves and adores senseless violence and promotes it given any chance through music, and films is pushing the agenda and promotion of sexual abuse behind closed doors. The American population through considerable amounts of drugs, and poisoned foods, entertains these images not as fantasy, but as detestable acts to be carried out as they view them. Street life glorification is ample in the Black community. The lives of drug dealers and gangbangers is documented and celebrated in film, and music. The ugly side of a culture of violence is given a life of its own, to survive and thrive. The results of which have been horrific for America. Stop the violence must also include holding Hollyweird accountable for the detestable acts of their occultist loving psychopaths, who often advocate the harm of children and young adults.

Oklahoma gun homicides in 2016

Black Gun Homicides Stats
–Blacks– 80 OSBI 82
Black on Black Gun Homicide (70) 90%
Did Not Know Killer (35) 45%
Knew Killer (35) 45%
Unknown Relation To Killer (7)
Killed By Police (7) 5%
Total People Killed by Blacks(82)
Gang Related (6) 7%
Drugs Played Role (Buy/Sell) (19) 24%
Assault/Home Invasion (10) 13%
Robbery (16) 20%
Victim Non Crime Active (35) 45%
Domestic Relationship (6)
Whites Killed By Blacks (9)
Hispanics Killed By Blacks (1)
Arabs Killed By Blacks (1)
Asians Killed By Blacks (1)

Black gun violence killed a total of 82 people, or 42% of the total persons involved in gun homicides in Oklahoma. Black on Black gun homicide totaled 70 deaths, or 87% of Black gun homicides in 2016.

 The “It’s Ok They Knew Each Other” Excuse

In order to further justify this lie, the victims are claimed to ALWAYS “know” their killers. As if knowing your killer is justification for your murder? Take a look:

“This is because most victims of crime personally know their assailants.” – Michael Harriot, The Root

There are a number of other stats that declare that victims know their killer, however on a case by case basis this assumption begins to erode.

Black On Black Gun Homicides Oklahoma 2016
Did Not Know Killer (35) 45%
Knew Killer (35) 45%
Unknown Relation To Killer (7)
Killed By Police (7) 5%

Victims of gun crime do not always know their killers. Push all the false stats and opinion gurus aside, and look up the information for yourself on a case by case basis. I did. What I discovered is that gun homicides are less likely to be committed against people who ‘knew each other’. Take into consideration Police related gun homicides for the period of 2017 to May of 2018. During this period 1,009 people were shot and killed by police. This number is added to the national gun homicide rates. Did any of those persons “KNOW” their killer? No. These people are manipulators and deceivers. Take a look at the following stat:

USA Total Gun Deaths
Gun Deaths = 38,658
Gun Suicides = 22,938
Gun Homicides = 14,415
Minus Police = 13,406
By Police = 1,009
Accident-Unintended = 1,305

This leaves 14,415 homicides via gun, or 37% of gun related deaths. Now of these deaths I looked up all victims of gun homicide for the state of Oklahoma during the 2016 year. I was able to count on a case by case basis a total of 192 known and documented cases of gun homicide where the relationship of victims was clear or documented.

96 victims did NOT know their killer, or 50% of the people killed. 76 persons knew their killers, or 41% of the people killed knew their killer. Unknown relationships totaled 20. OSBI figures total 25 strangers and 61 relationships which could not be determined in this same period.

This is where the “knew” vs “did not know” their killer category gets murky. Many of the persons killed were murdered during the transaction of a drug deal. In a number of cases this was the first transaction between parties. Did these people ‘know’ each other? Also as I mentioned earlier, the number of police committed homicides is added to these stats, did the victim know their killer? What we know for certain is that victims of gun homicides do not always know their killer, but to justify those instances where the victim knew their killer is ignorant and wrong. What we can gather from these numbers does not suggest that there is a majority of victim who knew their killers.

Relationships Of Victims As Established By OSBI
Brother (1)
Daughter (6)
Father (4)
Husband (3)
In-Law (2)
Mother (3)
Other (7)
Son (7)
Stepson (1)
Wife (7)
Bf (6)
Ex (3)
Friend (12)
Gf (8)
Neighbor (3)
Total: 73 KNOWN Relationships

Native Indian American 2016 Oklahoma Totals:

–Native Indian– 11 OSBI 11
Native-Native Gun Homicide (6)
Did Not Know Killer (3)
Knew Killer (6)
Unknown Relation To Killer (0)
Killed By Police (3)
Total Killed by Native (9)
Gang Related (1)
Drugs Played Role (Buy/Sell) (1)
Assault/Home Invasion (0)
Robbery (0)
Victim Non Crime Active (4)
Domestic Relationship (n/a)
Whites Killed By Native (2)
Asian Killed By Native (1)

Hispanic 2016 Oklahoma Totals

–Hispanics– 14 OSBI 24
Latin-Latin Gun Homicide (7)
Did Not Know Killer (6)
Knew Killer (6)
Unknown Relation To Killer (2)
Killed By Police (4)
Total Killed by Hispanic (11) + Added To OSBI Count
Gang Related (1)
Drugs Played Role (Buy/Sell) (1)
Assault/Home Invasion (0)
Robbery (3)
Victim Non Crime Active (4)
Domestic Relationship (2)
Whites Killed By Hispanic (2)
Native Killed By Hispanic (2)

–Asians — 3 Listed By OSBI 4
0 Killed By Police

–ARABS– Total: 3 Unkown Listed by OSBI 6
Arabs Killed By Arabs (2)
Arabs Killing Whites (1)
Knew Killer (2)
Drugs or Drug Deal (1)
Hate Crime (1)
Gang Related (1)

OSBI counted a total of 136 White gun homicides in 2016. White on White gun homicides were a total of 50% of the total White gun homicides for the documented 81 gun homicides I traced.

–Whites — 81 OSBI 136
White on White Gun Homicide (39) 50%
Did Not Know Killer (41) 53%
Knew Killer (26)
Unknown Relation To Killer (10)
Killed By Police (17)
Total Killed by Whites (43) 23% of total
Total Killed + by Police (59) + Added To OSBI Count
Gang Related (5)
Drugs Played Role (Buy/Sell) (7)
Assault/Home Invasion (10)
Robbery (22)
Victim Non Crime Active (45)
Domestic Relationship (14)
Whites Killed By Blacks (9)
Whites Killed By Natives (3)
Whites Killed By Hispanics (2)
Whites Killed By Arabs (1)

Lie 3 – Gang Members Increase Murder Rates

“Much of the increase in the murder rate, Latzer told me, is attributable to black gang members killing each other.” –

This type of thinking causes Americans to turn a cold shoulder to the problem of gun violence. Thinking that the victims must be some gang members “who had it coming”. Totally false and just WRONG.

After looking into all the Chicago gun homicides of 2017 and the Oklahoma gun homicides of 2016, I know this to be false.
In 2016 gang related gun homicides in Oklahoma totaled 14 KNOWN instances, or 7% of the total gun homicides. OSBI total differed by 3, with their gang related homicides total at 17.
I found a number of gun homicides during self-defense against assault and home invasion. The other group of gun homicides were during arguments or drug deals. Case after case RARELY were any of the victims or their killers gang members! This is also taken into account by the numbers of gun homicides compared with domestic relationships, and known established relationships. The “gang member excuse” causes Americans to turn a cold shoulder to the problem of gun violence. Thinking that the victims must be some gang members “who had it coming“, is both wrong and false.

“The 80 percent of gang-related gun homicides figure purporting to support Loesch’s claim, then, is not only false, but off by nearly a factor of five. The direct opposite is necessarily true: more than 80 percent of gun homicides are non-gang related. While gang violence is still a serious problem that needs to be addressed, it is disingenuous to assert that the vast majority of our gun problem (even excluding suicides) is caused by gangs.” – Evan DeFilippis, Huffington

The stats and figures they are claiming are not based on a case by case basis and no one is taking the time to read every story behind every victim. The idea or concept that drug deals MUST be gang related is also helping to bump up these false narratives and fantasy stats. None of the reality matches these assumptions. In most of the Oklahoma cases reported which dealt with drug dealing, the dealer was NOT gang related. In addition, anti-gun narratives thrive on the false idea that guns only harm and do not protect. The reality is that guns in a number of situations actually protected the victim from being killed during home invasions or assaults. Something you never hear in the media, because…truth.

Lie 4 – Only Blacks Are Targeted By Police

Well this lie disappears after viewing the real data in a case by case basis. The police shoot and kill persons of any race for any number of reasons, valid or not. I studied the period of 2017 to May/June of 2018, during which 1,009 persons were shot and killed by the police.

Whites (475) 196,817,552 63.7 Percent of Population 47% -25

The number one group of people killed by police were Whites, representing 475 deaths, White people comprise 196,817,552 Americans – or 63.7 percent of the US population. They are 47% of the police fatal shootings, yet are 25% less likely based on population to be shot and killed by police. They are most likely to be shot and killed by police out of the 1,009 total.

Hispanics (252) 50,477,594 16.3 Percent 25% 53% High

The number two group of people most killed by police were Hispanics, representing 252 deaths, Hispanics comprise 50,477,594 Americans – or 16% of the US population. They are 25% of the police fatal shootings, yet are 53% more likely based on population demographics to be shot and killed by police. They are the second most likely to be shot and killed by police out of the 1,009 total.

Blacks (223) 37,685,848 12.2 Percent 22% 80% Higher

The number three group of people most killed by police were Blacks, representing 223 deaths, Blacks comprise 37,685,848 Americans – or 12% of the US population. They are 22% of the police fatal shootings, yet are 80% more likely based on population demographics to be shot and killed by police. They are the third most likely to be shot and killed by police out of the 1,009 total.

Native Indian Americans (34) 2,247,098 .72% 3.36% 366% Up

The number four group of people most killed by police were Native Indians, representing 34 deaths, Natives comprise 2,247,098 Americans – or .72% of the US population. They are 3.36% of the police fatal shootings, yet are 366% more likely based on population demographics to be shot and killed by police. They are the fourth group of people shot and killed by police out of the 1,009 total.

Asians (19) (No Chinese-Japanese-Filipino) 14,946,700 4.84% 1.88 -61

The number five group of people most killed by police were Asians, representing 19 deaths, Asians comprise 14,946,700 Americans – or .4.84% of the US population. They are 1.88% of the police fatal shootings, yet are 61% less likely based on population demographics to be shot and killed by police. They are the fifth group of people shot and killed by police out of the 1,009 total.

Arabs (6) 604,265 .19% .59% 210%

The number six group of people most killed by police were Arabs, representing 6 deaths, Arabs comprise 604,265 Americans – or .19% of the US population. They are .59% of the police fatal shootings, yet are 210% more likely based on population demographics to be shot and killed by police. They are the sixth group of people shot and killed by police out of the 1,009 total.

1,009 Police Fatal Shootings 2017 – May 2018

By Total:
1.) Whites 475
2.) Hispanics 252
3.) Blacks 223
4.) Natives 34
5.) Asians 19
6.) Arabs 6

Whites and Hispanics comprise the majority of fatal shootings by police.

By Higher Percentage
1.) Native 366%
2.) Arab 210%
3.) Black 80%
4.) Hispanic 53%
5.) Whites 25% Less Likely
6.) Asians 61% Less Likely

Native Americans and Arabs are most at risk of being killed by police. Asians are least likely to be shot and killed by police.

By Percentage
1.) Whites 47%
2.) Hispanics 25%
3.) Blacks 22%
4.) Native 3.36%
5.) Asians 1.88%
6.) Arabs 0.59%

Comparing Asians shot by police to their respective demographics in 2018.

Japan Population 127.7 Million
4 Death Via Gun
Japanese In USA = 1.44 Million 9.6% of Asian Americans
0 Death Via Police – 0.46% of US Population

Philippines Population 106.6 Million
7,214 Death Via Gun
Filipino In USA = 3.8 Million 25% of Asian Americans
0 Death Via Police – 1.23% of US Population

America Samoa Population 57,907 98% Christian
0 Death Via Gun

Chinese Population 1,390,100,000
Chinese In USA = 4.3 Million
0 Death Via Police 

This concludes part 1 of the study, God Bless each of you, and thank you very much for coming by.

Homicides In Chicago 2018

National Gun Violence Oklahoma

Gun Facts, Figures

Fatal Force: Police Shootings In USA

The Counted: People Killed By Police In US

Join Groups in your area that promote truth and help the community. Learn about healthy food choices and the dangers of chemicals used on foods.

In Gematria Numbers:

Black on Black + Guns = 888
Black on Black Murders = 1110
Monsanto = 666
A Gun Victims = 444 (Primes)
A Gun Victim = 906 (Reverse Sumerian)
Die By The Guns = 1110 (Reverse Sumerian)
A Diet And Brain Link = 888
A Diet And Brain Connected = 1110
Eat All Pork = 666
Israeli Diet = 666
Eating A Health Food = 906
Eat Diets With Fish = 1110

XXXTentacion & Jimmy Wopo Sacrifice Symbolism

Two Up And Coming Rappers Dead The Same Day

Jahseh Onfroy, known as XXXTentacion, was an American emo-rapper from Florida. On 06/18/2018 he was shot and killed after leaving a motorcycle dealership. June is the sixth month in the year, and XXXTentacion was attacked at a concert in June of 2017, and later murdered in June of 2018. At the age of six years old, XXXTentacion tried to stab a man who attacked his mother. In regards to his attack in 2017 XXXTentacion stated the following:

“Security and venue set me time make sure you kill me so I can’t talk $***.” – Xxxtentacion, June 7 2017

This recurring theme of wishing death upon himself is prevalent in the lyrics of his music and the posts on his social media accounts. Despite his small 5’6 frame XXXTentacion was involved in a number of altercations, gun charges, and attacks that led to his juvenile detention. Monday, June 25th, will mark 1601 weeks since 1987 ‘Black Monday’ on Oct 19. XXXTentacion = 906 in Reverse Sumerian.


Travon Da Shawn Frank Smart, better known by his stage name Jimmy Wopo, was an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wopo was an affiliate of fellow Pittsburgh-based rapper Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang imprint. On 06/18/2018 he was killed in a drive-by shooting. Wopo shows the “Devil Face” in his album above.

Xxxtentacion Illuminati Ritual

Occult Duality White & Black

The colors of black and white shown via a checkerboard pattern are indicative of an occult or esoteric clue to hidden symbolism. Transformation is a key aspect of the occult, as is the formation of symbols such as hex signs for numerical patterns (6,66,666 or 8,88,888), and color coded tropes. Within the realm of magik and occult Satanism, the checkered floor is a means for spiritual access to a cross-dimension. According to the dark arts; ‘The checkered floor can transfer negative forces from the realms of ether, including the spirit forms to interact upon or speak with“.  Within antiquity it is alleged that King Solomon (Sol, meaning Sun and Mon, meaning Moon) delved into the arts of communication with a spirit world and utilized the checkered floor pattern for the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem. This is depicted in artwork of the Temple, showcasing a checkerboard floor for the access of the spirit world. It is said that slaughter occurred near the checkered floor of the temple too – this would be the blood element.

“The three fundamental colours found in all civ-ilizations, down to the Middle Ages in Europe, are white, red and black. These, too, may be regarded as the principal colours of Freemasonry: the white of the Craft degrees, the red of the Royal Arch and of certain of the degrees of the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite, and the black of some of its others, and of the Knights of Malta.” – Mystery of the Inequity

“This is commonly described as the checkered carpet which covers the floor of the lodge. The lecture says that the mosaic pavement “is a representation of the ground floor of King Solomon’s Temple” and is “emblematic of human life, checkered with good and evil.” – Free Masonic Info

Imagine Dragons - Shots 01

In the picture above the checkered floor from the demented child murder film ‘The Baby of Macon’ is displayed. The film, created by Neo-Atheist Peter Greenaway, a proponent of child abuse, is an allegory for the desire of the filmmaker to murder a child, specifically Christ as an infant. The red mixed with the black and white chess board is indicative of the blood sacrifice ritual at work.

Red or crimson, the coulour of fire and heat, is traditionally associated with war and the military. In Rome the paludamentum, the robe worn by generals, was red. The coulour of blood is naturally connected with the idea of sacrifice, struggle and heroism. – World Truth.TV

In the Eurocentric secularist film ‘The Baby of Macon’, child abuse and ritual murder are promoted via this same checkered floor board shown with the red room. The red room represents hidden murder, a motif that is mutually shared in the film ‘The Shinning“, in which the words ‘redrum‘ are revealed in a mirror to read ‘murder‘. For the dark occult all things must be done in reverse. This according to occultist is the ‘Law of Reversal’. The black areas of the checkered floor are indicative of the ‘ZERO’ space – the dark abyss and the rising of chaos. This is the realm that some Satanic groups claim to visit during astral trips. Also called visions of the ‘god forms‘.

“In order to access the demonic entities , we must use the reverse to do all things backwards” – Satanist, Chaos Forum

“Let the adept do all things backwards. Let him learn to walk backwards. Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural and appreciable as a whole. Let him practise speaking backwards: thus for “I am He” let him say, “Eh ma I”. – Occultist, Aleister Crowley

Oprah Winfrey’s production company is called ‘Harpo‘, which is “Orpah” spelled backwards. According to her critics, Oprah is an upper tier mage of the New Age, along with having knowledge of performing theatrical aspects of the occult.

oprah occult backwards

White is the color found in the Masonic apron and applied to the classic Pagan shroud of white (Candidatus). The Latin name for a candidate of Roman office was called the Candidatus for the all white gown worn by Roman senate members, alluding to the viable nature of one to become apart (works) of the inner circle of elite.

Lets take a look at what XXXTentacion said:

Anti White Rhetoric Needs To Stop
“I agree with this, this is not equality, nor is this progression towards it.”

View the current racial divisions in the USA, promoted and glorified via the fake media and the Upper Elite, view also the occult tropes of the checkerboard at work here. What games are these manipulative masters really playing? In 2018 a stance of Anti-White rhetoric was common amongst a myriad of Liberals voicing negatives towards race. MTV ran several spots and features which were anti-White. Yet is this a common sentiment of feeling through the USA? Division of race, and gender, and trying to humiliate and emasculate males has also been a constant theme of the propaganda fueled media. Articles online that spew hate toward males are ample. So when XXXTentacion spoke out against the naming of the series “Dear White People”, as the title is divisive, he was speaking in terms of not just divisions, but of duality. This alludes to a profound statement in the case of XXXTentacion who shows here his ability to speak in terms of the esoteric. At another level the division of Black and White being glorified here is also ritual based in as much as it is to do with the occult tropes or transformation and lights and darks.


The roles of the media elite, such as homosexual CNN anchor Don Lemon, is to avoid the truth at all cost and paint selective pictures of fiction and fantasy. Lemon is dating a White man, while being a prominent figure in the Anti-White rhetoric campaign at CNN. Lemon has stated that he wishes to see all Robert E. Lee paintings or sculptures removed because they are equal to Adolf Hitler. They are not. Hitler was a European spy and Ashkenazi Jew. Robert E. Lee was an advocate for the end of slavery yet was also a bloodline member of the Upper Elite. Barack Obama is a cousin of Lee and participated in the birthday celebration of Lee at the secret Alfalfa Club, where a few years prior women and people of color were forbidden! These and numerous other facts regarding the history of the US are NEVER mentioned on the likes of CNN, while the fake media that attended the birthday celebration of Lee even threatened the lives of those who did NOT attend. Lemon is a prominent liar and hater of the truth, he is currently worth nearly $6 million dollars, and his annual salary is $1 million. He is every bit apart of the elite – the chosen candidate.

In Gematria 

A Alfalfa Club + A Obama = 666  / A Robert E. Lee + B.H Obama = 888 / Don Lemon A Liar At CNN = 1110 /

Blood Ritual Sacrifice XXXtentacion

The ‘Beit Hamikdash’ is the holy temple on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem. According to tradition the first Holy Temple was built on the location which Abraham offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice to G-d. Mt. Moriah belonged to the Amorites, a wandering tribe of powerful giant chiefs (such as the Biblical King Og) and numerous tribes people, their name in Egyptian was Amor and they were despised by all ancient cultures. The Amorites understood a form of backwards magic, and were spoken of critically by the Sumerians.

“Why would you marry him?! Their faces look like monkeys! They do not even bury their own dead. They think backwards and live in tents instead of cities!” – Sumerian Text, Unknown Girlfriend of Martu/Ammuru Goddess

The First Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) was constructed by King Solomon in the year 827 BCE. Solomon became known as the great magician of the sun and moon, a title that various esoteric groups would later apply to the king of many sins. In time numerous amulets and medallion seals (Solis Seal = 666) which included magic squares in the number pattern of 666 were introduced invoking his name. Backwards magic, doing things in reverse would also be invoked. In the occult tradition of the access to the black and white checker floor pattern we can see the same occult trope shown through the XXL magazine cover which features rapper XXXTentacion in RED! Indicative for those paying attention that his life is at risk of sacrifice.  In the film ‘Clockwork Orange‘, the woman in Red is gang raped and murdered while standing on the checker floor – she is sacrificed. The album cover of Michael Jackson features MJ in a Red suit – the title is Blood on The Dance Floor, and Jackson is the sacrifice.

Checkerboard Occult Rapper

Rapper Future above dons the checker pattern with a red seam.

“In doing my research a Checkered Board floor is symbolic of spiritual communication or a gateway to the Spirit Realm which ONLY includes channeling of Good spirits(God) and Evil spirits(Satan). Putting it simple and to the point, most of the films or Artists mentioned are not speaking on Jesus or being saved, so the checker board is a blatant way of letting each of us know that we are being demonically communicated to…SPIRITUALLY!” – Godfearmovement

“Darkness and light define each other, as do mass and energy, order and chaos, or even life and death. While all are quantifiable as separate things, they are linked to their opposites. So, then, can we look at ourselves and others and see our human minds spanning a continuum of consciousness where there are few distinct boundaries except for those we chose to impose on ourselves, based on our own morality and ethic.” – Gary Hartjen, Free Mason

Adam Levine XXXtentacion Mason Illuminati

Both rappers were working with esoteric sources of light and darkness in their works before dying on the same day in the 6th month of the year. The influence of a dark occult culture shadowed over these young men.

“I got this really, really, really good album called 17. That’s more of an alternative, R&B sound—then I’ve got this mixtape called I Need Jesus, which is mainly rap and the underground sound I did.” – XXXTentacion

Killed on the come up
XXXTentacion was a Plantation, Florida, native, who rocketed to fame after his song, “Look at Me,” went viral on social media and SoundCloud in 2016.
He went on to be featured in XXL magazine’s 2017 Freshman Class alongside other up-and-coming artists. His latest album “?” premiered at No. 1 when it was released in March, according to Billboard.
Several rappers took to social media to mourn the rising rapper’s death last month.
“Rest in peace I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here thank you for existing,” Kanye West tweeted. – Click 2 Houston

Thanks everyone for coming by! God Bless.

Gematria Study: Meaning of The Number 88 – Esoteric Symbolism

Duality Concept of Number 88

The number 88 is just as attached to the mindset of leaders within the world of business matters as is the magick number of 66, for the purpose of hex craft and material gain in the occult. The number 88 is seen as symbolic of approaching long-term goals or creating a lasting financial success. This alleged benefit is based on the numbers apparent analytical or efficient numerology. There are 88 constellations in the sky as defined by the International Astronomical Union. For the occult, this factor alludes to the concept of ‘As above so Below’. The accumulation of double 8’s is given this esoteric property of having two strengths in one, and thus thought to exist within the cosmos and on Earth, all as a strong point of connect – or duality. This type of numbering is also of large concern to the New Age community, with adherents believing that a mystic understanding of the cosmos coexists, or is ‘channeled‘, through so-called Angel Numbers. The theory held that entities, like Angels (or even Aliens), attach themselves to people based on the pattern of numerology, in effect possessing the minds of those delving into any given psychic realm. These entities are thought to show patterns, or a series of numbers, in order to help you ‘awaken’ to the symbolism behind the numerology.

“I awoke to find the number 88 was all around my being, as the entities… or ET Aliens as they were, speaking to me from the cosmos through the numbers.. in short giving me and my possessed mind new data to process my Earthly experience.” – New Age Forum User

From two very drastic concepts we are shown the number 88 as having to do with energy within the cosmos, which essentially is linked to the concept of TIME and eternity. While the second approach to viewing the number 88 is grounded in the building or creation of something yielding a long-term benefit. This particular concept of prosperity through number application is in the interest of business and acquisition of wealth for occult adherents.

Number 88 As A Means For Wealth

Number 88 symbolizes fortune and good luck in Chinese culture, since the word 8 sounds similar to the word ‘fa‘, implying wealth and richness. The number 8 is thus considered to be the luckiest number in Chinese culture, and prices of goods will often contain many 8s. Two 8’s next to each other (88) bare a visual resemblance to the character for “double happiness” – (shuang xi). Casinos will often feature the lowest betting option on certain slot machines with the price of $.88, while the highest bet may reach $8.88. We see the number 88 connected to numerous business models and stories in the media as well, where the number has come to represent points in the stock market, or to the benefit of a new prosperity model. This method of showcasing the pattern of 88 is being done so intentionally, yet without the awareness of the general naïve public. It is the desire of the upper elite to trigger a positive response in consumers to have ‘faith‘ in various business models. The view being that the number 88 will trigger your subconscious in a manner akin to ‘long-term‘, or future evaluations.
In Japanese the number 88 can mean ‘countless‘, or ‘a great many’ of infinite numbers. From this numerology aspect, the number 88 is alluding to the creation of sustainable prosperity, thus we may find our day to day news littered with endless double eights. Take a look at a few recent News articles. Do you think that all the figures shown in these below quotes are literal?

US. EPA Proposes 2019 biofuels requirements at 19.88 billion gallons – Reuters (planning for the future)

US Markets: Dow Gains 88 Points – Barron’s (good fortune)

88% Of Millennial’s Say They’ll Stay Long Term If Their Company Has A Great Culture – The Business Journals (long-term)

88 Energy To Acquire Interest in Large Alaskan Oil Prospect – Oil Voice (prosperity in the future)

The Glaring Retirement Mistake 88% of Americans Are Making – The Motley Fool (long-term fortunes)

Internet Reaches A Valuation of Around 1.88 Trillion – Digital Journal – (prosperity evaluation)

Digital Ad Revenue Catapulted To $88 Billion In 2017 – Ad Age

US iPhone Users Spend An Average of $88 Per Year on Apps by 2020 – TechCrunch (prosperity in the future)

Apple Posts Record $88 Billion In Sales, But iPhone Concerns Loom – CNN Money (prosperity evaluation)

Samsung Rival To Unveil 88-Inch 8K Display – International Business Times (future prospect & 888)


Take for example an old saying “Time is money & money is time“. The type of Gematria at work here is to convince your subconscious to think of long-term prospects for the accumulation of wealth through the number 8. Did you notice that each of the above News articles made it a point to reach the number 88? How likely is that ‘most’ if not all of those estimates and figures were simply made up? This technique is similar to the trope of ‘Red Vs Blue’, where a company may showcase the color blue to induce feelings of comfort, balance, and reliability. Now from a business model when you see or hear the name ‘Trump‘, part of your subconscious should picture wealth, prosperity, and empire building. This is not by mistake or chance, this is numerology as practiced by ‘all the best people’. The media is a controlling and manipulative force for propaganda, and peddlers of half-truth, designed as such to influence your so-called “opinions“, either against or for any given agenda. They control the message and you as a consumer channels that into your person. You unknowingly agree to entertain the thoughts and concepts that a secularist or occultist hold dearest.

Gematria of 88 By The Numbers:

‘Lucky Numbers’ = 88 (Reverse Full Reduction EP)
‘Wealth + A Eighty Eight’ = 88 (Septenary)
‘Number Eighty Eight’ = 88 (Jewish Reduced)
Trump‘ = 88 (English Ordinal)
‘Tax Plan’ = 88 (English Ordinal)
‘Looping’ = 88 (English Ordinal)
‘Adolf Hitler’ = 88 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)
‘Fourth’ = 88 (English Ordinal)
The word ‘Forth’ appears 888 times in the King James Bible, while Psalm 88:8 ends with the word ‘forth’.
In English Gematria “A Eight, Eight, Eight” = 888
In English Gematria “Triple Eights” = 888

In English Gematria ‘Donald J. Trump’ = 888

President Trump is heavily associated with the number 8. While the general public will NEVER become aware of the significance of any esoteric symbolism utilized by president Trump, or by the false media, the number 8 has been used in numerous ways to showcase an esoteric trope of the so-called ‘right to rule’.
Donald Trump believes in his bloodline, the key to his ruling authority is within his genes, the blood of kings. Trump has acknowledged on numerous occasions the concept of ‘right to rule’ through interviews in which he praised his strong genetics.

“The family subscribes to a racehorse theory of human development. “They believe that there are superior people and that if you put together the genes of a superior woman and a superior man, you get a superior offspring.” – Michael D’Antonio

In the Western hemisphere fools are taught the myth ‘That anyone can become President of the USA!” This of course is an outright lie.
In reality no one outside of the bloodlines of the 13 families, the so-called ‘Dragon/Draco Seed‘ has ANY authority, rights, or chance to rule as President of the United States, anymore than they can be King or Queen of England. These persons are all a large extended family, who through years of interbreeding have remained leaders of the countries of Canada, US, Great Britain, and Israel. A President of the USA is usually related to the previous President or to the President prior to the previous. Donald Trump is the cousin of Hillary Clinton, while Obama was the cousin of Bush and Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Here we are, we’re the princes of the universe
Here we belong, fighting for survival
We’ve come to be the rulers of you all
I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings, yeah, yeah
I have no rival, no man can be my equal – Queen

The number 8 is oft connected to the ideal of time, and through all of recent history the elite have ruled over the masses without exception. Time is money. Trump himself spent $88 million during his campaign, and maintained 88 political ‘headquarters’ on his way to the White House. Even the election of 2016 was held on November 8. 11 x 8 = 88. Trump knows his number and touts it ALOT. Trump was positioned to run for President in 1987 for the 88 election, but decided against it. The popular vote results listed 88% of the votes in on 2016 election night, in which Donald J Trump beat his cousin Hillary Clinton for the presidency. The majority of Trump hotels and apartments are always listed for sale or rent in sums of 88, such up to $88,888! Then there is the matter of the number 88 and 22 chosen for the campaign of texting “Trump” to 880-22. A number of theorist are suggesting the designated number is an esoteric clue to the re-election of Trump. Given that Trump is showcasing his intent to run for re-election, all while touting the number 8 – the maximum number of years a President may hold office. The text number say these theorist is actually giving us a date : August 8, 2022. The number 22 is being suggested as the year he will make a major headline. So what will that headline be? Take it with a grain of salt, but the ideas being touted are: Creation of the Third Temple, World War III, or worse – his assassination.

“At Donald Trump rallies and news conferences, the invocation is very often printed in the cameras’ lines of sight to ensure maximum exposure: Text “Trump” to 88022 If you assumed this is a fundraising ploy, you’d be wrong.” – Callum Borchers, Washington Post

Media Playing The Trump Number 88 Game

The media knows your mind is going to equate the number 88 with President Donald Trump for a number of esoteric reasoning. One being that the number is so unanimous with the concept of prosperity and wealth that your mind will inadvertently equate Trump, whose name equals 88 in English Ordinal, to money. The second clever use of the number 88 is via a hidden esoteric ploy constructed in the salute ‘Heil Hitler‘, or shown via the eighth letter of the alphabet twice given, whereby HH is also 88. Neo-Nazis use this number in tattoos and gang symbolism for their affiliates and members. The simple equation for your mind is to equate Trump with Hitler. Thus you can see how a sick message can develop from an esoteric position and begin to equate certain negatives in a divisive manner. The vile logic is twisted in the manner that Trump is White, and Nazis are also White, thus White is evil, at least according to these psychopaths. Sowing these seeds of doubt and hatred is what the globalist agenda requires and it IS working.

Glaring Mistake 88% of Americans are Making (Trump vs. Red Hen: What’s the cost when business becomes personal?) – The Motley Fool

What the Motley Fool has done here is connect the number 88 to the concept of ‘business’ and ‘Trump’. It becomes almost interchangeable at this point. In the article the number 88 is an esoteric clue to the business persona of Trump. You the reader are the object they are fooling.

Eighty-Eight Percent of Harvard Faculty Say Trump Has Done a ‘Very Poor’ Job as President –

At a subconscious level the divisive message of hate is already being ingrained in the populace. Do you like Trump? Then you are a “sick bigot“, according to the MSM. The media can thus play a game of Gematria upon the unsuspecting public who entertain the notions and agendas being pushed. The checkerboard symbolism that you should be very familiar with, indicates the principle of the number 88 in the occult concept called ‘as Above so Below‘, whereby a chessboard is 8×8. In occult terms the lie given is that you may access hidden knowledge of ‘good’ from darkness, or the black area of the checkerboard. This is the dark cosmos duality concept that is taught amongst ‘many’ neo-Pagans and upper-tier Free Masons. Recall that members of the New Age believe they are hearing ‘channeled’ voices within the cosmos, or dark places above? This is the occult nature of numerology and the use of pseudoscience. Are you seeing the number 88 because of Angelic beings and their numbers or because of constant media manipulation? The number 88 is certainly being pushed through occult and esoteric means to sell an agenda at a subliminal level by an obsessed media.

The word ‘opinions‘, has everything to do with carnal desires and matters of the SELFISH flesh, rather than righteous discernment. Making informed decisions based on careful analysis is wise, don’t let your self-serving nature be driven by so-called opinions.

Opinions = 666 In English Gematria

“This is why one’s opinion reign supreme over other people’s opinions. Needless to say, both are rooted in Duality or Dualism, which is a tenet of Satanism. However, none of this is known to the masses, because they do not RESEARCH anything and have all of their so-called opinions that are actually Contrived paradigms put forth by the Powers that Be, be it the Illuminati, the Satanic Hybrid Illuminati Bloodlines, the New World Order, Neo-Cons, etc.; they are all from the same essence, which is ultimately Satanism, which is an Homage to the Draconians.” – Citizenofgotham2

The Dope On The Donald: Chronic Opioid Use Associated With Trump Support

“The researchers found that 88% of 3009 counties covered by the study showed a strong surge of support towards Mr Trump, and this was associated with “measure of poor public health”. Cosmosmagazine – The Science of Everything 

(In other words all 60 plus million people who voted for Trump are mentally and physically sick drug addicts. WOW. Thanks a lot for being manipulative self-serving liars Cosmos!)

The role of the classic Eurocentric Secularist is to omit relevant facts from the discussion and stick to a false narrative of divisions and hate, or a ‘them vs us’ mindset. The upper elite and their shills masterfully play the duality roles here and are able to manipulate a gullible culture into accepting manufactured results. They know what they are doing. Before we move on let’s take a look at a few examples of the media linking the number 88 to Trump and Hitler.

“Hannah Arendt observed that Nazi Germany succeeded by convincing the public that a certain group of people are criminal and therefore among “the lowest level of society.” “Under the radar, the Trump administration…..” Eighty-eight percent have passed a “credible fear” screening, meaning the vast majority….” Kari Hong, Cognoscenti

In the very same article you have: the number 88, Trump, and Nazis. Yes! It is on purpose. Look below.

Is Donald Trump’s Endorsement by 88 Retired Generals A Secret Neo-Nazi Code? –, Eurocentric Zionist Lilly Maier

If you read any news report or watch any coverage of Trump you will undoubtedly come across the number 88, repeatedly!! This is NOT by chance. They need you to accept manipulation through repetition. Any lies they assert and repeat enough times becomes a truth to those that are willing to accept falsehood, rather than discernment.

Poll: 88% of Trump Voters Agree that Media Is the Enemy of Americans – Breitbart

Here’s the 88-Second Video-Game Sizzle Reel the President Watched
Brian Feldman, (Who says 88 seconds anyway????? The article even includes Nazis…because of course it does!)


More Number 8 Symbolism

8 is shown as a number for power and abundance, the number came to be known as the Ogdoad – or holy number by the Pythagoreans. Pythagoreanism originated in the 6th century BCE, based on teachings, or beliefs held by Pythagoras and his followers, the Pythagoreans, who were considerably influenced by mathematics and mysticism. Later revivals of Pythagorean doctrines led to what is now called Neoplatonism. Eight is the number of the Tarot card for ‘Justice and Strength’. The mathematical symbol for infinity is an 8 on its side and it takes 8 minutes for the sun’s light to reach the earth. While in the days of Noah, there were 8 people aboard the Ark. In Ancient Rome the eighth day was an important day to a newborn child. If the newborn lived to the eighth day, the child was worth special attention. On this eighth day the baby was rubbed with salt for protection against evil spirits. While in the realm of Scientology Level 8 is the means for a person achieving Operating Thetan, or ‘Truth Revealed’ level.

Why Does The DeLorean Travel 88 MPH?

While 88 also has ties to the symbolism of ‘time travel’, and ‘race’. In the Back to The Future films, if you race to 88 miles an hour you travel through time. The flux capacitor serves as the films fictitious time tool. This same time traveling vehicle was shown in the film Ready Player One, however in that film the car was required to go backwards in order to win the race. The reverse direction that the car took in Ready Player One is also an esoteric clue for backwards occultism, or mirroring. In reality the DeLorean car speedometer highest listed speed was 85 mph. The car for esoteric purpose must reach two 8’s for the purpose of duality and double infinity. The nature of which provides the car with the occult magic of number 11, or 11 x 8 = 88. With this in mind 88 MPH is equal to 42 yards per second. A DeLorean DMC-12 is 4216 mm long, thus the car is also traveling its own length in 4216mm/88mph = 107.2 MS. At a subconscious level the writers of the Back to the Future films were taping into an esoteric number that a lot of us have become conditioned to observe. They chose the numbering system because it sounds good to the ear. Yet if they paid any attention at all, they would have noticed this number is repeated in occult practice for duality and directly in line with the topics of esoteric infinity. Lets take a look at a direct quote from writer Bob Gale of Back to the Future for further perspective.

“I guess if there are movie gods, they were sure looking out for us when we made Back to the Future.”  “Everybody remembers 88 miles an hour. Maybe you’d remember 89 miles an hour. I don’t know, 88 just had the right ring to it.” – Bob Gale

So here Bob Gale provides a murky link to the tropes of superstition and the creation process of the film, along with the good sounding number of 88 appearing/appealing to them. The concept that many psychologist term “Dreamscape” should also fit or apply in this particular application.


888 Always Shows Up Along With Number 6 or 66  In ‘EVENTS’

“Shortly before 6 p.m., at least three helicopters were still circling, and lines of silent police cars, with lights flashing, blocked off the main roads leading up to the newsroom at 888 Bestgate Road.” – NY TIMES 

“Jarrod Wants to Be Your Friend”

Maryland’s Capital Gazette Newsroom was the site of the murder of 5 people at 888 Bestgate Road on June 28, 2018. Take note of the date 6-28, or another 2 8’s. The gunman, armed with grenades and a shotgun entered the Newsroom and began shooting but soon ran out of bullets. Police arrived in 60 seconds. The shooter, a 38 year old (yes notice again the 3 8’s) named Jarrod W. Ramos was arrested, and only identified using facial recognition technology. Jarrod Ramos was using Facebook, the facial recognition and social data mining network for the NSA and other spy groups to find ‘weirdos of interest’. Ramos contacted a female online and began to correspond with her, which led her to filing a harassment claim once he told her to “go hang herself“. The Capital Gazette featured the story titled “Jarrod Wants To Be Your Friend”, in 2011 in their newspaper. Ramos filed a countersuit alleging the paper had created defamation of his character. Having no lawyer he would testify on his on behalf. The paper obviously won the suit. He pleaded guilty in July 2011 to harassment and was sentenced to 18 months. At the time of his arrest he had worked for six years for the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“I said at one time to my attorneys that this was a guy that was going to come and shoot us. “ – Tom Marquardt, former Capital Gazette Publisher

At the time the story of the shooting became widespread, the NY Times Online kept up exactly 88 comments. Even though additional persons commented the number remained 88 comments through 6/29/2018.

“This attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief. Journalists, like all Americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job. We pledge our eternal support…my government will not stop until we have done everything in our power to reduce violent crime and to protect innocent life.” – Donald J Trump, President USA

Why of all people did the Gazette decide to run an entire article on this crazed person Jarrod? How did the police arrive to the scene in 1 minute, or excuse me as they always put it 60 seconds. Nearly all of the witnesses are saying ‘they knew‘ he would do this act. What’s with all the numbers! Notice another story that is covered with 6’s and 8’s???

“I’ve been laid off or parted with companies six times and struggle to pay my bills. But i’ll never leave journalism.” – Adam Schrader “Dragon Energy”, NY Daily News

Calls For Civility Are Good Calls – BUT Enough Fake News Please!

Fake news, hoaxes, and false or misleading articles wrought with lies or sabre rattling war mongering are all the tenants of the US media since its inception. The US has a horrid reputation for reporting the facts – such as during both Iraq Wars. They so often mislead that a number of polls over the years have shown that the public does not trust any MSM – Mainstream Media. Why should they? Fake stories by the TIMES got us into Vietnam, thanks to sociopath LBJ and the war mongering elite, tens of thousands of lives were lost. Fake News proponent Benjamin Franklin reported that Native Indians were ripping babies from White mothers wombs then scalping said babies. It was all lies from Franklin but the media glosses over even historical truth because truth seldom fulfills their hate filled narratives. Christopher Columbus is a saint according to the media, according to them he never chopped off tribal hands or committed genocide. You can read articles from Yahoo News that state Michelle Bachman founded the Tea Party, she didn’t by the way. How about the newest data showing Obama and Putin collusion led to the deaths of over 11,000 women and children in Syria? Mostly babies and children under 10 died through the coalition forces repeated bombings, and USA funded ‘freedom fighters’ random killing sprees. Wait….. oh yea not apart of the official narrative. Move along people…nothing to see.